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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Green and Black - Deep Ecology anarchism

So I did a 3 hour burn of the last of my buckthorn trees that I had cleared out. This pit is about 10 feet long and 2 1/2 feet deep. So the biochar is about 1 foot depth. This biochar will filter out the clay and arsenic out of the clay from my drinking water hole that I just dug up on my land.

This looks like MaryJane but in fact it is stinging nettles that I just harvested this morning. So I will dry this out on the lawn - minus the plastic tarp.

So you can see from this image - the approximate length and the other image the height of this stinging nettles haul. Greens are very pricey - especially organic dried stinging nettles. It's a great source of magnesium, protein, calcium, iron, and neurotransmitters that are healing. So I can make another couple hauls of those and have a supply that will last a long time once it's dried out.

Last year I harvested it in paper grocery bags and did probably six trips to the field where it grows - and then dried it in the oven. This year I'm planning to due just a few trips with a bigger haul from the tarp and then dry it outside. But my supply last year enabled me to have a big free helping of greens all winter.

There is quite the Green-Black anarchist scene online. haha.

I am not apart of it - except for communicating with Guy McPherson who also links to the Green/Black anarchist websites and is friends with some of their activists.

I actually posted a critique of John Zerzan back almost 20 years ago - online when I was leaving the left anarchist scene. The Taoist-Pythagorean philosophy is much more radical and a deeper critique based on the complementary opposites resonance or "noncommutative phase." It took me many years just to figure out the secrets and logic of the training - but I am very happy that I did.

But I did attend the Earth First! conference when it was in Wisconsin back around 1994 and I was also the "local contact" in the Earth First! Journal - which got my phone tapped by the FBI. haha. At least I could hear the clicking and I know I had a big FBI file as part of the Madison UW-Greens activist scene back in the early 1990s.

But when my Earth First! activist friends all got cell phones in 1998 to help out their "warrior" mentality - then I knew that not enough radical thinking was being done, as I knew that the cell phones would fry people's brains from the microwaves and also that the military would track the cell phones. In fact in 2004 at the RNC, my activist friends were "pre-arrested" for planning protests - just like the critique of the "dictator" Putin arresting people just for protesting. I rode my old 3 speed bicycle out of Minneapolis and when I went past the police station, the cops literally yelled at me from across the street - just for being on my bicycle! that was the attitude during the RNC - straight up fascism out in plain sight.

My view since that time of 2004 and then when I saw the environmental nonprofit scene taken over by the corporate Democrat-fascists - was that Mother Nature would take revenge and humans don't have to do anything to "save the planet." haha. Mother Nature will puke up modern civilization through nuclear apocalypse and global warming. And indeed that is precisely what Guy Mcpherson now says - it's just that I was saying that back in 2006.

Last year we had "half" a winter in Minnesota - and people even then rarely talked about global warming. So the denial is very deep still. But the news keeps coming in that the Arctic ice is not lower and less than ever before - in all recorded history. Which means me moving up north, a half hour from the biggest fresh water lake in the world (more or less) and with fresh water just five feet down on my land - at least I have some survivalist supplies. So - as Guy McPHerson states, when civilization collapses a lot of people are going to be without water as they are dependent on electrical pumps.

I'm not a survivalist but I like to be alive as much as anybody and also I plan to be literally close to the Earth to create a standing resonance wave with the electrical energy of the Earth from the Schumann field. So call it Mother Earth worship if you want but it's still based on the Moon and Sun resonance as well - and the Sun religions include Buddha, Jesus, Allah, Judah, Krishna, etc. as Acharya S. so brilliantly detailed in her Suns of God book, and her Christ in Egypt book. I discovered that a private company had done an investigate report on me as one of 12 possible "eco-terrorists" - what was my suspicious behavior? I was practicing my bill of rights! I was called a "Multi-sector activist" who routinely published articles and attending protests and organized meetings, etc. - i.e. free speech and freedom of assembly is terrorism. haha. Hilarious!

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