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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Why the testes are the "sons" of the Kidney life force energy - the hidden qi in the water

the hypothalamus activates the sympathetic nervous system by sending signals through the autonomic nerves to the adrenal glands.
So I mentioned recently how violence and lust are closely connected. Lust is caused by seeing an image that is provocative or hearing a sound. But when seeing an image - so you have a photon that triggers an electromagnetic signal which then activates the hypothalamus. The crucial thing about vision is that with the eyes open - we process images subconsciously before we have conscious control of it. Whereas with hearing a sound - even with the eyes open - we can "flex" our middle ear muscles and this will focus our mind to control the reaction to external sounds.

So this is why seeing images is like a "black hole" for alchemy training. The key question is - one thing I always wondered about - how can Chinese alchemy claim that the kidney energy is the reproductive energy! I never really researched this but amazingly they were completely correct about the science!
Int J Androl. 1997 Apr;20(2):104-11.

Involvement of the adrenal medulla in ejaculatory reactions in the dog.

So what I noticed is that if I accidentally see a very provocative image - this immediately triggers the production of what is called "pre-cum" - which is really the lecithin that makes up ejaculation. Not all of it - but this is instantly triggered!

And so as I have stated before - the sympathetic nervous system is triggered and so even if ejaculation does not occur - then the ejaculation will happen during sleep.  And so ONLY quick fire has the power to reverse this nervous system energy trigger that has already been fired. But the key thing is that you need to push the sympathetic nervous system to the extreme - and so simply deep breathing is not good enough. The standing with the legs bent then causes the thigh muscles to be sore - to then push the sympathetic nervous system to the extreme - and cause an opposite dialectical reversal of the parasympathetic.

So when we read the above abstract -
The above results indicate possible involvement of the greater splanchnic nerve and adrenal medulla in ejaculatory reactions in the dog.

So you see a lusty image and wham! Hypothalamus is activated as the sympathetic nervous system triggered - goes to the adrenals which then goes to the Lumbar Splanchnic nerve....

 So then here we have the sympathetic nerve then stimulates the prostate to kick out the lecithin.

Supplementing the diet with soy lecithin has been found to increase the volume and amount of prostate secretions so that the volume of the ejaculate is increased consequently
So what this means is that if there is even just a sighting of a lusty image - then IMMEDIATELY - at the speed of an electromagnetic signal - the prostate will kick out a bunch of lecithin and this is then pissed out as foamy "pre-cum" piss.

So the point being that true meditation depending on building up this lecithin as ionized lecithin that is then a "soliton" - and myelinates the nerves. The right side vagus nerve is normally "unmyelinated" but if you build up the lecithin then this insulates the nerves so they carry greater charge. This is precisely how electric eels store their qi charge - in the lecithin.

So just by SEEING a lusty image - then the lecithin gets pissed out as foamy piss. That is why this training is so difficult and best not to be on the interwebs. I accidentally was sent to youtube when I was not in my own account - so the "general" youtube page is all soft porn images and so immediately - at the speed of electromagnetic signal - my prostate suddenly kicked out all this lecithin. haha.

NOW I know what the hell happened to me - psychophysically. I always was not quite sure how the kidneys were involved. As you build up this energy - the kidneys get HOT and the thymus gets HOT and then the pineal gland gets HOT - why? Because you are returning that charged up vagus nerve energy that would have previously been "triggered" into a sympathetic discharge of lecithin. So you build up the lecithin back into those glands while also building up the charge.

In the alchemical book Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality - this is called "dilation of the genital duct" - and so it is said that even if you have NO THOUGHTS of lust - you can still have the genital duct get dilated - by seeing an image of beautiful form - causing the eyes to "sparkle" as evil fire of the heart. So that is the sympathetic nervous system having gotten trigger. And then it causes ejaculation at night.

UNLESS you do the moving of yin and yang exercise to reverse this discharge of the sympathetic nervous system - by restoring the parasympathetic charge as an opposite reaction, through Quick Fire breathing, that then pushes the sympathetic to its extreme causing a parasympathetic rebound reaction.

So the other thing is that sending qi out of the eyes as evil fire energy - this is also a sympathetic discharge of qi. Only it is without ejaculation - it is the sympathetic nerve going the opposite direction - pulling the kidney energy UP and burning off the lecithin - and then sending it out via the pineal gland.

 The afferent input to the pineal gland is transmitted from the retinal photoreceptors through the SCN and sympathetic nervous system.

Wow - I didn't realize - it really IS the Sympathetic nervous system that sends the qi out of the eyes - as Evil Fire!! Amazing.

O.K. I thought it was the vagus nerve going up the front of the body - but it really IS the sympathetic nervous system that sends the qi out of the eyes!!!

The suprachiasmatic nucleus controls the circadian rhythm of heart ...
by WS Warren - ‎1994 - ‎Cited by 61 - ‎Related articles
Physiol Behav. 1994 Jun;55(6):1091-9. The suprachiasmatic nucleus controls the circadian rhythm of heart rate via the sympathetic nervous system.
 As abrogation of the SCN completely eliminates daily rhythms in plasma adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) and GCs, the oscillatory patterns of GCs in the periphery have been primarily attributed to the SCN9. Notably, SCN graft transplantation into SCN-lesioned hamsters restores circadian rhythmicity of locomotion but not of GC release, implying that synaptic connectivity may be required for SCN control of adrenal rhythms10. The SCN may also directly transmit photic information to the adrenal gland. For instance, Okamura and colleagues showed that diurnal changes in GC levels require splanchnic nerve integrity but are not mediated by differential responsiveness to ACTH11.