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"The universe and I came into being together; I and everything therein are One."

"If then all things are One, what room is there for speech? On the other hand, since I can say the word 'one' how can speech not exist? If it does exist, we have One and speech -- two; and two and one -- three(14) from which point onwards even the best mathematicians will fail to reach (the ultimate); how much more then should ordinary people fail?">"

- Chuang Tzu, 300 BCE

Quantum Nonlocality is from eternal asymmetric time as the 5th dimension, or noncommutative phase as the Tai Chi secret (the three gunas).

Sunday, December 31, 2017

The Quantum Underground of global shamans as Cosmic Mother Love energy via Moon-Earth Sun resonance

The traditional Amazonian Ayahuasca shamanic training requires celibacy for 3 months while on a special diet of no salt, no sugar, just bananas and fish, both high in serotonin - and then doing lots of DMT-based root with MAOI plant - this training mirrors the 3 months traditional celibacy training of West African forest meditation - and also the 3 months celibacy training of Chinese Daoism - as the "gong" - to store up the Lunar psychic "yin qi" energy to open up the Tai Chi as the Moon enlightenment of the 3rd Eye - also called Soma tantra in India. So Sri Dhyanyogi had a vision of an Amazonian Ayahuasca shaman and vice versa - the shaman sent one of his students to Dri Dhyanyogi for a Shakti energy third eye opening. So there is a global quantum underground of shamans who have accessed the Cosmic Mother energy that emits the blue light, as Wilhelm Reich also discovered, the secret connection between lecithin being ionized as celibacy and increased serotonin through the vagus nerve activation. Reich realized this by the early 1900s and then critiqued Fascism as based on repressed ejaculation addiction, as too much sympathetic nervous system stress, cortisol - dopamine feedback. 
Modern civilization is based on dopamine addiction with the close link between lust as ejaculation via the hypothalamus, adrenal glands and violence. So only when all males train to sublimate and ionize their neurohormones to turn the dopamine to serotonin - via fasting at celibacy - this is what one anthropologist studying Native Americans called "Democratic shamanism" - the vision quest fasting at puberty. The Sufis also require this - 40 days fasting, just as Mohammed did and Jesus and Pythagoras - the 5 years of silence meditation. The Andes of Latin American - the Pre-Colombian Kogi have the males do cave meditation and the shamans train for 9 years in darkness in the cave meditation to open up the third eye. This is why the West, modern humans are destroying the planet since this connection to the Cosmic Mother - what the Kogi called Aluna - has been lost. You can watch this documentary on the Kogi - and the Cosmic Mother as Aluna - I had this doc on VHS and I moved into a house, by invitation, a beautiful young lady lived there - and she was adopted out of her Wiwi tribe ethnicity in the Andes. Her mom was from the Amazon - in Venezuela. And she was shocked that the Kogi had been in a documentary as she knew the Kogi were secret as the Wiwi were two tribes removed from the Kogi in the Andean chain. She took me to Venezuelan Andes and I had an amazing heart love vision - seeing my whole life in review - a vision I could not stop but was from my deep love for her and being in the Andes - and maybe she slipped me some shamanic San Pedro cactus tea. haha.
 yes it is best to ignore other people's claims - unless you're interested in discovering the truth. Me - I went 8 days on half a glass of water - the whole time - yet my energy increased. So I only needed 5 hours of sleep and then I could smell cancer and see ghosts and do energy healing. So I accidentally pulled this old lady's spirit out of the top of her skull - without touching her - she couldn't see what I was doing but she had asked me to do a practice healing on her. I felt this heavy "electromagnetic blob" get pulled out of the top of her skull and I had forgotten you are not supposed to pull energy blockages out of the top of the center of the skull - and as soon as I felt it, she immediately burst out bawling. She was still bawling about 10 minutes later when I was walking down the hall - at the University - saying to my University buddy, "you're not going to believe what just happened." And then someone had their arm around her and she was bawling, watching towards us. But she knew I had just made an honest mistake. haha. It's not "us" that time travels but rather it is the 5th dimension as noncommutative phase - called the Emptiness or Brahman - or formless awareness that time travels. So we each have a spirit as light but when the light is turned around then time goes to zero for light, but light has a hidden momentum energy that is from the future - and this is what has precognition. So then we get visions of light by "capturing" the virtual photons from the future in meditation. You can read the book "Transcendent Dreaming" by psychologist Christina Donnell for further details.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Dear Professor Danielle Allen: Socrates Soul and the number 729 as the Tritone

UPDATE: I see I am the same age as her! haha.
Dear Professor Allen: Thanks for your recent CSPAN interview on your new book and your love for justice. I finished my master's degree doing self-directed research with the chair of the African Studies Department at the University of Minnesota, Professor Rose Brewer, after having taken her class, "Race, Class and Gender" with the required book, "The Racial Contract." And so I did intensive nonwestern meditation based on the argument that the "Natural Law" model from Plato and Aristotle was inherently unjust, at the foundation of Western civilization, and so a required study of nonwestern philosophy was necessary. I did this by training with a Chinese yoga spiritual healer, called a qigong master, but his assistant teacher is African-American. And so the experience truly changed my life permanently and so after my degree I read one scholarly book a day while sitting in full lotus yoga position in public, in the "inner city" in Minneapolis, Minnesota. haha. Anyway my dad was a lawyer, and he was accepted at Harvard but didn't get a full-ride scholarship so he went to NYU Law as a full-ride scholarship. So my masters thesis was called "Epicenters of Justice" as a phrase from Ralph Nader. And so in 2005 the African-American assistant qigong teacher, Jim Nance, was declared a qigong master and he asked me to help him write a book. But it was not until 2013, after he healed my mom, or I should say, he asked me to help him again but then he healed my mom, while he talked to me on the phone and she was asleep! My mom is now 81 years old so I do healing on her and the African-American qigong master married my qigong friend's former wife who also got deep into meditation. So they do healings together. His website is
I'm just sharing this to let you know that - maybe we don't realize  - as you said there is talent everywhere. And so my friend - the qigong master who befriended me, Jim Nance, he shared his life story with me. It is quite amazing. Actually an African-American lady who does publishing has been transcribing his story from phone interviews she does with him - and his book is a true tome. haha. I don't know if he will ever publish it. But I could go on about him - and how amazing and inspirational his life has been. He's now 70 years old or just around there. But his wife is half his age. haha. But he can leave his body at will and he does long distance phone healings still, etc. As for his teacher, the Chinese healer, the two of them took part in a "randomized controlled" study led by a Mayo Clinic medical doctor, Ann Vincent, who called the results "especially impressive." And the study was published in a peer-reviewed journal - healing of chronic pain through "external qi" energy. And one of my friend's story was about his relatives in prison, talking about the power of accepting the Holy Spirit - having the Holy Spirit come into them and what miracles can happen. And so the Chinese healer also goes to church every Sunday. It is a fascinating situation where the Chinese healer says he realized most Christians are not that spiritual but for Jim Nance, as an African-American spiritual healer, he had a very different church experience. He said his grandmother was also part Native American and so that was an influence for him as well.
But anyway my own research started out from music theory, as I began studying classical piano at age 5 and studied privately with a former music professor while I was in high school. I realized there was a paradox in basic music theory, as I took logic very seriously, from the influence of my dad. His dad had been a minister and so I also took religion seriously, but I could see the limitations of it. And so the interrelations of music, logic and the origins of Western math and law and science is all very fascinating. There is something called noncommutative math, from nonwestern music, that is the secret of the nonwestern spirit training, going back to our original human culture that all humans originate from. Anyway I did get arrested eight times doing civil disobedience activism and when Jim Nance was in the car with me and I was driving, I began ranting about Cargill and the evils of the U.S. empire. He said, "But I'm on your side!" And I kept ranting. So he got super quiet and still and suddenly I felt this strong electromagnetic force deep on the right side of my heart. Now I knew that from the noncommutative math, from studying nonwestern philosophy, that the right side of the heart is the origin of the "formless awareness" - of the Emptiness or Cosmic Mother source of the Universe - called Nuit by the Egyptians, the origin of the word nothingness. This right side of the heart is from the right side vagus nerve connecting the reproductive organs to the right side of the brain, to the right side of the heart and through meditation it goes beyond death.
So this African-American healer gave me the experience of going beyond death! And when I immediately shut up then Jim Nance said to me: "I just wanted to see if you were speaking from the heart. And you were." haha.
Thanks again for sharing,
drew hempel

Her book on Plato

So she says since 729 is three to the sixth power it represents the tripartite soul.

 The late Ernest McClain might elucidate this:
But the actual mathematics that occurs in the dialogues is very frequently ignored by commentators. (One stark example of this is found in the 1947 translation of the Republic by F.M. Cornford, in which Cornford permitted himself to omit entirely Plato’s “extremely obscure” account (at 8.546b) of the so-called ruling or nuptial number, and also to “simplify” the text (at 9.587b) concerning the number of the Tyrant.
 The Tyrant is held, in the Republic, to be exactly 729 times less fortunate than the good ruler. Not “about 700,” not 730.
 O.K. (I quote my correspondence with Professor McClain in my 2012 pdf) so then we get this pdf.

Sound - Draw a Straight Line And Follow It
Musicologist Ernest G. McClain states thst “The number 2 is 'female' in the sense that it creates the ... create 'cycles of barrenness', in Socrates' metaphor, for multiplication and division by 2 can never introduce .... quality of the tritone (the ratio 36 = 729, a cycle of six perfect fifths above the fundamental), the worst possible ...
 And so the 3 to the sixth power actually refers to six cycles of Perfect Fifths, since 3 is the Perfect Fifth, thereby creating the Tritone. 

Gong Shou Dao: New Jet Li movie of Tai Chi - full free

I'm watching this at .75 speed. haha.

New Guy McPherson lecture in Canada and my Troll Dance comments

I trolled the comment sections and GEE has not censored me! He has hit this blog a few times (from Belize where he now lives and he responded to an email I sent him but not my follow up emails). He doesn't seem to read the blog but he did admit that humans were much better off when we meditated regularly and learned to just "be." haha. Thanks to the regular readers I have around the world - you know who you are!

My mom is doing much better today after we got her x-rayed yesterday and so it was proven she just has a tender tendon scenario. So she was told to just keep the foot elevated.

And since we burned through all our wood that I had stacked - and split - now I get to cut every piece of wood also - with the hand saw. Thereby heating the house - as the planetary wave of self-amplifying jet stream extreme weather kicked in here in Minnesota.

Before (and during) the holidays I did a fun "military" training exercise of 200 push ups a day - powered by the grass-fed restoration agriculture organic hog that my qigong friend and his farmer wife worked very hard to cultivate and harvest.

So to do the 200 pushups for 10 days straight - you switch sets. One day you do small sets of 12 reps each. The next day you do 8 sets of 25 reps. I dramatically built up muscle which was cool.

There is a new "Planet Earth II" series on BBC - which is very amazing videography. I watched the Earth series and next is Blue Planet series.

As for meditation - I have not done nearly as much but I like watching the fire as great visualization training. I sit in full lotus and I do horse stance and moving of yin and yang. The Solstice energy has been strong for more vivid dreams. All the ginger I took with cayenne seemed to increase my dream energy as well.

Meditation is still the most important thing but I do healing with any extra energy I have - my eye balls pulsate and the yin qi shoots out from my heart-pineal gland via the shen of the eyes as biophoton energy.

I need to lose 10 pounds of weight, at least, but since I overused my third eye psychic energy, and if I do intensive meditation it creates an intense exorcism of the house energy - a spacetime vortex - instead I have relied on food to create the qi energy. This is easier - as eating food is well accepted.

So it is a feast or famine scenario. If we sell our house and then I live on my land up north, then I will be in a famine-intensive meditation scenario. haha.

I will post my comments here - from GEE's lecture - just in case they do get disappeared.

Also I posted on some James Randi "skeptic" videos and so they targeted my youtube upload with "dislikes." So if people want to click the thumbs up bottom that would be appreciated - likes. I think that affects how youtube links the vid.


This is the great joke - if we did a complete 180 right now then we can fix it - this joke has been said by people since Carter put solar panels on the white house (and yet Carter was controlled by the Trilateral Commission and so had the Carter Doctrine: U.S. control of oil through genocide. Meanwhile everyone turns their thermostats down to 68 hoping that will help, as Carter told us to do. And the U.S. military budget just got a $70 billion increase and uses over 50% of tax dollars, including the raiding of social security. So how much would it cost to deploy these carbon sequester machines? - more than a year's worth of the U.S. military budget. And the U.S. military budget is about the same as 50% of the world's military budget, plus we export weapons around the world and fund both sides of wars and the U.S. has 900 military bases in other countries. It's a military elite empire based on genocide and also has "continuity of government' with "national sacrifice zones" - which means since Reagan, Dick Cheney and Rumsfeld have planned to have military martial law with a literal underground government of 25,000 top secret elites living in underground cities. So do you really see these people stopping the military budget? There is a very specific reason that EVERY congressional district in the U.S. has a big military contract of tax money - meaning EVERY national politician is corrupt to support the military machine - and so the Democrats say - oh it's a shame we didn't "win" Vietnam or didn't "win" Iraq. blah blah. No problem with genocide - just the strategy of how to do it. Operation Phoenix as death squads and tortures of citizens - used in Vietnam and then El Salvador and then Iraq and the U.S. "rendition" centers in Chicago, etc. by the military police with the biggest prison population in the world. And the U.S. military is the biggest polluter on the planet and yet you expect it to suddenly reverse direction and stop polluting and hand all its money over to build carbon sequester machines? According to the journal NATURE we have 3 years to stop hitting 1.5 C - and that 3 years must include huge carbon sequester. But that journal NATURE relies on the lie that 1950 - is "preindustrial."

You can always go to Pine Ridge Reservation where I did, to see the water already polluted from uranium mining. That's why Department of Energy Engineers issued policy statements about "national sacrifice zones" called for "deep time" monuments to be constructed - to last millions of years.

 No because originally fire was understood alchemically - which is a N/om energy. It is amazing with all our cell phone hoopla, we as "sophisticates" of the "interwebs" no next to nothing of 90% of our modern biological history - the San Bushmen culture! Visualize N/om or burning heat fire at the base of your spine and it ionizes your neurohormone energy (water) into steam (N/om). Alchemy starts and ends with fire but the secret is the fire has to be contained within the ionized water to maintain life on EArth - or in other words the Lunar energy has to be honored first. This is why fire was also sacred to the males and the most respected healer of the San Bushmen in each band would then light the first fire but it was the females who controlled the N/om energy through singing and clapping - to transmit the N/om energy through the voice. The pineal gland synchronizes with the 29.5 day cycle of the Moon - so that ONLY female humans as primates living in groups in Nature are precisely synchronized with the psychic N/om (qi or prana) lunar energy. All the males had to train to properly use fire to then sublimate their own water into steam as healing energy that they sent back into the females. If the males got into fire too much and just left their bodies for spirit travel then the females would just throw cold water onto the males to bring them back into their bodies. You can study Dr. Bradford Keeney for further details - he interviews the original human culture spirit healers and has several books on the subject. As for what caused the problem - it started around 10,000 years ago.

 You might want to research quantum biology a bit. Fascinating topic.

 Pondering the collapse of the Beaufort Gyre?

 yes but we are all stardust and originated from quantum coherence as "degeneracy pressure" that drives information or negentropic energy (dark energy) of the Universe as proto-consciousness. So the ancients (sustainable) humans already understood this and so lived in respect of Earth based on the lunar-solar energy, for 90% of our modern biological human history, starting 100,000 years ago.

 Christian have you noticed that Kevin Anderson is considered highly lauded yet does not mention the Methane Bomb or Global Dimming, and many other serious positive feedback amplifications? Maybe it's cuz he worked for Shell Oil before?

 Just so you know the "chills" is also called "frisson" which means that your vagus nerve was activated to increase your dopamine levels. That's a good thing - a start of real love.

 Actually I think GEE would agree that there is "unity in diversity" because the most diverse ecosystems are also the most stable. But the human species, modern humans, evolved from a genetic bottleneck of just a few thousand humans - just 70,000 generations ago we were all direct cousins. So a pack of chimpanzees has more genetic diversity than all 7.9 to 10 billion humans (taken to the exponential rate of growth limit). But yes considering only 3 people have more wealth than over 50% of the U.S. human population and it's proven worldwide that the greater wealth inequality, the greater violence a culture has, the U.S. does lead the world, as the fastest imploding, largest empire in history.

 You must be typing from Puerto Rico? Or Somalia? Yemen? Or maybe your house just burned down in California? Perhaps Northern Montana were you lost your wheat crop? Precision is the answer these places have experienced - the precision of abrupt global warming. Accuracy is already true but the supercomputers are not accurate and their precision does not go down to the level of cloud covers. So don't expect science to bring you any ACCURATE answers to GEE's predictions. When you get the answer it will be with the precision of the above locales - and it will no longer be accurate either.

 yep same in Minnesota. As I explained the "self-amplifying" planetary wave due to the jet stream stuck from the Arctic being too warm and so not high enough pressure, the wish was that we would get stuck in the other part of the curve of the jet stream - not the arctic polar vortex part of the jet stream.

 My guess is black birds are highly social. And actually hearing is processed at a much faster rate than vision. This is why human foot races are started by gun shot - just as with birds, humans have our auditory cortex much closer to our motor neurons via the cerebellum, which also synchronizes emotions with motion. Hence dancing and sound as music is found in all human cultures - we originally lived in the forest as primates and so relied on listening as our dominant perception. So vision uses two-thirds of our waking brain energy with the eyes open but to process vision there is a longer delay time since we can not react as fast, until the thalamus decides what to suppress. And so what we see externally is actually mainly an internal loop of our prefrontal cortex telling our thalamus what it subconsciously visualized. It's not until we have dreams that all our subconscious visions are then integrated with our emotions for long term memory storage holographically through our spirit. And so the original human culture would not eat a bird, after they killed the bird, until the next day - because they KNEW the bird's spirit would tell the other birds that humans were killing and eating the birds. So the original human culture knew that our original vision is not limited to our eyes but rather is from the original sight as holographic biophoton light that is quantum coherent. You can read the award-winning science book called Life on the Edge by professor JohnJoe McFadden - on how non-local quantum coherence is the "spark" at the origin of life that self-amplifies into the macro-realm of reality. We can resonate with the original spark by internal listening with the eyes closed and visualization - when the light is turned around then it has relativistic mass when time is zero, there is reverse time energy that is negentropic - this is why "light is heavy" as Nobel physicist Gerard t'Hooft explains.

 depends - if it's corn syrup apple sauce, it will likely span the new life form to survive nuclear apocalypse - from some new kind of shroom fungus. Otherwise organic apple sauce will get fungus that is too healthy and has not adapted well enough to the white trash post-apocalypse diet to evolve as the origin of the new ecology of Earth.

 Conscious Being please realize that the Freemasonic Liberal Elites have even realized that nuclear radiation will help evolve the next level of human spirituality! I exposed this back in 2001 as the Actual Matrix Plan based on "radio-eugenics" since the 1930s - and through the U.N. and the Institute of Advanced Study at Princeton, and top military planners - but now it's called "Medical hormesis" and one of Drumpf's top "science" advisors believes in this b.s. as well. In other words not only will radiation help stop global warming but will enable humans to achieve immortality! (Of course it's total bonkers but that's how the Freemasonic scientists think).

Thursday, December 28, 2017

The child rape epidemic in the U.S.

I encountered very evil energy over the holidays and so I got sick but I knew this would happen so I had bought $10 worth of dried ginger as extra anti-viral help. So I took two days off but since I was not healing my mom during those 2 days then she developed a foot injury. So now I will do more healing on her and take her to urgent care. I think it's just a sprain. But still - I spend all my energy healing my mom. I thought I could take a couple days off. Nope. haha.


Child Rape Crisis in North America – Lori Handrahan – Medium
Jul 11, 2016 - The illegal trade in children being raped and violently abused is at “a level of epidemic proportions” according to an internal Canadian government memo recently obtained by The Canadian Press. This marks the fourth major statement by North American senior government staff warning of a crisis that too ...

Child Rape Crisis in America – Lori Handrahan – Medium
Jun 9, 2016 - Journalists should question why they are failing to cover what the FBI has called an American epidemic. America's child rape crisis, which is child pornography, is damaging an entire generation of children. It has all but been ignored by the media. Dr. Lori Handrahan is a leading expert on child pornography ...

Investigating The Trade in Child Rape – Lori Handrahan – Medium
Feb 24, 2015 - There is a global child rape and torture crisis, otherwise known as child pornography, traded electronically in images, videos and live-streaming on the internet and cellular phone networks. America…

Lori Handrahan – Medium
Read writing from Lori Handrahan on Medium. Epidemic: America's Trade in Child Rape Every day, Lori Handrahan and thousands of other voices read, write, and share important stories on Medium.

 interview starts one hour in.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The Secret of the Subcontrary Mean as "Ma", the Ghost Tonic, and the Jewel in the Lotus mantra

I have been corresponding with someone I discovered who had supervised my "Troll Dance" fugue in my first year of college, a counterpoint composition that decomposed itself!
Anyway, I love that in Indian music, e.g., 4/3 F in relation to root C (Sa) is called Ma, and 3/2 G in relation to root C is called Pa. These two musical parents from which all music is formed produce two spirals in opposite directions, and the two meet after twelve iterations in the Pythagorean comma itself. I really agree with something you wrote in one of your earlier emails about 4/3 and 3/2 and the divine aspect of note combinations contacting these ratios. I’m sure that John Coltrane was aware of this, and it’s interesting how these kinds of figures became more prominent in his music as he evolved.
Also, I’d love to learn a bit more on who’s written on noncommutative algebras - if you have any good resources, please send me some?

And this person has pointed out how the 4th music scale degree or note is called MA but actually originates as 2/3 the subharmonic. And so I had responded how this reveals the secret of Om Mani Padme Hum, the Jewel in the Lotus mantra that is to open up all the body chakras. 

I'm glad that you can relate so well to the same ideas. Yes the article you sent is how I rediscovered you! haha. I read the article and then wanted to know more about the authors as I am very curious. Then I discovered you taught yoga and watched your interview. First I remembered your voice - the tone and intonation reminded me of you first! haha. Then I realized you looked familiar - just from my brief presentation of Troll Dance. haha. Also the night before last I was watching "Soundtracker" this show by Sami Yaffa of the New York Dolls. He travels to Ethiopia and discovers the oldest music there. I realize it is the same as the original human culture music of the San Bushmen. This was the focus of Dr. Victor Grauer who traced the spread of San Bushmen music around the world, as the original humans traveled around the world! So I went to Dr. Grauer's blog and left a comment. His original blog is And so as I was leaving a comment, I discovered the Carlo Ventura research, the jazz music performance that documented the activation of stem cells, best achieved by human whispering sound.  Did I understand that right?

But then just as I suspected, Dr. Grauer had a sound example on his - from Ethiopia. So the females sing and clap all night while the males trance dance. The female voice is the "jing" or electrochemical life force energy that is transmitted via the sound. And so the males by dancing then take in the N/om female energy and ionize it via the collagen ultrasound-infrasound nonlinear resonance. So it turns into electromagnetic energy from the piezoelectric resonance and then opens up the third eye. And the original human culture - all the males during puberty went for a month, separated from the females, doing fasting and trance dancing - called Tshoma - with the older males training them. This was the secret of how the original human culture lived sustainably for 90,000 years with no rape, no warfare and the empirical truth of no masturbation and no homosexuality (they did not even know what it was!).

And so only through this standing exercise with the legs vibrating 7 to 9 beats per second - there is a standing Schumann resonance and this has been documented to be transmitted by the qigong masters and energy healers - a strong ELF electromagnetic field. So it is some kind of quantum zeno effect, like hypothesized with bird migration - with the biophotons maintaining a negentropic pilot wave energy that qigong master Yan Xin calls the "virtual information field" that does the healing and this is how also precognition is real, levitation, longevity, creating "yang shen" or bilocation, telekinesis, etc. So I was fortunate to host qigong master Jim Nance and I quote him on my blog - he describes how if you can visualize the image and maintain that visualization, then time stops but then the energy does the healing on its own. This is exactly the hidden momentum energy of light, when light is a standing wave at zero time, but still has relativistic mass as virtual information-energy that is negentropic.

It is very nice to have someone who understands. Yes it is amazing how "simple" and yet how "radical" the noncommutative math insight is, and how it originates from music theory! I am very glad you have continued communicating as I wanted to make sure to share information. The "ma" and "pa" for Perfect Fourth and Perfect Fifth is fascinating because I cite the reference in my training pdf on how the "three gunas" originate from the Octave (sattva), Perfect Fifth (rajas) and Perfect Fourth (tamas). So this is the secret of Omkara - and also then the mantra, "Om Mani Padme Hum" reveals this secret as well. Thanks to what you shared - I did not know this or didn't match the connection about the Ma and Pa - as that mantra means "jewl in the lotus" but is really about the secret of alchemy, using the biophotons to ionize the neurohormones of the 2nd brain.

In Taoism the Perfect Fifth is Yang, the Perfect Fourth is yin, and the Emptiness is the octave. And so the "microcosmic orbit" or "small universe" meditation is based on 12 nodes along the body-mind but as an infinite spiral of fifths. This insight is what led me to finish my master's degree by doing intensive meditation with and I actually did it as "self-directed research" through the African Studies department at the University of Minnesota! haha. Sure enough I discovered (and cite in my training pdf) how in Indian yoga the spine is considered to be the frets of the musical instrument and in Chinese language - the same is true - the word for vertebrae means musical frets. Music in Chinese also means "happiness" and music is considered the basis for the original qigong training. And in Kriya Yoga you find the same kind of "microcosmic orbit" meditation only it is based on the 12 months of the year and astrology. And in Egypt, the ratio or fraction 2/3 was considered to be sacred.

And so Western musicologists try to dismiss the infinite spiral of fifths as just a "modular" math no different than say an infinite spiral of thirds, but this, of course, ignores the noncommutative origin. But there is also what is called the "ghost tonic" as the Perfect Fourth since it is well known that 4/3 is not part of the harmonic series since the denominator 3 does not go into 2 as a multiple harmonic of the root tonic, 1. And so, as most know, 4/3 was derived by "doubling" 2/3 but this was a "divide and average" operation that covered up the noncommutative truth. In other words 2/3 as subharmonic Perfect Fifth is C to F, at the same time that 3/2, overtone harmonic is Perfect Fifth C to G, such that G=3=F at the same time as noncommutative phase.

But what many don't realize is that this originated from the first logarithmic equation, "arithmetic mean x harmonic mean = geometric mean squared." And also that the square root of two originated from 9/8 cubed, based on this same math from Archytas and Plato, using alogon as the origin of irrational magnitude. Math professor Luigi Borzacchini in his 2007 essay calls this secret music origin of Western math, as based on a "negative judgment paradox" and is "really astonishing" and "shocking" and also that Western science is then guided by a "pre-established deep disharmony."
Anyway as you say math is limited and this is because it is left brain dominant as algebra while music frequency is right brain dominant. The secret being that the left side vagus nerve does not go to the right side of the brain while the right side vagus nerve goes to the left side of the brain, and the right side vagus nerve is the reptilian (kundalini) unmyelinated reproductive neurohormone energy. So Alain Connes is considered the leader of noncommutative math and he has a lecture on youtube - on his music analysis, as quantum music. But Connes, despite acknowledging the noncommutative math origin of music, still embraces the Western music that is the "compromised" math that is symmetric. haha. He says how he plays Chopin at home and that the future humans will be like orchestration - which I assume you have trained in - transposing multiple clefs at the same time on the piano.

Well there is also another noncommutative math researcher - S. Majid. He contextualizes Connes and advocates a different approach based on quantum groups. But my understanding is both Connes and quantum physicist Basil J. Hiley use Clifford Algebra - that is noncommutative. As I might have mentioned - I secretly rejected the Pythagorean Theorem in high school math because I already knew it originated from the wrong music theory! I knew this intuitively just because I knew there was some logical paradox about the Pythagorean Tetrad. I just was wondering why does C to G have to be 3/2 while C to F has to be 4/3 and can not be C to F as 2/3, etc. haha. Anyway so now my family thinks because I never took calculus therefore I don't know math - even though I did test at 92% on the ACT in math (but 98% in biology). haha. Also 96% in social science. Anyway so then I explain noncommutative math using music theory and people think it is some kind of "bar trick" (as my drunk cousin said). haha.

I can give you links to noncommutative math but I study science as purely an outside observer - more like a philosopher of science. I don't waste my time doing calculations like a computer. haha. I just look for concepts to use as intellectual self-defense so I can justify my meditation training. For example a local teenager had severe seizures - epilepsy and he was on 30 medications from the Mayo Clinic - and basically he could not leave his sofa. And so then qigong master Leslie  Vincent, who was trained by Chunyi Lin, she healed him. I showed my mom the video from youtube - saying how he was from our home town. I actually met his mom when I went to see Dennis McKenna speak at our local library that my mom volunteers for. Dennis McKenna also lives in our home town - that is only 500 people haha. I grew up in Minneapolis though.

This is the pdf for Alain Connes latest overvoew on quantum noncommutative:

Quantum Groups and Noncommutative Geometry › hep-th
by S Majid - ‎2000 - ‎Cited by 49 - ‎Related articles
Title: Quantum Groups and Noncommutative Geometry. Authors: S. Majid. (Submitted on 21 Jun 2000). Abstract: Quantum groups emerged in the latter quarter of the 20th century as, on the one hand, a deep and natural generalisation of symmetry groups for certain integrable systems, and on the other as part of a ...

Quantum Mechanics: Harbinger of a Non-Commutative Probability ... › quant-ph
by BJ Hiley - ‎2014 - ‎Related articles
Title: Quantum Mechanics: Harbinger of a Non-Commutative Probability Theory? Authors: Basil J. Hiley. (Submitted on 25 Aug 2014). Abstract: In this paper we discuss the relevance of the algebraic approach to quantum phenomena first introduced by von Neumann before he confessed to Birkoff that he no longer believed ...

Duality between shapes and spectra The music of ... - Alain Connes

Duality between shapes and spectra. The music of shapes. A. Connes. • How to specify our location in space. • Vibrations of shapes. • Hearing simple shapes. • Isospectral shapes and CKM invariant. • Towards a musical shape. 1 ...

The Music of Shapes

The Music of Shapes. Alain Connes. Joint work with Ali Chamseddine and Viatcheslav Mukhanov. Pisa, September 2014. 1 ... The music of shapes. Milnor, John (1964), ”Eigenvalues of the Laplace ope- rator on certain manifolds”, Proceedings of the Natio- nal Academy of Sciences of the United States of Ame- rica 51.

 This was the focus of my master's thesis - and so at age 29 I did intensive meditation with a Chinese spiritual healer and I literally left the Matrix. We, as modern humans, have no idea about the truth of reality - we have psycho-physiological blockages. This lady says it doesn't take years in the Himalayas or tons of psychedelics - no but there is a secret of complementary opposites that was the focus of the original human culture. For example for males the left hand is yang, lower body is yin and right hand is yin and upper body is yang. This turns the body into a harmonic oscillator - just like licking a 9-volt battery! So as Westerners we look at this "moving of yin and yang" exercise and just think is is "hand-waving." Nope! there is a deep secret. For example the left ear is "yuan qi" while the left eye is "yuan shen." Why? Because yuan or cosmic original qi by the left ear is the deep right side vagus nerve of the kundalini energy to the right side of the heart beyond death. The left eye is the right brain as spirit light - and until we build up the yin qi then the left eye is the hun soul - the liver energy. This is why eating green foods is good for your eyes because it clears out your liver whereas if you have a liver blockage from say alcohol then there is a lot of anger. And so each our our emotions is based on the electrochemical or yin qi energy of an organ. The kidneys are fear - so too much coffee overstimulates the kidneys and causes fear. Whereas eating eggs will charge up the kidneys with energy to "feed the brain." Why would eggs "feed the brain" as the Daoists state? Because eggs are the main source of lecithin, besides soy as lecithin - and ejaculation is mainly lecithin and lecithin is what myelinates the nerves of the brain. So the kundalini energy is from the trance dance training - the "moving of yin and yang" and then increases the lecithin charge through piezoelectric resonance of the collagen, the most common protein of the body, that is aligned, 90% vertically. So standing with the legs bent - activates this piezoelectric energy and with the legs vibrating 7 to 9 times per second there is a standing resonance wave with the Schumann resonance - the ELF subharmonic of the Earth's natural sun-moon resonance, as Tesla figured out. So then the brain goes into alpha brain waves and then theta that opens up the heart energy via the deep right side vagus nerve.

So there are SECRETS to the inside revolution - and us Westerners just think that meditation is some New Age b.s. - no it's a science - in India is it the "three gunas" - and so the Tai Chi and the "three gunas" both originate from music theory that goes back to our original human culture. Every human culture on the planet uses the 1-4-5 music intervals - the Octave as 1:2, the Perfect Fifth as 3:2 (or 2/3) and the Perfect Fourth as 4/3. But the Perfect Fourth is not part of the Harmonic series because 3 as the denominator is not a harmonic of the root tonic of 1, octave as 2. Since 2 does not go into 3 then there is eternal motion as complementary opposites. This got covered up in the West with Western math based on the wrong music theory so that the Perfect Fifth could only be 3/2 but NOT 2/3 even though 2/3 is the empirical truth of infinite energy, natural resonance. So if C is 1 and the octave 2 is C then G is 3 as the Perfect Fifth but 3 is also F as the subharmonic Perfect fifth. This is not allowed in Western harmonics and this is the secret origin of Western math. So that the arithmetic mean (3/2) x harmonic mean (4/3) = geometric mean squared (2). So that is from Archytas and so is the secret origin of square root of 2 since the Perfect Fifth plus the Perfect Fourth = the Octave as the first logarithmic equation. But this is ONLY true if you cover up and LIE about the truth of the Perfect Fifth also being C to F subharmonic which means that G=3=F at the SAME time as noncommutative, nondualism - that reality is an infinite eternal motion as complementary opposites - it is known as Fourier Uncertainty or time-frequency uncertainty, but in fact originates from complementary opposites of yin (perfect fourth) and yang (perfect fifth) and the Emptiness (the octave).

And so what happened in the origins of Western science is that the Pythagorean Philolaus called 4/3 the subcontrary mean to acknowledge that it originated from 2/3 whereas Archytas changed the terminology of Subcontrary Mean to Harmonic Mean as 4/3 for his logarithmic equation, thereby covering up the noncommutative truth of nondualism.

And in the West this is called the paradox of the Ghost Tonic - I go into this in detail in my music-math essay - 

Sunday, December 24, 2017

The secret to ecological sustainability is the future and past interwoven

The evil is the conniving ejaculation addiction males who think that others can not read their thoughts (including the infinite formless awareness that we are all part of). And so their goal - as is Drumpf, is a psychic black hole to suck off people's energy to ejaculate - this is the epitome of evil - and is primate violence, etc. But the thing is that the formless awareness IS ever-knowing, as a holograph - all our experiences are recorded into a black hole of the Universe - that a spiritual master can read through our heart spirit contact. This happened to Andrew Zimmern from the original human culture - his life was read like a book - just by the healer putting his hand on Andrew's heart - and his spirit left his body and the past was like a film being re-experienced by both of them together.

And so humans have amazing capabilities - but the left-brain dominance ejaculation addiction males THINK they can get away with their evil scheming - and yet they are really lying to themselves! Because everything they do is actually hurting themselves - as their true self is the infinite awareness of the Universe - and everyone finds this out when we leave our bodies after this short dream of being alive in a body.

And so - if any of us have holographic interactions with the low frequency evil ejaculation addiction energy like Drumpf - we have an obligation to do an exorcism - through trance dancing and various other exercises - and to raise the frequency of the spirit energy again to return it back to the Emptiness. The past is actually a symptom of a future healing that is inevitable and so what we experience as external reality is actually a holographic psychological projection of our internal spirit ego awareness. And so the whole 4D universe is a dream state and that which is only real is the Cosmic Mother that will never be unveiled (or to say we can never see God, meaning Bull, while Hathor was the original cow healing energy).

So psychometry is real - telekinesis is real, telepathy is real but it is the pineal gland heart connection via the small intestines - a full body emotional lunar psychic energy resonance with the Earth and the Sun, as is naturally strong during the Solstice. We can heal blockages by turning the light around - and so it is the secret source of the light from the phonon ether - the vibrational qi or prana or N/om energy - the kundalini that knows us better than we can ever know anything - the Queen Mother - and so we can logically infer or listen to this source while the light as our spiritual ego is the holographic interaction as an external-internal dynamic.

This is what GEE means when he says to live in the Present - although he does not realize it. He is referring to Edward Abby or some kind of Buddhism - but Buddhism is based on eternal motion as the truth of reality, called "interdependent causation" or impermanence as the truth of reality. This is actually from nonwestern harmonics - and so the future and the past are interwoven. We can have visions of the future that are MORE REAL than our waking state of consciousness because all of our senses are via the holographic light information - a pilot wave or standing wave of light that is guided by an ether pilot wave connecting the future to the past. In other words, a healer can actually go into a person's past to BEFORE an injury occurred and then do preventative healing, as a spacetime vortex, that changes the point of origination of the injury - and prevents it from occurring - in the past. And so the wound is permanently healed - via the Emptiness itself, just by maintaining a standing resonance holographic wave of light being turned back against itself.

So the "present" is actually eternal motion of the future and past being interwoven and is immortal - and it is also impersonal and beyond any human emotions, yet is is also inherently based on harmonization or coherence - quantum coherence is what science calls it based on quantum biology. And so it is the spiritual masters who by maintaining the present in its true sense, at the speed of light, that the past is healed by the future! And so when the future happens a "second time" as a "glitch in the Matrix" - this means the present has already been healed - by the future happening in the past - already - and thereby creating a process or time loop that supersedes the present event. What we experience as the 4D spacetime universe on Earth, with the Sun and Moon, is not the real truth, but rather when light is turned around into this "zero time" as infinite frequency (actually noncommutative phase as complementary opposites) - the Tai Chi or the "three gunas" of emptiness - from the Octave, Perfect Fifth and Perfect Fourth of music theory as infinite energy - this is our secret to ecological sustainability.

yes i saw ghosts as yellow human shaped light and also the book "Transcendent Dreaming" by psychologist Christina Donnell describes her healing experiences as astral travel. I've had visions of the future and did "wake up" out of my body once when I was fell asleep in full lotus, after listening to Coasttocoastam do a show on outer body experiences. The qigong master Jim Nance would check up on me when I was asleep and although I could not see his spirit, I could feel the qi energy - there is an ether that is the source of light - the relativistic mass energy of light from noncommutative phase. So this is like phonon energy that is reverse time, a superluminal pilot wave that guides light - that people call God or formless awareness or "yuan qi" or prana or shakti or N/om. So yes - if you were young and female then your N/om energy is strongest at that age - the oldest religion is the Eland Bull dance of females when they first go through menstruation and their N/om energy is strongest. Only female humans as primates are synchronized with the moon when living in a group in Nature - as 29.5 days - and this is the psychic lunar energy that is the qi or prana or N/om as kundalini energy. So it makes sense your sister would be able to do this. But since our culture does not train in this then such ability would be rare. Dr. Bradford Keeney grew up in a religious culture and was deep into music and he had a kundalini awakening in church when he was a teenager - and he experienced a fully open third eye - an Emptiness nirvana type awakening - that the original human culture call the cosmic Ostrich Egg that cracks open. And he was a professor but traveled the world studying shamanism and then realized the original human culture had all the males train in this ability - and so he is the only person not from that San Bushmen tribe, who is recognized as a master healer of the original human culture. He has a youtube channel and website blog - And I have free training info - it is for males focus as I am male. But it is all free information - I created a compilation of the best vids on youtube of this bioenergy being demonstrated.

Hypatia Reincarnated? Finally a good calculus teacher but is there a FIXED POINT IN TIME? No.

So everyone enjoys a young pretty calculus female teacher who gives coy, caddy comments like "just humor me" as she explains the secret trick of the derivative.

And so then 90% of the comments are about how pretty the teacher is, but someone gets honest:

Shouldn't the second Y coordinate equal the first Y coordinate + the distance between the first and second y coordinate? Not the distance between X and (h+x)?
And he does not get a good response at all! This is the great "bait and switch" of math. So what is the real answer to this innocent question?

 Good question. I think the trick is explained here:
"Then A has coordinates (1, b+m)."

So secant is the ratio of hypotenuse (x + h) over adjacent - that goes to the limit of x as zero as the tangent point.

You can see that the point 1 unit to the right of the origin is labeled 1, and its coordinates, of course, are (1,0). Let C be the point where that vertical line cuts the horizontal line through B. Then C has coordinates (1,b).

The point A is where the vertical line above 1 cuts the original line. Let m denote the distance that A is above C. Then A has coordinates (1,b+m). This value m is called the slope of the line. If you move right one unit anywhere along the line, then you’ll move up m units.
Now consider the angle CBA. Let’s call it the angle of slope. It’s tangent is CA/BC = m/1 = m. Therefore, the slope is the tangent of the angle of slope.
 And so we can see what just happened - the Y value got reduced, as a function of time, to a limit of zero as a pure geometric magnitude "point" of no dimension! Aka "m."

Now that's just Trig and so it's not fancy enough for the real "bait and switch" needed for calculus. So we need the real answer right?

I mean obviously I must be missing something? No not really - this is the secret trick of calculus and our lovely Hypatia just revealed it for all.

Secant Lines, Tangent Lines, and Limit Definition of a Derivative 

So in the vid above she says the secant becomes the tangent - as the limit of the secant slope. She moves her hand as a magic trick! She was really trying to do the above gif.

But that really doesn't capture the bait and switch as I just showed from Trig - no it does exactly what she did - a fancy moving motion that covers up the conversion of time into a geometric zero point.

So now we have to go into the mathematical logic of how this is derived!

Let's throw up another gif.


This seems a little better since there are numbers added to the geometry but essentially it's a divide and average bait and switch, with change of X reducing to a function of Y as zero time.

We don’t need calculus to determine the slope of the secant line. We do need calculus to determine the slope of the tangent line.
So the bait and switch.

Now let's look at the actual math derivation - the logic involved behind the bait and switch. I just showed it from Trig - there the bait and switch is out in the open. I challenged the Kaplans about the very same problem of assuming a commutative value of a geometric point with a one to one conversion to number. In other words is infinity a symmetric inversion to zero? No.

So now we get another young female pretty voice - but just the voice with a video.

And so she explains we can find the slope of the tangent using the limiting process - as long as it is a "fixed point" (in time).

 And that my friends is the bait and switch. There is no "fixed point in time." There is eternal motion. The only way we can experience a true "fixed point" is if there is no space at all - when light is turned around back on to itself - but this creates reverse time energy as noncommutative phase - the superluminal pilot wave from the future!

Next we will look at noncommutative calculus.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

There is No Spoon, but there is a flexible middle ear as the jaw bone of the Inner Smile Solstice Energy

My favorite song by a man who used to disco roller skate around the lake next to my house. Prince doing Starfish and Coffee

The Lyrics (all based on a true story, except instead of coffee it was Pee-Pee!)
 It was 7:45 we were all in line 2 greet the teacher Miss Cathleen First was Kevin, then came Lucy, third in line was me All of us where ordinary compared to Cynthia Rose She always stood at the back of the line A smile beneath her nose Her favorite number was 20 and every single day If U asked her what she had 4 breakfast This is what she'd say Starfish and coffee Maple syrup and jam Butterscotch clouds, a tangerine And a side order of ham If U set your mind free, baby Maybe you'd understand Starfish and coffee Maple syrup and jam Cynthia wore the prettiest dress With different color socks Sometimes I wondered if the mates where in her lunchbox Me and Lucy opened it when Cynthia wasn't around Lucy cried, I almost died, U know what we found? Starfish and coffee Maple syrup and jam Butterscotch clouds, a tangerine And a side order of ham If U set your mind free, honey Maybe you'd understand Starfish and coffee Maple syrup and jam Starfish and coffee Cynthia had a happy face, just like the one she'd draw On every wall in every school But it's all right, it's 4 a worthy cause Go on, Cynthia, keep singin' Starfish and coffee Maple syrup and jam Butterscotch clouds, a tangerine And a side order of ham If U set your mind free, baby Maybe you'd understand Starfish and coffee Maple syrup and jam (starfish in your coffee, you will love it, told ya so) (starfish in your coffee, you will love it, told ya so

 I also would like to share that a neighbor friend visited today and she is friends with my sister. And so my friend the qigong master did a phone healing on her. And so I asked her how it went. And she said - yes the lights went dim and were going on and off in her house. And the qigong master said yes the energy connection was strong with her and he said that something like his t.v. or something was also reacting in his house. And she said she felt better - much better for 24 to 48 hours - from her severe pain. I'm talking about Jim Nance

O.K. do you have a link for how mammals or specifically primates adapted to the PETM? I remember seeing some youtube lecture on that but I would have to look it up. but you do realize that the current extinction crisis is an order of magnitude faster? That means 100 years instead of 1000 years. And so our habitat can not adapt - plants, etc. the PETM - wasn't that when primates were much smaller and so could more easily withstand warmer temperatures? Consider the heat wave in Europe killed tens of thousands and then Russia lost its wheat crop. What GEE is saying is that yes some people will probably survive - using high tech means and most likely living underground, as there are vast underground cities for the elite already set up - Continuity of Government.

As for the plankton off - yes but not due to the color shift. I think we can say GEE is accurate but not precise. Whereas in contrast the chaos supercomputers monitoring global warming are known to be precise, but not accurate since they do not consider many positive feedbacks and can not go down to the information scale of clouds - one of the main feedbacks.

And so then you seem to make the logical error that GEE is telling people - because we are doomed - therefore we should not do anything. Actually GEE is saying the opposite. The message of GEE is the message of Deep Ecology. We never should be trying to "save the planet" - that is stupid. Rather realize that there is no spoon.

I mean realize - rather we live ecologically as much as possible because we have no choice since Mother Nature is in charge and we are just part of this negentropic energy - that Schrodinger realized is the secret quantum information source of life - an aperiodic resonance from quantum coherence that amplifies into the macro-realm - starting with the energy that creates stars and then the cosmic photon energy to earth along with water and nanopores - microtubules - enables a secret "pilot wave" that guides life. This is the hidden momentum of light - so that relativistic mass of light is the 5th dimension as noncommutative phase. Meaning that virtual photons not only can be captured but are constantly being captured - and this is why we are alive - as an information gathering form - in contrast to the linear arrow of time of increasing entropy of the universe from gravity.

So anyway humans did live sustainably for 90% of our history - the SAn Bushmen culture - and not only ecologically sustainably but with the truth of real happiness and real spiritual love healing energy that nurtured the spirits of life - beyond death - the ghosts and astral realms. So the original human culture was the most sophisticated - and the "highest technology of all technologies" due to inherently resonating with the Sun-Earth-Moon energy via the macroquantum holographic energy of the heart-pineal gland - 2nd brain (small intestines) connection through the reptilian vagus nerve.

So you mention the PETM but I will share with you that when we, as primates, lived in trees - the primate tree shrew for example - our current inner ear used to be our jaw bone - and the only way archaeologists can identify primates is because we have a detachable middle ear muscle - because it was the jaw bone. And this middle ear muscle flexes to listen to the highest pitch we hear externally that resonates the whole brain internally as quantum coherence ultrasound energy - via proprioception. And so this is called the "inner smile" of the pineal gland - the smile of the middle ear muscle as the jaw bone of our tree shrew ancestors.

So that is also the secret of how the original human culture, the San Bushmen, survived the supervolcano eruption of Mt. Toba, 70,000 years ago, that created a genetic bottleneck of just a few thousand humans! So a pack of chimpanzees has more genetic diversity than ALL the 7.9 billion (or whatever exponential increase the current number is) humans. And so the secret is like when a person takes a strong psychedelic mushroom - like Santa Claus is red and white from the Amanita Muscaria red and white mushroom that is sacred to the Siberian shamans (that dress like the mushroom and deliver it through the chimney, and hang it to try on the pine trees, and the raindeer eat it and feel like they are flying and the santa shamans drink the reindeer piss since it detoxifies the shamanic shroom).

And so - it is proven that shrooms communicate with trees via biophotons and there are some 20 times more species of shrooms than plants on Earth - and it is via the DMT molecule as a serotonin-type tryptomine - that is the key means of the biophotons being activated. For humans the serotonin receptor then works via the fatty acids and the ultrasonic piezoelectric water emitting biophotons through the microtubules of the collagen, the most common protein.

So our mitochondria, as ancient bacteria, similar to algae, then feed off the biophoton and proton energy from splitting the water - as the secret of trance dancing - and so humans trained to be able to go without food and even water - as the piezoelectric energy can create reverse electrolysis of hydrogen and oxygen back into water - and any other chemical energy we need. The shamanic skills are then macroquantum alchemical transformation that can also reverse spacetime - as a vortex of cosmic biophoton energy. And this is the truth of the "Original Creation" or "dreamtime" that the original human culture entered into every time they did trance dancing. A strong dose of Amazonian ayahuasca (Dmt-based plant-root) medicine will do this similarly - without the direct storing up of the qi or prana or N/om energy.

Exactly. And evolution can also be considered "human devolution" from our cosmic biophoton source - as the Hare Krishna "alternative" science writer Michael Cremo titled his book. But as Ramana Maharshi stated, "there is no evolution" because the whole 4D spacetime universe is temporary and only the 5th dimension as "formless awareness" remains eternal - and this 5th dimension can not be seen but it is the secret noncommutative origin of light - the hidden momentum of light. So when our spiritual evolution is so purified that the light is so bright that we can not even see our own bodies nor even Earth - and then our minds go to the source that is peaceful formless awareness. Qigong master Robert Peng describes this experience he did from a 100 day fast meditation at Shaolin monastery - in a secret cave underneath the monastery. And after that experience he now has constant resonance with the original energy of the Universe that manifests as an electrical "zapping" discharge from his fingers - I have his vids in my video compilation. He did healing on the former Prime Minister of Australia who was visiting Hainan - the island off China where Robert Peng had a healing clinic and then Robert Peng healed the daughter of the Prime Minister. And so there is a video on youtube of the Prime Minister getting "zapped." haha. And so this is the Kundalini energy or N/om energy as the Cosmic Mother energy - it is eternal and so is from quantum entanglement or nonlocality - known as the new "quantum force" or "self force" when time is zero, when the light is turned around as a standing wave, as we can do in meditation with our eyes closed.

 The original money was based on gold as solar male energy and silver as lunar female energy. Around 1200 BCE iron became more valuable than silver since iron can be made into weapons. But the Solar Dynasty gods - the mass ritual sacrifice priests believed that being buried with Gold meant they would go to heaven. You can see where this is leading - raving mad genocidal freak males showing up to rape and pillage the "New world" obsessed with getting at much gold as possible so that the blue-blood Freemasonic Platonic elites of Europe could go to heaven. haha. And all of this is driven by ejaculation addiction - no different that chimpanzee males - it is "missile envy" - as Camille Paglia points out in her book "SExual Personae." So for example the Zeitgeist movement goes on about dopamine addiction - but they no nothing about kundalini energy from the right-side vagus nerve - this converts the dopamine to serotonin. the female orgasm turns from serotonin to increased oxytocin, whereas male ejaculation turns dopamine to cortisol as a positive feedback of Energy Vampires - sucking off the life force of Mother Nature just to ejaculate more. So the females try to use technology to protect themselves from the rapist warmongering male chimp-humans. It seems to work. Female chimps use spears to hunt so they are not raped by males bringing the females meat, demanding sex. And similarly female humans devise a system of "sex strike" synchronized with the lunar energy - so all the females can monopoly their sexual fertility and refuse sex at the same time, thereby ensuring control over male reproductive energy. If you want sex then you bring back meat and do so peacefully - and so the males have to also all train in the female lunar psychic energy. So that was the secret power of silver as lunar energy - originating from Nuit - the Egyptian Cosmic Mother Goddess - now called the word "nothing." So magnetite from meteors were the original "black stone" that later became the Kaaba of Islam - and also the black Madonna statutes of Europe from worshipping Isis in Egypt. So the secret truth is nothingness as female formless awareness but is achieved only by first worshiping silver as lunar energy - and this is the circular spiral energy of Kundalini - the right side reptilian vagus nerve. But with the Solar Calendar developed based on left-brain dominant and right-hand technology - this created the Kundabuffer of modern males controlled by the psychic blockage of the lower back. And so they try to repress their sex energy and by doing so then project it subconsciously and so thereby externalize their repression as oppression and thus the raping of females and the raping of Nature. And so it's not just the solar calendar but actually the male belief that infinity can be contained by a geometric symbol - as a materialistic idealism philosophy - using left-brain language. Music is right-brain dominant but the tuning needs to be natural harmonics that are actually based on complementary opposites of the lunar and solar energy harmonized with the Earth. The left brain dominance means to "separate heaven and earth" through ritual mass sacrifice - just as the King is sacrificed to renew the fertility of the land, so then rectilinear geometry represents the Solar calendar spreading across earth as Em-Pyre or the Funeral Pyre of the Solar Calendar as anthropocentric abrupt global warming.

 actually eugenics was part of the "progressive" leftist movement in the U.S. in the 1930s - and so eugenics was organized side by side with sanitation movements to clean up the cities. But what happened is the Rockefellers took over eugenics research and then professors around the U.S. began extolling eugenics and getting laws passed to have "imbeciles" (uneducated poor people) to be sterilized. It is quite ironic that Fowell Hall at the University of Minnesota houses the supposed "progressive" Cultural Studies department and yet Folwell himself was a leading eugenicist - and even praised Hitler when he took power in Germany - in a public letter in Minnesota. And then the homeless will sleep in the handicap stall in the bathroom in Folwell Hall, since it is a big stall, that is right on the edge of campus. One morning, during Spring Break, I went there and sat in full lotus on the toilet - as it was just above freezing outside and I needed to return to work, after a snooze. I woke up from my snoring in full lotus on the toilet - and subconsciously (or superconsciously) sprung out of the stall to face the mirror at the sinks, at the same time a female cop "raided" me in the bathroom. As she rumaged through me personal belongings in the hallway I explained to her that I had a master's degree from the the U and so was an alumnus and that I had done self-directed research with the chair of the Cultural Studies department. She, of course, was not interested and asked to call my landlady to prove that I was not homeless. Of course why would I want to threaten my own home rental room by having a cop call my landlady and being homeless is not a crime? So I asked her if I was being arrested and she said yes and then my third eye could sense she was lusting after my qi energy when she grabbed hold of my arm and walked me down to her squad car. Then she gave me a ticket banning me from the University for a year. Now I looked it up and it was ruled unconstitutional for the cops to do this, as they can ban a person from trespassing from one property owned by a particular entity, but not from ALL the buildings owned by a particular entity. At any rate - you would think, a University, that was chartered before the State of MInnesota was even charted! - and so it is quite public - and so you would think the public would have some right to the location, especially if they are Alumni - but since the cops have been put in charge as the legal representative of the University - therefore there is no due process. And again this is how Eugenics work - quite ironic since sitting in full lotus meditation is a sign of higher evolution, not being an imbecile or homeless. The home is where the heart is but too many people are out of touch with their heart.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Reclaiming David Layzer and the Negentropic origin of the Universe

This is Bob Doyle, Harvard astrophysicist obsessed with free will and paradoxes of quantum wave-particle duality

Not mention people watch his channel. But he has a fascinating analysis of Einstein's discovery that Nature is based on asymmetric time. Sir Roger Penrose emphasized that is the secret of the Big Bang - time is dramatically asymmetric.

That concept then ties into the origin of the Universe (and consciousness as well).

Doyle is talking about two rates of time - this is exactly what de Broglie also realized is the secret to combining quantum and relativity - as the Law of Phase Harmony.

I watched Doyle's other vids and left comments - he confuses the statistical wave function with the actual pilot wave that is sub-quantum. A scientist I blogged earlier points out scientists often make this confusion. I have to look up who it was.

Schrodinger said Negative Entropy comes from the sun!

So what Doyle is stating is David Layzer - his research was essentially "lifted" by Penrose without citation - and the concept is that after cosmic inflation there was a difference between the maximum entropy of expanding spacetime with the actual entropy created by mass and so this actual entropy from gravity then drives the sense of linear time.

And then stars create negative entropy as information that is the original source of life - and so just as entropy increases so too does information or negative entropy increase on the same amount.

 how come you talk about biology but not the ecological crisis, caused by left-brain dominance? Biophotons are emitted by the eyes. The relativistic mass of light is reverse time energy-information from noncommutative phase. As B.G. Sidharth states, light has mass due to noncommutative spacetime. This is the secret of the pilot wave as well. Electroweak force is the reason left-hand amino acids are for life with right-brain dominance. NOncommutative time-frequency energy is nonlocal through noncommutative phase as the 5th dimension, virtual micro-black holes, creating 4D spacetime.

What do you mean "everyday laborers" when 40% of the work force makes a wage that has not increased in 40 years! Less than $15 dollars an hour is less than the minimum wage in the early 1970s. We are not "laborers" but slaves who can not even cover our basic means of existence. Is dumpster-diving your favorite hobby?

The problem is with science, as revealed by M.I.T. history professor David F. Noble's books "America By Design" and "Forces of Production" is that there are elite think tanks - secret societies - that control science, and this was the case for World War II. For example the details of the Manhattan Project were initiated at Skull and Bones which is an elite Freemasonic death cult based on - dare I say - circle jerk ejaculation addiction. Dr. Helen Caldicott was correct with her "MIssile Envy" book and she is working on a new book that focuses on this psychophysiological projection. Some characterize civilization - the West - as based on "dopamine addiction" - yes it is dopamine then cortisol stress - as a positive feedback. So for example the American Revolution was really driven by the fact that the Brits were outlawing slavery, and so just as Rhodesia revolted against Zimbabwe, the U.S. colonialists did not like the Brits taxing slavery and collecting the taxes door to door via the military. U.S. client states rely on the military - as Honduras right now is killing the people using the U.S. trained and funded Honduran military - and the same occurs in some 100 U.S. client state countries. So of course the same is true here - I experienced that directly in 1996 when I protested the corporate controlled DNC in Chicago - the police get military training and since the 2nd U.S. genocide in Iraq - the police are full on militarized. We live in an empire and the elites do not use the military for "defense" but rather as class warfare - to maintain slave wage conditions. 75% of people in the U.S. have next to no savings and huge amounts of debt. So to say the elites would listen to science is kind of silly - the purpose of science has never been "neutral" - and mathematics itself is not "pure" - but rather the so-called "symmetric" math is a lie and instead is based on left-brain dominance and right-hand technology - and this goes back to the origins of Western civilization in Western Asia - with the basic idea that infinity could be "contained" using geometric symbols as mass ritual sacrifice math. So it is a death cult as ghost pollution. So David F. Noble got fired for exposing this at M.I.T. - fired for political reasons as he proved in a law suit. He went back to Canada. And so - his book "The Religion of Technology" exposed the NeoPlatonic Freemasonic apocalyptic drive of science to create a new Adam as a Zionistic Garden of Eden - this is from Platonic symmetric math. Noble then had his final book as a follow-up that traced the problem back to early Western Asian empires. The Sumerian Garden of Eden myth was different and so the Goddess energy used to be embraced - the N/om serpent kundalini energy that is called Prana or qi, etc. It is based on asymmetric time or noncommutative phase math. Science is not going to save us - but it is our "myth" that we believe in - so it is good at giving details like a deer in the headlight - seeing the details of the car as it smashes into the deer. Time appears to slow down externally as our neurons process time faster internally - and yet in the end we find there is a nonlinear superluminal "time-like" phase energy -information - it is called the pilot wave in quantum relativity - as the 5th dimension - it is the hidden momentum energy of light. When light is turned around - it is qi or prana or N/om energy. I have compiled a list of vids that demonstrate this energy - Humans lived sustainably for 90% of our modern biological history based on the truth of N/om energy of the original human culture - from music theory as noncommutative harmonics. So the Perfect Fifth, Octave and Perfect Fourth are infinite time-frequency energy. Pythagoras means "Snake-Master" - the dragon crocodile right side vagus nerve from the reproductive energy to the right side of the heart, beyond death.

check out the pyrokinesis vids - this is very real. I had this dude visit me after he went to China. He said he met Jiang Feng and saw him do the pyrokinesis - they can light stuff on fire. The qi-shen energy or shakti - it is laser energy. So the Chinese man I studied with, he trained at Shaolin with Master Yao who could light stuff on fire with his eyes. But one time he spit up blood from overusing his power. And Jiang Feng died instantly from overusing his power while healing someone. But I have three other pyrokinesis vids - and then Robert Peng "zaps" people. He did a 100 day meditation fast - will just a small amount of food but 60 days no food. And so the training is very strict to develop strong skills. But also people can get healings over the phone but it is very expensive. So hardly anyone knows about this stuff but since I knew that the root cause of the ecological crisis was our Western origins - so I trained in "nonwestern philosophy" through the African Studies department. I did it based on the book "The Racial Contract" that details how Aristotle and Plato both promoted "Natural law" as a hierarchy of races and slavery. So I said it required nonwestern philosophy to find out the truth of reality and then I trained for 6 hours a day for several months with a Chinese spiritual healer who trained at Shaolin - and he did research with the Mayo Clinic Dr. Ann Vincent. So the "External qi" healing was proven real through randomized controlled research and published in peer-review science - and she said the results of healing chronic pain that people had untreatable for 5 years from Western medicine was "especially impressive." So Westernized people have no idea what is possible. Also I then researched what is the secret universal principle of this energy training - it is from noncommutative math from music theory. So anyway even if the world gets destroyed soon - at least I figured out the truth and this was how humans lived not just sustainably but also with happiness and no rape and no warfare - as the original human culture for 90% of biological modern human history. This got covered up but it is the truth - I have the N/om healing vids in that play list as well. People are so caught up in Westernized reality that is mass mind control ever since learning the Pythagorean Theorem in school. Everything we learn is wrong in the West despite the supposed "success" of science but in reality it has wiped out ecology and with the worst social injustice worldwide based on genocide. Oh well. Sure techno-gadgets are interesting and we have the science myth of what the universe is about - but at the expense of our ecological diversity and peaceful happiness of real love healing energy on Earth.

It's all automated now. Each U.S. soldier killed is only after the U.S. spends $1 million dollars on each soldier! We always hear how terrible it was that what 50,000 U.S. soldiers were killed in Vietnam but hardly any mention of the several million IndoChinese genocide and still thousands being killed by Agent Orange and land mines. So yes more U.S. soldiers die by suicide now than in "war" and the levels of rape in the U.S. military are much higher than among civilians. There is an award-winning documentary exposing this. Why? Because war-mongering and rape are what chimpanzees do and modern Westernized males are controlled by the psychic blockage of their lower back - called the Kundabuffer by Gurdjieff. Can't sit in full lotus? Then you have a lower back psychic blockage - lack of ionized neurohormones up to the pineal gland. Can't feel your pineal gland as magnetic bliss in the center of your brain? then you are mass mind controlled. The ecological crisis is much deeper than just some techno-fix by science. This goes back to left-brain dominance as the "I Am that I Am" circular axiomatic logic of right-hand mass ritual sacrifice technology. For example circular altars as female lunar energy has to be made the same area as square rectangular altars - well this led to centering circles for building chariot wheels, circa 3000 BCE - why? To escape the plague epidemics caused by animal intensive farming. Then the gods insisted that the cube altars be doubled in size with precision - again to stop plagues. But the real reason was to be able to double the size of catapults. And then science went on with the cannon ball projectiles and now it's nukes. haha. It's all just chimpanzees - females chimpanzees learned to use spears so they would not have to be raped by the males providing them meat. Female humans are no different - so you have the technofeminists who think they can just control men by getting the males to ejaculate if there are any problems. but that just treats the symptom - not the cause. Ejaculation addiction causes a dopamine-cortisol positive feedback of stress with dopamine as violence and lust. So unless the males train in "staying power" through trance dance and kundalini N/om female psychic lunar energy - then male humans are no different than chimpanzees.