Peanut Gallery Independent Praise of Drew Hempel's research

The disgustingly typical common dismissal of yours of Drew's worth is telling. Can't handle anything too far beyond your comfort zone so you don't at all engage, as Drew would say, with his information. Much of which is simply discerning the fundamental structure linking revered traditional scriptures and cuttingedge science and it's explication in human life on Earth.
Then of course you project by claiming he is not engaging well... you're right, but you are still denying your hypocrisy, as you are too scared to admit that the reason you say you don't appreciate any of his writing is probably not because it is all false but because it is occult to your limited mind.
You can't argue with the facts and are too dumb to handle his points so you resort to smear tactics.
Who cares if some nut spams the net. It is only disruptive to the weak of mind. Fact is Drew has an "original" conclusion that deserves global discussion and you censor it like a welltrained shill, which I assume you are not.

Drew's idea. 2:3 is Yang, 3:4 is Yin... ie 666 is Yang. But he might repeat it like the example below, at which 99% of readers will throw their hands up in incomprehension and only folk like me, a stubborn OneTruthLover, bother to really get what he is saying. To say his is crazy is stupidly missing the point, plus to which he seems saner than most of the zombies who pretend humanity. He may a mixed up lake but at least he is not a puddle of puke.
Brace yourselves,
"I've posted that in fact musicologist Ernest McClain had already gleaned this from Plato -- see his Pythagorean Plato -- and that in fact while 5/4 was the Greek Miracle as the cube root of two leading to amplitude as classical mathematics for 3 dimensional form

the Tai Chi Perfect 5th-4th as 2:3 and 3:4 Yang and Yin (my discovery) is the QUANTUM secret of 2-dimensional energy intensity from frequency, not classical amplitude."

Needless to say he condenses much meaning in few words so you gotta read more his of his spiel to get it. His earliest piece on the greek Miracle is best.
Cloud Tiger, a Tai Chi practitioner in the UK, 2009

Hempel, proficient in a wide sprectrum of intellectual pursuits including math and music --- and far from being deluded in any sense of the word as brought forth in the above quote by Hui Neng --- is also an eastern spiritual renaissance master as well. Just as much too, in the aforementioned areas and others far afield, as a search of his name will show, or did before he just simply disappeared into cyber space or infinity, he was one of the most prolific contributors on the net. His writings and books lean heavily toward a variety of eastern spiritual aspects, with a strong personal emphasis on qigong and meditation executed almost exclusively through the use of the full lotus position.

Additionally, even though Drew has resurfaced and available for interaction to all comers, I have however, NOT changed any of the above content of the original page because in my opinion it still remains highly relevant, showing all kinds of insight into who and where Hempel comes from, from any number of angles. Good to hear you are back. The internet wasn't the same without you.

The Wanderling, advaita meditation online site page on Drew Hempel

First we have to address the root of this possible problem.

the main root of all of this is the conceptual axiom that the parts of a system should be symmetrical if it desires to be in HARMONY. This in math is called COMMUTATIVE RING, or AxB=BxA.

From this principle (the commutative ring) we created a body of rules and paradigms in science, and even in religion, that separates our perception from nature itself (our game of denying being part of it) For example, as someone on this forum talked about maxwell´s quaternions in here. To work with an asymmetrical principle (most of things in nature) with our math that has as a main basic principle the commutative ring we first need to CHANGE what we gonna study, I mean, our science takes the information in nature which is assymétrical and DIVERGENT and converts it to an symmetrical and CONVERGENTE group of data to work with.
This is, as a principle, exactly what we did with the musical scales, as drew demonstrated.

In ancient music we got the asymmetrical intervals and, mainly since old non-pre-socratic Greece, we develop the obsession and the desire to “correct” it´s ugliness (natural asymmetry), so we transformed ancient music into symmetrical intervals. Buy by doing so we generate a comma, an extra group of data that can´t be used and should be discarded and watched over to avoid its return, because if this comma returns to the scale, it will create a hell of a mess to the fragile artificial symmetry we applied to it. So, conceptualy, the kind of technology we create, it prefers to change nature into artificial symmetry instead of flowing with it.

So it´s a matter of the right tool for the right job. And our Math has no asymmetrical tool for the job. IT´s all about the commutative ring, so even when working with asymmetrical systems (like nature) it has to convert it into symmetrical to process it. IT´s simple, drew is saying that western math and music take what is divergent (spiraling out) by nature and converge it before giving any kind of result. It´s a fact. Check, I don´t know, Wikipedia?, to get informations about the commutative ring and the non-commutative ring.

Now, I´m not 100% with drew on the consequences of “raping” nature with symmetry. I do know drew for the last 10yrs. Or so. I´m very good at math and good enough in music. I´m so-so in physics, i´ve studied electrical engineer for two yrs before change my mind and go to journalism school and drop it too to work as a photographer and illustrator and now as a computer graphics animator and advertising film director. So I have some background to understand a great chunk of drew hypothesis.

We try to solve all with symmetry, as the case with the music intervals, therefore, as in the case of music intervals, we create commas in science and all the range of activities that rely on science.

So this is the radical part of this use of musical model to explain things: if we try to understand nature (that is asymmetrical and divergent) with concepts and tools that are symmetrical and convergent) we gonna create dissonances in return and enter in a cycle of solving a dissonance with more symmetry to generate even more dissonance in the next octave ´till we # everything up! (we are already doing so! Our tech gives us marvelous stuff at the same time it acidify the oceans ending up #ing up with animals that depends on ultrasound for communication to reproduction. Our tech gives us marvelous tools as computer hi-res screens, but in return any cycle above 30hz is with time stressful to the human cells, etc, etc.)

non-commutative is so alien to our understand of thing that, as an example, if you go to Mr. Wolfram Math repository site you gonna find only ONE EMPTY page about it!!non-commutative is so alien to our understand of thing that, as an example, if you go to Mr. Wolfram Math repository site you gonna find only ONE EMPTY page about it!!

Now let´s go to the possible solutions for this.

1.full-lotus as a solution. Drew said full-lotus can transform the excess of electrochemical information in the lower body into electromagnectic information in the upper body. Some angry scientific trolls started to make fun of it.

for the materialistic people the thing is in the physiology.

siting in full-lotus will put a great chunk of pressure into your SACRUM! The sacrum is empty and pressure there will start to create small levels of ultra sound that will TRANSDUCE the energy from electrochemical into electromagnetic (remember, SOUND is PRESSURE WAVES, and it´s been prove that ultrasound can transduce energy from one state to other… use uncle google, he is your friend!! )… so this is one of the main reasons why full-lotus is a great tool.

It took me one year of daily chikung to sit in full-lotus with ease, before my one year of spring forest qigong I could barely sit in freestyle (like an north American indian) for more than a couple of minutes without felling a hell of pain in my back and legs!

After i´ve learned to sit in full-lotus, it´s a #ing bliss, full-lotus and half-lotus all day long. I even cut the legs from all my tables in my studio so I can sit in full-lotus and half-lotus anternated all day!!

So it´s one solution, but it´s a personal one.

2. Music create patterns in our brain.
It´s known that music create patterns in our brain. So if we just listen to music made with symmetrical and proportional intervals, some kind of patterns will form… with non-western music (mostly live, since hard to find speakers in home and computers that can produce ultrasound! ) so with non-western music we can generate other kind of patterns, since the intervals are asymmetrical. Drew have posted links to papers demonstrated, among otherthings, how ultrasound can stimulate the brain, the center of the brain, so on.

Also, Pineal Gland is a place made for sonoluminescence production. See? Pineal gland has fluid and cavitation in it! So with ultrasound stimulus in it we can ionize it a lot, we can produce tons of melatonie, and also we can generate little bubbles of light! By my personal experience, seeing light while practicing small universe (the oldest meditation that exist, it´s part of spring forest chikung and also is a “secret” inside the kriya yoga school) is relaxing, insightful and healing.
So, changing the king of music we listen to is a way of changing the patterns in our brain and so maybe it will reflect in the patterns we create in the world too.

3.creating a science where natural resonance ratios are important.
Well, this third item i´ll say nothing, since it´s what i´m working for the past 5 yrs. But a simple example of using natural resonance (non-comutative) musical ratios in technology is The Sonic Bloom, it´s a kit with audio from birds generating the fifth and forth in a repeated way so the intensity will affect the plants cells to expand more, taking more nutrients. It´s amazing. I use it to feed my home grown food (i´m a raw vegetarian) as my wife garden.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg…

Now those open minded, the daily practice of small universe from spring forest qigong, or the listening of music without symmetrical intervals, or the use of tech like the sonic bloom are just a few of the examples of the changes we can make personally or collectively to a better and more harmonious world.
And those so full of the “right” paradigm, well, you can keep projecting your anger on drew, it´s funny to read your assumptions about my crazy druid friend!

KALLISTI and have a nice day and a lovely life!
Guto Novo.
Correspondent for 15 years in Brazil

Seriously drew is next level, beyond even Dobbs, Ebert, Heidegger, Mcluhan etc.
Another UK practitioner-philosopher
"The universe and I came into being together; I and everything therein are One."

"If then all things are One, what room is there for speech? On the other hand, since I can say the word 'one' how can speech not exist? If it does exist, we have One and speech -- two; and two and one -- three(14) from which point onwards even the best mathematicians will fail to reach (the ultimate); how much more then should ordinary people fail?">"

- Chuang Tzu, 300 BCE

"Sound is the bridge between God and the soul" SHRI DHYANYOGI

a “universal scaling system”, ... this discrete scaling manifests itself in acoustic systems, as is well known in western classical music, where the two scalings correspond, respectively, to passing to the octave (frequency ratio of 2) and transposition (the perfect fifth is the frequency ratio 3/2), with the approximate value log(3)/ log(2) ∼ 19/12 responsible for the difference between the “circulating temperament” of the Well Tempered
Clavier and the “equal temperament” of XIX century music. It is precisely the irrationality of log(3)/ log(2) which is responsible for the noncommutative [complementary opposites as yin/yang] nature of the quotient corresponding to the three places {2, 3,∞}. -
Math professor (field medals) Alain Connes on quantum music as noncommutative time-frequency origin of reality from infinite spiral of perfect fifths!
Our brain is an incredible ....receives moments of space of the photons we receive and manufactures a mental picture. Which is geometric. But what I am telling you is that I think ...that the fundamental thing is spectral [frequency]....And somehow in order to think we have to do an enormous Fourier Transform...on geometry. By talking about the "music of shapes" is really a fourier transform of shape and the fact that we have to do it in reverse. Alain Connes, 2012

Stanford Quantum physicist Eddie Oshins:
This representation only works for the (more fundamental) 1/2-integral representations (i.e. spinors/turns/quaternions) but also lets one build the vector and tensor representations. The converse does not hold....this property of "noncommutivity" in itself might be valuable in some way.
My claim, and original idea, has been that this is circumnavigating a T'ai Chi (Yin/Yang) symbol! More recently (Oshins, 1993b) I have suggested that this proximate technique can be used to realize Wing Chun kung-fu's "bong sau/tan sau" movement out of the Kauffman/Oshins "quaternionic arm" discussed and referenced below in end note 5.
I believe that this may be a way to get mind to code the relative relationship of part of oneself with respect to the rest of oneself (self-referential motion) and can explain the concepts of being "centered"/"one"/"integrated"/"extended"/"whole" etc. which one strives for in meditation.
Oshins, E. (1993). A Test for Classical Psychospinors. (pdf) In Abdullah, F. (Ed.) Conservation and Invariance. Cambridge, UK: Alternative Natural Philosophy Association, London England.

Manfred Euler's 2013 description of acoustic STM - Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy builds on his previous connections between the quantum acoustic realms.
Near-field imaging with sound waves compelling demonstrates the inadequacy of pictorial realism and promotes more abstract views of the reality displayed.
A comparison of sound and matter waves clarifies that these [noncommutative] limitations exist in principle.
2016: de Broglie clocks as synchronization: a tangible model of how mass emerges.
matter waves are locally in phase with the particle clocks (de Broglie's Law of Phase Harmony).

The clock runs forever so it's self-sustaining (consciousness-energy). It resonates with the quantum vacuum. The harmonic beats create dynamic energy.

So then you have a "phase particle" that can be faster than the speed of light - superluminal - and a "mass particle" that is slower than the speed of light as the "group wave" of the "phase wave." The beats of the phase wave then are "in resonance" with the quantum vacuum - and so create mass from the massless field, explaining the Higgs mechanism.

"Universal coherence" - a "mind boggling outlook."

Coherence as consciousness.
"Ghost Tones"
Manfred Euler is a Professor Emeritus of Physics at the University of Kiel.

It's actually a Klein Bottle so you can't see the 5th dimension.

The red is a logarithmic singularity - but that is just classical physics.

So the foundation of reality is quantum - which is noncommutative phase as the 5th dimension.

So light as a photon is a point but as a wave it is nonlocal - but this means it is in 2 places at the same time - as the 5th dimension that is noncommutative.

People think that doesn't make sense - how can it be in two places at the same time? Actually basic music theory explains this.

So for example the Perfect Fifth is C to F as subharmonic 2/3 while the Perfect Fifth is C to G overtone harmonic as 3/2.

So C = 2 while F=3=G at the same time. That is noncommutative phase. It is also called "Fourier Uncertainty" or "time-frequency uncertainty" - and that is the true foundation of reality.

So for example de Broglie - studying relativity - realized Einstein had a problem - as energy goes to the speed of light then time as wavelength slows down, gets bigger. That means as frequency goes higher then time also gets bigger. That violates a fundamental property since Pythagoras that frequency is inverse to time as wavelength (from music theory).

So de Broglie realized since quantum physics is real there has to be a phase wave that is faster than the speed of light. So you have a mass wave that is the "group phase" - and then you have a particle phase that is called the "internal clock" or a 2nd clock that is the phase wave of the particle - also called the "pilot wave" - and this comes back from the future.

So there is a Harvard physicist who works with Stephen Hawking - and this Harvard Physicist says that the future already exists and reality is a holograph. So the 4D universe is actually a projection of this 5th dimension of noncommutative phase that is time-like.

This is how precognition is real.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Internal Martial Arts and alchemy training: Daobums not interested in internal oppositional exertion?

I started posting on there is not nearly all the gossip and side-banter as found on "thetaobums" or "thedaobums" that I'm told has been taken over by Drumpf supporters.

Is Taoism inherently fascist? I don't think so but when yoga meditation gets assimilated into Western culture then, as professor Morris Berman warned, along with Peter Levenda, the "vertical" energy gets misused very easily.

So then I emailed my pdf to a Tai Chi teacher who posted on the "internal martial arts" forum rumsoakedfist and he sent me a treasure trove of books, via dropbox. It was an amazing gift.

Now in my free pdf - I posted an image and I could not track the source to credit the image. Now I can source the image - in my last blogpost. And that image is based on completely corroborating the secret of noncommutative phase!!!

What was the image though?

So the previous blogpost is the source for that image. p. 92,

In this more advanced practice, both agonist and antagonist contract simultaneously - the first isotonically in shortening, and the latter eccentrically in lengthening, in effect they work against each other and create a dynamic tension between the paired muscles.
internal oppositional more than anything a mental shift in awareness....such omni-directional mutually cancelling efforts engage the connective tissue web continually, they increase the elastic strength of the frame even while an external observer discerns no apparent movement.
 Citing the book

Masters of Perception: Sensory-Motor Integration in the Internal Martial Arts.

by Jan Dipersloot

Vol. 3, 2013.

And so that whole book that I cite in the previous blogpost is about the proper post to achieve that Wuji center of gravity as the real lower tan tien or dantien.

The book I'm reading now - Fire Dragon Meridian Qigong - is another good book based on standing active exercise.

Personally what I am interested in is the basic principles - and I have now distilled those.

So what is very fascinating is these basic principles of Taoist training goes against Western civilization. I mean structurally - logically - mathematically - and yet most people want to ignore this fact.

So here is an internal martial arts chart that discusses alchemy

As Zizek points out - what causes a united movement of support for the masses is to be unified against something - the negativity, the void.

So this blog has barely any readers - as I deleted my last blog - but when I posted against lonemanpai then I got lots of hits on that blog post. haha. Still no one posted comments - just lurkers.

Over on therumsoakedfist Kevin Wallbridge posted a fascinating analysis of the Small Universe or Orbit meditation. Well someone posted it from his blog.

Now he quotes a high level teacher saying if you're alive then your small universe is open. But the Fire Dragon Meridan qigong book states that for most people their 8 extraordinary "channels" are not open (and that includes the small universe).

So what gives? Someone asked me that question, when posting a vid from another Tai Chi master saying how to open the back blockages was very difficult - to get the energy into the brain.

So I said well there's different levels of the small universe. So we know it connects to the 12 channels - as the free pdf I have discusses - quoting Robert Peng.

My answer was this:

I did training based on the small universe - using the book "Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality" as the main text.

So when I posted on this text on thetaobums forum - people emphatically stated that the book was "too dangerous" and therefore should not be read.

So I didn't really study the book like I should have. I committed the main error in the training - which is described as "evil fire" in the Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Yoga book.

So I was feeling energy - but because I had not studied the energy channels enough - and the dynamics - as Kevin Wallbridge states - the "orbit" actually refers to something greater than just a channel - especially once the macrocosmic orbit is opened up.

So it is especially the energy interaction with other people where things get very interesting - and this is really where I messed up in the small universe training.

So then if you see commentary on the small universe - some people insist it should not be practiced since it is too dangerous. Another point emphasized is that most people never really open up the "real" small universe and instead just feel the heat of the yin qi energy.

So I point out that the book "Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality" that is completely based on the small universe - it describes these different levels of the small universe meditation training.

The book details the problems that can arise - but the book really has to be studied in detail. I mean every word has to be considered and the terms have to be cross-correlated - as the different levels of training overlap.

I returned to study the book - only after the qigong master read my energy long distance to inform me, as I said, in fact it was going up the front of my body - when I thought the energy had been going up the back of my body.

Another point about the small universe practice is that it is supposedly a later derivation - from after the Song dynasty I think or even later. But as Kevin's article shows - in fact it is as far back as the Yellow Emperor Classic.

And fascinatingly - Kriya Yoga has a very similar meditation to the small universe - and Kriya Yoga seems similar to the oldest philosophy of India based on the "three gunas."

In my research I have determined that music theory is what correlates the Taoist philosophy with the "three gunas" of India - and the 12 points of the small universe actually are tied to music theory as well. I go into this in the free pdf I linked before - ... t-alchemy/

So the other point is - Kevin mentions a high level teacher who says if you're alive then the small universe is open!

So this belies all the claims that the small universe is dangerous to practice and only is really open until an advanced level, etc. So as Kevin's article details - the Yellow Emperor Classic book then corroborates that claim by tying the meridians to the small universe.

So the other thing is the teacher I trained with who teaches the small universe through - he says how in full lotus meditation then the small universe will run on its own. He also says to "let the light guide the small universe." So this fits with Kevin's clarification of the very common claim that the mind leads the qi - when in fact as Kevin documents the real meaning is the shen leads the mind which leads the qi.

So the book Taoist YOga: Alchemy and Immortality goes into detail about the role of the shen in the small universe meditation. It is quite fascinating because the "evil fire" is when the energy goes up the front and out of the eyes - the eye balls actually pulsate from the shen going out along with the yin qi - via the pineal gland. This pulls up the small intestine anaerobic bacteria. So the acupuncture meridians confirm this fact of the front channel.

But in contrast when the energy builds up through the skull then it overflows out of the sinus cavity - with the tongue against the roof of the mouth - the cerebrospinal fluid is swallowed into the stomach, and it is ionized via the pineal gland, from where the yuan qi emanates from out of the heart. So this great heat of qi-cerebrospinal fluid is then absorbed back into the small intestines. This is why no food is to be eaten a half hour before and after the small universe meditation.

I'm just giving some examples - but as I said I greatly appreciate Kevin Wallbridge's analysis of the small universe meditation. I can't say I still practice this appropriately - I still suffer from the "evil fire" qi as I still transmit qi out of my eyes via the front channel. haha.

I'm just trying to recommend people closely study the book "Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality" - it is a free pdf online. It is an intense read. Some people try to dismiss it as missing some information. But I have not seen - if they state it is missing info then no one has provided the missing info that I can find. I will look into this.

 Thanks for the vid link.

I can't reconcile it personally. I would just say there are different levels of open. The vid appears to be discussing the Yuan Qi opening - this is what I meant when neidan teachers say it's actually very rare for the small universe to be truly opened - which is to say the macrocosmic orbit. So you have small universe but once it really opens then you go into the macrocosmic orbit and notice in that vid he says - then if you focus your mind on your finger the qi will go there. So that is very definitely referring to the macrocosmic orbit. The yuan qi level is very rare - I got to this for a couple weeks but I had not studied the book "Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality" enough to understand how to control the energy. So then he says that the energy goes down very easily but is difficult to clear through the spine, but once cleared through then it goes down very easily. I would say on the yuan qi level as the macrocosmic orbit - in fact it is the shen that guides the mind that guides the qi. So shen is very much a subconscious or holographic energy level. So the difficulty with the macrocosmic orbit is where your shen goes then the qi goes (with the conscious intention in between and often after the fact). So you have to learn to understand consciously how to control your shen to then control the qi. And so in terms of the qi going down easily - if the shen goes up - then the qi will turn back into jing and get lost as fluid. So yes the qi goes down easily - but the shen has to be surrounded by the qi - so that when the qi goes down it is not separated from the shen going up.

It is a complicated book that I refer to - and so to say if a person is alive and their orbit is then open - this refers to the yin jing energy I would say. There are different levels of opening that the book goes into.

So as I read the internal martial arts trainers - basically they state that this high level of alchemy energy is real but just so rare now that no one really believes it. For example Bruce Frantzis had a teacher with this ability.

What my interest has been is to recover the real basic principles of the training - and this is from noncommutative phase - or as I posted in the last blog post - a tai chi teacher has this same secret - from that image above.

So in alchemy the real lower tan tien is behind the navel - not "below" the navel - it is the Wuji point. this is a debate question on my last blog. haha. Like I said - now I found the real source for that teaching and the same teaching is based on the same alchemy secret I discovered from studying the Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality book.

 Too bad thetaobums does not seem to be really interested in this secret. It is THE basic principle of the training - as I quoted in the last blog post.

p. 92,

In this more advanced practice, both agonist and antagonist contract simultaneously - the first isotonically in shortening, and the latter eccentrically in lengthening, in effect they work against each other and create a dynamic tension between the paired muscles.
internal oppositional more than anything a mental shift in awareness....such omni-directional mutually cancelling efforts engage the connective tissue web continually, they increase the elastic strength of the frame even while an external observer discerns no apparent movement.
 Citing the book

Masters of Perception: Sensory-Motor Integration in the Internal Martial Arts.

by Jan Dipersloot

Vol. 3, 2013.

The Principle of Internal Oppositional Exertion: Noncommutative Phase confirmed again!

p. 92,

In this more advanced practice, both agonist and antagonist contract simultaneously - the first isotonically in shortening, and the latter eccentrically in lengthening, in effect they work against each other and create a dynamic tension between the paired muscles.
internal oppositional more than anything a mental shift in awareness....such omni-directional mutually cancelling efforts engage the connective tissue web continually, they increase the elastic strength of the frame even while an external observer discerns no apparent movement.
 Citing the book

Masters of Perception: Sensory-Motor Integration in the Internal Martial Arts.

by Jan Dipersloot

Vol. 3, 2013.

This is an amazing book! The author gives the same Wuji-Tai Chi posture secret that I have in my free pdf - and now says the same secret I have as the core of the neidan training.

 So in my free pdf - I have the image from his book, Vol. 1. But I looked for the source of this image online. I always credit my sources! But I could not find the source for that image.

Hilarious. Now I have the source. He says the secret it to "tuck and suck" - with the wuju point - behind the navel as the true center of gravity of the body/mind.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Celibacy Secret of Real Alchemy Training: Lonemanpai exposed as a fake alchemy site

The person I trained with said in a guild meeting in 2000 - that for "advanced meditation" there can be no thoughts about sex at all. Why? Because this causes the pineal gland to subconsciously trigger the Yuan Qi (that emanates from the heart out of the pineal gland) to then activate the sympathetic nervous system to ejaculate. This nervous system switch has to be fixed - it is triggered holographically via the Yuan Shen also from the heart. Only the eyes are yang. This is the secret of the real alchemy training.

I like most the things you say here - but do you have proof that "dopamine turns into sereatonin"? Ive never heard that even being possible before. And seretonin is totally overrated btw. It makes one unmotivated, and zombie like. If you had said "turn dopamine into oxytocin" then Id have more understood what youre trying to get at.
So I just searched
dopamine serotonin inverse vagus nerve cerebrospinal fluid orgasm

I found this scribd that someone made of a post I did -

Oops - that was just a "preview" so I didn't even get to read my whole post! haha.

But that's o.k. - we are looking for new science on this. So then the next hit on google.

A pdf link.

The Sweetest Taboo: Functional Neurobiology of Human ... - Description
by JR GEORGIADIS - ‎Cited by 20 - ‎Related articles
Mar 17, 2009 - cose consumption is bestowed on the nervous system, ... involved in these processes, most notably dopamine and opioids (Berridge ..... intense pleasure, including multiple sexual orgasms ..... cant inverse relationship between sexual pleasure and ... of norepinephrine in the cerebrospinal fluid (Krüger.

So this should have some good info.

So what that pdf states is that male orgasm is equated with ejaculation which is also equated with high sympathetic tone.

And "impaired ejaculation" is from decreased sympathetic tone and also increased serotonin.

So this is what I mean by the conversion of dopamine to serotonin - but the problem with Western science is it assumes that the male has to ejaculate in order to have orgasm.

I even asked the scientist who studied female orgasm from the vagus nerve connection to the cervix - females with spinal damage. I said isn't it possible that males also can have vagus nerve orgasms? He said yes but he had not studied that.

So the premise of that PDF is sex is pleasurable since it's good to spread the genes.

But that ignores the spiritual training of the original human culture were population was kept low by blatant control measures.

For example pubescent females were not allowed to eat fatty nuts - until after marriage. This delayed menstruation.

Also the males doing the training during the height of puberty then fasted and the diet was mainly vegetarian - in fact meat was considered able to make young people go crazy from too much N/om energy.

So the natural hormones were leveraged against to keep population down. If a female had a baby while she was still breast-feeding her first baby - then the 2nd baby could be killed right after birth. Obviously that was not wanted - so such practice was done in private but still acceptable by the community.

The male had to live with the female's family, proving meat - for 3 years - before "consummating" the marriage - this proved he was a loving provider - and again he was sublimating his desire into the N/om healing energy.

That was the traditional practice.

 In conclusion, the human sexual response cycle is characterized by an increase in sympathetic activity in plasma and CSF, and by pronounced secretion of plasma prolactin after orgasm. However, alterations in dopaminergic or peptidergic activity are not found in lumbar CSF, possibly due to local and restricted release in diencephalic and mesencephalic brain regions.
So with the typical ejaculation of the male - the dopamine level is not reduced due to the increased sympathetic spike that also increases cortisol and adrenaline.
But if there is no ejaculation then the increased vagus nerve stimulation stays in the parasympathetic nervous system which then increases serotonin more.
a negative linear relationship was observed between mean concentrations of 5-HIAA and NE in the CSF of the normal volunteers (r = 0.916 [r2 = 0.839], df = 9, P < 0.001) while, in contrast, depressed patients showed no such relationship (r = +0.094 [r2 = 0.00877], df = 9, n.s.).
So this again shows the conversion of adrenaline/dopamine to serontonin in the cerebrospinal fluid - in "normal" happy people.
These data support the hypothesis that a disturbance in the interaction between the serotonergic and noradrenergic systems can exist in depressive illness in the absence of any simple 5HT or NE deficit or surplus.
So the science is stating - that a tryptophan depleted diet then causes lack of serotonin and depression. But what is neglected is that ejaculation causes loss of serotonin and increased dopamine/cortisol stress also causing depression.
Wow - I had no idea that science even recognizes "post-ejaculatory depression" as a condition! That's amazing!
So this VICE news article refers to some males feeling as if they have "spent" their "life force" - oh yeah? What they hell do they mean. Just mention it and pass on! haha. Hilarious. There's TONS of research on this in Eastern tantra and Taoist practice - males can have vagus nerve orgasms without depression.

OT provokes the release of 5-HT in key limbic regions involved in socio-emotional processing.
So now onto the Oxytocin  Serotonin connection.
So we know commonly that serotonin turns into melatonin in the brain.
But increased brain serotonin leads also to increased oxytocin.
Now the witch lady - she admitted that she has these "heart orgasms" - and I said yes I had experienced females having these also - "heart orgasms." What does that mean? The witch lady - said she had so many orgasm that she then had heart orgasms. So that is the oxytocin love energy.
So the female naturally sublimates the jing, being "yang" internally while males are "yin" internally. So then only when Earth is turned Female - in alchemy for males - does the jing energy get built up.
So for females then they are the original shamanic healers from the pineal gland resonance during ovulation and menstruation - as a lunar gravity sensor.
So then Camille Paglia in her "Sexual Personae" said how witches through orgasms opened the "4th eye" as Medussa - that males were afraid of.
In fact originally males honored this female power by say subincision of the penis to mimick menstruation - or other bizarre blood rituals. For example the homosexual sadistic blood lettting in Chang cheh Venom martial arts films - this is actually the ultimate ejaculation addiction result in returning to pure blood as the final admission of oxytocin love. So in other words - since the male can never be satiated by ejaculation addiction - and since females never get the qi energy to activate their vagus nerves - then society as a whole remains homosexual, as Camille Paglia argues - and so you get this sadistic "missile envy" dynamic that turns to blood letting ritual mass sacrifice. As Camille Paglia states, the males will try to impress the females (but can never do so since they are still homosexual) - and so Mother Nature will never be satisfied.
But in fact through increased qi activation of the vagus nerve then real love develops as the Yuan Qi activation of the heart through the strong right side vagus nerve activation to the heart - from the reproductive organs - and increased oxytocin.
So science now admits that vagus nerve activation increases oxytocin of the heart.
So again we have increased serotonin from vagus nerve activation - and subsequent decrease in dopamine - as the sympathetic goes down.
But keep in mind that at first you want strong dopamine as it is the extreme sympathetic climax that then causes an opposite extreme parasympathetic climax - as a dialectical reversal. This is called "parasympathetic rebound" and was first hypothesized and documented by MKULTRA mind control psychiatrist William Sargent - as far as I know. But even though he traveled the world studying shamanism - he was only immersed in the later traditions that had been watered down. Not the real intense yoga training or intense trance fasting training with celibacy, etc.
So then when I google electric eel serotonin lecithin - My article is the fifth hit.
That means there's been some new research on this.
Right so they've proven now that electric eels actually track their prey with their energy. This is very easy to believe for anyone with pineal gland experience.
The electric eel - John Chang said he is just like an electric eel. So I took him at his word. The electric eel increases the serotonin which then increases the potassium to sodium ratio and this charge is stored in the lecithin. This energy is then "discharged" by flexing the muscles - as a sympathetic nervous system response.
This is exactly what qigong masters do - as I detail in my free pdf on the training.
In fact for the advanced level of training the person is to not eat salt and for the Bushmen - salt was very low in their diets - next to no salt.
The shamanic training in the Amazon is also no salt and high serotonin - fish and bananas and then celibacy training along with ayahuasca that greatly increases serotonin.
So Dennis McKenna lives in my town of about 700 people - his brother is the famed Terrance McKenna - they tested ayahausca in the Amazon. I have also tested ayahuasca. Twice. It is very powerful - especially in full lotus. haha.
So Dennis McKenna has a lot of serotonin analysis.
McKenna emphatically stated, “Neurotransmitters are the messenger molecules of the brain.” Plants contain psychedelic substances which interact with a subtype of the serotonin receptor. Messenger molecules target neurotransmitter which mediates and acts by increasing excitation in not only the cortex but the whole of the brain. McKenna continued, “Neurotransmitters and plant messengers are evolved from the same evolutionary process…. It is then not surprising that plants contain a panoply of neurotransmitter like compounds that act on the brain.”
So McKenna is very keen on serotonin.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Fresh Wild Organic Shiitake Smorgasbord

So I just discovered an amazing harvest. I had given up on this Shiitake innoculation that I did in 2011. I figured I had harvested out the shrooms. Nope - on the contrary!! This is the biggest harvest by an order of magnitude greater!! 16 beautiful pounds (16.5 including the stems).

Fresh organic shiitake shroom sells per pound anywhere from $8 to $20. The market price has gone down but still takes a premium for fresh organic wild harvested so around $15. That means I just harvested - over $200 worth of shrooms. Amazing. UPDATE: Our local co-op where we are members and regularly buy the organic, grass-fed food - is selling wild organic shiitake shrooms for $50 a pound!! The bin was empty. That bumps up the value of my harvest to $800 (assuming they are selling the stems as well). I am now drying the shrooms in the sun for a couple days as science has documented Shiitakes soak up a huge amount of D2 and D3 neurohormone/vitamin.

 So since this is wild harvested that means it has better nutrients as it has to fight off competition.

I took lots of photos to enjoy this amazing harvest. Not as much as I will enjoy eating this super food gourmet healing nutrition with strong Umami flavor!!

Wow check out how dense that growth is. Amazing.

Nice and dark melanin nutrition.

I was trying to capture the whole length of this log but this is definitely not even the whole length. haha. Still you can see dense Shiitake way in the back of the tree like it's infinite.

So who in their right mind would buy $240 retail worth of fresh wild organic shiitake shrooms? Only a top gourmet restaurant! haha. But I am very "gourmet" myself. I need this healing nutrition - this is magical healing nutrition from my forest!!

Yummy umami flavor - just like the best beef but even better for you!!

So as you can guess it is a handsome shroom - especially once you experience the Umami flavor - but notice the little white dots.

This appears to be slightly different angle on the same log. Oh well.

Yeah it gets more in the photo.

Yeah that pretty much covers the scenario - two logs - both completely covered in Shiitake Shrooms.

Simply astonishing.

The real Adaptation that Thomas Friedman does not want to talk about

there was book published by Cambridge University Press called "the evolution of technology." There is also a subject called Darwinian Medicine with eugenics making a come back. For example custom designed children is very popular in China - get genetic tested, etc. But humans as a species are a DNA bottle neck because of just a few thousand humans alive after the Mt. Toba supervolcano explosion. So for example differences in skin color are not any DNA difference but just an allele difference - meaning how the genes are expressed in phenotype. So then to make the connection between phenotype as a genetic adaptation to environmental change is very complex. There are various factors as transposons, horizontal gene transfer, and most importantly epigenetics that in fact can be passed on through reproduction. But the biggest break through in evolution analysis of late is to challenge the Darwinian Industrial Revolution concept of "survival of the fittest" as adaptation - that was promoted first by Haeckel as the foundation for Nazi fascist eugenics - Haeckel using falsified phenotypes, of course - and then the liberal eugenic science was in fact progressive politics in the 1930s. The University of Minnesota was a leader in promoting "growing a better man crop" as eugenics to legalize sterilizing poor people who were considered low I.Q. But we now know that I.Q. tests are based on cultural biased and favored to promote technological training for the evolution of technology. In fact automation from technology is the number one cause of job loss - worldwide. So even China being the huge manufacturing base of the world has automation as the number one cause of job loss. And so humans as Guy McPherson emphasizes actually rely on large scale habitat for civilization to store food grains, to then have the surplus value for industrial production, for militaries to then enforce "fiat" paper money. China was the first civilization to create paper money and the value of the paper money was of course made possible by the Chinese military.

 The book "Ecological Imperialism" by professor - oh what's his name - starts with a C - anyway he detailed how Western farming with cattle and wheat spread around the world with subsequent vast destruction of biological diversity. So this is considered adaptive but in fact this spread of ecological imperialism just escalates the problem of monocultures. So obviously growing huge monocultures - of say wheat subject to rust infections or bananas - and coffee, and the most famous example of the potato blight. In fact Ireland was exporting food to England at the time of the Irish famine, because of the "free market" trade laws of England. Similarly the British Empire set up an export system of Indian grain to feed cattle in Europe - so that Indians jokingly wish to be reborn as European cows. This is more easily understood when we realize the Cow is sacred in India while "mad Cow" is the new adaptation in the West from the intensive feed lot manure pit operations.

 So in other words Western medicine prides itself on creating vaccines to treat diseases that were caused by intensive animal production - and this problem like Avian Virus taking out the turkey intensive farms here in Minnesota - it is still an escalation. So now it is very much a problem of antibiotic resistance and that vaccines are only developed based on profit - so Ebola could easily "adapt" to become more air-borne spread and easily have similar effects as say the flu during world war I. But the nonwestern cultures, as the book, "Ecological Imperialism" details, of course did not have "adapted" resistance to not just small pox, and various other diseases of Western civilization - but also alcohol that is refined, and refined sugar with now corn syrup causing the obesity diabetes epidemic. So according to the "adaptation" of television, the Corn Refiners Association (or whatever) gets a tax deduction to inform the public that synthetic corn syrup is the same as sugar, when in fact it lacks the enzyme process to split the fructose and sucrose into glucose. So in other words the poor are then targeted with synthetic corn syrup as "food deserts" in the inner cities - causing an obesity diabetes epidemic. I have coworkers who were nonwhite and so not "adapted" to the white trash diet - and so got diabetes - one was older, so got his foot amputated and then died a few years later.

 So we have some 2 billion people living in slums as everyone moves to the megacities which are now heat "islands" - and we are then told that "metrosexuals" are some kind of adaptation - biology has studied this, and of course it is controversial when you throw in synthetic plastics causing sperm counts and testosterone levels to plunge in the Western industrialized cities - just as DNA science now proves that white skin was caused by lack of vitamin D in the monocultural wheat farming diet. So for 90% of human history - the original human culture, the San Bushmen, did not even know what homosexuality was much less practice it. Science has yet to find a DNA cause of homosexuality - and yet science absolutely ignores the fact that the original human culture did not have any homosexuals at all - and this is our DNA source for all humans. There was a UK article on how the similar culture of the "pygmies" or baka, and similar tribes - also did not know what homosexuality was nor did they practice masturbation. We think this seems trivial and so the article attributes it to the "hard" lifestyle that the tribes have to "adapt" to living in the forest. In fact the truth is that all the males have to go through initiation to train in "staying power" that sublimates their neurohormones into neurotransmitter increase of serotonin - via the vagus nerve as internal orgasm, just as females as humans are synchronized as a group with the lunar cycle for menustration - via the pineal gland.

 So the original human culture was based precisely on lunar synchronization and it is the lunar calendar that governs life on Earth through water - and the pineal gland is proven by science now to be a gravity sensor as well. So modern humans with left brain dominance - the right side vagus nerve goes to the left brain but the left side vagus nerve does not go to the right brain - and so left brain and right hand dominance, that originated with earlier primates - became an atrophied brain system using written language, and increased "missile envy" ejaculation addiction projectile technology. Left brain dominant humans then with the males not learning the secret of the female pineal gland lunar synchronization as inherent bliss energy - as love energy that is also healing energy - the core training of the original human culture, as Dr. Bradford Keeney and other anthropologists have documented - instead the modern male suffers from ejaculation addiction which is a positive feedback cycle of dopamine and then cortisol stress, causing increased violence by the males, as rape and warfare. In essence modern humans since the development of the plow - and wheat monocultural farming - with God etymologically from the IndoEuropean root Go meaning Bull, just as Brahman also means Bull - this spread around the world as not just an ecological imperialism but essentially as an ecological virus or cancer, wiping out biodiversity as an acceleration of technology.

 This can be understood as simply the cycling of the elements - so that now metal and fire are taking over as the dominant elements on Earth while water and wood were previously dominant with the forests are the previous dominant "minds" of the planet. As science admits - a forest like the Amazon is too complex to be modeled by any supercomputer and yet the thrust of science now is to literally develop "artificial life" some how to replace humans as the dominant species on Earth. If you look at the history of life on earth - the dominant species developed large brains requiring lots of oxygen - like the Troodons, the largest brain dinosaurs - and before that the lion like dominant species of the Permian Era - the Gorgons - and so humans are just the mammal equivalent of these previous species. But if the dominant species on Earth does not resonant with the lunar water energy - since water is macroquantum and so the secret to governing the nonlocal entanglement energy of life - the inherent negentropy of life researched in quantum biology or quantum relativity - so then the moon not being resonated with through this 5th dimension as noncommutative phase - the moon will wipe out the dominant life on Earth.

 Evolution - for example - the Cambridge scientist - Stephen Conway Morris - the fact is that "convergent" evolution as adaption has been documented in great detail. This is considered too much of a threat to Darwinian "random" adaptations but now quantum biology has proven that in fact there is amplification of quantum coherence that is nonlocal entanglement. In other words quantum physics assumes that either the nonlocal entanglement of reality does not exist and hence the quantum particles do not exist (if no one is measuring them) and so the foundation of reality is inherently random and in fact, CREATED by the quantum physicists. This is not well known, but for example my own quantum physics professor Herbert Bernstein follows this view - and so it is believed that developing quantum computing will create artificial life some how. But, as the science advisor to the t.v. show - what was that popular show in the 1990s - X-Files - yeah their science advisor wrote a book on what is required for evolution of life and dismissed these silicon versions of life from A.I.

 So instead E.O. Wilson and a few others are arguing that humans are based on eusociality - which is only found in a handful of other species, like ants and bees and wasps, etc. So based on eusociality - the "adaptation" is not even from group selection. In other words altruism under the Darwinian model was previously explained by stating - well since I share more DNA with my immediate family then it is more adaptive for me to help take care of my sister's children - then it is for say the biological father to take care of his own children! This is a kind of radical view but it is actually practiced in matrifocal cultures - the brother is more of the father than the biological father. But even beyond this "group selection" - E.O. Wilson documents that for species who create a "nest" that has to be defended with the babies needing development after birth - then the selection process occurs on the "meta" level of logic - another "order" of logical type - meaning that "groups of groups" are now the proper level of adaptation to be considered. But this is then turned around by Howard Bloom who argues that since each human is more just like a neuron in a superorganism and we know that neurons and other cells have to practice apoptosis - then humans also practice self sacrifice just like slime molds or something. This easily again justifies mass slaughter of most of humanity so that the elite can "'adapt" to survive.

 The problem with all these models and evolution in general is the mathematics that it is based on. So as I said in quantum biology it is now demonstrated that coherent nonlocal entanglement is "amplified" to the macroquantum levels. This is a shocking discovery and even as recently as 2006 the "top" science blogger, biology professor PZ Myers was dismissing quantum biology as woo-woo science. haha. Why? Because he promotes the NeoDarwinian materialistic worldview. But the problem even with quantum biology is that life is too complex and sophisticated to reproduce with "off the shelf" technology that can be standardized and replicated in experiments in labs, etc. So we see this in genetic engineering, of course. Professor Phil Regal, a biologist at my own alma mater - U of MN - he was one of the prominent critics when a bacteria genetically engineered was to be released into the ocean I think it was. But now the U of MN administrator was quoted as saying, "for enough money we will give you [Monsanto] tomatoes the size of basketballs!" And so now mosquitoes, etc. are being released that are genetically engineered and meanwhile traditional farmers in Africa are not being allowed to save and trade their own farm seeds for replanting!

 So as Professor David F. Noble detailed in his brilliant books - for example his "Forces of Production" book exposed in detail how M.I.T. is not concerned by adaptive efficiency but rather about patent profits. And this has been the case since Plato - when currency and the law were intertwined with logarithmic math from "alogon" as irrational magnitude and technological innovation. So for example the catapult could then be doubled in size precisely and when this math was reintroduced into Europe via the Benedictine monks learning from the Arabs - then suddenly Galileo could brag to the aristocrats that if they funded his science, he could dramatically cut down on their labor costs.

 So is adaptation mean it is more efficient to spend $50,000 a year to put a person in prison with the U.S. having the largest prison population in the world and the U.S. having the worst inequality of wealth in the world? Yes it is when you have elite corporate-state financiers then making huge profits from private prisons using slave labor. That is the adaptation that Thomas Friedman doesn't like to take about. When it comes to ecology then it is more profitable to build railroads that then facilitate the wiping out of 80 million bison who were adapted to the great plains of the U.S. And now we have a water crisis, etc. No the concept of adaptation ignores the fact that the U.S. has official "national sacrifice zones" based on the uranium mining, coal mining, nuclear waste from weapons, etc. while the elite have "continuity of government" that was implemented after 9/11. Friedman doesn't talk about COG and how the U.S. bank system is propped up by CIA drug dealing - the CIA has been dependent on drug dealing for a long time so much so that the Justice Department had an official agreement with the CIA that none of their drug dealing assets had to be reported to the law, and also could be protected. That was the adaptation of the crack epidemic - when the CIA assets were paid and released to entrap the victims who had no other opportunities to success - since technological jobs are few, so unions traditionally did now allow non-whites and the non-whites were targeted by laws to put them into prison for slave labor.

 There is a book called "Insatiable Appetite" that details how the U.S. relies on ecological imperialism of monocultural export crops worldwide for cheap commodities like how Guatemalan wanted land reform for the poor so the CIA Dulles Brothers hired goons to go threaten and bomb the Guatemalans. The same happened for Iran to control their oil for the Rockefellers and Kissinger who now sits on the Chinese petroleum exports. So the global elite are not at all tied to any national patriotism - instead the don't pay taxes and then fund both sides of wars - just as the Soviet Union was funded by Wall St, as Anthony Sutton exposed, and the Nazis were funded by Wall St, as the Bush Dynasty with the Harrimans relied on. The elite "blue blood" aristocrats that David F. Noble exposed - in his "America By Design" book - the elite foundations and secret societies are blatantly racist and think that adaptation then means to create apocalyptic technology. For example the Brookings Institute, considered liberal, was charted by Delano (of F.D.R.) fame, with Delano making his wealth from opium drug dealing in China.

 So drugs, guns, mining, and the sex trade are the most profitable "adaptations" of the global economy and yet Friedman does not discuss how the U.S. military is by far the greatest single user of oil and how just a few elite half a dozen different corporations in each sector of the economy are the main creators of pollution. Adaptation means there is a list of elites to go underground and live in the underground cities, just as Dick Cheney lived underground for months after 9/11 while his home state has a "national sacrifice zone" with "deep time" monuments being designed. "Deep time" monuments are the willing adaptation of a post-apocalypse life on Earth by the elite. Thomas Friedman grew up in my home town - where Cargill is the single largest private corporation in the world and yet hardly known at all - the Startribune just promotes Cargill building soy elevators in the Amazon, which causes clear cutting of the Amazon, since Cargill promises to buy all the soybeans that farmers produce. This "supply side" economics then covers up the fact that a judge had issued an injunction against Cargill's illlegal soy elevators - the Startribune did not even report it, instead telling the Minnesota farmers to "adapt" by moving to the Amazon where the soy prices were better. Since Cargill gets inside elite government price information then the farmers always "adapt" to the lowest prices - and so Cargill as part of the liberal promoted "food for peace" Cold War imperialism - had then dominated food supplies in 100 countries. Because as it is noted - what is more important than food? If you can wipe out the local farmers by dumping subsidized imperial food at 1/6th the local price, as was done to the farmers in Somalia who controlled Mogadishu, the capitol - then you can totally destabilize countries and make them dependent on the U.S. for food aid, and also a U.S. oriented food export system.

That is the real "adaptation" that is going on that Thomas Friedman doesn't want to talk about. haha.

Why LonemanPai is just another fake alchemy website

1) I am repeatedly mentioned on the "Lonemanpai" (trademark!) forum as some kind of standard by which to judge a person's alchemy training. The person who started the forum says he agrees in full lotus yoga position as I promote, but states that the need for celibacy is only an initial standard. Then the person who started the forum states the person I studied from is a "thief" and also states that no one studying for 2 years got results as good as one of his students using the Lonemanpai" (trademark!) training. These claims are not true but they are very convenient for people looking for fake alchemy training - as it is easier for those people to train under fake conditions.

2) For me to be held up as some kind of standard - as if a bunch of girls are gossiping about me - is not at all scientific - none of the people who read my blog and then posted on that forum told me that they were discussing me on that Lonemanpai forum as well. That is not open discussion so that your methods could be analyzed but rather a "hide and giggle" behavior of girls. If people want to be like girls - that is fine - but don't pretend it is the real alchemy training. The person who runs the Lonemanpai website complains how someone criticizing him does not use their real name - well what is the "real" name of the Lonemanpai person? Personally I could care less. haha. I like open discussion of information - not a "hide and huddle" approach.

3) The fact is that in my six months of initial training in 2000 I got results much greater than the results described by the Lonemanpai student, who is held up by the Lonemanpai person as having achieved some amazing results. If the Lonemanpai person achieved such amazing results than why not undergo the scientific testing - like Wim Hof - and John Chang - that Lonemanpai keeps comparing himself to. Posting photos of red marks on the body - this seems impressive but not that much. Assuming the red marks are not made some way - getting a red mark could be a clearing out of an internal blockage. If it is really qi - then why not post information open to the public of some kind of science measurement that the Lonemanpai site claims to be based on - like maybe a voltmeter or whatever, a biophoton machine for example. Lonemanpai claims to be able to see long distance people's energy - inside their bodies. That is quite a claim! The name "Lonemanpai" is more suited to the research that I have done in the pursuit of the truth of alchemy in terms of Western science, rather than the Lonemanpai person needed to control a group of "students" on a forum, having them post all their secrets of their personal lives, etc. Again without much real results for public scrutiny.

4) People on the Lonemanpai site who then read my blog in its various forms - state they don't want to become like me and wonder why I have not achieved any real results since my initial training in 2000 and late 90s. I posted all my research online precisely to spare others from making the same mistakes I made - so I would hope people would be grateful for that instead of just smirking about it supposedly behind my back. As for any more "real results" as I have detailed, I have been doing free healing since 2000 - and so I have used up a lot of my energy. It is as the qigong master who befriended me stated - if he heals someone he would like to get a testimonial from the person healed say 10 years later after the healing was done. Why? Because that shows the heart got healed - that it was a permanent healing. Instead most people who observe qi energy and even get healed - then soon after they ignore what happened or make some excuse of how they could have been healed on their own, etc. This is similar to what the Lonemanpai site does - to read my research and then post about it by criticizing me "behind my back" - not asking for any feedback from me, etc. This is a "run and hide" tactic of training - not real alchemy training.

5) The claim that celibacy is not necessary for real alchemy training goes against the complaints about the teacher I trained from. People wonder why he lost his hair for example. The answer is he is constantly healing people and he has essentially (and quite literally) laser energy going out of his skull. For him to grow his hair back then would require that he stores up his energy - as the real alchemy training. I have given the details of why this is necessary in my free pdf  Idiot's Guide training for alchemy. Instead people who read this blog (or its previous state) then give supposed counter evidence on the Lonemanpai site - the claim that celibacy just means a loss of serotonin from ejaculation and therefore the adrenal glands get overused from the cortisol spike to then restore the serotonin. What is not even mentioned is the loss of lecithin that myelinates the nerves so that the charge can be stored up - just as electric eels store up the charge in lecithin. Otherwise the brain can be fried from the qi energy. It is quite possible that the person I trained with then does not ejaculate mainly while having sex - as is the case of Dr. Xia, featured in the memoir Wild Swans. Certainly though tantra is limited as the person I trained with detailed in one of his guild talks - the energy taken in from the female climax is a much lower frequency then the energy sent out to heal the female.

6) I am obviously flattered that people repeatedly refer to me on the Lonemanpai forum despite holding me up half the time in ridicule. But the claim that I just sit in full lotus trance is not accurate. The claim that my writing essays are "dense" is accurate but the actual traditional Taoist alchemy texts are also dense - the book "Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality" deserves much closer scrutiny than it has received on the Lonemanpai site. The Lonemanpai trainer says that for him to constantly quote the book is not necessary but then admits that "Opendao" does not have good responses to Opendao's similar claim that celibacy is not necessary for real alchemy neidan training. Taoisttexts on thetaobums website pointed out this claim of not needing celibacy is just for "marketing" purposes. I refer people to Kevin Wallbridge's marketing complaint about Damo Mitchell. As is stated, the most important factor in real alchemy training is brutal honesty. You can't get brutal honesty on the Lonemanpai forum where people just focus on talking about others behind their backs. If I criticize a professor or public intellectual often I will email that person, and sometimes I don't even get a response. At least I openly post the criticism as I am now doing of Lonemanpai. Censorship is also very common on the interwebs - not just by google/youtube but self-censorship by people on their own websites, trying to build up their "power" base. haha. People have asked me to censor my blog and more than once I have deleted my whole blog/website in response to people not wanting to be criticized - so that their own website can be spared.

7) As far as I could tell - the only real results that Lonemanpai was so proud about his student achieving - was just yin qi energy increase. These are great first results but also normal results. But again the claim that the person I trained from does not achieve similar results in two years of training is very funny. Don't get me wrong - I'm happy to see a band of people on the interwebs bonding over their alchemy training but I also see lots of posters "banned" from that forum - and so I'm not sure who is getting what benefits from submitting themselves to being "guided" in such a closed door scenario. Also the whole Western magick claims are just rituals of a wrong tradition - but of course Westerners are attracted to the Western tradition! Since I have rejected the Western tradition based on logical analysis, then it is obvious as to why my approach based on the traditional alchemy training, is not as popular. haha. Girls are big on popularity.

8) There is very detailed information about people handing over their private lives to the person running the website - it is very culty with then one person being "in charge" of their training. And again - the results were not that impressive at all. haha. Hilarious. Why is that? Same reason people wonder why I have done so much research for the past 17 years! I give a lot of respect to the alchemy training so I wanted to know exactly what was going on in terms of science. I discovered Eddie Oshins, teacher of Wing Chun and a real quantum physicist who confirmed that I had discovered the same secret he did - and no one else discovered this secret of Western science in terms of the alchemy training: noncommutative phase. I had a few long term correspondents who understood what I was stating in terms of science and corroborating the logical validity of my claim as well. As for the person I trained with having a cult of females following him around - actually his level of skill is so rare that to follow him around is not just to be expected but the best means of really getting to a high level fast. Of course to "follow" him around would not be cheap either. haha.

9) thank you for taking the time to read this (that is a joke) and I hope Lonemanpai continues their "trademarked"! training - along with their apparent "success" in normal modern life. As I have emphasized - and the person I trained with emphasized - you need to go into "retreat" preferably in a natural setting for achieving real results - the person I trained from then trained at Shaolin for three months nonstop horse stance, 2 hours a day with thighs parallel to the ground. Only then was the third eye considered fully open. A complaint on Lonemanpai was made about tying down Wang, Liping to open up his energy channels while he was in full lotus 4 hours nonstop. But it is not that simple - Wang Liping was chosen by the Taoist immortals - and they were sending energy into him as well I'm sure - and during those 4 hours Wang Liping did not move at all. To have absolutely no movement in those 4 hours means that his channels really did open up, as he describes. While the person I trained from did the 49 day cave meditation in full lotus with no sleep and no food - in China - as the book Wild Swans details - the funeral mourning time is traditionally also 49 days in China after a person dies. So this is not easily accomplished while also maintaining "success" in normal life - and what is normal? As I have noted, modern civilization is wiping out natural ecological diversity and health - at a faster rate than ever before, with a top conservation biologist claiming there is less then 2 years left till the collapse of civilization.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Microsoft consultant promotes global brain Matrix singularity solution

Thomas Friedman confuses adaptation with evolution. There is such a deep denial about ecology. That's why Guy McPherson has his "habitat, habitat, habitat" mantra. People think we can farm in high rise buildings and farm in the oceans. Yeah maybe but we have 2 years at most to completely change over, meanwhile the 400 plus nuclear power plants explode, plus the thousands of nuclear weapons, depleted uranium, etc. Evolution ended for large mammals in the 1970s according to conservation biologist Michael Soule - but the CIA human ecology propaganda says that humans have evolved faster than ever in the last 10,000 years due to technology! haha. What b.s. lies.

The U.S. already has "national sacrifice zones" but Thomas Friedman ignores that stuff in his promotion of "liberal" imperialism b.s. based on genocide. Friedman forgets the imperial elite is willing to sacrifice its own masses as the empire implodes. Right now there are tens of millions facing starvation due to global warming yet Thomas Friedman promotes the Wall St. b.s. about how adaptation will improve everything based on better technology. haha. 2 billion live in slums and its not getting better. U.S. food stamps increased by over 200% since the global meltdown of the derivatives ponzi pyramid scheme. But the solution is to cut food stamps so people can "adapt." haha.

Now it's what - 5 people own as much wealth as half of humanity. But we need to give more money to the rich so they can save us. haha. Silicon Valley is a toxic waste creator on a huge level.

This last dude on this panel - he was a big wig at Microsoft  so he thinks the "internet on steroids" will cause a new Cambrian Explosion in evolution.

Hello? Computers are not ecology. they are toxic waste cesspools. Why are people so brain-washed? haha.

Poor Professor Guy McPherson repeats his message over and over and yet people can not accept what he is saying.

Now then - we have seen the Westernization of India - with increase in Peace Corps, US influence by Monsanto, the IT business, etc. etc. along with Bollywood mimicking Hollywood, etc.
There is a good book "Karma Cola" - about Osho problems.
I have a good friend who went to India and we have a mutual friend whose sister studied with Poonjaji in India and the qigong master who befriended me - he also went to India.
I also almost went to India to seek spiritual training - for example there is even a spiritual visa for India.
But what is difficult to consider now is how Western science has affected India vis a vis enlightenment training.
So this increase in sex abuse by gurus or fake gurus, etc. - in my research I discovered how Brahmin priests were not even supposed to make eye contact with females - otherwise a 3 day purification ritual was required.
That seems too extreme to believe for most but for me it completely makes sense - as the qi energy goes out the eyes very easily.
So science is left-brain and right hand dominant. We are taught there is "pure" math and that technology is neutral - but this is not true at all. Math is from ritual geometry - as math professor Abraham Seidenberg documented in his research on Indian ritual geometry.
Now obviously we rely on science and technology - with every one having cell phones etc. but the yoga enlightenment training is also based on logical inference as philosophy leading to right brain dominance.
This is a different right brain dominance than watching a film movie or television or cell phone frying the brain with microwaves, etc.
So I call this the "separation of heaven and earth" - as the "trajectory of tantric technology."
So with left brain dominance there is also a commodity fetish - not just "sex sells" but ejaculation sells.
It is crude but actually is the basis for the huge public relations propaganda industry. This goes back to World War One and Freud - who connected the libido to the subconscious and dreams, etc.
So his nephew became a huge public relations "guru" in the U.S. - Edward Bernays - and promoted U.S. imperialism through subconscious propaganda. The Nazis then also relied on the same Freudian messaging.
This is what is used to sell products - as is obvious.
So this means we no longer have the repression of ejaculation - we no longer have the celibacy training of the Brahmin culture. It was taught that this celibacy training is anti female whereas promoting ejaculation is pro-female since the technology liberates females from mundane labor. So you "work" at home by having a dishwasher, a laundry machine, a vacuum cleaner, a microwave. Pretty soon the female house wife job is just to complain and boss people around. haha.
It is thought that males can be controlled just by getting them to ejaculate more - so the female just chases after the rich males by controlling their lust through ejaculation, etc.
So females do not like it if a male stores up his energy.
But in fact the Brahmin culture is now proven by DNA science to have entered into India via chariots - not that long ago - maybe around 3,000 BCE. This is even proven now to align with caste system in India - so that the whiter skin Indians are more Brahmin - and this is because DNA science now proves that white skin is from lack of vitamin D in the diet of wheat monocultural farming - white skin is a malnutrition in the diet.
So obviously the science is something people don't want to accept. Science is a self-defeating investigation. Technological efficiency is less and less effective due to exponential increase in energy use from exponential increase in population - and this exponential increase is from the exponential-based logarithmic symmetric math.
So science is not an "objective" rational analysis at all - the math inherently is asymmetric and biased toward right-handed technology with a logarithmic distribution of wealth. This is the philosophy of the Greek Miracle set up by Plato - with patents as intellectual wealth tied to logarithmic distribution of wealth tied to equal-tempered music tuning as inherent justice based on logarithms.
It is a big scam as Western imperialism but its roots go back to "divide and average" math. For example the etymology of the word God is rarely given - but its from the Indo-European root word Go for Bull, just as Brahman also means Bull.
The oldest philosophy of India is based on the "three gunas" which are not divide and average math but rather as complementary opposite harmonics - from noncommutative phase, something rediscovered in quantum nonlocality.
We want science to save us - but in fact the traditional cultures were sustainable based on the real secrets of spiritual training from the original human culture in Africa - the San Bushmen.
Only 7000 generations back all humans were direct cousins. Humans as a species are a DNA bottleneck. A pack of primates - other than humans - is more diverse than all 7 billion plus humans on the planet. There were just a few thousand humans alive as a DNA bottleneck due to the supervolcano Mt. Toba exploding around 70,000 years ago.
So this DNA bottleneck of modern humanity - is destroying ecological biodiversity at a faster extinction rate than any time in Earth's billions of years history of life.
Modern humanity is kicking out carbon dioxide at such a high rate that in a year or two - probably this fall - the Arctic will be ice-free for the first time in close to 3 million years. This will cause a huge 50 gigaton burst of methane to be released from the East Siberian Arctic Shelf - causing the Earth's temperature to go up another 1.5 degree Celsius in a few months.
This will make it too hot to farm grains at scale as the interior of the continents will be much hotter than the global average. Humans developed monocultural farming based on an increase since the last 12,000 years - that is a very fragile ecological window.
With the collapse of civilization then all the nuclear power plants will not be cooled and explode like Fukushima bombs - over 400 of them - and we already have depleted uranium spreading.
I personally got arrested at the biggest depleted uranium manufacturing corporation that was based on Minnesota, U.S. Minnesota is considered "liberal" yet every state in the U.S has big weapons manufacturers as the U.S. military spending is bigger than the next 7 countries combined. The U.s. spends over half of global military spending - exporting weapons to fund both sides of wars, etc.
So we like to think that science will save us but in fact the banking elite that fund science - this was exposed by a great history professor who got fired from M.I.T. - David F. Noble - his book "America By Design" and his book "Religion of Technology" - go into the apocalyptic drive of science controlled by elite secret society "foundations" in the U.S.
These elite also have underground cities - and something called Continuity of Government that is fascism - it was implemented after 9-11. So it is essentially martial law and the elite go underground.
The U.S. has "national sacrifice zones" from the uranium mining, the coal mining, the nuclear waste from weapon testing, etc. - these national sacrifice zones just expand so the future of the U.S. is the same genocide that was committed against Iraq.
Of course we find the same "sacrifice zones" in China using slave labor from Tibet to mine uranium, etc. and "sacrifice zones" in the former Soviet Union, etc.
The U.S. has the largest prison population in the world and the worst distribution of unequal wealth - some 5 people now have the wealth of half the humans on the planet.
People desperately turn to science but in fact - for example the University I did my master's degree at - Minnesota - I exposed 300 businesses controlling the "science" research on campus along with the "national" public funding for science. The elite foundations work to control the public monies - to promote apocalyptic research.
That is why student tuition debt is worse than any other form of debt - because in fact students are subsidizing the corporate elite control of science for elite profits. The whole science thing is a scam.
But science is our defining mythology of reality. To properly do the enlightenment training requires the males to have seclusion from the females. In the traditional original human culture - this mean one month of enlightenment training away from the females - per year.
But people know next to nothing about the original human culture - so for example there was no homosexuality. Yet science promotes the "scientific" view that homosexuality is something innate to genetics. If so there has been no DNA proof yet for homosexuality and also it must be a recent development since the original human culture did not even know what homosexuality was. Also no masturbation.
So the sex rules were very strict for the enlightenment training - but in contrast modern science culture is based on promoting ejaculation. So for example Richard Feynman liked to go to strip clubs and Einstein had affairs and so he was jaundice. Oppenheimer was homosexual I think. Those are the "top" physicists of the nuclear weapons era.
My training pdf gives the secrets of celibacy training in view of tantric culture - because males need to know the secret of "staying power" in light of females now being so aggressive by dressing practically nude with their private parts all propped up (if not plasticized to fake perfection).
When pornography became mainstreamed - as feminists have pointed out - now the "real" porn is actually extremely sadistic and violent. This is inherent to primate psycho-physiology - ejaculation addiction is a positive feedback of dopamine-cortisol that causes increased stress and violence to and by the male primate.
So unless males train to activate their vagus nerve internal orgasm - just as females have naturally - which then turns the dopamine into serotonin, instead of cortisol - then science will just spread more violence around the world along with all the technological sophistication. Dr. Helen Caldicott calls this Missile Envy and Camille Paglia in her book Sexual Personae points out that since Plato Western civilization is based on homosexuality. In other words the fascist leaders - like the head of the FBI - and Hitler - and the anti-Communist witch hunt leader in the U.S. Roy Cohn - they are all "closeted" ejaculation addiction homosexuals that get off on sadistic violence - and this is a trend in connection to Western science arising out of the Benedictine Monasteries based on Freemasonry and NeoPlatonic philosophy. David F. Noble has a book, "World Without Women" that gets into the inherent misogyny of science.