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Sunday, July 2, 2017

A story of synchronicities: EcoEcho style

So I went to this talk at a biological museum at the University - this was 20 years ago. The talk was on the need to protect the rainforest - someone had been to the Amazon. At the end I asked if he knew it was international day against McDonald's destroying the Amazon. He said he didn't. As I was leaving, a young man ran up to me to ask me about what I had said. We went to a local cafe for a chat. In our talk he offered for me to move into his house where he rented a room with other students - mainly international students, as I needed a place to move to.
So after I moved in, then this young female entered the house and I thought she was very pretty. We ended up meeting and she shared how she was indigenous, from the Andes. I happened to have a video documentary on VHS - of the Kogi - and she was shocked as her tribe was related to the Kogi but she knew the Kogi were very secretive. At this time I began practicing Yan Xin qigong with the Chinese immigrant community at the University and my new friend told me she had meditated with a Chinese qigong master named Chunyi Lin - just him and a philosophy professor at the local community college.
I didn't think much of it until in my "spiritual healing" class for my "liberal studies" master's degree Chunyi Lin was invited to do a presentation so I sat right up front. I had studied up on qigong and as soon as I saw him, I knew he was the real deal. Meanwhile I fell in love with my friend and we traveled back to her country together but we remained just friends. But in the Andes my heart was very hot from my love feeling and I could not sleep. So I sang softly in the middle of the night and suddenly I had this vision I could not stop - my whole life flashed before me in a review. But it was not linear - instead revealed to me were secret connections from years apart - where subtle energy blockages had been resolved, years later - and I had not realized how my whole life had been synchronized through spirit light.
After I did the intensive qigong training with Chunyi Lin I began having precognitive visions a lot. The skeptic materialists say that statistically we are bound to have "coincidences" in our dreams - but when reality is exactly matched - and the vision or dream is more real than being awake - we realize that our waking self is a type of dream as well, and even time itself is a type of dream. When I was living in a house of my friend from the Andes - she had invited me to move to a house she newly acquired - with other international students - and then I was looking at this photocopy of a newspaper photo. It was of my environmental activist friends with Native indigenous activists, standing on the roof of a house, holding a banner, to protect a forest. Suddenly I got this uncanny sensation and I drove to my parents to look up my old journal. Sure enough in 1995 I had a dream that was more real than being awake - before I had even practiced qigong but after I had met qigong master Effie P. Chow and experienced her energy. At 2:30 a.m. I wrote the dream down and said it was more real than being awake and I thought the dream would come true. I had long forgotten the dream but three years later it had come true exactly.


I want to share something new I just learned from reading "The Holy Science" by Sri Yukteswar. It states there are 5 types of electricity, in the aura of the soul, each for a different one of the senses.

So in Taoist Alchemy the yin shen of each of the five organs needs to be transformed into yang shen via the yin qi transforming into yuan qi.

The book the Holy Science states that Brahman is a magnetic energy that is permanent - this is the Yuan Qi in my view - as black hole information energy storage - in physics called "magnetic moment" between proton (yang qi) and electron (yin qi).


Do you know what the "O at a D" is? haha.

Tantra is limited to the "lower realm of form" as Bill bodri and Master Nan, Huai-chin detail.

I know this personal experience.

I didn't actually share a technique from the "Yoga and Taoist Alchemy" book.

The book first of all is "Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality."

Second it's based on the Huiming Jing which states that the number 1 error in training is males thinking they don't have to be celibate.

Third - you're goal is to "retain semen"? It's like titling a thread:  Shooting myself in the foot - 100 days out!

Hilarious. The goal is to build up qi.

Qi is made from yin qi which is made from yin jing.

Yin jing normally turns into reproductive fluid.

The goal is NOT to "retain" reproductive fluid.

Shaolin monks suck in their testicles - why? because their testicles no longer create semen.

So if you just have the thought "I'm going to retain semen" - game over. You just lost the training.

You're going the wrong way! haha.

Maybe Glenn Morris taught that? But he was just kind of experimenting - discovered kundalini on his own, and so he didn't come a lineage of thousands of years of training as Master Nan, Huai-chin did, who was a best-seller in China and a professor, etc. and considered a Living Buddha, etc.

So you "disagree" - but you have created a false framework of argument.

You have created a false dualistic framework.

The truth of the training is that only the spiritual exists. What we think of as "mundane" is just a false attempt to contain infinity through materialism.

The fact the modern Westernized humans do not have celibacy training to create qi energy for males - at puberty - is the original sin of humans. haha. It turns humans into chimps.

Do you sit in full lotus? That is a good start at least.

Sorry to just jump into your thread - but if you want to "disagree" with me - I'm just interested in science.

You seem to want to talk morality  - but physiology is what it is.

Most people are stuck at either a number 1 level or number 2 level - which means their shen is low frequency so their qi intention is stuck in their lower bodies.

They don't know how to make qi - their goal is not to make qi.

Retaining Semen is definitely not the goal of making qi.

First you need to sublimate the yin jing. Not the reproductive fluid.

So actual celibacy, as Master Nan, Huai-chin means first celibacy of the mind and then celibacy of the body.

Actually this is taught in real Christianity as well - Paul states that having the thoughts is the same as doing the act.

I learned that in middle school, as I went to a Christian private school. I remember being shocked when I first heard that in middle school. So I really thought about it.

Think about it - who we are disappears every night - so where is this mundane and spiritual dichotomy? The truth of reality is the Emptiness - and the spiritual is just a path to the Emptiness. But the mundane is the lie.

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