Peanut Gallery Independent Praise of Drew Hempel's research

The disgustingly typical common dismissal of yours of Drew's worth is telling. Can't handle anything too far beyond your comfort zone so you don't at all engage, as Drew would say, with his information. Much of which is simply discerning the fundamental structure linking revered traditional scriptures and cuttingedge science and it's explication in human life on Earth.
Then of course you project by claiming he is not engaging well... you're right, but you are still denying your hypocrisy, as you are too scared to admit that the reason you say you don't appreciate any of his writing is probably not because it is all false but because it is occult to your limited mind.
You can't argue with the facts and are too dumb to handle his points so you resort to smear tactics.
Who cares if some nut spams the net. It is only disruptive to the weak of mind. Fact is Drew has an "original" conclusion that deserves global discussion and you censor it like a welltrained shill, which I assume you are not.

Drew's idea. 2:3 is Yang, 3:4 is Yin... ie 666 is Yang. But he might repeat it like the example below, at which 99% of readers will throw their hands up in incomprehension and only folk like me, a stubborn OneTruthLover, bother to really get what he is saying. To say his is crazy is stupidly missing the point, plus to which he seems saner than most of the zombies who pretend humanity. He may a mixed up lake but at least he is not a puddle of puke.
Brace yourselves,
"I've posted that in fact musicologist Ernest McClain had already gleaned this from Plato -- see his Pythagorean Plato -- and that in fact while 5/4 was the Greek Miracle as the cube root of two leading to amplitude as classical mathematics for 3 dimensional form

the Tai Chi Perfect 5th-4th as 2:3 and 3:4 Yang and Yin (my discovery) is the QUANTUM secret of 2-dimensional energy intensity from frequency, not classical amplitude."

Needless to say he condenses much meaning in few words so you gotta read more his of his spiel to get it. His earliest piece on the greek Miracle is best.
Cloud Tiger, a Tai Chi practitioner in the UK, 2009

Hempel, proficient in a wide sprectrum of intellectual pursuits including math and music --- and far from being deluded in any sense of the word as brought forth in the above quote by Hui Neng --- is also an eastern spiritual renaissance master as well. Just as much too, in the aforementioned areas and others far afield, as a search of his name will show, or did before he just simply disappeared into cyber space or infinity, he was one of the most prolific contributors on the net. His writings and books lean heavily toward a variety of eastern spiritual aspects, with a strong personal emphasis on qigong and meditation executed almost exclusively through the use of the full lotus position.

Additionally, even though Drew has resurfaced and available for interaction to all comers, I have however, NOT changed any of the above content of the original page because in my opinion it still remains highly relevant, showing all kinds of insight into who and where Hempel comes from, from any number of angles. Good to hear you are back. The internet wasn't the same without you.

The Wanderling, advaita meditation online site page on Drew Hempel

First we have to address the root of this possible problem.

the main root of all of this is the conceptual axiom that the parts of a system should be symmetrical if it desires to be in HARMONY. This in math is called COMMUTATIVE RING, or AxB=BxA.

From this principle (the commutative ring) we created a body of rules and paradigms in science, and even in religion, that separates our perception from nature itself (our game of denying being part of it) For example, as someone on this forum talked about maxwell´s quaternions in here. To work with an asymmetrical principle (most of things in nature) with our math that has as a main basic principle the commutative ring we first need to CHANGE what we gonna study, I mean, our science takes the information in nature which is assymétrical and DIVERGENT and converts it to an symmetrical and CONVERGENTE group of data to work with.
This is, as a principle, exactly what we did with the musical scales, as drew demonstrated.

In ancient music we got the asymmetrical intervals and, mainly since old non-pre-socratic Greece, we develop the obsession and the desire to “correct” it´s ugliness (natural asymmetry), so we transformed ancient music into symmetrical intervals. Buy by doing so we generate a comma, an extra group of data that can´t be used and should be discarded and watched over to avoid its return, because if this comma returns to the scale, it will create a hell of a mess to the fragile artificial symmetry we applied to it. So, conceptualy, the kind of technology we create, it prefers to change nature into artificial symmetry instead of flowing with it.

So it´s a matter of the right tool for the right job. And our Math has no asymmetrical tool for the job. IT´s all about the commutative ring, so even when working with asymmetrical systems (like nature) it has to convert it into symmetrical to process it. IT´s simple, drew is saying that western math and music take what is divergent (spiraling out) by nature and converge it before giving any kind of result. It´s a fact. Check, I don´t know, Wikipedia?, to get informations about the commutative ring and the non-commutative ring.

Now, I´m not 100% with drew on the consequences of “raping” nature with symmetry. I do know drew for the last 10yrs. Or so. I´m very good at math and good enough in music. I´m so-so in physics, i´ve studied electrical engineer for two yrs before change my mind and go to journalism school and drop it too to work as a photographer and illustrator and now as a computer graphics animator and advertising film director. So I have some background to understand a great chunk of drew hypothesis.

We try to solve all with symmetry, as the case with the music intervals, therefore, as in the case of music intervals, we create commas in science and all the range of activities that rely on science.

So this is the radical part of this use of musical model to explain things: if we try to understand nature (that is asymmetrical and divergent) with concepts and tools that are symmetrical and convergent) we gonna create dissonances in return and enter in a cycle of solving a dissonance with more symmetry to generate even more dissonance in the next octave ´till we # everything up! (we are already doing so! Our tech gives us marvelous stuff at the same time it acidify the oceans ending up #ing up with animals that depends on ultrasound for communication to reproduction. Our tech gives us marvelous tools as computer hi-res screens, but in return any cycle above 30hz is with time stressful to the human cells, etc, etc.)

non-commutative is so alien to our understand of thing that, as an example, if you go to Mr. Wolfram Math repository site you gonna find only ONE EMPTY page about it!!non-commutative is so alien to our understand of thing that, as an example, if you go to Mr. Wolfram Math repository site you gonna find only ONE EMPTY page about it!!

Now let´s go to the possible solutions for this.

1.full-lotus as a solution. Drew said full-lotus can transform the excess of electrochemical information in the lower body into electromagnectic information in the upper body. Some angry scientific trolls started to make fun of it.

for the materialistic people the thing is in the physiology.

siting in full-lotus will put a great chunk of pressure into your SACRUM! The sacrum is empty and pressure there will start to create small levels of ultra sound that will TRANSDUCE the energy from electrochemical into electromagnetic (remember, SOUND is PRESSURE WAVES, and it´s been prove that ultrasound can transduce energy from one state to other… use uncle google, he is your friend!! )… so this is one of the main reasons why full-lotus is a great tool.

It took me one year of daily chikung to sit in full-lotus with ease, before my one year of spring forest qigong I could barely sit in freestyle (like an north American indian) for more than a couple of minutes without felling a hell of pain in my back and legs!

After i´ve learned to sit in full-lotus, it´s a #ing bliss, full-lotus and half-lotus all day long. I even cut the legs from all my tables in my studio so I can sit in full-lotus and half-lotus anternated all day!!

So it´s one solution, but it´s a personal one.

2. Music create patterns in our brain.
It´s known that music create patterns in our brain. So if we just listen to music made with symmetrical and proportional intervals, some kind of patterns will form… with non-western music (mostly live, since hard to find speakers in home and computers that can produce ultrasound! ) so with non-western music we can generate other kind of patterns, since the intervals are asymmetrical. Drew have posted links to papers demonstrated, among otherthings, how ultrasound can stimulate the brain, the center of the brain, so on.

Also, Pineal Gland is a place made for sonoluminescence production. See? Pineal gland has fluid and cavitation in it! So with ultrasound stimulus in it we can ionize it a lot, we can produce tons of melatonie, and also we can generate little bubbles of light! By my personal experience, seeing light while practicing small universe (the oldest meditation that exist, it´s part of spring forest chikung and also is a “secret” inside the kriya yoga school) is relaxing, insightful and healing.
So, changing the king of music we listen to is a way of changing the patterns in our brain and so maybe it will reflect in the patterns we create in the world too.

3.creating a science where natural resonance ratios are important.
Well, this third item i´ll say nothing, since it´s what i´m working for the past 5 yrs. But a simple example of using natural resonance (non-comutative) musical ratios in technology is The Sonic Bloom, it´s a kit with audio from birds generating the fifth and forth in a repeated way so the intensity will affect the plants cells to expand more, taking more nutrients. It´s amazing. I use it to feed my home grown food (i´m a raw vegetarian) as my wife garden.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg…

Now those open minded, the daily practice of small universe from spring forest qigong, or the listening of music without symmetrical intervals, or the use of tech like the sonic bloom are just a few of the examples of the changes we can make personally or collectively to a better and more harmonious world.
And those so full of the “right” paradigm, well, you can keep projecting your anger on drew, it´s funny to read your assumptions about my crazy druid friend!

KALLISTI and have a nice day and a lovely life!
Guto Novo.
Correspondent for 15 years in Brazil

Seriously drew is next level, beyond even Dobbs, Ebert, Heidegger, Mcluhan etc.
Another UK practitioner-philosopher
"The universe and I came into being together; I and everything therein are One."

"If then all things are One, what room is there for speech? On the other hand, since I can say the word 'one' how can speech not exist? If it does exist, we have One and speech -- two; and two and one -- three(14) from which point onwards even the best mathematicians will fail to reach (the ultimate); how much more then should ordinary people fail?">"

- Chuang Tzu, 300 BCE

"Sound is the bridge between God and the soul" SHRI DHYANYOGI

a “universal scaling system”, ... this discrete scaling manifests itself in acoustic systems, as is well known in western classical music, where the two scalings correspond, respectively, to passing to the octave (frequency ratio of 2) and transposition (the perfect fifth is the frequency ratio 3/2), with the approximate value log(3)/ log(2) ∼ 19/12 responsible for the difference between the “circulating temperament” of the Well Tempered
Clavier and the “equal temperament” of XIX century music. It is precisely the irrationality of log(3)/ log(2) which is responsible for the noncommutative [complementary opposites as yin/yang] nature of the quotient corresponding to the three places {2, 3,∞}. -
Math professor (field medals) Alain Connes on quantum music as noncommutative time-frequency origin of reality from infinite spiral of perfect fifths!
Our brain is an incredible ....receives moments of space of the photons we receive and manufactures a mental picture. Which is geometric. But what I am telling you is that I think ...that the fundamental thing is spectral [frequency]....And somehow in order to think we have to do an enormous Fourier Transform...on geometry. By talking about the "music of shapes" is really a fourier transform of shape and the fact that we have to do it in reverse. Alain Connes, 2012

Stanford Quantum physicist Eddie Oshins:
This representation only works for the (more fundamental) 1/2-integral representations (i.e. spinors/turns/quaternions) but also lets one build the vector and tensor representations. The converse does not hold....this property of "noncommutivity" in itself might be valuable in some way.
My claim, and original idea, has been that this is circumnavigating a T'ai Chi (Yin/Yang) symbol! More recently (Oshins, 1993b) I have suggested that this proximate technique can be used to realize Wing Chun kung-fu's "bong sau/tan sau" movement out of the Kauffman/Oshins "quaternionic arm" discussed and referenced below in end note 5.
I believe that this may be a way to get mind to code the relative relationship of part of oneself with respect to the rest of oneself (self-referential motion) and can explain the concepts of being "centered"/"one"/"integrated"/"extended"/"whole" etc. which one strives for in meditation.
Oshins, E. (1993). A Test for Classical Psychospinors. (pdf) In Abdullah, F. (Ed.) Conservation and Invariance. Cambridge, UK: Alternative Natural Philosophy Association, London England.

Manfred Euler's 2013 description of acoustic STM - Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy builds on his previous connections between the quantum acoustic realms.
Near-field imaging with sound waves compelling demonstrates the inadequacy of pictorial realism and promotes more abstract views of the reality displayed.
A comparison of sound and matter waves clarifies that these [noncommutative] limitations exist in principle.
2016: de Broglie clocks as synchronization: a tangible model of how mass emerges.
matter waves are locally in phase with the particle clocks (de Broglie's Law of Phase Harmony).

The clock runs forever so it's self-sustaining (consciousness-energy). It resonates with the quantum vacuum. The harmonic beats create dynamic energy.

So then you have a "phase particle" that can be faster than the speed of light - superluminal - and a "mass particle" that is slower than the speed of light as the "group wave" of the "phase wave." The beats of the phase wave then are "in resonance" with the quantum vacuum - and so create mass from the massless field, explaining the Higgs mechanism.

"Universal coherence" - a "mind boggling outlook."

Coherence as consciousness.
"Ghost Tones"
Manfred Euler is a Professor Emeritus of Physics at the University of Kiel.

It's actually a Klein Bottle so you can't see the 5th dimension.

The red is a logarithmic singularity - but that is just classical physics.

So the foundation of reality is quantum - which is noncommutative phase as the 5th dimension.

So light as a photon is a point but as a wave it is nonlocal - but this means it is in 2 places at the same time - as the 5th dimension that is noncommutative.

People think that doesn't make sense - how can it be in two places at the same time? Actually basic music theory explains this.

So for example the Perfect Fifth is C to F as subharmonic 2/3 while the Perfect Fifth is C to G overtone harmonic as 3/2.

So C = 2 while F=3=G at the same time. That is noncommutative phase. It is also called "Fourier Uncertainty" or "time-frequency uncertainty" - and that is the true foundation of reality.

So for example de Broglie - studying relativity - realized Einstein had a problem - as energy goes to the speed of light then time as wavelength slows down, gets bigger. That means as frequency goes higher then time also gets bigger. That violates a fundamental property since Pythagoras that frequency is inverse to time as wavelength (from music theory).

So de Broglie realized since quantum physics is real there has to be a phase wave that is faster than the speed of light. So you have a mass wave that is the "group phase" - and then you have a particle phase that is called the "internal clock" or a 2nd clock that is the phase wave of the particle - also called the "pilot wave" - and this comes back from the future.

So there is a Harvard physicist who works with Stephen Hawking - and this Harvard Physicist says that the future already exists and reality is a holograph. So the 4D universe is actually a projection of this 5th dimension of noncommutative phase that is time-like.

This is how precognition is real.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Dr. Camilla Power: The Oldest Religion on Earth is Qigong training! Secret of complementary opposite harmonics

Dr. Camilla Power vimeo lecture on Bushmen original human healing religion culture

Golden Dragon TV on medical qigong healing - from this spring 2017 U of MD

I told a qigong friend how I regularly drink Artist Conk shroom tea that I harvest in the forest.

Now he is sharing this shelf shroom medicinal tea treatment on a regular basis.

Qigong Master Effie P. Chow has a newsletter!

4th International qigong symposium - Italy 2017

Looking thru your liked vids - you have a solid Left analysis. That's a good start. You made money. Congrats. Essentially I devoted my life to enviro-social justice activism since high school - got arrested 8 times and confronted V.P. Al Gore in 2000 for a half hour about how it was "too late" and the "oil needs to stay in the ground" and "everyone knows the CIA is complicit in the drug trade." It's all online - on a yahoo listserve posted by Rainforest Action Network in 2000. So I'm all on public record.

Now looking at your vids - this Bruce Hood psychologist says how our brains got smaller starting 20,000 years ago from agriculture. O.K. but what about the original human culture - the San Bushmen? They are small people? Are they "less" evolved than larger "Cromagnons" or Bantus? haha. No - that dude makes a good point about the "problem" of domestication but for the solution you need to study Dr. Bradford Keeney - another psychologist who is the only Bushmen master healer (who is not a Bushmen). He's on youtube also and he was a professor also.

Consider New Zealand - have you read Alfred Crosby's book Ecological Imperialism? I think there's a chapter on New Zealand. the last 10,000 years are not just cow farming spreading around the planet with wheat monocultural farming - but archaeology has proven that there was a "symbolic revolution" before wheat monocultural farming. For example the word God - it's etymology is actually Bull. Brahman also means Bull.

O.K. the symbolic revolution was male-based plowing was from male solar-calendar priests thinking that infinity could be "contained" by geometric analysis - rectilinear anthropocentric analysis.

So you say "our moral duty to act" - but the modern left-brain - right hand technofix is the wrong "us" - it is out of touch with the lunar energy that governs life on Earth. In terms of life as ecology - humans are just a little blip of 200,000 years from out of over 3 billion years. It's nothing.

And yet the original human culture for 90% of human history had no warfare - why? Because the males trained in "staying power" based on internal right-brain dominant vagus nerve N/om energy that is synchronized to the moon. This opens up the pineal gland to see spirits, etc. So the Bushmen - if they killed a bird they didn't eat it till the next day. Why? Because the spirit of the bird - as a ghost - tells the other birds that humans are killing the birds.

Sounds primitive and a waste of time? Until you study quantum biology - Dr. Jack Tuczynski in Canada - he's got vids online. This isn't some "noble savage" New Age b.s. for example you have a liked video of Jared Diamond - but I read his book. I don't remember mention that the Late Mayan Civilization was based on pederasty! Ejaculation addiction - older males sucking off the psychic energy, the life force of younger males. Why do you think Central America is the most violent place on the planet? Mayan Civilization collapsed for a spiritual reason and similarly modern Western civilization is based on "hungry ghosts" - on latent closeted ejaculation addiction that gets projected as fascism.

Half of global warming emissions has been since the 1980s - and why? Because Rambo, etc. was promoted worldwide - as what? Essentially ejaculation addiction. Read Dr. Helen Caldicott's book, "Missile Envy." Drumpf is a perv-pred just as Clinton was. Modern humans are no different than warmongering rapist chimpanzees. Female chimps used spears to hunt meat - why? So they don't get raped by the males bringing the females meat, demanding sex for meat. Modern humans are the same - technofeminism is the attempt to use technology to protect females from rapist ejaculation addiction warmongering males. But technology only addresses the symptoms, not the cause of the problem.

Only the original human culture of 90% of human history knew the solution to the problem - all the males trained in spiritual healing from the pineal gland being opened up via strong heart holographic energy. Why does Andrew Zimmern burst out crying on youtube? Just look it up - his spirit got pulled out of his body as the San Bushmen wanted to see Zimmern's life. Zimmern saw his life past him as a holographic review that the San Bushmen also experienced. The Yogis of India and China can also do this - it is the truth of reality that the original humans knew. Only quantum biology is explaining how this is possible.

The ecological crisis is because modern humans are cut off from the truth of reality - which enables precognition even. Our "linear" sense of time is from left-brain dominance while the dream time is the real reality as right-brain dominance. Oldest language is the most sophisticated with the most sounds and also the most musical. Bushmen knew hundreds of plants and if getting married required 3 years of celibacy, providing for the female's family before "consummating" the marriage.

So you have "When the Sahara is Green" doc - and 7,000 years ago the Sahara was green but the tilt of the planet dried it out, causing the birth of the pyramid culture of Egypt. What is not mentioned is that white people are from wheat farming - this is proven by DNA science - lack of vitamin D in the diet - and also already by 9,000 BCE there was an ecological crisis from wheat farming. The forests were burned to make lime ash to water proof the housing - but no forests meant no rain. And so the early wheat monocultural farmers fled to Europe bringing white people to Europe around 8000 BCE. And eventually that same dynamic of ecological crisis went to the U.S. and New Zealand! haha.

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Noncommutative Phase are Torsion Fields: Dr. Claude Swanson on life force qi, prana energy

Interview with Dr. Claude Swanson on torsion and qi

We study a noncommutative theory of gravity in the framework of torsional spacetime.
Torsion fields are actually noncommutative phase!

Dear Dr. Claude Swanson: I did intensive qigong training from as my final self-directed research credits for a Liberal Studies M.A. at U of MN, 2000. My background was music-math analysis. I realized that in fact it is nonwestern noncommutative phase math that is the secret of the qigong trainining. Then this spring I discovered quantum physicist Eddie Oshins had made the same discovery while he worked at Stanford's linear particle accelerator, studying quantum psychology. Oshins also taught Wing Chun - and Oshins realized that the special hand movements of Neigong Daoist alchemy training were actually noncommutative phase or quaternion mathematics!

So then I realized the Russian torsion math is also the noncommutative phase math. So there is a secret - for example the left hand is yang and upper body yin, while right hand is yin and lower body yang. So when you face your palms in that noncommutative position it naturally activates a battery as charge. I have training details in my free pdf - Idiot's guide to taoist alchemy neigong neidan qigong  yoga - just google it or my blog has details.

Thanks for your torsion qigong research! Let me know any comments, questions.

So then we use the handy scribd to pdf convertor - see sidebar - to read Dr. Claude Swanson's Torsion and the Aura article

A poster on Abovetopsecret tries to claim Swanson is a fraud but the poster did not dig too deeply:

Educational Institutions Attended:

M.I.T.                          1965-1969                   S.B., Physics 1969

Princeton University   1969-1975                   M.S., Physics 1971
                                                                        Ph.D.,Physics 1975
                                                                        Post Doctoral,                                                                                                                                                 Aeromechanical Eng, 1975

Cornell University       1975-1976                   Post Doctoral, Mechanical
                                                                        Engineering, 1976

Scholastic Honors:
National Merit Letter of Commendation, M.I.T. Scholarship, Borden Prize for highest grades in freshman class, National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship, Putnam Fellowship, Princeton Teaching Assistantship, Princeton Research Assistantship.

Scholastic Achievements:
Undergraduate Cumulative Average:  4.85 out of 5.0, top 5% of class.

S.B. (Undergraduate) Thesis: “Brans-Dicke Theory of Gravitation,” Advisor:  Prof. Steven Weinberg; Ph.D. Thesis in Solid State physics: “The Upper Frequency Limit, Impedance Matching Techniques, and Vortex Dynamics in Dayem Bridges", Ph.D. Thesis Dissertation, Princeton University, June 1975. Advisor: Prof. David Wilkinson. Post-Doctoral Research: “Buckling Modes of Tokomak Magnet Rings,” Advisor: Prof. Francis (Frank) Moon.
Sure enough:

Browse by call numbers - Princeton University Library Catalog
The upper frequency limit, impedance matching techniques, and vortex dynamics in Dayem bridges. Swanson, Claude Vince, 1975. PRIN 685 1976 .893, Mudd ...
No wonder i got banned from ATS. haha. Can't remember why. still some good links in that thread:
Counterfactual quantum cryptography (CQC) is used here as a tool to assess the status of the quantum state: Is it real/ontic (an objective state of Nature) or epistemic (a state of the observer's knowledge)?....As a concrete application of this idea, the nonphysical reality of the wavefunction is shown to be the basic nonclassical phenomenon that underlies the security of CQC.
 So ATS turns to Wiki stating Torsion was debunked and defunded in Russia.

Yes but not "noncommutative phase"!!

Look to this journal for a new article by me in Oct. or Nov.

UPDATE: October.


Thank you...Great work.
 A pleasure working with you.
 thank you publishers!

I am glad that I have honed my research over 25 years to distill it down to basic concepts both very radical and simple at the same time.

I have emailed my article to Dr. Ruth E. Kastner to see if she has any comments.

Another researcher argued that Pythagorean philosophy was also the same as Samkhya in India!

So Dr. Kastner said that the piece I memorized on piano is one of her top 5 favorites - mentioned in my biopic intro of the article I sent her. She is working on the 3rd movement right now!

Dr. Kastner has published a screenplay about this composer William Byrd.

My article might be a little but too out there for her. haha.

Here is her post on broken symmetry of time.

A Libertarian pre-spacetime of free will? The broken symmetry of time from Professor Ruth E. Kastner

Thus, our volitional Self is at least partially “preconscious” (Velmans’ term). How might we understand this, with the help of quantum theory? I have argued elsewhere (and in the above-linked books) that quantum theory instructs us that reality is larger than we thought–larger than the “spacetime theater” in which our empirical data is collected. Specifically, I’ve proposed that the set of events that we call “spacetime” is emergent from the quantum level, which is more tenuous and fluid, and therefore more Mind-like.
Professor Ruth E. Kastner

It is reminiscent of an aboriginal dreamtime 
Dr. Kastner says in her talk about her libertarian view of quantum physics. she links to a political libertarian thinktank, founded by a person who took over my job after I graduated from UW-Madison. here
The clashes between the alt-right and antifascist protesters at Berkeley cannot be taken out of the context of the climate of terror that has been brewing since white-nationalist and Nazi flyers began to appear at over 100 college campuses across the country after the election of Donald Trump.
letter circulated to Berkeley faculty by student activists in the wake of the dramatic shutdown of Milo Yiannopoulos’s speaking event on February 1 reveals the extent of the intimidation campaign waged against the campus community and the failure of administrators to address safety concerns. Berkeley students had seen the rise of white-nationalist recruitment on campus and witnessed the tactics employed by Yiannopoulos and his followers surrounding the shutdown of an event at UC Davis—which included violent provocationstalkingmanipulative lies in the press, and a perverse reenactment of the incident when Occupy student protesters were pepper-sprayed by police in 2011. With this in mind, students began writing letters to campus administration, faculty, and media voicing their opposition to the Berkeley event. In retaliation, far-right trolls sent intimidating messages and death threats. Students were doxxed (their personal information hacked and revealed on message boards) and stalked by alt-right activists who followed them on and off campus. Incidents were reported to top campus and UC administrators to no avail.
Key to her PTI view of quantum physics is asymmetric time - there has to be a symmetry breaking of time.

Her book, Understanding our Unseen Reality

Follow up questions at her 2014 talk

 By incorporating principles from relativistic quantum theory, which were absent from the original transactional picture, I have been able to obtain a clear criterion for the boundary between the microscopic quantum realm and the macroscopic classical realm, which is the point at which collapse is overwhelmingly likely to occur (although the collapse process is fundamentally indeterministic).
 Her guest blog post at SciAm
 This world of potentialities is not contained within space and time; it is a higher-dimensional world whose structure is described by the mathematics of quantum theory.
 neither the positive-energy offer wave nor the negative-energy confirmation wave carries real energy, and neither is contained in spacetime. It is only in the encounter between the two that real energy may be conveyed within spacetime from an emitter to an absorber--and when this occurs, all the energy is delivered in the normal future direction.
 we must allow for the startling idea that there is more to reality than what can be contained within spacetime.
And so it is the 5D model of reality like Paul S. Wesson incorporating de Broglie's Law of Phase Harmony
 So, in other words, 3-D space is embedded in a larger 4-D space, just as the 2-D surface of a balloon is embedded in 3-D space.
 But in the transactional interpretation, the transition itself is defined in physical terms, by absorber response. So one does not need to invoke an ‘external conscious observer’ in order to define the measurement transition.
 And so this is very much as with the "proto-consciousness" model of Penrose and Hameroff.
"collapse is the process of spacetime emergence" - Ruth Kastner

more details
a consequence of the Davies relativistic quantum-mechanical version of the direct-action theory together with the asymmetry between fermionic field [electron] sources and bosonic fields [photon]
Which then solves the mystery of Schrodinger's Cat!

 So we can see how this would blend into Stuart Kauffman's quantum chaos theory analysis.

 Professor Kastner and Deep-Pockets Chopra

 Bachelor of Music in Music Education, Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University, May, 1979

I'm gonna email her since she understands music theory!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Our Spiritual Ego as coherent biophoton light going into the Emptiness

Neuroscientist Woollacott, Infinite Awareness talk 2017

A Fascinating talk - Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) had precognitive dreams!! My brother-in-law's family claim to fame is that Mark Twain stayed at their family's cabin.

there is evidence of conscious awareness when the brain is not functional in NDEs
Peter Kingsley new interview - Finding What is Real - april 2017

Ruth E. Kastner - on asymmetric time as retrocausal quantum consciousness

Levitation is Real! St. Joseph book by Michael Grosso

This right mind matters blog wrote a nice summary of Michael Grosso's book on St. Joseph levitation

I posted a comment to her blog post so lets see if it makes it past moderation! She posted a couple of my previous comments.

Sex sublimation and levitation - glad this is finally getting some discussion! youtube

Miracles in the age of Materialism - Michael Grosso

The interview is conducted by Michael Peter Langevin.

The Sanskrit root for smile is also the root for the word miracle? Wow.

Michael knows 2 people who saw a nun levitating in Spain in the 1990s - in a church while praying! One of the witnesses, a lady, fainted on the spot!

The qigong master who befriended me saw an Indian yogi levitating in India.

Another podcast with Grosso

The Man Who Could Fly: St. Joseph of Copertino and the Mystery of ...
Michael Grosso - 2015 - ‎Philosophy
St. Joseph of Copertino and the Mystery of Levitation Michael Grosso ... over nature and created all the new and indisputable miracles of modern technology.
  Yes, argues Grosso, if slowly, because with the development of quantum mechanics, consciousness has undertaken ‘a return of the repressed’ rather than being seen as a quirky (and limited) epiphenomena, it is becoming potentially a constitutive, structuring reality that permeates everywhere. In his penultimate chapter, Grosso explores a number of approaches to mind in quantum mechanics that are a suggestive basis for a renewed interest in consciousness as a non-local, unifying reality that transcends and configures ‘matter’. We are reminded that if the world is seriously strange at the quantum level, why stop there?

Another Michael Grosso podcast - May 2017

Michael Grosso has a blog!

 A skeptic tries to dismiss Grosso's levitation claim!

Though Grosso's book is indexed and contains hundreds of references, skeptics are conspicuously absent, a predictable but unfortunate omission that might have better grounded his discussion of levitation. The book is also undermined by its endorsement of a hodgepodge of dubious and discredited phenomenon ranging from Ted Serios (ably debunked decades ago by James Randi and others) to inedia (claims that people can live without eating through meditation and focus) to reincarnation. Though Grosso avoids the common New Age trap of throwing everything in but the kitchen sink, he comes close, with discussions of near-death experiences, ghosts, demonic possession, out of body experiences, astral travel, ESP, consciousness, and so on, most of which have only the most tenuous connection to levitation.
 This is just not true! I recently posted on Ted Serios from my research 10 years ago. Serios was not "debunked" by magic James Randi with his closeted illegal gay lover doing fake debunking. haha.
(For information on the hoaxed levitations of Home see Milbourne Christopher's 1970 book ESP, Seers & Psychics, whose complete absence from Grosso's book is inexcusable if he's going to cite those events as evidence.)
I read a book on Home's levitations - back around 2001! I guess it was 2005:

 Lamont, Peter (2005). The First Psychic: The Extraordinary Mystery of a Notorious Victorian Wizard.

 Lamont, P. (2013). Extraordinary Beliefs: A Historical Approach to a Psychological Problem (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press)

Let's see what he followed up with!

He cites this research:
P. Brugger Functional hemispheric asymmetry and belief in ESP: towards a “neuropsychology of belief”.’ Perceptual and Motor Skills, 77 (1993), 1299–308.

P. Brugger and C. Mohr The paranormal mind: how the study of anomalous experiences and beliefs may inform cognitive neuroscience.’ Cortex, 44 (2008), 1291–396.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Celebrating over 8500 hits on pdf archive of Idiot's Guide

Every time I reread my own research - I discover new angles on the information.

I wrote this research for myself but as blogging is a public journal, I wanted to spread my own distillation of a summary of my research.

So I spammed youtube until I got spammed censored - meaning I posted my url link as a comment on any video I thought was related.

This free dissemination of information goes against the structural tantric trajectory of technology based on advertising (100% tax deductible) for the commodity fetish, etc.

Today I was doing research so fast for my Jeremy Lent blog post that Google asked me several times if I was a robot. haha.

There is also this docdroid version that is not a pdf and so preferred by some I'm sure.

I don't know how many views that url has gotten.

Obviously this information has not gone viral - since it is opaque and still quite dense, despite the images.

The fake alchemy site - Lonemanpai - first claimed I had no "experience" but just "information." That's not true - most of what I describe in the pdf is based on my own experiences in the alchemy training.

Then the Lonemanpai site went completely dark (i.e. no public viewing!). Their "thread" on my free pdf is now just available as a cached link.

And so much for open exchange of information on the interwebs! haha.

Meanwhile thedaobums - I did my structural expose - and sometimes there is good info still on that forum but also still a lot of bad info. So when I view that website - I now adamantly do not scroll down past their top forum results. The lower forums are bad info and so I just don't read the thread titles.

Then I learned my "ban" from that site is "only for a month." Gee as if I would want to submit to more masochistic torture! haha. But that is the dynamic of an S/M relationship right? No thanks.

I was glad to see the Keeneys not holding back from speaking out against what I have dubbed the Western syncretic New Age B.S.

Of course people say but your research is syncretic yet as the Keeneys say real physics research is not just reading Deep-pockets Chopra. haha. Chopra might do some good research but I prefer Eddie Oshins for my real quantum neigong research source.

And in their 2nd to most recent blog post the Keeneys give the same quote that I post from Dr. Bradford Keeney - in my "free pdf." haha. So maybe they have read it.

As the Keeney's point out - it is more than just raising your consciousness to a "higher frequency." The references I give to Keeney's research on the shaking medicine is about the subharmonics of the infrasound - the ELF shaking of the legs - in resonance with the Earth's Schumann standing wave energy.

For example the original qigong master posted a Urma Hurricane healing meditation on his facebook site - and he says how the Solar Eclipse, he predicted, would cause disasters like earth quakes. At first I did not believe him but scientifically it is true that the alignment of the Earth-Sun-Moon increases earthquakes with 3 times more chance. But since the statistical risk of the quake is so small in the first place, even 3 times increase in happening is not that significant. And yet over history there have been more quakes during the Full moon and or new moon (with a solar eclipse during the new moon).

Anyway fascinating stuff, despite global warming being the real cause of so many major huge hurricanes all at around the same time making land fall.

This article is referenced.

Yes we have a new housemate - a beautiful cute ground hog that appears to live under our deck. Today it was enjoying itself eating acorns next to our house, watching me, watching it.

What I like about animals is they are naturally shamanic with their right-brain dominant consciousness along with theta-brain waves as dominant waking consciousness.

Humans with our prefrontal cortex bias for long-term "planning" (linear time) have beta waves as dominant consciousness - most of the time. So unless we encounter a new smell - this then spikes our theta brain waves as dominant until the prefrontal cortex quickly "adapts" the new smell into the background smells, blends it back in and we don't notice it any more.

But the qigong master who befriended me can smell long distance! Yet if he chose to he could also completely suppress any consciousness of horrendous smells in his midst.

And what about the fragrant flower smells that qigong masters emit? It is said to be from the actual amrita - the alchemical pill that goes up to the brain - the N/om life force energy that is purified.

And so animals - like a bear having sense of smell 200 times better than a dog - or a deer being even much better than a dog - they're watching theta brain dominance also means a waking dream state consciousness of REM-heart integration. This is why the eyes of animals shine with bliss in their normal relaxed waking state.

I guess I'm confessing, I enjoy hanging out with the ground hog, the deer, the birds. The other week we ate dinner on the deck - and my niece got scared of a bee so I reminded her that the bee was just looking for sugar. I said you can even have a bee crawl on you and if you don't swat it then you are fine.

Next thing I know the bee is crawling on my lips! 

No this did not happen. This is not me!

Instead I was perfectly calm and in fact I enjoyed the tickling kiss of the bee's teeth as it gently chewed the sugar from the diluted organic red wine I was drinking.

But I realized the bee obviously could smell the sugar on my lips!

Then soon after I was outside reading on the deck and one of the hummingbirds was hovering right in front of me - humming back and forth as it checked me out. I didn't have any bright colors on - I realized it was because I had just ate some sweets. I can't remember what it was but the hummingbird obviously could also smell the sugar!

A:Hummingbirds have little or no sense of smell.
Well it must have some sense of smell. Maybe I had a fermenting smell. haha. It kept hovering in front of me, back and forth, checking me out. Maybe the hummingbird was just sensing my qi energy - some kind of ultrasound connection?

I know the birds have holographic spirit awareness, just as trees do. Once on a very cold winter day I went outside to piss - and suddenly the flock of chickadees flew to this little tree right next to wear I was standing. I had not fed the chickadees yet and I was in the back of the house - way out of the way of the feeder. Never before nor after have the chickadees even acknowledged my presence except to give a warning call. haha. But clearly they know that I feed them and they were desperate for food and so made a special plea to me. I, of course, fed the chickadees right away. One time I was traveling and so could not feed the chickadees and I'm sure some of them had not survived the cold weather.

It's not that Nature has an emotion but rather the holographic cosmic rainbow vortex energy communicates biophoton spirit knowledge from the Emptiness as a spacetime micro black hole - entanglement source.

Bees and Groundhogs and Birds feel emotions - science has documented bees have dopamine. Do they have serotonin? yep:

Honeybees Might Have Emotions | WIRED
Jun 17, 2011 - Further analysis of the shaken bees' brains found altered levels of dopamine, serotonin and octopamine, three neurotransmitters implicated in ...
Fish were documented to get sad when their owner went on vacation.

Tense Bees and Shell-Shocked Crabs: Are Animals Conscious?

Front Cover
Oxford University Press, Nov 1, 2016