Peanut Gallery Independent Praise of Drew Hempel's research

The disgustingly typical common dismissal of yours of Drew's worth is telling. Can't handle anything too far beyond your comfort zone so you don't at all engage, as Drew would say, with his information. Much of which is simply discerning the fundamental structure linking revered traditional scriptures and cuttingedge science and it's explication in human life on Earth.
Then of course you project by claiming he is not engaging well... you're right, but you are still denying your hypocrisy, as you are too scared to admit that the reason you say you don't appreciate any of his writing is probably not because it is all false but because it is occult to your limited mind.
You can't argue with the facts and are too dumb to handle his points so you resort to smear tactics.
Who cares if some nut spams the net. It is only disruptive to the weak of mind. Fact is Drew has an "original" conclusion that deserves global discussion and you censor it like a welltrained shill, which I assume you are not.

Drew's idea. 2:3 is Yang, 3:4 is Yin... ie 666 is Yang. But he might repeat it like the example below, at which 99% of readers will throw their hands up in incomprehension and only folk like me, a stubborn OneTruthLover, bother to really get what he is saying. To say his is crazy is stupidly missing the point, plus to which he seems saner than most of the zombies who pretend humanity. He may a mixed up lake but at least he is not a puddle of puke.
Brace yourselves,
"I've posted that in fact musicologist Ernest McClain had already gleaned this from Plato -- see his Pythagorean Plato -- and that in fact while 5/4 was the Greek Miracle as the cube root of two leading to amplitude as classical mathematics for 3 dimensional form

the Tai Chi Perfect 5th-4th as 2:3 and 3:4 Yang and Yin (my discovery) is the QUANTUM secret of 2-dimensional energy intensity from frequency, not classical amplitude."

Needless to say he condenses much meaning in few words so you gotta read more his of his spiel to get it. His earliest piece on the greek Miracle is best.
Cloud Tiger, a Tai Chi practitioner in the UK, 2009

Hempel, proficient in a wide sprectrum of intellectual pursuits including math and music --- and far from being deluded in any sense of the word as brought forth in the above quote by Hui Neng --- is also an eastern spiritual renaissance master as well. Just as much too, in the aforementioned areas and others far afield, as a search of his name will show, or did before he just simply disappeared into cyber space or infinity, he was one of the most prolific contributors on the net. His writings and books lean heavily toward a variety of eastern spiritual aspects, with a strong personal emphasis on qigong and meditation executed almost exclusively through the use of the full lotus position.

Additionally, even though Drew has resurfaced and available for interaction to all comers, I have however, NOT changed any of the above content of the original page because in my opinion it still remains highly relevant, showing all kinds of insight into who and where Hempel comes from, from any number of angles. Good to hear you are back. The internet wasn't the same without you.

The Wanderling, advaita meditation online site page on Drew Hempel

First we have to address the root of this possible problem.

the main root of all of this is the conceptual axiom that the parts of a system should be symmetrical if it desires to be in HARMONY. This in math is called COMMUTATIVE RING, or AxB=BxA.

From this principle (the commutative ring) we created a body of rules and paradigms in science, and even in religion, that separates our perception from nature itself (our game of denying being part of it) For example, as someone on this forum talked about maxwell´s quaternions in here. To work with an asymmetrical principle (most of things in nature) with our math that has as a main basic principle the commutative ring we first need to CHANGE what we gonna study, I mean, our science takes the information in nature which is assymétrical and DIVERGENT and converts it to an symmetrical and CONVERGENTE group of data to work with.
This is, as a principle, exactly what we did with the musical scales, as drew demonstrated.

In ancient music we got the asymmetrical intervals and, mainly since old non-pre-socratic Greece, we develop the obsession and the desire to “correct” it´s ugliness (natural asymmetry), so we transformed ancient music into symmetrical intervals. Buy by doing so we generate a comma, an extra group of data that can´t be used and should be discarded and watched over to avoid its return, because if this comma returns to the scale, it will create a hell of a mess to the fragile artificial symmetry we applied to it. So, conceptualy, the kind of technology we create, it prefers to change nature into artificial symmetry instead of flowing with it.

So it´s a matter of the right tool for the right job. And our Math has no asymmetrical tool for the job. IT´s all about the commutative ring, so even when working with asymmetrical systems (like nature) it has to convert it into symmetrical to process it. IT´s simple, drew is saying that western math and music take what is divergent (spiraling out) by nature and converge it before giving any kind of result. It´s a fact. Check, I don´t know, Wikipedia?, to get informations about the commutative ring and the non-commutative ring.

Now, I´m not 100% with drew on the consequences of “raping” nature with symmetry. I do know drew for the last 10yrs. Or so. I´m very good at math and good enough in music. I´m so-so in physics, i´ve studied electrical engineer for two yrs before change my mind and go to journalism school and drop it too to work as a photographer and illustrator and now as a computer graphics animator and advertising film director. So I have some background to understand a great chunk of drew hypothesis.

We try to solve all with symmetry, as the case with the music intervals, therefore, as in the case of music intervals, we create commas in science and all the range of activities that rely on science.

So this is the radical part of this use of musical model to explain things: if we try to understand nature (that is asymmetrical and divergent) with concepts and tools that are symmetrical and convergent) we gonna create dissonances in return and enter in a cycle of solving a dissonance with more symmetry to generate even more dissonance in the next octave ´till we # everything up! (we are already doing so! Our tech gives us marvelous stuff at the same time it acidify the oceans ending up #ing up with animals that depends on ultrasound for communication to reproduction. Our tech gives us marvelous tools as computer hi-res screens, but in return any cycle above 30hz is with time stressful to the human cells, etc, etc.)

non-commutative is so alien to our understand of thing that, as an example, if you go to Mr. Wolfram Math repository site you gonna find only ONE EMPTY page about it!!non-commutative is so alien to our understand of thing that, as an example, if you go to Mr. Wolfram Math repository site you gonna find only ONE EMPTY page about it!!

Now let´s go to the possible solutions for this.

1.full-lotus as a solution. Drew said full-lotus can transform the excess of electrochemical information in the lower body into electromagnectic information in the upper body. Some angry scientific trolls started to make fun of it.

for the materialistic people the thing is in the physiology.

siting in full-lotus will put a great chunk of pressure into your SACRUM! The sacrum is empty and pressure there will start to create small levels of ultra sound that will TRANSDUCE the energy from electrochemical into electromagnetic (remember, SOUND is PRESSURE WAVES, and it´s been prove that ultrasound can transduce energy from one state to other… use uncle google, he is your friend!! )… so this is one of the main reasons why full-lotus is a great tool.

It took me one year of daily chikung to sit in full-lotus with ease, before my one year of spring forest qigong I could barely sit in freestyle (like an north American indian) for more than a couple of minutes without felling a hell of pain in my back and legs!

After i´ve learned to sit in full-lotus, it´s a #ing bliss, full-lotus and half-lotus all day long. I even cut the legs from all my tables in my studio so I can sit in full-lotus and half-lotus anternated all day!!

So it´s one solution, but it´s a personal one.

2. Music create patterns in our brain.
It´s known that music create patterns in our brain. So if we just listen to music made with symmetrical and proportional intervals, some kind of patterns will form… with non-western music (mostly live, since hard to find speakers in home and computers that can produce ultrasound! ) so with non-western music we can generate other kind of patterns, since the intervals are asymmetrical. Drew have posted links to papers demonstrated, among otherthings, how ultrasound can stimulate the brain, the center of the brain, so on.

Also, Pineal Gland is a place made for sonoluminescence production. See? Pineal gland has fluid and cavitation in it! So with ultrasound stimulus in it we can ionize it a lot, we can produce tons of melatonie, and also we can generate little bubbles of light! By my personal experience, seeing light while practicing small universe (the oldest meditation that exist, it´s part of spring forest chikung and also is a “secret” inside the kriya yoga school) is relaxing, insightful and healing.
So, changing the king of music we listen to is a way of changing the patterns in our brain and so maybe it will reflect in the patterns we create in the world too.

3.creating a science where natural resonance ratios are important.
Well, this third item i´ll say nothing, since it´s what i´m working for the past 5 yrs. But a simple example of using natural resonance (non-comutative) musical ratios in technology is The Sonic Bloom, it´s a kit with audio from birds generating the fifth and forth in a repeated way so the intensity will affect the plants cells to expand more, taking more nutrients. It´s amazing. I use it to feed my home grown food (i´m a raw vegetarian) as my wife garden.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg…

Now those open minded, the daily practice of small universe from spring forest qigong, or the listening of music without symmetrical intervals, or the use of tech like the sonic bloom are just a few of the examples of the changes we can make personally or collectively to a better and more harmonious world.
And those so full of the “right” paradigm, well, you can keep projecting your anger on drew, it´s funny to read your assumptions about my crazy druid friend!

KALLISTI and have a nice day and a lovely life!
Guto Novo.
Correspondent for 15 years in Brazil

Seriously drew is next level, beyond even Dobbs, Ebert, Heidegger, Mcluhan etc.
Another UK practitioner-philosopher
"The universe and I came into being together; I and everything therein are One."

"If then all things are One, what room is there for speech? On the other hand, since I can say the word 'one' how can speech not exist? If it does exist, we have One and speech -- two; and two and one -- three(14) from which point onwards even the best mathematicians will fail to reach (the ultimate); how much more then should ordinary people fail?">"

- Chuang Tzu, 300 BCE

"Sound is the bridge between God and the soul" SHRI DHYANYOGI

a “universal scaling system”, ... this discrete scaling manifests itself in acoustic systems, as is well known in western classical music, where the two scalings correspond, respectively, to passing to the octave (frequency ratio of 2) and transposition (the perfect fifth is the frequency ratio 3/2), with the approximate value log(3)/ log(2) ∼ 19/12 responsible for the difference between the “circulating temperament” of the Well Tempered
Clavier and the “equal temperament” of XIX century music. It is precisely the irrationality of log(3)/ log(2) which is responsible for the noncommutative [complementary opposites as yin/yang] nature of the quotient corresponding to the three places {2, 3,∞}. -
Math professor (field medals) Alain Connes on quantum music as noncommutative time-frequency origin of reality from infinite spiral of perfect fifths!
Our brain is an incredible ....receives moments of space of the photons we receive and manufactures a mental picture. Which is geometric. But what I am telling you is that I think ...that the fundamental thing is spectral [frequency]....And somehow in order to think we have to do an enormous Fourier Transform...on geometry. By talking about the "music of shapes" is really a fourier transform of shape and the fact that we have to do it in reverse. Alain Connes, 2012

Stanford Quantum physicist Eddie Oshins:
This representation only works for the (more fundamental) 1/2-integral representations (i.e. spinors/turns/quaternions) but also lets one build the vector and tensor representations. The converse does not hold....this property of "noncommutivity" in itself might be valuable in some way.
My claim, and original idea, has been that this is circumnavigating a T'ai Chi (Yin/Yang) symbol! More recently (Oshins, 1993b) I have suggested that this proximate technique can be used to realize Wing Chun kung-fu's "bong sau/tan sau" movement out of the Kauffman/Oshins "quaternionic arm" discussed and referenced below in end note 5.
I believe that this may be a way to get mind to code the relative relationship of part of oneself with respect to the rest of oneself (self-referential motion) and can explain the concepts of being "centered"/"one"/"integrated"/"extended"/"whole" etc. which one strives for in meditation.
Oshins, E. (1993). A Test for Classical Psychospinors. (pdf) In Abdullah, F. (Ed.) Conservation and Invariance. Cambridge, UK: Alternative Natural Philosophy Association, London England.

Manfred Euler's 2013 description of acoustic STM - Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy builds on his previous connections between the quantum acoustic realms.
Near-field imaging with sound waves compelling demonstrates the inadequacy of pictorial realism and promotes more abstract views of the reality displayed.
A comparison of sound and matter waves clarifies that these [noncommutative] limitations exist in principle.
2016: de Broglie clocks as synchronization: a tangible model of how mass emerges.
matter waves are locally in phase with the particle clocks (de Broglie's Law of Phase Harmony).

The clock runs forever so it's self-sustaining (consciousness-energy). It resonates with the quantum vacuum. The harmonic beats create dynamic energy.

So then you have a "phase particle" that can be faster than the speed of light - superluminal - and a "mass particle" that is slower than the speed of light as the "group wave" of the "phase wave." The beats of the phase wave then are "in resonance" with the quantum vacuum - and so create mass from the massless field, explaining the Higgs mechanism.

"Universal coherence" - a "mind boggling outlook."

Coherence as consciousness.
"Ghost Tones"
Manfred Euler is a Professor Emeritus of Physics at the University of Kiel.

It's actually a Klein Bottle so you can't see the 5th dimension.

The red is a logarithmic singularity - but that is just classical physics.

So the foundation of reality is quantum - which is noncommutative phase as the 5th dimension.

So light as a photon is a point but as a wave it is nonlocal - but this means it is in 2 places at the same time - as the 5th dimension that is noncommutative.

People think that doesn't make sense - how can it be in two places at the same time? Actually basic music theory explains this.

So for example the Perfect Fifth is C to F as subharmonic 2/3 while the Perfect Fifth is C to G overtone harmonic as 3/2.

So C = 2 while F=3=G at the same time. That is noncommutative phase. It is also called "Fourier Uncertainty" or "time-frequency uncertainty" - and that is the true foundation of reality.

So for example de Broglie - studying relativity - realized Einstein had a problem - as energy goes to the speed of light then time as wavelength slows down, gets bigger. That means as frequency goes higher then time also gets bigger. That violates a fundamental property since Pythagoras that frequency is inverse to time as wavelength (from music theory).

So de Broglie realized since quantum physics is real there has to be a phase wave that is faster than the speed of light. So you have a mass wave that is the "group phase" - and then you have a particle phase that is called the "internal clock" or a 2nd clock that is the phase wave of the particle - also called the "pilot wave" - and this comes back from the future.

So there is a Harvard physicist who works with Stephen Hawking - and this Harvard Physicist says that the future already exists and reality is a holograph. So the 4D universe is actually a projection of this 5th dimension of noncommutative phase that is time-like.

This is how precognition is real.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Noncommutative Minisuperspace! Roger Penrose on the Celestial Sphere of proto-consciousness

I didn't realize there is a whole "school" of noncommutative minisuperspace scientists out there!

I mean Paul S. Wesson was one of them and he himself has a cadre of coteries, continuing his line of research.

But he had his own take on the 5th dimension, and aligned it with de Broglie's Law of Phase Harmony - and Paul S. Wesson even overtly emphasized the spiritual consequences of such science!

In other words people having made spiritual claims now had scientific validation! This is a stunning admonition from a "hard" scientist when most "pop" science "consumers" just get the materialistic skeptic view shoved down their throats.

This is an open access book and the chapter 9 is by a group of researchers at a Mexico University.

The universe as a quantum gravity condensate (PDF Download ...
Apr 20, 2017 - [3] into minisuperspace quantization of cosmological spacetimes, ...... This may well be true, whether or not the appropriate quantum states to be used to ..... [15] A. Baratin and D. Oriti, Group field theory with non-commutative
 Here's another approach.

There appears to be various noncommutative spacetime models that are honing their analysis of reality.

And so I checked Peter Woit's site, "Not Even Wrong" - and even he appears to endorse a noncommutative spacetime model!

He links a Roger Penrose video lecture who had new insight from noncommutative math!

So this is why Stuart Hameroff, working with Roger Penrose, says that the proto-consciousness of the universe is a noncommutative scalar field!

Amazing Hameroff even makes the music tuning connection to this - saying it is not Western tuning but rather Indian "anharmonic" tuning.

We calculate the equations of motion, discuss their general properties and present one solution: the NC correction to Minkowski space-time.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

'deep sighs on mountain tops are heard in distant valleys' paradox solved by noncommutative phase or wattless power

Over on thedaobums one of the few regular posters there ponders this phrase of the I Ching - with the following paradox.

'deep sighs on mountain tops are heard in distant valleys'.

He says this is not a "loud echo" but an internal energy and so then he suggests this can not be a "transmission" of energy but instead the hearing of it, simply is someone realizing their inner potential that already existed.

Someone counters that for something to resonate it has to be transmitted.

Really? Here we have thedaobums stuck on their inability to realize the truth of noncommutative phase!

Noncommutative phase simply means being in two places at the same time - and yet at "zero time" there is still motion as information that creates energy: So another way to state the ability to be in two places at the same time is that the future and the past overlap as the present.

And so by "turning the light around" you achieve "zero time" but since light, having no rest mass, actually has a hidden momentum of relativity mass - this means it is inherently noncommutative and so creates energy-information from the future - virtual photons.

So then thedaobums thread suggests that in fajin - there is no "information" sent since it is not "spiritual" but rather the qi as force is just a feeling.

And then it is suggested that indeed with telepathy a teacher can send specific information even if the student is not at the level to send it back and that fajin indeed also involves information.

So how do we solve this paradox?

In quantum physics energy is based on frequency and so to resonate the whole body as macroquantum energy requires that the frequency of the body be raised up towards light energy.

So each of our organs, etc. has "yin shen" spirit blockages which then turns yin qi into yin jing or lower emotional blockages - and this turns us into a ghost when we die.

And so the goal is to "turn the light around" so that the frequency of the light is emptied out as zero time with noncommutative phase - the noncommutative phase can be thought of as infinite potential energy.

And so then the yin jing blockages are turned into yin qi energy which is then built up through further purification on zero time, the Emptiness as the shen turned around, into yuan qi energy.

Yuan qi is then the fire stored in the water - the shen below the jing.

And so the Shen is to the Emptiness as the Qi is to the Jing or to put it into physics - Frequency is to Time as Momentum is to Wavelength (the Law of Phase Harmony of de Broglie).

This process is eternal and impersonal - and so we can accept or resonate with the spiritual master's energy, as much as our own body and mind is purified and stored up enough qi energy to then match the Emptiness of the spiritual master.

As it is said in Mahayana Buddhism, there are different levels of consciousness with concomitant different levels of emptiness.

The consciousness is the frequency of the light turned around - our mind is by itself weak but many people are characterized by their subconscious mind of the lower frequency shen energy - and so their qi energy just gets turned into reproductive fluid, and lost.

So by turning the light around, then the frequency of the yin jing blockages are raised with more yin qi energy built up.

Now we can say that all of this is synchronized or coherent from zero time - which is to say there is eternal motion that is superluminal - it is always-already the future changing the past - and so in zero time we experience the same undoing of past energy blockages, from the perspective of the future.

So it is true to say there is no "transmission" - in fact this term "transmission" is taboo in China since it implies a cult that is against or rivals the cult of Communist supremacy.

On the other hand we can also say there is a transmission but it is the resonance of the Emptiness that is doing the transmission - not the ego of the spiritual master.

And finally there can be the ego of the spiritual master that sends out qi energy - and this is a more interpersonal dynamic between a student and teacher, with the teacher's ego being accepted by the student and the teacher accepting the ego of the student, so that the teacher feels comfortable enough to share their ego-energy with the student.

 And so thedaobums thread tries to turn to a Tesla Coil to explain resonance and transmission via transduction - this does help explain how different frequencies can be transformed and transduced - but the alternating current model of Tesla is more akin to the model of noncommutative phase.

So if we search alternative current noncommutative phase - we get a hit from 1901 - mathematics!

The text states in actuality there is a "wattless power" that is "noncommutative" from alternating current.

Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society
1901 - ‎Mathematics
... EI cos w, and the second the author calls the ' 'wattless power," or EI sin to. ... but is unattractive, except to those versed in non-commutative algebra, 1901.

A geometric algebra reformulation and interpretation of Steinmetz's ...
Non-commutative power algebra ·Geometric algebra · ... power or wattless power is not yet mentioned. 2. ... hypothesis of a noncommutative power algebra.

Full text of "Vectors and vector diagrams, applied to the alternating ...
Products 168 - 183 - ... which on multiplication by C/ gives the wattless power of circuit 80 Y, ...... definite line of action, while the vector product is non-commutative, ...

Full text of "Vectors And Vector Diagrams" - Internet Archive
Products 168 - 183 - ... which on multiplication by 0/ gives the wattless power of circuit 80 y, ...... definite line of action, while the vector product is non-commutative, ...
And so this gives us Steinmetz who is the main source of Eric Dollard's explanation of Tesla's secret of free energy.

O.K. Now the issue here is Tesla was a genius who was also a secret yogi - he had a traumatic accident from the death of his brother when Tesla was young - and so he had spiritual access and so was also a loner, except for his best friend, a female pigeon.

But when Steinmetz mathematized Tesla - Steinmetz was still using the classical math and so his noncommutative solution was dismissed as the long lost unification of Maxwell. It is still dismissed - and I assume this is due to the entropy inherent in classical math and external measurements of technology - from time-frequency uncertainty.

This is why real alchemy Taoist training is a macro quantum biology phenomenon that has to occur from within - and can not be an external technology. Certainly there have been external technology "mavericks" but sometimes they are channeling their own internal energy - like Schauberger or Keely - or Puharich - and these inventions can not be mass produced as standardized symmetric mathematics.

So when we google steinmetz noncommutative dollard - sure enough we get a hit:

So someone studying Dollard accidentally reverse-engineered back to the noncommutative phase secret without even seeing the direct quote I referenced above to Steinmetz!

But notice in their discussion - there is still no reproducible technology and a lot of confusion about dimensions and terminology, etc. Why? they try to create Planck's constant from the noncommutative quaternions - and it's an interesting model but they have got it turned around. Noncommutative phase is the foundation of reality.

Life force, real neigong training, and celibacy

So as I pointed out yesteday, there are literally a handful of martial artists - of the Tai Chi tradition - who want to "battle" it out on a website that gets 25 unique hits a day on average and 1000 views a day on average - thedaobums.

Today we find one of these "fighters" who has some secret so powerful that he can't tell anyone - lest the world get overpopulated with evil masterminds! haha. And so he brags today about how the real neigong training causes him to wake up with "morning wood" so bad he has to urinate sitting down.

Now here's the deal - that's jing energy, and it's great to have jing energy. But as the traditional teaching goes - when the jing energy is full, then no food is craved, and when the qi energy is full then no lust is crave and when the shen is full then no sleep is craved.

I'm paraphrasing. But as others have detailed - when the qi builds up, the reproductive organ actually shrinks back down because the goal of building qi energy is the opposite of the goal of reproduction.

So anytime there is "wood" that means the sympathetic nervous system has been activated and yet to build up qi energy requires the parasympathetic nervous system. So any wood has to be "reversed" to shrink that wood back down.

And as I quote in the side bar - a female Chinese practitioner had asked if anyone had achieved the skill of the testicles being sucked back into the body! When the wood shrinks down then the testicles get tight - and the reason is that if you are building up qi, then you are not creating reproductive fluids!

MMA gets a 15 mn break if hit in the balls but not real traditional Kung Fu Qigong!

Anyone can translate 馬陰藏相?

It means men's reproductive organ go inside the belly, just like the horse.

I don't know if horses have this situation.

One who practices Ming goun very well can have the situation like this.

Is anyone here has this situation?

馬 horse
陰 reproductive organ
藏 hide
相 look like

But in the West we equate "power" with erection ability. haha. And so how it is described in Taoist alchemy is that starting around 11 pm at night - your serotonin is peaking and turning into melatonin - and so this is the deepest relaxation of the body that peaks at 1 a.m. - with the strongest parasympathetic vagus nerve energy. This is when you get your greatest bliss, naturally. We all need a good night's sleep of deep dreamless sleep when we don't even know that time and space exist!

Now as Taoism teaches at this extreme of yin then yang emerges. Which is a great secret - it means that the qi actually origins from the yin energy - this emptiness as the void - and so when the qi as yang emerges, if there are thoughts of lust this causes the brain to automatically trigger the sympathetic nervous system again, to create reproductive fluid.

So there are two schools of Taoist Alchemy - one is that the reproductive erection at the time of extreme yin is the sign that the jing energy is full - but again there can't be any lust thoughts - this erection has to emerge, like a baby male erection - innocently. I had a Mexican coworker male who was a new father he was projecting his lust onto his baby male's erection. I wanted to explain to him that it was a completely opposite reality that he was perceiving. But there was really no way to break through his lust to see the truth of his baby male's energy.

So the 2nd school of Taoist alchemy states that if this erection does occur - then it's already too late! that any sign of erection means the energy has been switched over the sympathetic nervous system to create reproductive fluid.

And so if morning wood does occur - instead of taking a piss sitting down, as this "fighter" explains - on thedaobums - what should be done is to hold the piss and instead do standing active exercises with the knees bent - horse stance - and Quick Fire breathing - and this will convert the sympathetic nervous system energy back into parasympathetic.

The catch-22 is that just talking about this subject then creates the blockages! So it requires someone smart enough to do this without needing to talk about it - because then everyone reading the "fighters" teaching about his bragging of getting "morning wood" - this actually goes against the real teaching. So now we all have to do extra training to make up for his blockage that his projecting onto the world as proof of his "masculine" power. haha. Such is the irony of the real Taoist alchemy training.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Buyer Beware! The fake syncretic b.s. owner of thedaobums

Drew Hempel seems to have gone off the deep end. He's even attacking the Daobums now. It feels a lot like watching a potential genius slowly descend into pure madness.
He's a smart guy, but sadly it hasn't protected him from delving into what seems to be some kind of Qigong psychosis.
Spiritual progress necessitates the ability to critically observe yourself and your motivations, and he seems to have lost that ability. He used to post interesting info from time to time, and dig up all sorts of unusual stuff, but now he's getting even more repetitive and robotic, and just lashes out at whatever seems to hurt his ego.
I think he'd really have benefited from having a teacher give him some feedback. Not the Chunyi Lin(that's the "original qigong master") money charging variety, but rather a teacher genuinely interested in his progress and spiritual welfare.
Yeah it's funny how people easily project onto others - so the above thread goes like this:
1) I am a beginner and can someone explain this to me (the Idiot's Guide) I posted.
2) the Father figure owner of the site quickly dismisses it as not worth reading.
3) His followers quick worship his word like he's Mao.
4) One person dares to say I have some interesting research but he is then treated as not-worthy on that website, so he doesn't pursue any actual discussion of content.
5) Case closed, move along, nothing to see there!
So the supposed symptom of my insanity is that I am actually "attacking" thedaobums website! haha. But the people making that claim don't even post on thedaobums website anymore and so they have not even read my posts - a lot of it in the Drumpf (censored bottom section).
Anyway so it's now claimed on thedaobums website that "the owner is well known" on the website. Oh yeah? His name is not posted anywhere - like Hi, I set up this website, and therefore it has this format, etc.
So when I did discover the owner's name - hey anyone can google it right? - but it took me a bit to figure out "which" Sean he was on thedaobums - i.e. his profile. I had confused him with "Sean Denty." Oops.
Anyway so the owner - I posted a photo he posted of his full lotus - with the comment - gee he needs to get his ankles more up on his thighs.
 I mean we are talking about opening up the small of the back - the kundabuffer - so you want those ankles up higher to get the pressure to stretch out the small of the back.
And then he says who is guru is - this Zen Western Advaita New Age teacher - one of those white dudes who takes on a fake Indian name. haha. So real big in the Law of Attraction scene - why? Because first of all he's a not fugly white male - and so the perfect guru - and secondly he says oh enlightenment is much more common than you think! Which of course everyone wants to hear. He says - don't get fixated on enlightenment!
Anyway so it is quite ironic that a website called Tao or Dao - is actually set up by a Western Zen follower - he said he tried out some Falun Gong as well but didn't like the apocalyptic UFO claims of the Falun Gong cult leader. haha. Indeed.
Then someone posted a Neigong book, published in the 1980s in NYC!! Cool. But there is not much info about it online - the teacher C.H. Chu or somebody - he has some Tai Chi teachings on youtube. Still looks like good info.
So the owner of thetaobums definitely fits into the syncretic B.S. stuff.
The claim by someone on the Lonemanpai site is that I "hate white people." Really? So I'm a self-hater? haha. No I just point out the truth that is proven by science - white skin is from malnutrition from wheat monocultural farming - lack of vitamin D in the diet. And wheat monocultural farming, spread around the world, with plow-based bull-cow farming, has spread as ecological imperialism, as Professor Alfred Crosby details.
So now I don't "hate white people." But for example when right wingers claim that to be antiracist means to be anti-white - I say sure! Why not? White skin is from malnutrition! But to be against white skin is not necessarily to be against white people. I am just being honest again about what caused white skin.
So there is good reason to be against thedaobums website, just as I posted a blog post against the lonemanpai website. haha.
Still they can read my research and feel free to ask me questions.
People treat qigong as a commodity fetish and therefore I am just a product that they are considering buying or not! haha.
 Thedaobums website gets on average only 25 unique hits per day and then gets an average of 1000 views per day! Do the math - that means a few people are completely obsessed with the website.
I'm sure it's the same with Lonemanpai.
That's why I posted my Idiot's Guide article on youtube video comments to spread it around.
The Lonemanpai reader says - you can understand the images in my article but the text is hard to follow.
Yep it might take some time to decipher the text - but I think anyone who wants to apply themselves can just compare the images with the text and start to figure things out. They might have to look up a lot of words in the dictionary and have a steep learning curve.
Or they could just dismiss me as insane. haha. 

The claim that I have "poor social interaction" is quite ironic - on the internet?

I organized political activist coalitions during 20s - so I would get together many different groups of people, hold conferences, etc. That's the epitome of social skills.

I was elected to be a "prince" on the Homecoming Court in high school - (thankfully I didn't make King as I would have dreaded that). Again that is the epitome of social skills.

So it's not that I have "poor social interaction" it's just that I disagree with Western industrial society based on structural reasons. I think that a proper analysis of Taoism reveals the error of Western civilization - from the structural perspective of math and logic and music theory.

I returned to thedaobums with a first post about Eddie Oshins, a quantum physicist who corroborated my discovery. He too was dismissed as insane. haha. But the other professors kept funding his research at Stanford and he coined the term "quantum psychology." He was against the New Age commodity fetish lies about his research but there was nothing he could do about it.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

A structural expose of thedaobums website

So we have the analogy of a debate between Mozart and a beginner and the deciding factor is civility.
Then we have repeated reference to "eclectic."
If the Admins "own" the site - doesn't that mean someone is making a profit of all our energy?
And so who are the owners? Is it Trunk and Sean? Is this site a source of income for them then?
And so the definition of civility is somewhat sketchy.
My argument is this site is defined by the lowest common denominator: Sex sells or more specifically ejaculation sells.
So based on that argument I have proposed that ideally a Taoist forum would be based on complementary opposites.
The teacher I took classes from said that for advanced level training you need to "go on retreat" or train in Nature.
Now from his example when he went on retreat - he trained at Shaolin for 3 months - all males - and then he did 49 days of cave meditation - and said that his teacher would check up on him with his third eye. So I presume he was alone in the cave.
Alright - so speaking of Mozart and eclectic - I memorized a Mozart Sonata that I performed while in high school but I also composed my own music piece that I also performed in the recital.
It was titled: Eclectic Soup.
So I understand intimately both Mozart and eclectic.
I mean when I listen to Mozart I know the tricks he uses - harmonically.
Sure he was a genius at his trade as he was raised a musician and that is all he did - and, of course, he is famous for his Freemason message.
As far as eclectic and egalitarian - now this is the great "bait and switch" of the West - that the ideal of equality as the "civil" democracy - is actually "over seen" by a "secret" core of elites.
My point is that when I composed the music, "Eclectic Soup" which I did was maximize the harmonic potential of Western emotions in terms of tuning - and so we think today in terms of Jazz and Avant-garde and computer music, etc.
But the great bait and switch of the West is that in fact that supposed egalitarian eclectic harmony of equalized or "equal-tempered" tuning - that Mozart utilized so well - is actually not at all eclectic - it is based on geometric mean as a logarithmic scale.
We may think of this as an analogy but in fact it is the basis for Western mathematics which then structures society as a whole and so we have this ideal of equality but information in our culture is controlled by corporate ownership, which is in turn based on advertising that is 100% tax deductible - a write off - and the lawyers are also a 100% tax deduction.
So then the irony of this website is that most of the energy of the site is down in the doldrums - in the Drumpf thread - where people get emotionally very heated - because they debate liberalism as socialism being evil communists or terrorists versus some mythical free market that leads to fascism, etc.
That whole debate is still a fake paradigm of Western mind control that ignores the fundamental reality of complementary opposites.
So it's o.k. to post "soft porn" images on this site with absolutely no condemnation by the mods - like a snatch shot of an Egyptian Goddess - or a S/M "tight" leather frontal open idealist Taoist Nun. Oh that's all good fun - because the purpose of the site again is that "sex sells" or more precisely ejaculation sells - and so it is crucial to maintain that steady stream of right-brain emotional tantric commodity fetish advertising.
And so then the opposite ideology reigns supreme - that if you try to be celibate you're going to go insane (or at least it is very dangerous) and so it's best to shack up or get married, etc. and this is, of course, the "commodity unit."
The "commodity unit" is a kind of irrational magnitude of tantric technology - whereas to be celibate obviously means to repress our true freedom of eclectic egalitarian equality! haha.
So the mind control is quite deep - and this is inherent to the dependent on left-brain dominance for typing and writing, etc.
To push left-brain logic to its extreme then empties out the conceptual mind but it also requires an exorcism which then causes an opposite extreme of posting right-brain dominant soft porn images.
And so when I post images that are the result of the Western industrial "civilization" - like depleted uranium defects in babies from weapons constructed by the Liberal Elite headquarters of Massachusetts and Minnesota - or if I post the Agent Orange defect babies from a genocidal attack by the U.S. against nonwestern peasants - with Agent Orange made by Monsanto, turned into an agricultural genetic engineering corporation that has "captured" the federal regulatory agencies - and so gets promoted abroad as part of U.S. imperialism, etc.
These images are taboo on thedaobums because apparently - as I was told, since I posted them that means, I delight or like or enjoy such natural outcomes of civility.
Just as Roman civitas - civilization - polluted its drinking water with its own excrement and so had to build aqueducts - so too is Western civility a scam.
For civilization to thrive it needs to inherently have a dialectic opposite - I call this the Chimp Crackdown.
If people are starting to build up their energy while posting on this forum then they need to be slapped down into the place of "civility." haha. This is best down by posting soft-porn images that are embraced by the mods as great humor, etc.
In fact humor is often just a lower body activation to drop someone's defenses - if you can get someone to relax then their energy defenses are now gone - and their energy can then be taken.
This whole idea that there has to be a victim and then dialectically - this victim is really just oppressing everyone because the victim is blaming other people - and so the other people then blame the concept of victimhood is really what Gregory Bateson calls a "double bind."
Western logic being dualistic does not realize that time is asymmetric as complementary opposites.
And so in dialectics this is called "indeterminate reflection" or the French call it "little death" - meaning that at orgasm the conceptual mind empties out into the void or the two extremes turn into their opposites and in that moment of the extreme opposite reflecting back and realizing it has become the exact thing it was opposing - a "shock" or "little death" of the conceptual mind is experienced.
In the West this is done as a tantric S/M positive feedback or amplification of tension - it is even called a "strategy of tension" - so just as Chimps do, their are things done in secret and other parties are blamed - and everything becomes conspiratorial.
The origin of conspiracy means to breath together in secret - it was a church ritual that also involved kissing and helped to tie the community to the land. But because the West lacks real tantric training - as the Tai Chi - so then the kissing turned into a handshake.
Now what is a handshake but actually the way two male baboons great each other - they pull each others reproductive organs. And for chimps with ejaculation addiction - wearing their brightly colored ties as their business suit of Missile Envy - this closeted homosexual dynamic turns into a positive feedback of S/M imperial ejaculation.
It's not the real Taoist training that originated in the original human culture that biologically we are all from as modern humans.
So we are dealing with the Kundabuffer - it's a subconscious blockage of the lower back - that Gurdjieff revealed the West is controlled by.
People think they can "own" a website just as people think they can "own" Nature - by psychologically the male ejaculation addiction reaches limitations quite easily. Stanley Kubrick's film, "The Shining" was about this - All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy - is really about time as a spiral and so Redrum is really about Lacanian mirroring of the Self back into our indigenous shamanic spirit ties to the land. The Overlook is really about formless awareness that has the future and the past embedded into it.
For the mods - thedaobums is for "fun" - and so discussing politics in the ID of the website - is then ruining the "enjoyment" of the website. haha. But this dichotomy of fun and work is a false one based on the left brain repression of the libido without the proper sublimation and purification.
So when the ID is threatened the first thing to do is "dehumanize" the poster as the Other - because with repression there is then subconscious projection as oppression - and so the male who can not control his lower body to open up the pineal gland - is forced to try to ignore the information being presented.
One tactic is to ignore, a second tactic is to discuss people in the third person, a third tactic is to answer other people's questions to that "third person" with false information, a fourth tactic is to resort to ad hominem attacks, and then the fifth tactic is to go for censorship.
And so this is how "civilization" treats the world as a whole - in the last 40 years we have wiped out more life forms on the planet and created more carbon dioxide that threatens even more life - as much as the first 200 years of industrial civilization and those 200 years as much as the previous 2000 years.
So there were some 12000 languages on Earth - each adapted to their own ecological niches - but amazingly all human cultures use the 1-4-5 or Emptiness, Yang, Yin music ratios.
This is not the same as Mozart versus a beginner - real Daoism is a totally different tuning system that is more simple, yet more radical and it goes beyond the Eclectic Soup that is still contained geometrically - as civilization.
So the Westernization of Taoism (trademarked!) is much like the Westernization of Buddhism, which in turn was from Vedic Brahmin philosophy that was the root of Western civilization itself.
Some people on this forum are very open about this "agenda" to be "civilized." haha.
So in contrast traditional Asian culture - including the Berbers from West Asian matrifocal gardening - relied on humanure composting and stink pails to scare away evil spirits!
In that culture the females control the land - just as with the original human culture.
And so maybe they are not "civilized" but they know how to properly cycle their emotions and the elements - for example the males and females can not even talk to each other before they get married. haha.
In the 1980s China it was considered not proper for the female to initiate conversation with a male in public. Now maybe this is considered not civilized and not egalitarian - and that is a good debate - but if we look at say Taoist culture during the Tang Dynasty it's quite possible that the Confucian-Buddhist elements had not become dominate yet. In other words just because a culture is based on complementary opposites, does not mean it is uncivilized and so oppressive, etc.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Someone investigates and challenges my Breatharian Bigu claim

"dark protons" aren't necessary - that is just a quirky physicist commenting on the spin having reverse entropy from entanglement. So the proton is delocalized by the electromagnetic force that the water captures. It is the entanglement that is superconducting as a chain of delocalized protons via the imaginary mass of light. So the "dark" actually means the imaginary mass of the light.
As mentioned before, needs an external magnetic field.
Right - the external magnetic field is provided by the jing energy of the compressed water and neurohormones into the collagen. So when standing with knees bent - 90% of the collagen is vertically oriented - and so this resonates the piezoelectric energy of the collagen as a standing wave with Earth's Schumann resonance - 7 to 9 beats per second. Also the right hand yin, upper body yang and left hand yang, lower body yin builds more energy as an alternating current.
As Dr. Mae-Wan Ho points out - there is a negative energy potential created from the water separating - so the protons store up charge and the energy needed to delocalize the protons is only 20% of the energy needed to split ionic bonds!
This requires light to penetrate through the skin and, unlike a glass of water, we are not transparent.
You are assuming a classical physics foundation of reality. Biophoton research has already proven that not only do our eyes emit biophotons but also DNA relies on biophotons for signalling. So in fact, as Dr. Mae-Wan Ho proved with her microscope polarized research - there is a liquid crystal effect of the molecules in our body being coordinated by biophotons. But since this is all coherent it means that there is also a delocalized or nonlocal phase information or quantum potential and this is because the water "captures" the light when water is stored in the collagen.
So the water "captures" the light as a standing wave into noncommutative phase - meaning that the same wavelength of light has a pilot wave that is superluminal - or faster than the group wave of the light - and so the light has imaginary mass as virtual phonons or reverse entropy information along with the virtual photons.
Since the protons have negative energy potential this then captures the virtual information energy as Yuan Qi energy.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

What are the chances? EcoEcho poetics at Qingchengshan

So this googlebook link is an essay by an academic on EcoEcho Taoist alchemy meditation at QingChenshan

A Taoist priest nun Wang at Qing Cheng Shan (mountain) meditated and heard the trees crying - and so she pulled the nails for tourist signs out of the trees.

And so the teacher I trained with, also trained at Qingchengshan and the academic used the same name as this blog. haha. Hilarious!

Speaking of chances - another academic has some Pythagorean eco-design resonance principle based on statistics and thermodynamics. I won't bother getting the link - as he didn't discover the noncommutative secret yet of Pythagorean harmonics.

But essentially he states that the natural harmonics are divergent yet in fact map the statistical entropy of the universe - something along those lines. It was an interesting connection similar to what I had made about the Golden Theorem in probably - back in my "natural resonance revolution" books around 2007.

Meanwhile I got my post-hole digger with the stainless steel extensions - so now I can "excavate" below the "ground water" - as in my forest-agricultural zone I can do that without a permit! Whereas if I "drilled a well" then definitely I would need a permit. haha.

So I'm very curious to see how deep I need to "excavate" my "pit" with my post-hole digger. I already dug 5 feet down with a pick axe but that water hole dried up as the trees drank it all up! And so with the extensions I got - with the post hole digger - I can go down another 12 feet - so 17 feet deep "pit" that I can "excavate"!

Now I ordered that product direct from the manufacturer in Indiana - but it was very pricey - each extension was something like $40. But I should be able to buy more extensions if I just buy plumbing steel pipe along with couplers at one of the big box warehouse home construction chain stores. So that might bring the cost down to $25 per extension or maybe even less.

I looked up the wells nearby the land up north on the nifty MN Well Index map - you can just zoom in on the map and keep clicking until it shows the wells nearby and then click on the wells. It doesn't actually say how deep the groundwater level is though!! But it does say how deep the wells were dug. One is only 45 feet deep - and so I figure they must have hit water much higher. I would think they account for drawing the water down?

Anyway as I excavate the clay out of the pit - then I will have my $20 dome tent dug into the ground so it is only 30 inches or less high - probably much less I guess. Then I will mix the excavated clay with sand-grit and also straw - and the mold the cob onto the dome tent. Hopefully the tent can handle a thin layer of cob.

Then when that dries it should be more self-reinforcing due to tensegrity of the dome structure - and the cob material is much stronger. Then I will cover it with probably another layer for strength. Then I'll harvest as much straw as possible for insulation - try to get like 3 feet of straw to cover the dome. Then put another layer or two of cob over that.

So that will be good use of the excavated clay and my cob hovel hole in the ground habit-trail house.

It all has to be below 30 inches high to keep the permit people off my back. So I have to dig down quite a bit - but that will further insulate from the cold weather.

Anyway that's the plan. Then I will put in the duct-vent Chinese Burner heating-cooking system. It will be just one duct pipe to heat the ground - so that is why I need to rely on insulation. I'll use the Army half-shell pup tent as my kitchen with the Chinese Burner gasification stove down deep in the ground. So I can stand in the cooking tent and then a stove pipe will go up for the chimney effect to pull the exhaust-heat-smoke up and through the ground of the dome tent.

So that pipe will take another 90 degree turn to go through the Foyer - the igloo type little A-frame from the pallets - so that will be a kind of heated entrance that anyone will have to crawl through. I can store stuff in that entrance but also have some insulation against the direct cold into the dome hovel.

 And then the duct pipe goes into the excavated pit itself to keep that somewhat heated. I guess the exhaust will have to take another 90 degree turn and go up and out of the pit itself.

Of course harvesting water with an exhaust pipe hovering over the pit is a bit of a hassle but also crawling into the entrance will be a hassle. haha. Just living in a clay-dirt hovel in the sub-freezing winter temps will be not just a hassle but quite dangerous! haha.

So I figure 6 inches of clay over the duct pipe - and since a 6 inch duct pipe kicks out 4 times more heat then the 3 inch duct pipe I have - the whole scenario is very sketchy. I know that mass rocket heaters - I think they have at least a foot of clay for the mass to heat up - but more like 18 inches I think.

If it doesn't work I can always just listen to the trees screaming or not screaming, depending on their moods.