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- Chuang Tzu, 300 BCE

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Quantum Nonlocality is from eternal asymmetric time as the 5th dimension, or noncommutative phase as the Tai Chi secret (the three gunas).

Monday, May 29, 2017

Holographic Time and Black Holes as Harmonic Oscillators

Andrew Strominger from University of Harvard, awardee of this years’s Dirac medal

So this dude, I discovered from Morgan Freeman's Through the Wormhole show - he believes that the future is already here - holographically - and this must be real since I've had a lot of precognition - very detailed - even 3 years in advance.

So Strominger gives great talk about black holes that actually are 2D information holographic storage - and so all of spacetime and energymass can be seen to get sucked into the black hole.

At that point - there is potential mass or imaginary mass that stores the information of the energy, but inside the black hole as an entangled storage with the energy outside that it sent off into a logarithmic singularity as infinity of spacetime.

 So his talk here on Harmonic Oscillators as black holes

cool - now he is string theorist which does not have any experimental proof yet but mathematically works, stating all of reality is this 2D holograph of information.

Here is his talk on Time

So I knew Jack Sarfatti believed that the edge of the Universe is our future already - from the past - but I thought his view was considered "crank" - but no!! Strominger works with Stephen Hawking on black hole physics - publishes with him. So it is fantastic he also thinks the future already exists.

It is quite amazing to me that my nonwestern training is now being corroborated by science!!!!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Why Xenaxis was wrong about music math analysis

Wow - thanks so much Dr. Beaulieu! Xenaxis states, "I believe this to be a sign of Aristoxenos' wisdom; the ratio 3/4 could in fact be a mean value." p. 185. That is an amazing admission! Because in fact, as I've stated - it is this cover up of 2/3 subharmonic Perfect Fifth, doubled to 4/3 as the Perfect Fourth, that concealed the "noncommutative phase" that in fact is quantum and nonlocal as the infinite spiral of fifths (and the secret of the Tai Chi and the three gunas of India, etc).

Thank you for your astounding article as you have made this same connection between the quantum and spiral of fifths, and as I stated, math professor Alain Connes makes this explicit - and he is a "top" mathematician, with a Fields Medal. haha. But you are right - it is quite amazing, I remember your story about John Cage and your listening to your nerves. Turns out it's now proven that the highest pitch we hear externally - when listened to - resonates into ultrasound internally. This was discovered in tinnitus research - ultrasound beam focused on the brain demodulates to the highest pitch heard externally - but the reverse is true as the research states, it's easier to just use that highest pitch externally to resonate the brain as a whole. And the "Hypersonic Effect" research documented the natural harmonics of ultrasound then increase alpha brain waves as increased serotonin.

I actually performed John Cage in my senior high school piano recital with "prepared piano." My piano teacher married her University professor who had retired early as a local Twin Cities conductor and composer - and so then he taught me orchestration, ear training, music theory, sight reading and composition, privately. Then when I graduated, he gave me a copy of the Tao Te Ching and Gregory Bateson's book "Mind and Nature." My first year of college I took as my first physics course quantum mechanics. haha. So all those influences really made me ponder the deeper meaning of sound and resonance.
Actually it was after I had memorized Bach's Italian Concerto in high school - when I was at UW-Madison I was part of a paid science drug test and the nurse had to give me an EEG before I could be a part of the study. She exclaimed in shock at how strong my alpha waves were! This got me thinking about what could have caused that and I realized all my music training had altered my brain waves and then discovered the Mozart Effect is based on the slow middle movements of Baroque. The middle movement of Bach was always my favorite - one beat per second. I'm sure that is what did it as my piano teacher was shocked at how fast I memorized Bach - and so I'm sure I had gone into a trance for better visualization skills.
I discuss the Lyre as the Liar - in my "Alchemy of Rainbow Heart Music" pdf - free online. I mean - research shows how the lyre was used for right-brain memorization of vast information, by singing. Similarly dementia patients become lucid after hearing their favorite music. So now it's proven that left brain dominance will lie about the right brain truth perceptions (when the corpus callosum is cut) and also the left brain dominance cuts us off from our lower body emotional neurohormones. The right brain vagus nerve connects to the left brain but not vice versa! Pretty fascinating - since the left vagus nerve goes down to the heart, but the right side vagus nerve goes up from the reproductive organs.

Your Perfect Fifth article gives me better insight into the Pythagorean Logos meaning "creative fire" as alchemy - that I had cited in my master's thesis back in 2000. In Taoist Alchemy - you put the fire under the water - to build up the air as qi energy and so having the elements as part of the scale of Perfect Fifths, with the fire on top - fits with the alchemy training. But since fire is spirit - that is what guides the energy - and so you then have fire at the center as the heart. Alchemically originally the heart was also the earth organ - but as you state it is the fifth element that transcends the four - and this is the formless awareness. So your article is excellent!
I'm listening to your modal music as I type. There are tons of youtube vids on music meditation - and so I read the comments as people ask questions, but the people posting the vids often don't answer the questions. haha. So then I post my pdf as an answer as people looking to open their third eye from music binaural beats, etc.
And your nitric oxide paper was cited 37 times and so I looked over the other citations as well. What fascinates me about your research is stating that the sound can bypass the amgydala-limbic brain, and so my guess is since the vagus nerve is so close to the inner ear, this directly affects the autonomic nervous system, without the subconscious inhibitions, as anyone who gets immediate chills from music would realize. Also I think this is, as Dr. Mae-Wan Ho emphasized, due to phase stereophonic perception being faster than quantum time-frequency uncertainty. So that nonlinear amplification as listening - then creates nonlocal quantum synchronization as nonlocal consciousness. There is new research showing that when listening is faster than Fourier Uncertainty - this listening changes the "home" tone into a perfect fifth difference! So that is another quantum connection, as that study states. I should contact those authors about the noncommutative phase as Perfect Fifth!
In the Taoist alchemy training - the left ear is Yuan Qi. Why? Because the left ear activates the right side vagus nerve that is unmyelinated, and sublimates the lower neurohormones (the reproductive neurohormones) to the right side of the heart - for the deep "freeze" (samadhi, trance) theta brain waves, waking REM state. This is what Ramana Maharshi taught as well - the right side of the heart is the secret "pin hole" to formless awareness of the Universe (beyond death) - and the original human culture, the Bushmen San - they literally transcend physical death of their hearts stopping (as did Ramana Maharshi and my own teacher, Chunyi Lin). So the Yuan Qi originates fromm the right side of the heart and the yuan qi is also the formless awareness of the Universe.
That is why Ramana Maharshi said Mouna Samadhi is the highest level of samadhi - "silence" samadhi - you can't see the formless awareness but can listen to it.
I sit in full lotus as I listen to the music. Thanks.
Also your description of Kepler's music of the sphere analysis was the most straightforward I've read - simple and clear. Thanks!
Listening to your Debussy improvisation - I heard Suite Bergamasque that I used to perform. haha. Just a hint of it.
That's great - have you heard Dr. Bradford Keeney? He was a psychologist professor but studied shamanism world wide since as a religious jazz pianist he had this kundalini enlightenment experience, as a young college student. So now he focuses on the Bushmen healing - He does Jazz improv healing sessions.
his music healing blog with some fascinating articles.
Have fun at your presentations.
Thanks again,

Dear Dr. Marcin Majka: Thank you for your follow up study on human hearing beating Fourier Uncertainty. I found the Perfect Fifth shift in home tone to be fascinating. (I did the test as well so could hear this shift).

Did you realize that in fact the Perfect Fifth is from noncommutative phase that is nonlocal? Math professor Alain Connes states this empirical truth of music harmonics means, as (2, 3, infinity) it is a "universal scaling system" that unifies quantum and general relativity. So math professor Luigi Borzacchini in his 2007 published article on incommensurabilty, the continuum and music theory - states that the concealment of music theory as the origin of Western math is "really astonishing" and "shocking" and that the subsequent symmetric math created as irrational magnitude is a "deep pre-established disharmony" that is the "evolutive principle" guiding Western science.
So for Archtyas, the collaborator of Plato, the Perfect Fifth as subharmonic 2/3, C to F had to be concealed, as the empirical truth - instead doubled to 4/3 C to F as Perfect Fourth. Why? Because Archytas was relying on the equation (arithmetic mean x harmonic mean = geometric mean squared) to create irrational magnitude as alogon. Therefore the truth of noncommutative phase that is quantum entanglement - in two places at the same time - this got covered up. In other words 2/3 as C to F subharmonic Perfect Fifth is also 3/2 as C to G overtone harmonic Perfect Fifth - the home tone shifts - but the phase is noncommutative as eternal resonance of time-frequency energy.
As you state, this Perfect Fifth bypassing time-frequency uncertainty reveals the quantum connection. Did you know that it's now proven that ultrasound resonates the microtubules of the brain as a whole to access quantum consciousness? So ultrasound demodulates as the highest pitch heard externally but the reverse works as well. If you listen to the highest frequency heard externally it resonates the whole brain as ultrasound, thereby resonating quantum proto-consciousness of the Universe as well. This is based on solid research from Stuart Hameroff and his colleagues.
This was known in nonwestern alchemy training - in China it is called the infinite spiral of fifths as the secret of Taoism, again as complementary opposites. Yang is Perfect Fifth and yin is perfect fourth. In India this is the secret of the "three gunas" the foundation of yoga training - the Octave is sattva, Perfect fifth is raga and Perfect Fourth is tamas. Again this is explained as noncommutative phase as complementary opposites that are nonlocal consciousness.

I have more details - I did my master's degree on "sound-current nondualism" in 2000 at U of MN but I still had the math wrong. So then I had to keep studying to figure out this cover up of noncommutative phase - but this secret was first rediscovered when Louis de Broglie analyzed Einstein's relativity, realizing that if time slows down as frequency increases to the speed of light, this violates the principle of Pythagoras that time is inverse to frequency. So then he deduced there are two time clocks, with Phase Harmony as a superluminal signal from the future.
This is now being accepted again, by some quantum physicists - for example when time is "zero" then there is quantum entanglement but since time-frequency is noncommutative then it is never zero. So there is a 5th dimension that is time-like as phase  and this phase shift is zero energy but eternal time. It was just proven experimentally - the time ring or time crystal has zero energy but has quantum spin as noncommutative phase! Of course left-brain dominance as language-based observation can not be time-frequency uncertainty - but stereophonic phase is quantum synchronized. So your Perfect Fifth discover has corroboration in the math.
thanks and please reply with any comments, etc.
I have my blog with more details - with my links to free articles, books, etc.

 Read former M.I.T. history professor on the elite control of science - David F. Noble, "The Religion of Technology" (1996) and "American by Design" - he got fired from M.I.T., as he proved in a lawsuit, for political reasons. He goes into the history of science in detail. He refused to use email also and was then professor in Canada at York U.

The standard ecology textbook by Odum was funded by the nuclear power industry! Ecology was ignored pretty much as a science until DNA was discovered, thereby ushering in patents, that Noble goes into in detail. So ecology is now taken over by Monsanto, Cargill, and other big business that has "captured" the EPA, FDA, USDA, USAID (CIA), etc.

I would like to hear Guy McPherson talk about this more in detail. I quoted an administrator at U of MN telling Monsanto - "for enough money will give you tomatoes as big as basketballs." For example my alma mater, U of MN, each year the Regents/President affirm an agreement with the federal government to promote agricultural exports as the former "Food for Peace" imperialism program - by wiping out local farmers, dumping oil-subsided grains, then those countries become dependent on U.S. "aid" as a tool in the cold war.

For example Somalian farmers controlled Mogadishu politically, until Cargill dumped grain at 1/6th the local price, wiping out the local farm prices, and Cargill, based in Minnesota, sponsors public t.v. and is promoted by our corporate newspaper Startribune. Cargill is the largest private corporation in the world but receives a huge amount of U.S. welfare - I exposed this in an op-ed
Cargill put in illegal soy storage elevators in the Amazon rainforest - and so supply side economics is how USAID and World Bank words - build the infrastructure and anyone burning the rainforest can get free money by selling soybeans to Cargill. Soybeans were even used as currency in the Amazon! Startribune did not even report that a Brazilian judge had ruled the soybean elevators illegal and Cargill did not care anyway as they had already put the elevators in.

These big business now control science - through the Universities, ever since it was made tax-deductible to "fund" science - I exposed 300 businesses at U of MN controlling research - Lawrence Soley got fired from U of MN after he had his research published on corporate control of Universities. But this goes back to their founding - for example Pillsbury took over the U of MN soon after its founding - Pillsbury was in Skull and Bones at Yale.

I remember studying conservation biology for a University semester in Costa Rica - School for Field Studies, 1992 - and the Tico (Costa Rican) economics professor (as part of our sustainability focus) said the best thing we could have done for ecology was not to fly to Costa Rica - not to use the fuel. Then a USAID speaker talked - I pointed out to him that USAID gives subsidies to promote export crops using monocultural pesticide, fertilizers, etc. He had no answer. The protected forest nearby was being hunted by the locals as they shared with me - obviously they are desperate for food - and so now Costa Rica pays locals to protect the forest more. But even Costa Rica considered a model, has serious problems.

So David F. Noble's last book goes back to the origins of Western civilization in the Levant and West Asia - on the "myth of progress" - the Promised Land is his book title. Excellent work. Noble was not afraid to be honest about civilization and science - he even exposed the Freemason origins of science and the misogyny of science out of Benedictine monks that Noble traced back to NeoPlatonic philosophy out of the 9th century. I traced this back to Plato and Archytas - mathematicians know this - a few - standard Western math is wrong, from the wrong music theory. It is actually quite fascinating - but as Guy McPherson points out, physics professor Albert Bartlett repeated this point over and over - it's very simple - Western civilization is based on the exponential math using technology for exponential increase in energy as economics with exponential increase in population. That wrong math is actually from the wrong music theory - going back to Plato and Archytas.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Biology as Infinite Time Scale Drumpfs Physics: Nobel physicist Brian Josephson

 I’m afraid that at my age my body can’t be forced into the full lotus position without causing damage.  Sorry!


Brian D. Josephson
Emeritus Professor of Physics, University of Cambridge
Director, Mind–Matter Unification Project
Cavendish Laboratory, JJ Thomson Ave, Cambridge CB3 0HE, UK
Tel. +44(0)1223 37260/337254

Physicist Josephson has replied to my emails twice (and now three times, with above this morning). He is nice. He also considers music to be a key insight to understanding quantum consciousness based on biology. He told me though he does not understand music theory that well. He did ask me what I thought of his music compositions and I enjoyed them.

It's funny to see the reaction to his insights by Seth Lloyd - stating - shocked - well most physicists would not agree with you! haha. Hilarious. Funny how an original thinker - already proven to be smart with his Nobel Prize - dares to continue to be an original daring thinker!!

So Josephson supports the de Broglie model of quantum relativity - the pilot wave - but he was "disinvited" from a conference on it since Josephson also researches paranormal phenomenon. As if rational thinking can't be "tainted" by open-minded original research - a real witch-hunt in the 21st century! haha.

So here is Josephson's lecture on Biology drumphing physics

Robert Lanza has his popular Biocentric Universe book - but his view is actually based on Heisenberg whereas Josephson goes deeper in his quantum analysis - again to the original de Broglie version  - or Josephson notes Henry Stapp also. So that quantum consciousness is more fundamental than any science model.

So here is another interview with Seth Lloyd - more recent - with Brian Josephson

I really am amazed at how radical Brian Josephson is - considering unlike me, he doesn't seem to appear to sit in full lotus or have done any strange nonwestern training. haha. He just figured this stuff out based on pure logical analysis. Very impressive.

And so he, Josephson, is building on Hameroff and Penrose - but how does the Universe begin? an infinite time scale.

Guess what - he's been proven - I should email him the time crystal results.

Dear Professor Emeritus Josephson: Hope all is well. Regarding your Seth Lloyd interview and your replies to me previously re: music theory. Have you considered the recent "time crystal" or time ring experiments proving a spin noncommutative phase that is eternal time with no energy? It is based on a subharmonic frequency that is noncommutative. This is precisely what I had modeled from music theory. Math professor Alain Connes makes this point about music theory - it is empirically noncommutative phase as simply (2, 3, infinity) that he calls a "universal scaling system" unifying general relativity and quantum physics. But Connes follows Western music theory, which covered up this original noncommutative phase. So in music theory - it is the secret origin of Western math that was concealed, and this secret music theory origin is what math professor Luigi Borzacchini, writing on incommensurability and the continuum from music theory calls, "really astonishing" and "shocking."
So you said you didn't understand music theory well enough - but it's quite simple: 2/3 Subharmonic Perfect Fifth as C to  F is at the same time 3/2 Perfect Fifth overtone as C to G. But for (arithmetic mean x harmonic mean = geometric mean squared) then 2/3 subharmonic C to F Perfect Fifth had to be concealed - since it is noncommutative. So it was doubled to 4/3 as the Perfect Fourth C to F, thereby enabling symmetric irrational magnitude math to be launched as the Greek Miracle.
Take care,
drew hempel

O.K. let's see if I get any response.

So this series Closer To Truth has 8 interview with Josephson. Awesome. Glad that are willing to discuss paranormal possibilities!

Seth Lloyd is not afraid to be open-minded. haha.

So Professor Josephson mentions semiotics in this interview, stating Eliano Pessa has similar views to his own.

So So Josephson gave a talk on Pierce Semiotics as a fundamental Triadic foundation of reality.

This fits with music theory very well - three-in-one foundation.

Let's see what he says! haha.

Josephson asks Pessa a question

I guess they both rely on semiotics of Pierce to explain quantum physics....

Pessa - 2015 - book he edited on quantum biology

So they analyze cross-frequency phase modulation in terms of brain energy waves and the corresponding physiology, and then the quantum math involved.

"every line is the diameter of a circle" - Ilexa Yardley - the line is two systems that have a link, that becomes a circle as a unit. "Circular Theory." book 

Ilexa Yardley Circular Theory article

Yardley has not email contact, has no mention of the ecological crisis that I can see, and promotes the AI Matrix. Oops. She is a finance money person.

So then Josephson promotes Madan Thangavelu also -  on bigu - or living off sunlight, yoga meditation.

Professor Rustum Roy gives amazing story of healing by Effie Chow - making a wheel-chair bound man walk! Amazing healing.

Physicist Shahn Majid whom I cited in my 2012 pdf - has a 2014 published paper on "self-duality" as the foundation of reality - tied to Buddhist philosophy and noncommutative Fourier harmonics!

Just foraging wild Oyster Mushrooms and the same female ruffed grouse saw me. The grouse pursued me - at one point got right up on my heels - this female ruffed grouse must have imprinting on me when my reel lawn mower made the mating call! The female ruffed grouse followed up all through the forest but did not leave the forest, when I did.

Turns out this has happened to someone else - in nearby area, same habitat -

Another grouse "seems to have imprinted" on someone. - photos of the grouse on the person!

third person followed by ruffed grouse

  The two middle feathers on the tail are the key. The dark band near the end of the feathers indicates a male. Females have a a gray band on those two feathers.
and that thread has 7 other people who had the same experience.

So including me - that's 11 people with ruffed grouse attaching to them and following them around. Wild.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Beginning of Time finally proven! Noncommutative phase harmonics


I will study Rustom Roy's work surely.

I think no human could be rebuilt from scratch because of one factor. The initial phase values of clocking Bloch spheres are unknown. Every thing in this universe is a clocking Bloch sphere.

Anirban Bandyopadhyay

5:54 PM (4 hours ago)

to me
Dr. Bandyopadhyay: Have you studied the quantum biology research of Dr. Mae-Wan Ho's quantum jazz model? The ultrasound increase occurs naturally from increased pressure on collagen, as piezoelectric transduction, and is called the "hypersonic effect" in music studies of nonwestern natural harmonic (noncommutative) or anharmonic tunings. There is a nonlinear amplification, also discovered by Dr. Andrija Puharich, that he called the "phonon-hydron effect" with increased ultrasound, as increased vagus nerve activation, then having increased magnetic moment spin of the proton-electron resonance as ELF subharmonics. Dr. Brian Goodwin, quantum biologist, also discovered this key of the natural subharmonics of frequency significantly increasing the amplitude. For example the "throat singing" of Central Asia and Tibetan monks is from increased vagus nerve relaxation via meditation of higher frequency harmonics.

So the "hypersonic effect" from nonwestern music is proven to increase deep brain serotonin levels, just as Dr. Hameroff discovered from testing his brain on ultrasound - but also ultrasound causes demodulation as the highest pitch heard externally in the ear. This highest pitch external sound, as internal listening meditation, is then reversed so that by listening to the highest pitch heard externally this then resonates the brain ultrasound (of the microtubules as you proved). The water splits from the increased electromagnetic collagen energy - so that light is emitted from the imaginary mass reaction of the proton-electron magnetic moment spin. Dr. Mae-Wan Ho called this biophoton emission with increased energy, the superconducting proton-proton spin energy as the secret of Taoist qi or Indian prana energy.

So your discovery of 3000 times greater electrical conductivity of the larger microtubules (only what 6 times larger?) than protein tubulin molecule is a very amazing discovery as it corroborates this music "hypersonic effect' as the key of samadhi training - for example Indonesian gong-gamelan music has both ultrasound harmonics and ELF harmonics as nonlinear natural resonance proven to increase the serotonin alpha brain waves.
I have a free pdf summarizing 20 years of music meditation research - what Dr. Mae-Wan Ho called "quantum jazz" is from the phase synchronization of stereophonic hearing that is now proven to be faster than Fourier Uncertainty - since inner ear listening is nonlinear.

So I know you rely on empirical evidence first and then theory secondly - this must be a British philosophy of science influence!! haha. Yet logical inference is the highest level of samadhi as Mouna or Silence Samadhi - why? Because as Taoist yoga alchemy discovered - the left ear is "yuan qi" since it activates the right side vagus nerve, that is unmyelinated, so that the reproductive neurohormones, in the deep "freeze" (samadhi) reaction increase the pineal gland serotonin levels and eventually increase the vagus nerve resonance of the heart (right side vagus nerve to the heart) with the Earth's Schumann resonance - as a waking theta REM holographic visionary spirit healing experience.
So my training discovered - for me empirically - that indeed each of us has coherent quantum biophoton spirits - as Dr. Mae-Wan Ho postulated - based on quantum synchronization. She used the factorizability theorem of quantum optics - which is symmetric math - but I think indeed we are dealing with a noncommutative macroquantum phenomenon. The quantum physicist Eddie Oshins realized this macroquantum noncommutative phase resonance - from his Wing Chun training, as he analyzed both quantum physics and quantum psychology at Stanford.
Thanks for your reply,

UPDATE: FROM Anirban Bandyopadhyay

5:02 AM (4 hours ago)

to me
Thank you so much for your kind note. I think I am against self-similarity and symmetry, anharmonicity is the key.

So I was watching Morgan Freeman and the show ends on the Time Ring experiment.

The show was at least a year old so I googled to see what happened. Bingo! It worked! Published in the journal Nature - March 2017.

And guess what the discovery was? Noncommutative phase as a subharmonic.

In other words - exactly the same as what I discovered via music theory - noncommutative phase-space as eternal time, as the origin of reality.

So the Wiki Time Crystal is touted as a new form of matter that could outlive the universe and is always in motion!

Death-defying time crystal could outlast the universe

So obviously science is putting this in terms of quantum computing.

He reckons a hypothetical device he calls a time crystal could power a computer that would keep on running long after everything else has succumbed to the pull of entropy.
But in fact this noncommutative phase space was always already there - it is what creates the universe in the first place!!

So it is nonlocal spin with no energy - at the ground state - and no driving frequency - it is just pure noncommutative phase harmonics as eternal motion!

"This is a new phase of matter, period, but it is also really cool because it is one of the first examples of non-equilibrium matter," Yao said. "For the last half-century, we have been exploring equilibrium matter, like metals and insulators. We are just now starting to explore a whole new landscape of non-equilibrium matter."
noncommutative spin flipping resonance is eternal motion

 Yao, N. Y.; Potter, A. C.; Potirniche, I.-D.; Vishwanath, A. (2017). "Discrete Time Crystals: Rigidity, Criticality, and Realizations" (PDF). Physical Review Letters. 118 (3). arXiv:1608.02589v2Freely accessible. Bibcode:2017PhRvL.118c0401Y. doi:10.1103/PhysRevLett.118.030401. ISSN 0031-9007.

 Choi, Soonwon; Choi, Joonhee; Landig, Renate; Kucsko, Georg; Zhou, Hengyun; Isoya, Junichi; Jelezko, Fedor; Onoda, Shinobu; Sumiya, Hitoshi; Khemani, Vedika; von Keyserlingk, Curt; Yao, Norman Y.; Demler, Eugene; Lukin, Mikhail D. (2017). "Observation of discrete time-crystalline order in a disordered dipolar many-body system" (PDF). Nature. 543 (7644): 221–225. arXiv:1610.08057v1Freely accessible. Bibcode:2017Natur.543..221C. doi:10.1038/nature21426. ISSN 0028-0836.

 Zhang, J.; Hess, P. W.; Kyprianidis, A.; Becker, P.; Lee, A.; Smith, J.; Pagano, G.; Potirniche, I.-D.; Potter, A. C.; Vishwanath, A.; Yao, N. Y.; Monroe, C. (2017). "Observation of a Discrete Time Crystal" (PDF). Nature. 543 (7644): 217–220. arXiv:1609.08684v1Freely accessible. Bibcode:2017Natur.543..217Z. doi:10.1038/nature21413. ISSN 0028-0836.

  observe a sub-harmonic temporal response that is robust to external perturbations

This is exactly what I have modeled - the subharmonic phase that is noncommutative.

  a periodic drive can exhibit persistent time-correlations at an emergent sub-harmonic frequency.
 So back in 2013 - speculations on what this experiment could mean began to be discussed:

Perpetual Motion Test Could Amend Theory of Time

A radical theory predicting the existence of “time crystals” — perpetual motion objects that break the symmetry of time — is being put to the test.
 And so what does the noncommutative phase mean?
spontaneous symmetry breaking means that the laws of nature have a symmetry, but nature chooses a state that doesn't."
So again - an ultracold ground state of no energy (therefore no amplitude wavelength) but pure noncommutative phase motion as time - nonlocal entangled spin time-frequency
A phase space lattice differs fundamentally from a lattice in real space, because its coordinate system, i.e., phase space, has a noncommutative geometry,
another one here
We also show that the nonlocal nature (in time) of the action yields a second class constrained system from which the noncommutative Heisenberg algebra can be recovered.
So it's one-dimensional, no energy, spinning eternally - noncommutative, spontaneous symmetry breaking - pure phase-time entanglement.

So as this googlepdf link shows - 2017 - this noncommutative phase space up till now had not been proven experimentally but now proven is able to go beyond the singularities of the Universe!!
 The noncommutative space provides a framework to understand phenomena in Planck scale physics. However, there is no any direct experimental evidence to demonstrate the existence of noncommutative space. We propose an experimental scheme based on the Aharonov-Bohm effect in the nano-scale quantum mechanics to probe the phenomena in the noncommutative phase space. By the Seiberg-Witten map, the free electrons of the nano-scale ring in noncommutative phase space can be mapped equivalently to the quantum mechanical (Heisenberg's algebra) phase space with an extra effective magnetic flux. We introduce two variables related to the persistent current in the ring to probe the noncommutative phase space effect. We give a value-independent criterion to detect the existence of the noncommutative phase space. Namely the answer for existence or nonexistence of the noncommutative phase space depends only on the trend of the curves, rather than the values of the observation data. It can be expected to catch the noncommutative phase-space effect by this scheme.
And so - my take on this is that the laws of science are wrong - while Nature is correct - there is spontaneous symmetry  breaking as the reality of the foundation of the Universe - there is a beginning of time that is also eternal motion and we can resonate with it as noncommutatve phase space.

This is exactly what I've been arguing - Alain Connes is cited in this research - and he specifically states music theory models this truth of the Universe.

Simply amazing. Now to another angle on this research:

So Nanobraintech argues that Frank Wilczek was first inspired for his time crystal idea from Winfree chaos studies

It's a fascinating insight - 
Frank suggested that in superconducting ring put a thrust to the ionic motions and they will rotate in a circular path, then, in the ground state (even after thrust they remain in the ground state, nonsense!) they will change the rotation speed characteristically. So, we can say, that time symmetry is breaking!
 If we consider the ring as a cavity resonator, then what happens in a cavity resonator we all know, we will get a fundamental frequency and then its harmonics, obviously, shall we say that in every single cavity resonator in the universe time symmetry is spontaneously broken? No, we cannot say that kind of nonsense, because spontaneous birth of a clock or spontaneous symmetry breaking is driven by a human choice, or free will.
 Indeed we can say that the secret heart of the Universe is this asymmetric time - noncommutative phase resonance!!

Notice how they don't acknowledge noncommutative and instead cling to the symmetric math and claim that fractals are neither quantum nor classical. Fractals are indeed classical math!

AnirbanBandyopadhyay on Twitter: "If a matrioska doll asks for a lunch ...
Aug 31, 2016 - AnirbanBandyopadhyay · @anirbanbandyo. Senior Scientist. Tsukuba, Japan. Joined July 2009 ...
So then these scientists have created a "nested" time-rhythm jelly brain model - a real Matrix plan based on fractals classical math. They are not the only ones doing this plan - as I noted another similar plan out of India. It's not based on the real noncommutative phase quantum entanglement harmonics.

Oh wait - I now realize - this is precisely the scientist that Stuart Hameroff relied on to prove that ultrasound has the largest amplitude of microtubule quantum consciousness! Amazing.

Discovery of Quantum Vibrations in “Microtubules” Inside Brain ...
Jan 16, 2014 - Discovery of Quantum Vibrations in “Microtubules” Inside Brain Neurons ... brain neurons by the research group led by Anirban Bandyopadhyay, ... using transcranial ultrasound have shown reported improvements in mood, ...
 So it's funny - he doesn't seem to get the noncommutative quantum math!!

He realizes it is nonwestern music harmonics though - that it is Indian music! I should email him.

Consciousness is Music as Imaginary Time - Anirban Bandyopadhyay  youtube talk.

Here he states he relies on classical math still! He claims it is "fractal" math that is neither classical nor quantum - but that is not true!

So Anirban Bandyopadhyay believes that consciousness is not primary but rather derived from the interaction of matter and energy.

This dude is a Living Young Frankenstein - is he pretending to be Gene Wilder? 

Microtubule is six times bigger than single protein tubulin yet is 3000 times more electrically conductive than single tubulin protein 

Dear Dr. Anirban Bandyopadhyay: The three gunas are modeled by noncommutative phase with 2/3 Perfect Fifth subharmonic as C to F, at same time as 3/2 Perfect Fifth harmonic C to G - two places at same time, noncommutative phase - this is the secret of OHM and also the secret of the Tai Chi. It was concealed to create irrational magnitude for the origin of Western math based on symmetry - by Archytas and Plato. My focus is music theory. I corresponded with Stuart Hameroff about ultrasound. Western science has been powerful but there is an ecological crisis due to the entropy of symmetric math based on the wrong music theory! You like symmetric math - but the math professor Alain Connes understands real empirically true music is noncommutative (2, 3, infinity), as does Peter Rowlands. Math professor Luigi Borzacchini says the concealment of music theory as the origin of incommensurability of the continuum is "really astonishing" and "shocking" and created a "deep pre-established disharmony" that is the "evolutive guiding principle" of Western science.
I finished my master's degree in "sound-current nondualism" at U of MN in 2000 - studying nonwestern philosophy - yoga meditation - based on the real truth of music resonance as the infinite spiral of fifths as noncommutative phase.
Thanks for your consideration,
I blogged on the new "time crystal" time ring from noncommutative phase that you had commented on in its initial modeling by Frank Wilczek inspired by Art Winfree. I have also corresponded with Steve Strogatz. You claim that fractal math is neither classical nor quantum but indeed fractal math is based on symmetric math from Plato and Archytas. It is not real quantum relativity as noncommutative phase, with the paradox of de Broglie's Law of Phase Harmony.
We have an ecological crisis - with 10 years left for life on Earth - this is what top ecological scientists state - due to the arctic being ice-free in a year or two - and a 50 gigaton methane burst with positive feedbacks causing food at scale to not be possible, etc. This is all from the entropy created by exponential math with the exponential energy use due to the technology from exponential math - all based on "symmetry" - but the results are not symmetric at all.
I understand you, with Stuart Hameroff realize that the "music" ultrasound resonance of the microtubules relies on noise - and so is not Western harmonics. Indeed this is true.
Take care and please let me know any comment/feedback,
P.s. your goal of science is something I predicted back in 2001 based on the "music logarithmic spiral" unified field theory philosophy of professor Oliver L. Reiser, that I exposed as the "actual matrix plan."
drew hempel, M.A.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

SAIC should hire me as a research subject in paranormal phenomenon training

Dear SAIC: Thank you for reading my blog - for more than an hour, etc. Richard Wiseman has a critique of your ten remote viewing studies contracted for the CIA as a continuation of Stargate research. My noncommutative phase macroquantum resonance model cracks the juggernaut of paranormal reality - based on empirical harmonics that are universal to all human cultures - my noncommutative phase macroquantum resonance model is beyond the limitations of small-minded "researchers" paid to take crack shots at the great work that withstands the test of the time of the Universe.

Whereas I read one scholarly book a day while in full lotus, for ten years, after I received my master's degree from U of MN, while also working part-time at an environmental nonprofit, thereby demonstrating my integrating in service to this great empire (SIC, nation based on genocidal destruction).....

Whereas you can't fake the full lotus - I personally challenge Richard Wiseman to a full lotus psychology research analysis. If he can sit in full lotus longer than me then he can critique my paranormal training methodology.

Whereas Western civilization has been fully commoditized, despite the deleterious effects on ecological living on the planet, thereby rendering our near future as a species moot.

Whereas I bought 5 acres up north to meditate full time in dubious conditions of security, - both financially and physically.

Whereas SAIC is one of the top U.S. imperial military contractors, thereby flush with FED-created fiat money.

Whereas my model of paranormal training is open enough to include all such claims of spiritual paranormal abilities.

Whereas I overdid my tantra free psychic healing, rendering my mind-body-spirit energy dynamics in need of repair and therefore need a plush place to train and recover, yet at the same time I have provided loads of free research and analysis online that has proven to be quite rigorous.

Thereby consider myself fully eligible to pursue full-time parapsychology training at your disposal, granted a salaried, safe scenario.

Feel free to post an email contact in the comments section and I will email you.

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Chris Fields: The initial Zero energy, zero time of the Universe explained by science

So I have been posting my "idiot's guide" article on youtube - and discovered this talk by Chris Fields that I found fascinating. I decided to take a closer look and then discovered this Physics Forum thread that ties into the fundamental concept of "heavy light" - the non-zero quantum relativity mass of light when it is "turned around" as is done in meditation.

So these physicists are discussing the paradox of non-zero mass of light due to quantum relativity also arising from asymmetry - or a break in relativity Lorentz translations.

What gets fascinating then is that this discussion between two people is then expanded into Chris Field's research - to the universe as a whole.

But we also get further verification that reality is based on quantum black holes - micro-black holes as the foundation of reality.

So now I have Gerard t'Hooft arguing for micro black holes, and I cited Louis Kauffman recently agreeing with a Stanford quantum physicist - all out of the school of Vignier - and this ties back to de Broglie's Law of Phase Harmony.

This initial "zero" paradox as zero time and zero energy - of the universe is explained by noncommutative phase space - being in two places at the same time that is inherently asymmetric and therefore has inertial mass as inherent momentum (but not classical mass as rest mass).

 So Chris Fields applies this to the Universe as a whole to solve the condundrum of the cosmological constant

So - this ties back to Neil Turok pointing out - as I quoted - that light does not experience "scale" of the Universe - light - if we can "imagine" we our light - as Einstein did - and as we now know, that we are light from biophotons as coherent laser spirit consciousness - and so this light, as light, does not experience time or space on its own. But when we take account of the frequency and wavelength of energy-mass of the Universe we discover that it is scale-free, meaning that the different scales cancel out as equalized energy-matter.

But when light is "turned around" as heavy light or quantum relativistic light, this inherent noncommutative phase space then creates energy-matter.

This was known by the ancient alchemists and now it is being rediscovered by physicists, just as classical physics is destroying the ecology on Earth. We live in interesting times indeed.
My contribution (in 1995) was to identify a specific system with large amount of symmetry that allowed us to do this calculation reliably. The results from black holes indeed matched those of the elementary particles in that system, giving concrete evidence that small black holes indeed describe elementary particles.
And here - so micro black holes are left-handed charged? That corroborates my claim of "female formless awareness!"

  In particular, this entropy has the correct dependence on three independent parameters, the mass and the left-handed charge of the black hole, and the string coupling constant.

So Chris Fields posted his research on the "independent" science pdf site -  yielding this comment:

Your conclusion, "Its and bits are duals; its are co-bits and bits are co-its. Its and bits are both results of the process of tensor-product decomposition and hence of observation, not inputs to it. Its and bits are, therefore, model-theoretic entities, not physical entities." is very profound as well as your comment, "If its are to be inferred from bits, some of the bits must come not from observation or even memory, but out of thin air."

Your statement that some of the bits must come from thin air, I found to be a factual statement of causality for something that is truly causal cannot exist until it does.
 So this is the noncommutative phase-space - he apparently doesn't realize it and thinks it's still symmetric. But the "out of thin air" - or free energy means that momentum violates conservation of energy due to asymmetric time as eternal motion of light energy.

Hi Dr. Chris Fields: You have a brilliant solution to the cosmological constant. What do you think of Erik Verlinde's work? You cite quantum cognition research in your 2016 symmetry paper. Those researchers don't seem to cite Eddie Oshins - the Stanford quantum physicist who developed quantum psychology in the 1970s. His focus was noncommutative logic, and noncommutative quaternions and also quaternion hand movements - from his Wing Chun/Tai Chi or Neigong training. Do you know the work of Eddie Oshins? thanks.
Have you considered Eddie Oshins work? He did a talk on Anaximander that I have not heard yet - and you reference Heraclitus in your entanglement talk - regarding the imaginary number. Louis M. Kauffman who worked with Eddie Oshins argues that the imaginary number is a noncommutative time series that is the foundation of reality. We can change the phase which then changes the synchronized resonance of our observation and participation with time as consciousness. But in fact as BJ Hiley agrees, when time is "zero" there is quantum entanglement yet there is also noncommutative time-frequency resonance. This is noncommutative phase-space, as recognized by Alain Connes, Peter Rowlands, Paul S. Wesson, Eddie Oshins and others but it originates from quantum relativity - de Broglie's Law of Phase Harmony.
So your bit-it model to me seems to be noncommutative but Western logic, as Gregory Bateson points out, has time paradoxes, that remain in mathematics, hence the incommensurability of the continuum. You are saying "physically nothing is happening" and so the boundary is imaginary - and so noncommutative is just a classical byproduct of observing the boundary?
It seems to me you are assuming that observation is left-brain dominant whereas in meditation we can have observation that is pure light, and light can be heavy, as quantum relative, with hidden momentum as non-zero inertial mass.
Considering the Western science, since Plato and Achytas, is based on symmetric math, the classical physics actually has created immense entropy externally (in ecology and social justice) - as logarithmic mathematics-based technology.
So when you say - there is no objective time and the interaction is a "double arrow" affair - to me this is actually noncommutative phase space as being in two places at the same time. This was modeled by nonwestern music theory as meditation. Thanks, drew

Monday, May 22, 2017

ReWild Yourself, Faster than Expected!

This ReWild Yourself Podcast with Daniel Vitalis and Nicole Apelian is excellent.

Daniel is quite innocent about the Bushmen culture yet he intuits their secrets a bit - by raising up gender issues and equality - what does that mean in terms of the ego?

I sent him my "idiot's guide" pdf that goes back to the Bushmen and asked him to have Guy McPherson on his podcast....


is a Guy McPherson inspired website that updates how corporate science is now admitting that indeed the predictions for 2070 or 2050 have now been updated to 2025 - just as McPherson has been arguing.

Of course that is just a prediction to a 1.5 degree average increase by 2025 - which is still a lot lower than what McPherson thinks....

But.. still it is a start of corporate science realizing that indeed there is an exponential amplification feedback in the works as abrupt global warming, and that humans do indeed rely on habitat as a species for civilization, as civilization destroys the ecological harmony of Earth.

So to ReWild ourselves means to delve into the secrets of consciousness and spiritual training from the original human culture - what we did for 90% of human history from 100,000 years ago - biologically we are still the same, by in large.

As Nicole says "evolution works very slowly" despite the claims of the Singularity physicists that evolution has now switched over to technology. haha.

 basically I knew we were screwed - and so I trained to transcend death while still alive - I went 8 days on just a half glass of water but instead my energy was the strongest ever. This is called "bigu" - from the Taoist alchemy which is really based on nonwestern music theory. the 1-4-5 music intervals as natural harmonics is what was the core of the original human culture that was ecological - the San Bushmen. This is corroborated by quantum noncommutative phase-space - it is very simple yet very radical and now being used to develop quantum computing as AI consciousness. I exposed this as the Actual Matrix Plan based on the "music logarithmic spiral" - as McPherson emphasizes Albert Bartlett - it's all based on the exponential logarithmic math since Plato and Archytas. This math was from the wrong music theory! I got the mathematicians who realized this - just a handful. Anyway I bought 5 acres in northern Minnesota, bought a million gallon water filter, a few tents - (Kelty camp cabin so I can stand up) - a Dragonfire rocketstove - then will stock up on dry organic goods - organic brown rice/black beans/lentils and whatever mineral/vitamins I need. So the plan is, as soon as the house sells here, to just meditate full time.

I studied with the assistant of the Chinese qigong master - - he was a singer for a global blues band - Bluebeat - and was a kungfu master in the 1960s and a professional Basketball player - a big African-American and part Native indigenous born with his third eye fully open. haha. So he had to train 12 hours a day in meditation to then fully open his third eye again with the help of the Chinese qigong master - and so now both of them leave their bodies at will, every day. The Chinese qigong master had his heart stop over 2 hours but he was walking around fine - this is what the original human culture Bushmen San also did. I give the quotes in that pdf. pretty wild stuff - but quantum biology now confirms that in fact the origin of reality is harmony as quantum coherence that is noncommutative or complementary opposites.

So you figure planet Earth is this speck of dust in the Universe but what remains? This formless awareness "proto-consciousness" - I worked in radical ecology activism since high school - I grew up fishing every day and realized things were screwed as the lake ecology disappeared. So I did full time activism starting in high school but also used music - and did my master's thesis on radical ecology and sound-current nondualism. But Even then I was still too western since I still had the symmetric math as the foundation - what I call the "rotten root" - as McPherson points out being radical goes to the root. This is quite literal - the Power Axiom Set is from the wrong music theory creating irrational magnitude as the square root of two - it is from 9/8 cubed with 9/8 as the major 2nd music interval from Plato and Archytas. Again I have all the research details - it is obviously seemingly obscure and yet there is no pure math - Professor David F. Noble figured this out somewhat also - his book "The Religion of Technology" and his final book traced the problem back to the origins of Western civilization in West Asia- the Levant - based on linear time.

Think about it - the human species arose from a genetic bottleneck of just a few thousand humans - unlike other primates, like bonobos or chimps who are more diverse in one band, genetically, than all humans on Earth. That is a pretty amazing fact of evolution - and it happened due to the Mt. Toba explosion around 70,000 years ago. But the Bushmen trance training had developed from before human language crystallized into different dialects - so at least 70,000 years ago this trance training was going on and it enabled the Bushmen to survive in severe ecological habitats, as the Kalahari is.

The qigong masters can emit gamma rays as a byproduct of their healing and can change the decay rate of nuclear radiation - and so quantum formless consciousness is scientifically real and the foundation of the Universe that creates 4D spacetime - it even enables precognition. I had a precognitive dream about Earth First! activism 3 years before it happened. I was the local Earth First! contact in the journal in 1995 and I saw this qigong master Effie P. Chow. I was so skeptical I called up to ask my price to be reduced and she said - yes - half off - so I paid $10 to see her. I could feel a strong magnetic force pushing my hands apart as she sent qi into the room and then a security guard wandered in at St. Mary's University were the talk was - wondering what was going on as the fuse got blown in the room behind the qigong master. haha.

This stuff is real! So I had this dream that was more real than being awake and at 2:30 a.m. I woke up, and immediately wrote it down in my journal, stating I thought it was predicting the future. The dream was of my activist friends standing on the roof of a house with Native indigenous activists, holding a banner to protest to protect a forest. Pretty specific. I forgot all about it until in 1998 I saw a photocopy image of the exact same as my dream - the photocopy was a newspaper article of the Minnehaha Free State that also had been featured in the Earth First! Journal. So when we go deep into our heart's spirit we tap into the quantum formless awareness that reveals our current sense of spacetime is a holographic illusion - and somehow the future is already embedded into this black hole formless awareness.

It seems too New Agey - as Guy McPherson says he's not interested in meditation techniques and if it does not pass the U.S. patent office then it violates the 2nd law of thermodynamics. Indeed this quantum computing that Carol Rosin promotes also - is based on "quantum relative entropy" which is exactly this reverse time negative entropy - that goes against the 2nd law of thermodynamics. Quantum physicists even state that this would enable paranormal abilities, etc - like Nick Herbert's quantum tantra blog. But anyway if this quantum computing technology is developed, it won't save humans but just promote some kind of AI singularity proto-consciousness apocalypse. haha.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Beyond the CIA-Nazi alien lies: Roswell debunked, equilateral triangle craft exposed

On Sitchin just read the site by a professor - and also read the book "The Stargate Conspiracy" and see the documentary "Mirage Men" on the CIA alien propaganda. I saw the black equilateral triangle craft so close I could have hit it with a rock - but I didn't dare take my eyes off that thing. Didn't want to risk some craziness, but the craft flew just over our oak tree and then over our garage - I could hear the humming noise. But the craft looked totally solid.

So I looked up the MUFON sightings for my area and since then have searched the National UFO reporting center, with their "triangle sightings" category. So yes this craft is often seen by military bases and also seen accompanied by other military craft. Also the Nazi Horton wing was brought to the U.S., along with Nazi scientists - some 1200 in total - but many of them working on propulsion, etc. and even some here before the war began. So of course with the missing trillions of dollars in the military black budget - and all the CIA propaganda about alien invasions - to think these crafts are not U.s. military is delusional. The triangle craft has now officially gone public as a patent issued - correct that is just an application.

The inventor also issued a Chi amplifier invention - along with many other questionable devices.

Also - one sighting actually saw an insignia on the bottom of the craft and when described, someone else online pegged it as the Space Research center - or what was formerly the Space War Center. That link gives my sighting details along with the insignia on the craft. The lies about aliens are so thick, it's ridiculous but also a quick way to make a buck for those wanting to believe - check out James Carlson debunking the lies about Robert Hastings, lying about the father of James, Eric Carlson. This MUFON report recently of a couple who went to Area 51 and then got "visited" later at their house by the equilateral triangle - maybe they were paranoid but maybe not. Also some military dudes have said they saw this craft in Iraq - and so the claim that for example Richard Dolan who pushes the alien lies - he and Nick Pope claim oh since the U.S. military denied it was their craft at the Belgian flap then obviously the U.S. military doesn't lie! haha. I mean it's on record that the U.s. military sticks to their alien lies about for example the U2, etc. Roswell has now been debunked by Nick Redfern -

I have over 20 years of research on this stuff - getting into other paranormal aspects. I'm not saying paranormal isn't real but the ancient alien lies are Freemason CIA propaganda. The reptilian deal is actually from the right side vagus nerve - and gets into alchemy and N/om energy from our original human culture. is my blog with links to free books, articles, etc. For example I posted a "Debunking the disclosure Project" OP on and the thread kept going long after I got banned from that site. haha. No one has challenged my critique yet.

More Military Corroboration:


In August 1989, Chris Gibson, a Scottish oil-exploration engineer and, at the time, a member of the British Royal Observer Corps (ROC), was working on the oil rig Galveston Key in the North Sea when he noticed an aircraft in the shape of a pure isoceles triangle refuelling from a KC-135 Stratotanker alongside two F-111s. The unknown aircraft, cruising in a formation northward through Air-to-Air Refuelling Area (AARA) 6A, is what people have come to believe, is the mysterious Aurora hypersonic spyplane. Another possible aircraft, which could have been seen over the North Sea however, is Northrop's A-17 stealth attack plane. Chris Gibson's observation of the mysterious flying triangle is often cited by UFO researchers when the subject of Aurora rises. Below, Chris Gibson explains precisely what happened, as well as giving an insight into himself. I welcome any questions on my North Sea sighting, as I am of the opinion that too much is taken at face value in the black aircraft snark hunt.

I think that the snark hunt has degenerated into an exercise in regurgitating the same old stories with little or no new research being done. A bit about me. I work as a drilling technologist for a major oil field service company. I hold an Honours degree in geology, with some engineering, geophysics and chemistry thrown in. I also did a post graduate course in systems analysis, I was a member of the Royal Observers Corps for 13 years and was a member of the ROC's aicraft recognition team for 12 of those years. In this field I was considered to be an expert and produced an aircraft recognition manual for the ROC. Some will obviously know the sighting story, but I'll fill you in on what happened from my point of view. I was working in the indefatigable field on the jack-up rig 'Galvestion Key' in August 1989. My colleague, Graeme Winton, went out on deck but returned immediately. He told me to "have a look at this."

We went outside and Graeme pointed skywards. I had been at university with Graeme and he knew of my interest in aircraft. As far as Graeme was concerned it was a formation of aircraft and he reckoned I'd be interested. I looked up, saw the tanker and the F-111s, but was amazed to see the triangle. I am trained in instant recognition, but this triangle had me stopped dead. My first thought was that it was another F-111, but there was no 'gaps', it was too long and it didn't look like one. [bannerad] My next thought was that it was an F-117, as the highly swept planform of the F-117 had just been made public. Again the triangle was too long and had no gaps. After considering and rejecting a Mirage IV, I was totally out of ideas. Here was an aircraft, flying over head, not too high and not particularly fast. A recognition gift and I was clueless. This was a new experience. Graeme asked me what was going on. I watched as the formation flew overhead and told him that the big one was a KC-135 Stratotanker, the two on the left were F-111s and that I didn't know what the fourth aircraft was. Graeme said "I though you were an expert?" I said "I am." To which Graeme replied "Some expert." It was obvious to me that this aircraft was something 'dodgy'.

I watched the formation for a minute or two and went back inside with Graeme. At the time I was writing the aircraft recognition manual and had a Danish Luftmelderkorpset Flykendingsbog in my briefcase. This is probably the best aircraft recognition book ever produced. I looked through it, but nothing matched. I then sketched what I had seen and sent this to Peter Edwards, who was a Group Officer in the ROC and was also on the recognition team. We discussed what to do about it but decided that if it was reported through official channels, it would be at best rubbished, at worst lead to trouble. Having signed the Official Secrets Act I didn't want to jeopardise my position in the recognition team, so I kept my mouth shut. I told other members of the recognition team in the hope that they could shed some light on the subject. On returning home I had a look through my book collection. The only aircraft which came close to matching what I had seen was a Handley Page HP115. It was not one of them.

Whether this aircraft was a Aurora is debatable - my background precludes jumping to conclusions based on a single piece of evidence. I wrote to Bill Sweetman (Stealth expert) after being sent an illustration from Janes Defense Weekly which matched what I had seen. As an aside, I wrote to two other writers who did not reply. Bill reckons it was Aurora; Agenct 'X' reckons it was the FB-119. I don't know what it was. It is the only aircraft I have ever seen that I could not identify. Pete Edwards told Bill Sweetman that if I didn't know what this aircraft was, it isn't in any book. I've been hunting this 'snark' for almost 9 years now and have turned up some interesting stuff, mainly through my own efforts, but also by having looked in the most unusual places. Talking to the people involved is a necessity.

So details on the military designs of triangle craft -