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Friday, July 7, 2017

The Grouse that Sold the House! Life is magical.

Make sure you enlarge your screen to see the grouse! It's just a few feet from my niece. The buyer of our house is a grouse hunter and so when he walked our land and the grouse followed him through the forest - he was thrilled! Never had that happened to him before!

I had told my niece about my friend, the grouse, several times, as at first I thought it was a female attracted to my lawn mower. I even did a blog post on that before. Yeah back in May.

So the grouse, I realized, was a male who thought my lawnmower was another male! So whenever I turned my back on the grouse it was run after me to attack me. It very shrewdly watched me until the very moment I was not looking!

A couple times I was screaming as I look back around and only see ruffled feathers flying at me in chase! haha. As long as I was mowing the lawn, the male grouse refused to leave. But as soon as I gave up and left then the grouse went back into the forest.

I never saw it again until my mom told me how the buyer had walked up to her very excited about the grouse that had followed him. haha. My mom dubbed him the "grouse that sold the house."

So the question is - if my reel push lawn mower had not hit a rock, making it throttle a bit with metal and metal out of tune - a throbbing noise - would the grouse have been as easily attracted?

Life is magical is all we can say. haha. So as I was telling my niece this story about the grouse - literally talking with my niece as we played outside - suddenly the grouse emerges out of the forest and walks toward my niece. I yell to the house - "get the camera!" and my mom and sister see the grouse and immediately get their cameras. But they only took shots from the house.

So when my sister walked out - she scared the grouse off. It would have been a finely tuned balance for her to walk out the proper distance before scaring the grouse - but oh well. haha. For some reason the grouse was not scared of me and my niece. I figured the grouse had imprinted on me from the lawn mower.

We think of animals as stupid but in fact they work via holographic spirit communication, just as humans do - and emotionally the birds are just as complex - even fish feel sadness if they're owner goes on vacation. haha.

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