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"The universe and I came into being together; I and everything therein are One."

"If then all things are One, what room is there for speech? On the other hand, since I can say the word 'one' how can speech not exist? If it does exist, we have One and speech -- two; and two and one -- three(14) from which point onwards even the best mathematicians will fail to reach (the ultimate); how much more then should ordinary people fail?">"

- Chuang Tzu, 300 BCE

Quantum Nonlocality is from eternal asymmetric time as the 5th dimension, or noncommutative phase as the Tai Chi secret (the three gunas).

Friday, February 23, 2018

Why is the Emptiness Female? Female Formless Awareness: From the perspective of Clear Light, it is past-future tomb-womb

the male is spiritual ego as light but arises out of the female that can not be seen - as time called "Kala" (time) as Kali - or Aion as - Hecate - this is the kundalini energy that reverses time to renew life - also called the Womb-Tomb since our body is the material reflection of the Cosmic Mother. So the male has to learn to use deep breathing to have the female void - the womb-tomb FEED the light - and so also the male has to learn to visualize the light in the womb-tomb void below the diaphragm - at the base of the spine. This is the secret of alchemy - the fire (spirit) goes below the water (moon) to create qi or prana as reverse time energy or kundalini or n/om - the Pythia of Wisdom (Sophia) or Nuit - the Cosmic Mother as Apophis (the morning darkness before the sun) - apocalypse is from Apophis of Egypt. Being a Nut-case means to worship Nuit - as the source of nothingness. The Absolute Void, as Daoist alchemy teaches, radiates the light (spiritual ego as male principle). so Techno-feminism tries to use the left-brain dominance of the patriarchy solar God (Bull) calendar - with right-hand dominance but this is not the real feminism of Eco-feminism in synchrony with the Earth-Lunar energy. Eco-feminism is then right brain dominance that teaches males to be real men - for Australian aborigines the Moon is male - why? Because the lunar psychic energy is the "yin qi" energy of the pineal gland - so the male has to ionize his water - neurohormones - through "staying power" celibacy - to increase the female lunar yin qi energy to then access the male solar energy which then goes back to the Cosmic Mother Absolute Void - called Harmonia or Apeiron (Unlimited Emptiness). This truth got covered up in the past 5000 years. For example the Black Mary statutes of Europe are from ISIS of Egypt worshiped through magnetite of meteors as the Cosmic Mother energy creating fertility of Earth energy - and so this was the secret of the black stone or cube of Mecca in Islam - it was a Lunar worship site. The lunar kundalini Snake energy was sacred to Sumeria as the God Sin - and this is the secret of female orgasm as the "original sin" of the patriarchal bible. All males need to train to have female orgasms to build up their lunar psychic "yin qi" energy to then become real men with Solar third eye energy opened up after the lunar energy is first built up. A real man then gives females orgasms at a distance through the solar energy going out of the pineal gland that activates the vagus nerve connection to the cervix. The more qi or prana or N/om energy sent into the female then the more the heart opens up as real love beyond death. And so there is a spacetime vortex as reverse time energy that enables precognition and even levitation. But this is the Cosmic Mother - as males with solar spirit laser energy we can go into it but we can not see the Cosmic Mother - she remains eternally Unveiled - we can LISTEN to the Cosmic Mother. This is what Pythagoras meant as the secret of the Logos - also Book John is from Egyptian alchemy - the Logos - is to hear the secret of the Sun rising from Apopis, Cosmic Mother goddess. Just as all male babies are born originally with a clitoris that turns into a penis, so too are males unnecessary for most of life on Earth - it's called parthenogenesis or horizontal gene transfer. ONly human primate females are synchronized with the lunar pineal gland energy while living in nature as a group - 29.5 days - and so menses means month and monday is Lunar day based on the 4 phases of the moon as the week. Kronos is the God of Time but Chronos means eternal time as Aion - the female kundalini lunar psychic energy. This is called "incubation" meditation by the Pythagoreans - the body is the tomb for the soul as the womb-void lunar energy that has to resonate to the sun to return to the Cosmic Mother.

Theurgy and Knowledge in the Chaldean Oracles, IAO and Hekate ...
Jan 17, 2016 - Porphyry likely derived this from the Pythagorean concept of Aion.

Ten Gifts of the Demiurge: Proclus on Plato's Timaeus
Emilie Kutash - 2013 - ‎Philosophy
The Oracles established a bridge between Platonism and Persian religion, and through it Hecate becomes a linking identity associated with dunamis situated between ... Aion is a good example ofwhat Lewy argues is the 'Chaldaean god par excellence', which he suggests Proclus associates with the Chaldaean Kronos (fr.
Aion is the Light generated from the kundalini snake energy.

Hecate has a dual position: On the one hand, she is the source of variegated matter, generated by the Father as the womb that receives his lightening (the ideas), “the girdling bloom of fire and the powerful breath beyond the fiery poles” (frg. 35). On the other hand, she is the lifeproducing fount (frgs. 30 and 32; cf. frgs. 96, 136 [zwvsh/ dunavmei]) from whose right side flows the World Soul (frg. 51), while her left side retains the source of virtue. Upon her back, the emblem of the moon (her traditional symbol) represents boundless Nature, and her serpentine hair represents the Father’s winding noetic fire (frgs. 50–55).

 Secret of the Small Universe aka Microcosmic Orbit Meditation from Ancient Archaic Greek-Mithraic-Orphic culture of alchemy.

Synchro-Resonant: the classified superconducting Gravitomagnetic equilateral triangle aircraft propulsion

Just as a moving electron creates a magnetic field, so a moving mass generates a gravitomagnetic field....Time must be the substance between gravitational energy and EM energy....Time is a vector which direction depends on your position in our universe which is created by a change of energy states between gravition to electromagnetism and vice versa...."mass-energy" or gravity has the semiconductor quantum property called "tunneling" where mass-energy of opposite spins exist simultaneously [noncommutative phase] on both sides of the tunnel....proton spin or a gravitational space time continuum...electron spin, i.e. an electromagnetic space time continuum....The fact that gravity force has been measured to be as strong as electromagnetic forces; below one millimeter distance
Michael E. Boyd, Theoretical Implications of Nano-Scale Quantum Gravito-Magnetism On the Nature of Our Steady State Universe, 2013

Since I personally saw a top secret equilateral, no fuselage, air craft, so close I could have hit it with a rock, then I know these things have some kind of secret propulsion. People make fun of the "antigravity" claims - then why would they have wings since air flow would cause drag? someone asks online. The idea is there is, like with metamaterials, a spacetime vortex created around the object, that bends spacetime as the propulsion. This is experienced in deep meditation as well - for example the qigong master who befriended me describes how when he meditated in full lotus with the original qigong master and another advanced student - the three of them in a church - the walls of the church started cracking apart and so they had to stop meditating! Only the original qigong master could see the blue light from the spacetime shift - while the other two were not advanced enough yet, at the time. And the original qigong master describes experiencing levitation, spiraling up 9 feet, while he was in deep full lotus meditation, soon after his 1 month cave meditation on Mt. Qingcheng.

So as I detail in my 2012 pdf, Alchemy of Rainbow Heart Music, the tests have shown if you have superconducting resonance then the gravitomagnetic force is dramatically increased. And I have since detailed how meditation is based on this same secret of Josephson Junction superconducting resonance! And so if meditation can enable levitation, then we can surmise that this also has been achieved in the still top secret craft that I personally saw so close I could have hit it with a rock.

So now we will review the updates on this research and start with a google book preview

So basically the idea is to have Bosons - which, since they don't obey the Pauli exclusion principle based on half-quanta or spin 1/2 - Bosons can be pressurized as density (i.e. packing the lower tan t'ien) - to achieve a stronger antigravity propulsion effect. And so then "stored" with zero momentum means the superconducting boson flips back and forth in non-local phase - with infinite frequency, zero time and vice versa - thereby resisting any gravity.

Since the Boson would then be "high frequency" (i.e. microwave) or even ultrasound as phonon energy - this then would act as the "mirror" of formless awareness with gravity (or now as antigravity - producing antigravity informational-energy waves).

And so this corroborates my recent blog post on what is the "mirror" of formless awareness that H.W.L. Poonjaji refers to - it is not light as spiritual ego - but rather it is time-frequency itself. This same mirror is created with metamaterials - with microtubules being one example.

But it is also created from light itself being turned around - back to its noncommutative spacetime source, since light has zero rest mass.

So we can then say light as a boson, like a phonon-boson, has this hidden momentum of half-quanta or spin-half as the time-frequency reversal - the gravitational waves as noncommutative phase.

In other words the difference between qi of the body - Yang qi - versus Yuan Qi as the Emptiness (embodied) is the yang qi is dependent on the form as acoustic cavitation - water or microtubules - while the Yuan Qi is the medium of spacetime itself in a noncommutative cativation or time-frequency reversal.

This is called "Synchro-Resonant" or "phase coherent"

Just as it is very difficult to achieve this through meditation - the "open source" - non-classified experiments have shown very little success. And yet the pursuit is on

relativistic corrections to the Josephson relations come from the macroscopic displacement of a quantum condensate
 And so as I cited in my 2012 pdf - it is Winterberg who first connected de Broglie's violation of the conservation of momentum, through the noncommutative Law of Phase Harmony (1923) that enables antigravity propulsion in WEstern science.

Vixra – Quantum Gravity Explanation of the de Broglie Pilot Wave (Winterberg 2015)
The particle-wave duality of the de Broglie pilot wave is explained by the emission of watt-less gravitational waves from Schrödinger’s “Zitterbewegung” of elementary particles obeying the Dirac equation. In particular is shown that the quantum potential of the Madelung-transformed Schrödinger Equation is gravitational in it’s origin.
And as I cite on my blog - Planck's Constant as angular momentum joules can be converted to pure time-frequency energy - based on Heisenberg Uncertainty greater than 1/2 - so that time-frequency uncertainty is greater than 1/2 actually means noncommutative phase as de Broglie's Law of Phase Harmony (or Pythagorean alchemy).

Which is another way of stating, as Winterberg explains, that the "quantum potential" as nonlocal is actually noncommutative spacetime as the hidden momentum or antigravity energy from a phase shift of negative spacetime curvature.

Winterberg also states this is the secret power of suns - again this is the quantum degeneracy pressure source.

Winterberg conjectures then that a Lunar Eclipse thereby resonates and amplifies these antigravitational waves from the core of the sun and so during a Lunar Eclipse - such amplified waves would change the results of the electron trajectory in the quantum double-slit experiment.

One wonders if Winterberg read my research on him...

Robert A. Sizov then argues that this reverse or negative spin-half as gravitomagnetic energy - is the natural levitation that enables trees to grow - with the sap rising - and bumble bees to fly - and the same cause of migratory birds to say in the air for so long.

Why Sugar causes Worry: Corn Syrup (not just HFCS) is a synthetic toxic addictive chemical that should be avoided like the plague

sugar is too valuable. Soda is from Corn Syrup. Buy it by the gallon wholesale! Corn syrup is patented as synthetic chemical! It's in everything! Corn syrup is a toxic chemical sold as sugar!! Corn syrup has no enzyme between the sucrose and fructose. Fructose is the wrong handed molecule - so your body digests it as a toxin in the liver and turns right into fat! Also you don't feel full from corn syrup - it makes you MORE HUNGRY. so then more corn syrup - more fat and more hunger! Soon you get heart disease and diabetes and cancer - and get your feet amputated and then die.

You're talking about high-fructose corn syrup. Regular corn syrup is regular sugar in water, nothing particularly bad about it above what's bad about regular sugar. Sugar is sugar, whether extracted from corn or cane or beets.

Not true. Regular sugar has an enzyme that bonds the fructose to the glucose. HFCS just means it is 55% but corn syrup is not glucose syrup. Don't get brainwashed by all the corporate-mass mind control. "HFCS is 42 to 55 percent fructose, with the remaining sugars from glucose and other sugars. The type of HFCS that is most commonly used in soft drinks is 55 percent fructose and 45 percent glucose (HFCS-55). HFCS-42 is less sweet and is used in many fruit-flavored noncarbonated beverages and in baked goods." So you are referring to HFCS-55 but HFCS-42 is still a synthetic chemical toxin without the natural enzyme bond broken down in normal small intestine digestion versus liver toxicity. Dr. Robert Lustig goes into the details - see his "Sugar is a Toxin" lecture - or Dr. Stephen Ponder - too bad his "Children of the Corn Syrup" lecture is no longer on youtube. The glucose-to-fructose ratio in HFCS is nearly 1:1; similar to the ratio in sucrose, invert sugar, and honey. A similar ratio is also found in many fruits and fruit juices. The only practical distinction in composition between sucrose and other fructose-containing sweeteners is the presence of a bond linking fructose and glucose (sucrose chemical name: β-d-fructofuranosyl-α-d-glucopyranoside; 17).

Ordinary sugar is made up of glucose and fructose linked by a bond called a glycosidic linkage. During digestion it is broken down into its component parts in a process called hydrolysis by the enzyme sucrase. This process is not required with HFCS as the sugars already free and unbound. This seems to effect the way the body reacts to it. Again Dr. Robert Lustig goes into the details of how this causes metabolic syndrome. If you see corn syrup on a label - run like it's the plague - the stuff is poison - and toxic and synthetic.

Normal sugar - digested in small intestine via sucrase that corn syrup does not require to be digested!! Small Intestinal Brush Border Enzymes - None of these molecules can be absorbed across the small intestinal epithelium and require further hydrolysis, ultimately into glucose. Maltase-glucoamylase and sucrase-isomaltase are closely related enzymes embedded in the brush border membrane that execute the terminal stages of digestion using substrates ..
 One of the biggest issues with excess consumption of sugars, is that there is a large increase in sugar molecules binding to proteins, fats and amino acids, in a process called glycation. Our DNA provides information that strings together amino acids into unique three dimensional proteins, that carry out specific tasks, such as regulating body processes, guarding against infection, and making up the form and shape of almost all structures throughout the body. These functions are determined by the shape of the protein, which is achieved through the folding of its structure. Glycation, or the process of renegade sugars binding to proteins, results in the deformation of proteins, and become what is known as AGE's or advanced glycation end products. When these proteins become misshapen through glycation they not only become much less functional, but attach to other proteins near by, and become a source of increased free radicals, leading to destruction of tissue and damage to DNA. Small amounts of glycation are inevitable and increase slightly with age, but research has shown that glycation is hugely amplified with excess amounts of sugar intake and can be associated with kidney and vascular disease, diabetes, and cognitive decline. Shockingly, this glycation process can be visibly noticeable and can manifest as signs of early aging. When the proteins that make up the structure of skin become glycated and misshapen by sugars, skin sagging, wrinkles and loss of radiance occurs.
 Fructose can be defined as "A substrate that upon ingestion is exclusively metabolized in the liver, and presents chemical problems", a description that also defines the word "poison". There a variety of ways fructose negatively effects metabolism, and unlike other carbohydrates, all of these effects originate the in liver where fructose is broken down. As a result of this liver or "hepatic" metabolism, fructose does not trigger the normal response that other carbohydrates do. There is no immediate rise in blood sugar, therefor an insulin response is not triggered, and as a result the hormone leptin, which communicates to the brain that nutrients have been ingested, is not produced. Regardless of the calories ingested from fructose, feelings of hunger are not satisfied and satiety can not be reached. This is why when soda is ingested, which is one of the biggest providers of fructose in a western diet, the calories are an addition to daily caloric intake, not in substitution for other calories. This along with the fact that all sugars activate sweet receptors that trigger dopamine production in the brain makes it hard for anyone to avoid fructose sweetened beverages. The hepatic metabolism of fructose also differs from glucose metabolism in its byproducts. Through the process of hepatic de-novo lipogenesis, over 30% of fructose consumed is converted and stored as fat in the liver. In addition, during the conversion process, detrimental byproducts are produced such as uric acid, which is known as the key factor in developing the life threatening disease gout. This production of uric acid also lowers the production of endothelial nitric oxide synthase which aides in the production of nitric oxide, a key factor in keeping blood pressure regulated. Not to mention fructose is 7x more likely to form AGE's that we previously discussed.
An urge that you can not satisfy!!
 It's called "tolerance"!!

Sugar down-regulates the same dopamine signals than cocaine and other drugs (ejaculation)....

The Wanting Part of Dopamine lights up but the LIKING part of the dopamine down-regulates with LESS signals!!

Love handles are not necessarily unhealthy - it is VISCERAL FAT that is metabolic syndrome. Dr. Robert Lustig lecture on the physiology of corn syrup.

Dr. Lustig on the biochemical evidence of free fructose as toxin - the vid that went viral with millions of views!

So we learn from the Idiot's Guide to Neidan qigong alchemy training - that  it is only the pancreas/spleen that has its nerves directly connected to the sympathetic nervous system.

This means that sugar, over-activating the pancreas-spleen then causes over activation of the sympathetic nervous system as cortisol stress - and we know sugar spikes cortisol stress (along with dopamine).

And so dopamine, like coffee, causes increase in thinking but with sugar it is a different kind of thinking. Caffeine causes fear by overstimulation of the kidneys but sugar causes Worry from overstimulation of the pancreas/spleen - due to the direct connection of the organ of thinking (the pancreas/spleen) to the sympathetic nervous system.

This is also the secret why deep reverse breathing activates the pancreas-spleen connection to the kidneys via the sympathetic nervous system and this is how to activate the "yuan qi" energy of the body.....


Thursday, February 22, 2018

Pythagorean Central Fire is the Number One as the Lower Tan T'ien!: Debunking equivalence of Plato and the I Ching music harmonics  building on that previous blog post:

Amazingly I discovered an article by Professor Ernest McClain on Plato and the I Ching music harmonics

It is just one chapter in another book - so I had never seen the book. I even corresponded with Professor McClain, before his death, but he had never mentioned this article.

On the one hand - it is further corroboration of the close ties between Pythagorean philosophy and Daoist alchemy training.

But at the same time it also reveals the "bait and switch" method of Plato that, unfortunately, Ernest McClain went along with.

Jung Hee Choi: (pdf link) writes how 3 in the  Tao Te Ching: "refers to the musical fifth" and so Ernest McClain also corroborates this claim, calling it "tonal-trinitarianism."

Professor Richard McKirahan confirms (pdf) that (An Overview of Philolaus' Metaphysics and Epistemology):
"knowing the rations 2:1, 3:2, and 4:3 (which, by the way, is all the early Pythagoreans knew) is not enough to know the nature of the octave; we also need to know what limiters and unlimiteds are in play."
 So Richard McKirahan had his whole chapter online but now just part of Philolaus On Number in google preview

McKirahan emphasizes that while Philolaus stated frequencies or harmonic intervals are ratios, not numbers, yet:
the early Pythagoreans .....held that things are numbers.... 
 Also we should add that "One" is not a number, since number was defined as a "plurality of units" - rather One was not even the Sun, but rather One was the "central fire" - the secret source of the Sun.

I should have blogged on this book already - when I had access to the full article.... it was Philolaus providing the secret of the "double octave."
 So then the ratio 3:2 is the string length 2/3 and the ratio 4:3 is actually 8/6 as 3/4 of the double octave 12 to 8 string length.
And how was it derived - in my Blue Light of Blues Music article? Not the same!

I have previously cited academic analysis that the "Orthodox Pythagoreans" did not use the ratio 9:8 even though Philolaus had to use 9:8 and so the only way he could do so was by creating the double octave analysis.

"Going down by a Fifth means dividing by 3/2. All together we have 2/(3/2) = 4/3. Thus, by combining intervals, we have actually produced a new interval, called the Perfect Fourth. The Perfect Fourth is defined by a ratio of 4/3."
So we are always taught that the double octave is 6:8:9:12 but in fact Philolaus realized (or argued erroneously) it is 0:6:8:9:12!!!

And so as I say in the blog post - the 4 is the double octave as 12 with 0 to 6 as the first octave and 6 to 12 as the 2nd octave!! And so then 4 (the 2nd octave) is actually the octave SQUARED - - based on the secret of Archytas - the bait and switch from doubling octaves to squaring as geometric mean. To quote myself:
The whole discussion is about the "central fire" (Hades or Hell) and so alchemically, as Kingsley points out that Empedocles teaches to focus the mind on the lower body stomach - that the "central fire" is in fact the light that comes out of the darkness of the lower emotional energy itself.
Wow I started out to debunk Ernest McClain - which was kind of a waste of time - and instead I discovered a NEW secret of Peter Kingsley!!

Peter Kingsley: Yes, and it’s also found in Taoist exercises as well as particular strands of Buddhism.... Empedocles tells his student that “if you press my words down underneath your dense-packed diaphragm,” in other words if you breathe them in deeply into your belly, then they will stay with you and they will grow and they will change you.

The inner farming
Kingsley is refering to the Central Fire as the Number One - the Shen under the Jing secret of Daoist alchemy.

Dear Dr. Peter Kingsley:

So Professor Richard McKirahan pooh-poohs the early Pythagoreans as not being as smart as Philolaus who realized that harmonic intervals are ratios, not "number." And so McKirahan then says Philolaus had to use the double octave to get 4/3 as the Perfect Fourth from the ratio 8/6 as 3/4 the wavelength of the double octave. And so this was the secret "vanishing mediator" to ARchytas using the geometric mean squared equation that converted the noncommutative phase of 2/3 C to F Perfect Fifth subharmonic into 4/3 as the harmonic mean (not the subcontrary mean).

But what McKirahan has no idea about is the real Pythagorean alchemy training - that you know about it! That to breath into the diaphragm is the secret of the Number 1 as the central fire, alchemical the fire below the water to create the pneuma or aion or qi or prana. It is amazing that these "expert" professors are still castigating and rejected real Pythagorean philosophy!! Thank you for revealing the truth - that I can only understand from having trained with a real Daoist alchemist based on the same harmonic secrets.

Dear Professor McKirahan: Thank you for your essay and study of Philolaus on Number. I have a response as a blog post and just so you know, the true secret of Pythagorean philosophy is that "one is not a number" means that 2/3 is the Perfect Fifth as the subharmonic with different geometry than 3/2 as Perfect Fifth overtone harmonic. Philolaus and Archytas covered this up since only 3/2 could be used as the arithmetic mean to derive the octave as geometric mean squared. What was lost was noncommutative phase as quantum nonlocal consciousness with G=3=F at the same time as noncommutative phase. I go into the details about this - in several articles. The most recent being Blue Light and Blues Music.  you can read on my blog - but Dr. Peter Kingsley truly did figure out the real secret of Pythagorean philosophy since the number 1 as the Central Fire means to put your spirit as fire underneath the water, as the central fire - not the sun - thereby creating the aion of the ionized cerebrospinal fluid to the brain - this is the same as Daoist alchemy training. I have all the details free on my blog.
Thanks and please let me know any comments, criticisms, questions, etc.
drew hempel, MA

So then from this PDF - The Reign of the WhirlWind - we find that perhaps Philolaus understood the real secret of noncommutative phase!!

 He called his "harmonized One," the "Mother of the Gods." ....It was also the "binding measure of Nature" because it is the "odd-even ratio." (A 16).
And so Pythagorean believed that the Fiery Hearth DEVOURED THE AIR (the Void) to create the Cosmos!!

yes the shen devours the qi to create jing.

The Cosmos nourished itself by exhalations of fire (shen) and water (jing)

The body is a tomb for our soul and rational thought is the spark of the Hearth.

Harris, H.S. is the author.

Manuscripts of H.S. Harris - YorkSpace - York University
H. S. (Henry Silton) Harris, author and educator, was born on 11 April 1926 in Brighton England. He received his B. A. (Literae Humaniores) in classics and philosophy from Oxford University in 1949, his M. A. in 1952 and his Ph.D. (philosophy) in 1954 at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Following a teaching ...
And from Andrei Lebedev:

There can be little doubt that Being of the  Aletheia corresponds to the Light in

 Doxa, and Non-Being of  Aletheia corresponds to the Night in  Doxa. This was correctly understood already by Aristotle who equates the basic oppositions of Aletheia and Doxa and correlates what-is with fire and what-is-not with earth in GC 318d7 ὥσπερ Παρµενίδης έγει, τὸ ὂν καὶ τὸ µὴ ὂν φάσκων εἶναι πῦρ καὶ γῆν.
 The lines B 8.34 ff. should be interpreted in the same way, as asserting   the   intelligible  nature  of  the  objects  of  mind: Ταὐτὸν δ᾽ἐστὶ νοεῖν τε καὶ οὕνεκεν ἔστι νόηµα. ‘The  same  thing  is  to  perceive  and  what  causes  perception’
the Sphere of Being in  Aletheia  was conceived as a Sphere of divine thinking light.
The cosmic harmony of the Pythagoreans was not just a law of nature (like Anaximander's law of exact compensation in material change), but a moral and political paradigm for ascetic spiritual discipline.
The verb  used by Philolaus , the use of...  in the sense of “to come into being  by means harmonizing itself” is both unlikely and unattested.
 Parmenides (i.e. in the early 5th century B.C.) is a technical term for subjective opinion produced by sense perception as opposed to the objective reality that can be known by “pure mind”,
By “emptiness” Parmenides means not the empty space of Democritus, but the “absence of mind”, i.e. body.
 These were originally geometrical concepts: peras corresponds, e.g. to the shape of a square, and apeiron to the “empty space” enclosed within it. Since it lacks a shape of its own, it cannot be an object of thought, we can only “dream” about it (, Tim. 52a 11).
 According to Sotion Parmenides was converted to «tranquility”, i.e. Pythagorean virtuous life of contemplation, by his Pythagorean teacher Ameinias.

 One may guess that Pythagoreans and Eleatics practiced spiritual exercises and meditations contemplating with the internal the intelligible «Sun of Justice» described in Parmenides’ Aletheia.
Dear Professor Andrei Lebedev: I finished my master's degree doing intensive nonwestern Pythagorean meditation from a Daoist spiritual yogi philosopher healer Chunyi Lin of http;// who trained at Shaolin. I trained in music from a young age along with theory but realized there was a logical mathematical error in harmonics. So I ascribed to Pythagorean harmonics and so was against the square root of two, as I knew it was from the wrong harmonics. So I have since discovered the secret math is called "noncommutative phase" - not known again till quantum physics! So I had read Kingsley and also the "three gunas" of India is from music theory, just as the Tai Chi of Daoism - from the same Pythagorean philosophy. I have a blog with my research - and so you have truly enabled me to understand some real secrets. I agree with your criticisms of Burnyeat - although he does emphasize how Plato did promote the square root of two. I have corresponded with math professor Luigi Borzacchini about the secret music origins of Western math. And so now from your research - we can understand the square root of two as neither geometric form, nor arithmetic distance but as Plato stated, it is "apeiron" - the formless space within the geometry. It is amazing this is not taught in Western math! haha. But nevertheless, as you point out, this still is not the real Pythagorean meaning of Apeiron, but rather, as you say you can only "dream" about the formless. And so just as the number one is the Hearth - this is the alchemical fire that has to be put into the watery void of the lower emotions - what is called in Daoism, the lower tan t'ien. It is stunning how this is the same secret of Empedocles teaching as Kingsley points out - to focus the mind on the diaphragm. This then creates the ionization or "aion" as time being a negentropic flow or cosmic flow of the serpent - the cerebrospinal fluid that then feeds the sun as the brain - while the hearth is the counter-sun of the void in the lower tan t'ien (technically the small intestines). And in reality this is the 5th dimension as noncommutative phase - that creates the sun and the Universe - called quantum degeneracy pressure - it is not random - but phase coherence as quantum biology has discovered. It is the "spark" of the rational mind as internal listening as Harmonia.
There are more connections between Daoist alchemy, Indian yoga of the three gunas - Kriya Yoga - and Pythagorean philosophy that I Have now realized after reading your work. Thanks again and my blog has all the links to my research - all free.
Take care and let me know any criticisms, comments or questions.
p.s. yes these spiritual masters can see in 4D out of their brain - as a sphere of light that is non-local - meaning it also does long distance healing and has precognition and sees information from the past, stored in buildings, etc. And so when you say one description of hell is the sublunary realm - this is true in the sense then that the moon energy has to be build up into the solar energy to then merge back into the Emptiness - as you say the Light feeds off the Emptiness. This is very much the secret of the law of phase harmony - the light is eternal motion since there is no rest mass but there is hidden momentum that is reverse time energy. And so - this is also a Harmonia process or 3 in 1 unity - as nonlocal phase. It got covered up by Archytas using the wrong music theory - and so Plato promoted the wrong music theory of Archytas whereby geometric mean is the octave. In fact the arithmetic mean is also 2/3 as subharmonic. And so the subcontrary mean is actually 2/3 originally - as noncommutative phase or G=3=F at the same time. This is the secret of the Tetrad or Tetraktys and why, as Boethius said, the Orthodox Pythagoreans rejected 9/8. Instead the infinite spiral of fifths is noncommutative phase so that the sublunar emotional energy 2/3 is ionized into spirit light energy as 3/2.
I have more details on my blog. Thanks again,
drew hempel, MA

Do we need our eyes to see? Or why the sun is cold

Dr. Stephen E. Robbins thanks me  in his new video which does a good job explaining de Broglie's Law of Phase Harmony!

He asks a couple times in the vid about the mystery of whether our eyes are necessary for this supposed recreation of a holographic image inside our brain - and with the question remaining - how it is recreated and therefore how could there be "simultaneity" with a real truth of reality.

we don't actually need eyes! Qigong master Jim Nance can see in 4 directions at the same time - out of his third eye - and he told me also that I should not feel any magnetic force in the center of my brain, the pineal gland. In other words his holographic spirit does go into the Emptiness of reality through his brain.

My body became immovably rooted; breath was drawn out of my lungs as if by some huge magnet. Soul and mind instantly lost their physical bondage, and streamed out like a fluid piercing light from my every pore. The flesh was as though dead, yet in my intense awareness I knew that never before had I been fully alive. My sense of identity was no longer narrowly confined to a body, but embraced the circumambient atoms. People on distant streets seemed to be moving gently over my own remote periphery. The roots of plants and trees appeared through a dim transparency of the soil; I discerned the inward flow of their sap. The whole vicinity lay bare before me. My ordinary frontal vision was now changed to a vast spherical sight, simultaneously all-perceptive. Through the back of my head I saw men strolling far down Rai Ghat Road, and noticed also a white cow who was leisurely approaching. When she reached the space in front of the open ashram gate, I observed her with my two physical eyes. As she passed by, behind the brick wall, I saw her clearly still. All objects within my panoramic gaze trembled and vibrated like quick motion pictures. My body, Master’s, the pillared courtyard, the furniture and floor, the trees and sunshine, occasionally became violently agitated, until all melted into a luminescent sea; even as sugar crystals, thrown into a glass of water, dissolve after being shaken. The unifying light alternated with materializations of form, the metamorphoses revealing the law of cause and effect in creation.” “Cosmic Consciousness Explained” chapter 14, Autobiography of a Yogi, Swami Yogananda

Qigong master Jim Nance was at my house and he said he could see the sap in the trees in our forest - while he sat on the deck by the house. He has not read the below from Yogananda - he was reliving it!

And so what is funny about this story is that Jim Nance actually told me to go out into the forest to find the particular tree he was seeing the sap move within. I can't remember what he was asking about - maybe the ants that he has now written a new book about? haha.

And so the real conundrum that Dr. Stephen E. Robbins (or Steve) is addressing - is how does relativity have an ontological effect and if so is it true? He disagrees with relativity. The problem with relativity is that the math is symmetric and the observation of relativity is based on left-brain and right-hand dominance! 

But the farther the first photon travels, the less reliable the second photon’s report becomes. The reason is nonlocality. Because the two photons are entangled, the path that the first photon takes will affect the polarization of the second photon. By the time the first photon reaches the screen, the second photon’s polarization is equally likely to be oriented one way as the other—thus giving it “no opinion,” so to speak, as to whether the first photon took the first route or the second (the equivalent of knowing which of the two slits it went through).

The lesson carries over directly to both spatial and temporal quantum nonlocality. Mysteries regarding entangled pairs of particles amount to disagreements about labelling, brought about by relativity.

And so when Gurdjieff made the claim that the Sun is Cold - this is like the person in my playlist of qigong demonstrations - he walks around demonstrating qi to energy and the people feel heat - but then he says - "feel my hands" and everyone admits his hands are cold! So how is it possible!

  The answer is what science calls "quantum degeneracy pressure" that is the real source of Solar fusion energy from quantum entanglement or what qigong master Yan Xin called the "virtual information field" or what qigong master Zhang Hongbao called the "golden key" as superluminal "yin matter."

It is "quasi-matter" or massless quanta as spin 1/2 virtual phonon energy that then creates the virtual photons that are then "captured" via the Law of Phase Harmony or Nobel physicist Josephson's Phase Harmony effect that converts spin 1/2 into voltage or qi energy with no resistance!!

As Physicist Manfred Euler explains - this is eternal motion as eternal energy as consciousness from phase coherence or how Dr. Mark Woodhouse explains Henri Bergson's model of reality - that Dr. Stephen E. Robbins also focused on - a "phase locking" as the source of reality.

Or what my previous blog post on qigong Master Jim Nance and H.W.L. Poonjaji explains - the "mirror" of reality is when the light is turned around to zero time - as a frozen image - but there is then a mirror of the Emptiness as a reversal of infinite frequency and zero time with infinite wavelength and zero momentum. Since neither infinity nor zero exist - this is what Ch'an Buddhists call the "point of origination" or what quantum buddhist physicist PP Yupapin calls "cross phase modulation" - the Law of Phase Harmony in action. Or a black hole turning into a white hole and then releasing the stored information that is holographically stored in the Ether.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Age of Anger and James Kennaway Wagnerism: A History of the Present by Pankaj Mishra (2017)

This is a brilliant book aimed at the 1.8 billion people age 15 to 30 in the world today, striving to be successful in the terms of globalized late-capitalism, with its roots in modern enlightenment philosophy. Mishra relies on 18th century Rousseau's critique, along with the existentialists, Ghandi, and German romantic philosophers, of the modern rational enlightenment. Then Mishra points out that it was the anarchists, largely driven by Bakunin, who first created a globalized network of desperate terror against modern civilization as a whole.

The only solution I can find in the whole book - which is a detailed overview of literary philosophy along with the inspiration of Wagner, in particular, is near the end - in a couple sentences.
Rousseau...showed, to avoid the strain of loving oneself through others, and retreat from the social jungle into a clearing of one's own. The German Romantics' notion of self-cultivation suggested another way of deploying the human powers of understanding and feeling within precise boundaries. p. 339
That's it!! And it's almost enough. It is quite tragic that these simple goals can not be obtained by most. For example I have spent most of my life in the conditions that Mishra details - as a radical activist - and working on policy changes while realizing that apocalypse is increasingly near. And so now I have bought a patch of forest land to retreat to - but even that is besieged by the adjacent state highway noise pollution. I figure if the local frogs and a few song birds can endure it - then so can I - at least as long as I am legally and financially able to - I can not live there "permanently" and so will have to spend a few months of the year off the property (during the winter). At least until abrupt global warming causes the collapse of civilization - probably in five years time.

And so that is the best one can do - in terms of 500 years since the launching of global colonialism and modern science! But of course there is the secret of complementary opposites. And this Pankaj Mishra is not aware of. At least not in this book - I wonder about his book on Buddhism? His work closely complements that of Noam Chomsky who also returns to Rousseau, as I quote in my master's thesis.

This book, "Age of Anger" is rich in detail, it is the best overview of Western literati political philosophy that I have read - and complements the work of Slavoj Zizek as well - despite Chomsky and Zizek not agreeing. And why should they agree when neither have realized the answer of complementary opposites?

But it is when Mishra gets into Wagner - that I was surprised at just how influential Wagner truly was - for all the newly literate and fierce up and coming nationalistic movements. Mishra takes this "Wagnerian" influence into today's terroristic increase.
"Ultimately a passion for grand politics, manifest in ISIS's Wagnerian-style annihilation, is what drives the Caliphate, as much as it did D'Annunzio's utopia."
And by invoking Wagner, the author Mishra is transcending the right-left political divide. As I noted in my master's thesis - Wagner despised the piano since the piano epitomizes the bourgeois sign of economic success. But at the same time Wagner, in terms of music theory, epitomizes the most cheesy or campy extreme of tonal modulation - the whole focus on Wagner is to extend out the tension and escalate the tension as long as possible - before the "climax" actually happens. I used to think of this in purely Freudian terms, as Susan McClary critiques WEstern music as based on ejaculation - but in actuality with Wagner we are beyond that - we are experiencing the Post-ejaculation addiction - Traumatic Stress Syndrome. The tonal modulation is escalating the tension of post-ejaculatory cortisol spiking, purely symptomatic of the deeper problem - long after the cause of the problem has been buried at the origin of Western civilization, as Camille Paglia details in his "rococo" tome Sexual Personae.

As Mishra exposes, the great ideologue of ISIS:

"this call to global jihad by Awlaki, who found in violence an esacpe from a self tained by sexual excess:" (p. 295).

And so without realizing it Mishra is actually explaining the form - the tonal modulation form of Wagner. Let's see if we can find corroboration of this insight.

Susan McClary

K Andreou -
… of intense foreplay that results inevitably in a cataclysmic metaphorical ejaculation” (1991: 125) …
relatively constant throughout the stretch of history” (1991:8), ie Wagner's Tristan und … Music 30
(1992), 234-38; Jann Pasler, "Some Thoughts on Susan McClary's Feminine Endings …

In Defence of Christian Heavy Metal

D Salim - 2009 -
… including WA Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro ( 1786), Richard Wagner's Tristan and Isolde, and …
need until delivering the payoff in what is technically called the 'climax', which is quite clearly
to be experienced as metaphorical ejaculation … J 2 Susan McClary, Feminine Endings …
 Here we go - Wagnerism as a Disease of Civilization - 2012 book on music

O.K. it's not in the google preview - so... googling and get his twitter:

 Anti-semitic anti-Wagnerism was also weirdly popular - niche bigotry.
14 Dec 2017
Jihadis on speed: iSIS issued its standard Chinese-made light machine guns with pouches of amphetamines

History of a Shiver: The Sublime Impudence of Modernism
Jed Rasula - 2016 - ‎Literary Criticism
“At no time before or since has one figure so dominated the debate on pathological music,” writes James Kennaway about Wagner.59 In 1891, Dutch ... about Wagnerism seemed to implicate the future, although by 1903, Debussy could look back and declare Wagner “a beautiful sunset that was mistaken for a dawn.”65 Max ...

Musical hypnosis: sound and selfhood from mesmerism to brainwashing

J Kennaway - Social history of medicine, 2012 -
Summary Music has long been associated with trance states, but very little has been written
about the modern western discussion of music as a form of hypnosis or 'brainwashing'.
However, from Mesmer's use of the glass armonica to the supposed dangers of subliminal 
I read that article before........
 The role of music in nineteenth-century female education has been seen primarily in the context of the middle class cult of domesticity, and the relationship of music to medicine in the period has generally been viewed in terms of music therapy. Nevertheless, for much of the century there was serious medical discussion about the dangers of excessive music in girls’ education. Many of the leading psychiatrists and gynaecologists of the nineteenth century argued that music could over-stimulate the nervous system, playing havoc with vulnerable female nerves and reproductive organs, and warned of the consequences of music lessons on the developing bodies of teenage girls. Two rival models of music’s effects competed and were combined. One suggested that music led to illness by provoking sensuality, imagination and sexuality; the other argued that it was a source of neurasthenic fatigue because of intellectual strain.
 Music's belated incorporation into that critique was made possible by a move away from regarding music as an expression of cosmic and social order toward thinking of it as quasi-electrical stimulation, something that was intensified by the political and cultural changes unleashed by the French Revolution. For the next hundred and fifty years, nervousness caused by musical stimulation was often regarded as a fully fledged Zivilisationskrankheit, widely discussed in psychiatry, music criticism, and literature.
 OK this 2016 book gives a 1 page overview of Hannaway's Wagnerism disease - overstimulation as literal orgasm! It has a whole chapter on Wagnerism effects to present day.

There is an accompanying website that is password protected - given in the book. username Nietzsche password: Napoleon

James Kennaway on how Mesmerism gave females orgasms at a distance and relied on a certain glass harmonica music

Here this book on Music and violence discusses music theory and so 12 tone "atonal" music is compared "tonality terrorism" - instead of unleashing dissonance.

And so searching Wagner - he had an antisemitic article published.

23 Oct 2017

Wagner wearing pink satin, alluding to the surprisingly widespread association between him and homosexuality.

Kennaway on musical occult hallucinations

Kennaway, J. (2016). Lebenskraft, the body and will power: the life force in German musical aesthetics. In J. McCarthy (Ed.), The early history of embodied cognition 1740-1920. The Lebenskraft-debate and radical reality in German science, music, and literature (pp. 125-143). Amsterdam: Rodopi.

Dear Dr. Kennaway: I hope you are doing well and thank you for your excellent writings on Wagnerism and Mesmerism music. I did a master's thesis on "sound-current nondualism" (University of Minnesota, 2000) and then finished my master's degree doing intensive meditation with a Chinese spiritual healer who trained at Shaolin, qigong master Chunyi Lin and he has had his "external qi" corroborated by Mayo Clinic Dr. Ann Vincent doing "randomized controlled" peer-reviewed published research stating the "external qi" healing of chronic pain that Western medicine could not treat for 5 years, was "especially effective."
So the reason I did that qigong meditation training is because I started classical piano at age 5 and took private music theory, orchestration, ear training and composition from a former music professor, while I was in high school. As I pondered music theory, I realized there was a mathematical logical error in the music theory and that Pythagorean harmonics of infinite resonance was correct. I memorized Bach's Italian Concerto in F and a Mozart Sonata and Brahms, along with performing a John Cage prepared piano piece, and my own compositions. Then I went to Hampshire College and did interdisciplinary music research, including taking quantum mechanics as a first year introductory course.
Anyway I had realized that Daoist qi energy is from music theory with yang as the Perfect Fifth, yin as the Perfect Fourth and the octave as the Emptiness. And so by doing the training, I followed the book Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality and then I even saw ghosts and I accidentally pulled a lady's spirit out of the top of her skull (without touching her and she immediately bawled nonstop for at least 15 minutes). But I didn't realize the secrets of the training and so when I made eye contact with a younger female from across the room - suddenly this orgasmic sensation shot up my spine and I realized that energy had shot out of eyes into the female and given her the same orgasmic sensation. But this was too radical for me to acknowledge or process what it meant and so I lost my celibacy during my sleep - what is called the "alchemical pill."
O.K. that was in 2000 and so I began reading voraciously (one scholarly book a day while in full lotus trance for 10 years) to translate my experiences back into western science. I have a recent book called "Blue light and Blues music: quantum biology, meditation and metaphysics." What I had discovered initially is that Archytas was wrong about music theory - he used the equation "arithmetic mean x harmonic mean = geometric mean squared" as the Perfect Fifth plus the Perfect Fourth = the Octave. So this meant he covered up the empirical truth that the Perfect Fifth is also 2/3 as C to F subharmonic, called, therefore the "Ghost Tonic" in music theory since it can not be created from the Harmonic Series.
So then I was corresponded with math professors Luigi Borzacchini who has excellent essays on how Western mathematics is from music theory, and with math professor Joe Mazur who encouraged me to submit my research for publication, and then I finally discovered math professor Alain Connes emphasizing how music theory actually is a "universal scaling system" because it is noncommutative geometry with a dimension of zero and so unifies quantum physics and relativity.
O.K. so then I discovered how the oldest philosophy of India, the "three gunas" is also based on this secret of noncommutative phase, with sattva as the Octave, rajas as the Perfect Fifth and tamas as the Perfect Fourth. And then I discovered quantum physicist Eddie Oshins at Stanford Linear Accelerator realizing that the secret of Daoist Neigong alchemy is noncommutative phase - as the body-mind integration hand movements. So for males, as I had discovered this as well, the left hand is yang while the lower body is yin and the right hand is yin while the upper body is yang. So just as G=3=F in the correct music theory you are connecting the complementary opposite harmonic nodes of the body, like licking a nine-volt battery, to create a spark.
So this is the real secret of Mesmerism giving females orgasms because to store up the qi energy then the vagus nerve has to be activated - I have a whole training manual on this - and the vagus nerve is what creates the female orgasms.
So I live it at there for now - there is a man who makes a career of giving females orgasms at a distance - based on this yogic meditation training - his nickname is the "Tantric Mongoose" and he has several videos online demonstrating this ability - on youtube.  that is the book I referred to - but that is in the blog post format. My blog has the links to my previously published articles on Gurdjieff, qigong and music theory, along with a 2012 book - free pdf. Also links on de Broglie's Law of Phase Harmony. For the book format there is  links on the alchemy training manual that goes into music theory. is the book format or you can get a pdf-archive link if you want.
and my youtube channel has a playlist of 125 demonstrations of this bioenergy healing from China and India mainly.
Thanks and please let me know any questions, criticisms, and comments,
drew hempel, MA

The Blue Light Quantum Undertone of Gurdjieff, Dhyanyoga, Hathor and Superluminal Entangled Phonons of Light at Room Temperature

So for the third time - when I start posting about research that is classified - in this case the NASA teleportation of quantum entangled information through satellites - then the internet gets cut off to our house. haha.

The last research I posted was my discovery of the "final piece of the puzzle" - quantum entangled virtual phonons of light - at room temperature. So as I cite in the "Blue Light of Blues Music" blogpost (book) - listening and hearing is proven to be macroquantum coherent because the hairs of the inner ear are activated by "sub-angstrom" wavelength of energy - that is smaller than the wavelength of light!

And so I also cite quantum physics professor Lawrence Domash who cited the above research on quantum hearing and then argued that this causes a Josephson Junction effect - of resonating directly with the zero point or spin 1/2 quantum vacuum energy of the Universe through mantra meditation. In other words the last post was on the Josephson Junction as the secret source of "voltage" from quantum frequency phase coherence resonating with virtual particles - phonons and photons that are massless.

And so this is why the Nonwestern Mystics of Meditation turn to Sound and Silence and Listening as the secret to resonating with the source of reality - the "inner ear method" as Buddha called it or "sound-current" method - or "silence samadhi" - the highest level of samadhi or Mouna Samadhi as Ramana Maharshi called it. Or the Tibetan Monk doctor stating we collect the energy of the Universe with our eyes with our eyes closed - and then this energy radiates out of our eyes when the eyes are open again.

And so in my Blue Light of Blues Music book - I cite the research showing how our "attention" is from the parietal sulcus - and how if we listen with the right ear dominant - this connects the sense of attention over to our left brain. But this does not work the opposite way. When we are left ear listening dominant the right brain does not connect the sense of attention over to the right brain - meaning we lose the phase coherence of the whole brain. So it is the left brain sense of attention - the parietal sulcus - through right ear listening (with the eyes closed as visualization and listening is then right brain dominant) - that enables full brain coherence.

I will repeat this research to clarify it - but this is the true psycho-physiological secret of what I called over ten years ago - "The Triode Amplifier" - meaning by achieving a 180 degree phase shift we can then sublimate the vertical energy of the neurohormones into increased or amplified horizontal energy of left-right brain coherence. I called this turning around the I-thought - because when we are left brain dominant we are listening with the left ear dominant.

In other word we are revealing just why the Small Universe or Microcosmic Orbit - or the Kriya Yoga meditation is the core meditation of the alchemy training, as the book Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality is completely focused on this meditation as well.

So then this research connects back to my previous blogbook on the Idiot's Guide to Alchemy meditation training, as I had mentioned before.

The qigong master who befriended me called this turning your sense of perspective back to your awareness in the back of the brain. And so as Gurdjieff also emphasized it is crucial to leverage your mental personality - your perspective - your conceptual mind as Mahayana Buddhists call it - for the secret of awareness or formless awareness, the source of the I-thought, the "third shock" of the scale.

As a xmas present to myself - and also I mailed a copy to my nephew - of my 2012 memoir-research tome - Alchemy of Rainbow Heart Music - and so having a hard copy that I ordered for myself - makes it easier to peruse the research. And sure enough - there it was - Gurdjieff emphasizing the same secret of the Blues Music of the subharmonic F as the Blue Lunar quantum undertone.

It will be easier for me to find it again by just searching it on the interwebs. So I just open up the pdf

And word search it. It looks like this is just the Triode Amplifier article reprinted.

so it's around page 337 in the book. I should be able to cut and paste it from the article.

Nope that article - maybe the other gurdjieff article -

Nope - it's not in that article either! So the book has more details than the articles. Unless i have a third Gurdjieff article? too bad I can not cut and paste from the book! I'm gonna upload it to Docdroid!

O.K. so as that is happening - now I will go to the docdroid version of the Idiot's Guide article -

Wow the Alchemy of Rainbow Heart Music book is on docdroid already.


O.K. cool - I can copy and paste from Docdroid. - so this study showed how listening to an UnPrimed Object - not an external object - causes the parietal attention to then control the occipital vision and not vice versa as with the eyes open.

And so we just showed how listening with right ear dominant is the visualization of small universe meditation as the phase coherence of right and left ear  - localizing on the body. In other words it is literally listening to the 5th dimension as the spin-1/2 zero point energy of the quantum vacuum - the Universe formless awareness.

So another screen shot from Docdroid - and so again it is proprioception as listening that activates the attention of the paiereto-occipital sulcus aka the Bindu Chakra. Bindu originally meaning the seed syllable sound of the Ether.

O.K. now I can go back to Gurdjieff and cut/paste screen shots from Docdroid.

 And so I now have a third source that corroborates the noncommutative phase of Fa - or C to F, subharmonic, as the yin qi or lunar psychic energy of the pineal gland, the first half of the Tai Chi, and so - lunar psychic energy as increased alpha brain waves, increased serotonin and increased blue light.

And sure enough in one of the books on Gurdjieff someone experiences this blue light being transmitted. Maybe it's in my Alchemy of Rainbow Heart Music book.

Oops - I screen shot that from the pdf - it is not as good quality as from the Docdroid!

O.K. now - when I word searched blue light - I got a 4th corroboration from dolphins!

 O.K. and reading over - reminded me of a 5th corrobration from Dr. Mae-Wan Ho's research - that I had not cited yet. First the "blue light" of Gurdjieff - it's not in the pdf - but I got this:

Right  - this is what I got stuck at. David Hykes on Gurdjieff

The musical distances are identical, and of course the intervals are inverted (3/1 gives SOL, while 1/3, its inverse, gives FA).

 Oh but when I mention Shri  Dhyanyogi - this reminds me of the Blue Light that he emphasized as the secret of his Shakti transmission. I saw this blue light after I meditated on his chakra book: Shri Dhyanyogi Madhusudandasji: Shakti .

O.K. I remember now it was from a Colin Wilson book that I read about Gurdjieff transmitted blue light.
G.l. Gurdjieff: The War Against Sleep.

He then walked across the small 
room to stand in front of the refrigerator and 
watch me. I could not take my eyes off him and 
realized that he looked incredibly weary — I have 
never seen anyone look so tired. I remembered 
being slumped over the table, sipping at my 
coffee, when I began to feel a strange uprising of 
energy within myself — I stared at him, 
automatically straightened up,  
and it was as if a 
violent electric blue light  
emanated from him and 
entered into me. As this happened, I could feel 

the tiredness drain out of me, but at the same 
moment his body slumped and his face turned 
grey as if it was being drained of life. I looked at 
him, amazed, and when he saw me sitting erect, 
smiling and full of energy, he said quickly: 'You all 
right now — watch food on stove — I must go.' 

There was something very urgent in his voice 
and I leaped to my feet to help him but he waved 
me away and limped slowly out of the room. 

What had happened, apparently, was that Gurdjieff had 
somehow poured vital energy into Peters by some psychic 
discipline — either that, or somehow touched the source of 
vitality in Peters himself; at all events, it drained Gurdjieff. Peters 
says: 'I was convinced... that he knew how to transmit energy 
from himself to others; I was also convinced that it could only be 
done at great cost to himself.'....
Fritz Peters, an 
American who had known Gurdjieff since childhood, describes 
what happened when he visited Gurdjieff in Paris immediately 
after the Second World War. His war experiences had brought 
Peters to the verge of a nervous breakdown. The moment 
Gurdjieff saw him, he realized that he was sick. 

When we reached his apartment, he led me 
down a long hall to a dark bedroom, indicated the 
bed, told me to lie down, and said: This is your 
room, for as long as you need it.' I laid down on 
the bed and he left the room but did not close the 
door. I felt such enormous relief and such 
excitement at seeing him that I began to cry 
uncontrollably and then my head began to pound.
but after Peters stated his name the two embraced and Gurdjieff loudly exclaimed, "My son!" Inside the apartment, an already weary Gurdjieff healed Peters by transmitting "a violent, electric blue light."7 A month later, at a luncheon in Gurdjieff's apartment, Gurdjieff said he could now die as he had found someone to whom he could transmit his life's work. Raising his arm, he made a dramatic sweeping gesture from student to student, only stopping when his extended finger pointed directly at Fritz Peters.8

 So we can see again Shri Dhyanyogi emphasized the same blue light secret that the qigong master who befriended me also emphasizes.

And due to the generous donations for training in shakti quantum nonlocal healing energy - doing 8 hours of full lotus meditation a day - I too was able to build up this blue light again. So I know it is true.

And so the secret of OM is the Blue quantum undertone as noncommutative phase - what Gurdjieff called the Fa octave to the Moon energy - Fa being the subharmonic F, Perfect Fifth as noncommutative quantum phase, the quantum undertone to relativity.

Just as the Harmonic fraction 2/3 was sacred in Egypt for the same reason Krishna taught Kriya Yoga as the circulation of energy based on the three gunas as the 1:2:3:4 harmonics of music - and Hathor also was blue.

A posted on thedaobums gives a quote from Yogananda pdf link:
"The Trinity is reflected as spiritual-physical feature in the physical self, since it is seen as the spiritual eye, a tri-colored pattern of a golden circle surrounding a field of deep blue with a five-pointed star in its center. This is a reflection of the life-energy that enters the medulla oblongata, the negative pole of ego-consciousness, and is seen in the positive pole located between the eyebrows.

The golden circle is the higher astral sphere of consciousness, the blue field inside the circle is the sphere of Christ-consciousness and the white center star is the highest sphere of God-consciousness.

When this spiritual eye is beheld imperfectly, it is seen as a dim violet light with a faint surrounding circle and center dot."

and then I provide a link to Shri Dhyanyogi.

Shri Dhyanyogi speaks of the blue light as the soul energy manifesting and someone else reminds us of Muktananda:

 The Play of Consciousness by Swami Muktananda speaks about the blue pearl

right - I forgot I read that book and that was my first encounter of the blue light connection!

The four legs of the celestial cow represented Nut or Hathor could

 The assimilation of Bata, who was associated with the sistrum, a musical instrument, brought with it an association with music. In this form, Hathor's cult became centred in Dendera and was led by priests who were also dancers, singers, and other entertainers.

 Before the Rosetta Stone and popular modern Egyptology the hermeticists such as Athanasius Kircher were depicting Isis and Hathor's Sistrum. Even linking it with the musical modes such as Ionian (Ionic) and Dorian (Doric). Ionic and Doric being schools of Greek architecture as well as ancinet systems of measure.