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Friday, July 7, 2017

Why it is easier to do Spirit-qi healing on people when they are asleep

yes it was good training and I had to take a half hour break - if I ate any food then it blocked the energy. So also it's best to do some standing active "moving of yin and yang" so that the knees can recover better. But - over all - what I did was switch which leg was on top every hour while I did the 1 hour "small universe" meditation c.d. from - there was one person who paid me who was doing the Wim Hof method - so I said instead I would do the Wim Hof method. I discovered that the intentional hard breathing was too left brain focus instead of the visualization of the small universe meditation that is more right brain visualization.
So it was definitely a great experiment because I saw much bright light while meditation - and so I proved to myself that I could build up my energy again. But then I realized that the energy I built up I had to use to heal my family when I was supposed to be using it to heal the people paying me. And also when people pay you money then they expect results and I realized - that it was a big commitment to work on healing people for that amount of money. No offense to the people who paid me - it was a great treat and I am very grateful and some of them did report feeling the energy. Also I would get "messages" of information to suggest for people for various healing avenues - herbs, etc.
So the emotional blockage, we are told, is the number one blockage - and also everyone has this "unconditional love" of the heart - so when I found my dad's dead blue body suddenly I got overwhelmed by this strong - really strong heart love energy - the yuan qi - and so I knew that is what he had experienced when he died. So I never cried about his death - as that would have dishonored the truth he experienced. But the night before he had come home and my pineal gland picked up - I felt a heart blockage internally in me - so I knew he had a heart blockage but it surprised me since I had never picked up a heart blockage from someone. Previously I had picked up lung blockages as sadness and liver blockages as anger and lust blockages are the most common - and pancreas as too much worry - the pineal gland transduces these blockages. But the heart blockage is a deeper level - as it is stated that "overexcitement" of the heart is still a lower emotion - the passion-love of the heart.
So what I experienced from doing healing on people - is that if I sent out too much yin qi energy as love energy from the heart - via the pineal gland - from doing too much of it, the I got real sad - and the reason is because the root of the yin qi energy from the passion of the heart is actually the lungs as the white tiger energy. This is why deeper lung energy then creates courage which then increases compassion - but the alternate direction is using too much lung energy then causes sadness.
In fact the qigong master when he read my energy over the phone said my main blockage was my lungs - and I took me - I had to study Taoist alchemy to figure out what he meant, as I did too much tantra free psychic healing while in full lotus in public.
So I am moving into a hermitage - I bought land and I will sit in full lotus on the bare ground to build u p the yin qi of the Earth to restore my energy.

What the qigong masters do is the spirit healing - and so the Emptiness as unconditional love does the healing. What this means on a deep level is to actually transcend death. I go into details in my free pdf that I have linked.
So as the qigong master who befriended me said he lives in a "life and death situation" every day - and he demonstrated this to me once. I was ranting about politics and he didn't want to listen - he was in the car - and so he got real quiet. This was after he first said, "but I'm on your side!" but I still would not shut up. haha. So then suddenly, - after he was totally quiet - I felt this very strong electromagnetic force deep on the right side of my heart.
So that shut me up and then he explained that since he didn't want to listen to me so he left his body. I was driving - but he does this while he drives also. haha. Anyway - so then he said he wanted to see if I was speaking from my heart and he said that I was.
So - the point being - he can leave his body at will but he said it is the Emptiness that does the healing - and so - this is what the original qigong master calls the difference between the void and the Emptiness.
When we activate the Yuan Qi - as deep heart unconditional love - this is what a qigong master can do but it is still the void as the spiritual ego. The qigong master who befriended me said at first he was healing still with his mind and so it was limited. He said you can have your third eye fully open as a qigong master but that is still not real enlightenment.
It is only once death is transcended - then you can access the universal Yuan Qi - and this as the Emptiness (not the void) - is beyond even the emotion of unconditional love.
so the qigong master who befriended me said the main problem that limits people going into the Emptiness is lack of kidney energy so there is too much fear and this causes the mind to get too attached to the lower emotions. So passion as compassion is also still a lower emotion - even as unconditional love.
So we use unconditional love to go into the Emptiness via the void as our spiritual ego but it is the Emptiness as pure yuan qi energy that actually does the healing.
There are more details to this that I go into in the training. Just as I wrote the above is my first time explaining it in those terms.

So this is a very awesome healing video from qigong master Effie P. Chow.
What she is noting - she says the person is a "perfectionist" and is fixated on the past.
The qigong masters state that the last blockage to be cleared out is in the mind - from the past.
So we can say that what happens is deep emotional blockages are stored as trauma in the hippocampus - this is known as PTSD - it actually causes dopamine damage to the dopamine receptors from the amygdala to the hippocampus.
So if you have too much adrenaline - the fight-flight reaction - the sympathetic nervous system  then shoots up dopamine to the brain.
So if this is too much - well at first it causes time to slow down - while the internal brain from the adrenaline actually processes information at a faster rate. So this is why time appears to slow down while internal brain time is speeding up.
But if this is too much for the brain to handle then it becomes a repressed traumatic subconscious memory.
So for example music is closely tied to memory - and so what happens is people remember music before remembering the words - and when the words to a song are remembered then it reveals their subconscious emotional blockage - from the current experience occurring, when the music is remembered in the brain.
So the music is closely tied to emotional processing via the cerebellum. It is the cerebellum that controls both movement and emotion and then ties to the amygdala and hippocampus.
So the hippocampus is long term memory storage - and so this happens during our dreams whereby our waking state experiences are switched from short term energy emotional blockages into long term memory storage by integrating the short term experiences with their subconscious energy connections with the long term memory storage.
This is why the subconscious will be activated by associations to long term memories - smell is the easiest since the smell molecular receptors are only one molecule away from memory storage and smell bypasses the prefrontal cortex going straight to the subconscious.
So normally in our waking state the left brain dominance subconsciously screens out our emotional energy blockages - and so we constantly are creating subconscious emotional blockages while in left-brain dominance.
So then what happens is that if we get an emotional energy healing - the left brain will fight the healing just as like an exorcism that is occurring. And that is exactly what the qigong master is picking up while doing the healing above.
So - for example if someone had PTSD - then their subconscious association will trigger the trauma while awake and since their waking left brain can not consciously handle the emotional blockage - then the person will burst out in anger. In fact the anger is a reaction to deep fear - because the fight-flight deep stress response has been activated.
And so the qigong training is based on sublimating the lower emotional energy to open up the right side of the brain via the vagus nerve - and so this is through the relaxed kidney energy that has to be built up first. And then once the right brain "clears out" from the jing energy building up then it switches over the left brain - and that is how the left brain blockages are cleared out.
So this is why it is much easier for the qigong masters to do spirit healing on people when they are asleep so that their left brain while awake does not fight the energy blockage that is really an emotional blockage.

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