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"The universe and I came into being together; I and everything therein are One."

"If then all things are One, what room is there for speech? On the other hand, since I can say the word 'one' how can speech not exist? If it does exist, we have One and speech -- two; and two and one -- three(14) from which point onwards even the best mathematicians will fail to reach (the ultimate); how much more then should ordinary people fail?">"

- Chuang Tzu, 300 BCE

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Quantum Nonlocality is from eternal asymmetric time as the 5th dimension, or noncommutative phase as the Tai Chi secret (the three gunas).

Friday, December 29, 2017

Dear Professor Danielle Allen: Socrates Soul and the number 729 as the Tritone

UPDATE: I see I am the same age as her! haha.
Dear Professor Allen: Thanks for your recent CSPAN interview on your new book and your love for justice. I finished my master's degree doing self-directed research with the chair of the African Studies Department at the University of Minnesota, Professor Rose Brewer, after having taken her class, "Race, Class and Gender" with the required book, "The Racial Contract." And so I did intensive nonwestern meditation based on the argument that the "Natural Law" model from Plato and Aristotle was inherently unjust, at the foundation of Western civilization, and so a required study of nonwestern philosophy was necessary. I did this by training with a Chinese yoga spiritual healer, called a qigong master, but his assistant teacher is African-American. And so the experience truly changed my life permanently and so after my degree I read one scholarly book a day while sitting in full lotus yoga position in public, in the "inner city" in Minneapolis, Minnesota. haha. Anyway my dad was a lawyer, and he was accepted at Harvard but didn't get a full-ride scholarship so he went to NYU Law as a full-ride scholarship. So my masters thesis was called "Epicenters of Justice" as a phrase from Ralph Nader. And so in 2005 the African-American assistant qigong teacher, Jim Nance, was declared a qigong master and he asked me to help him write a book. But it was not until 2013, after he healed my mom, or I should say, he asked me to help him again but then he healed my mom, while he talked to me on the phone and she was asleep! My mom is now 81 years old so I do healing on her and the African-American qigong master married my qigong friend's former wife who also got deep into meditation. So they do healings together. His website is
I'm just sharing this to let you know that - maybe we don't realize  - as you said there is talent everywhere. And so my friend - the qigong master who befriended me, Jim Nance, he shared his life story with me. It is quite amazing. Actually an African-American lady who does publishing has been transcribing his story from phone interviews she does with him - and his book is a true tome. haha. I don't know if he will ever publish it. But I could go on about him - and how amazing and inspirational his life has been. He's now 70 years old or just around there. But his wife is half his age. haha. But he can leave his body at will and he does long distance phone healings still, etc. As for his teacher, the Chinese healer, the two of them took part in a "randomized controlled" study led by a Mayo Clinic medical doctor, Ann Vincent, who called the results "especially impressive." And the study was published in a peer-reviewed journal - healing of chronic pain through "external qi" energy. And one of my friend's story was about his relatives in prison, talking about the power of accepting the Holy Spirit - having the Holy Spirit come into them and what miracles can happen. And so the Chinese healer also goes to church every Sunday. It is a fascinating situation where the Chinese healer says he realized most Christians are not that spiritual but for Jim Nance, as an African-American spiritual healer, he had a very different church experience. He said his grandmother was also part Native American and so that was an influence for him as well.
But anyway my own research started out from music theory, as I began studying classical piano at age 5 and studied privately with a former music professor while I was in high school. I realized there was a paradox in basic music theory, as I took logic very seriously, from the influence of my dad. His dad had been a minister and so I also took religion seriously, but I could see the limitations of it. And so the interrelations of music, logic and the origins of Western math and law and science is all very fascinating. There is something called noncommutative math, from nonwestern music, that is the secret of the nonwestern spirit training, going back to our original human culture that all humans originate from. Anyway I did get arrested eight times doing civil disobedience activism and when Jim Nance was in the car with me and I was driving, I began ranting about Cargill and the evils of the U.S. empire. He said, "But I'm on your side!" And I kept ranting. So he got super quiet and still and suddenly I felt this strong electromagnetic force deep on the right side of my heart. Now I knew that from the noncommutative math, from studying nonwestern philosophy, that the right side of the heart is the origin of the "formless awareness" - of the Emptiness or Cosmic Mother source of the Universe - called Nuit by the Egyptians, the origin of the word nothingness. This right side of the heart is from the right side vagus nerve connecting the reproductive organs to the right side of the brain, to the right side of the heart and through meditation it goes beyond death.
So this African-American healer gave me the experience of going beyond death! And when I immediately shut up then Jim Nance said to me: "I just wanted to see if you were speaking from the heart. And you were." haha.
Thanks again for sharing,
drew hempel

Her book on Plato

So she says since 729 is three to the sixth power it represents the tripartite soul.

 The late Ernest McClain might elucidate this:
But the actual mathematics that occurs in the dialogues is very frequently ignored by commentators. (One stark example of this is found in the 1947 translation of the Republic by F.M. Cornford, in which Cornford permitted himself to omit entirely Plato’s “extremely obscure” account (at 8.546b) of the so-called ruling or nuptial number, and also to “simplify” the text (at 9.587b) concerning the number of the Tyrant.
 The Tyrant is held, in the Republic, to be exactly 729 times less fortunate than the good ruler. Not “about 700,” not 730.
 O.K. (I quote my correspondence with Professor McClain in my 2012 pdf) so then we get this pdf.

Sound - Draw a Straight Line And Follow It
Musicologist Ernest G. McClain states thst “The number 2 is 'female' in the sense that it creates the ... create 'cycles of barrenness', in Socrates' metaphor, for multiplication and division by 2 can never introduce .... quality of the tritone (the ratio 36 = 729, a cycle of six perfect fifths above the fundamental), the worst possible ...
 And so the 3 to the sixth power actually refers to six cycles of Perfect Fifths, since 3 is the Perfect Fifth, thereby creating the Tritone. 

Gong Shou Dao: New Jet Li movie of Tai Chi - full free

I'm watching this at .75 speed. haha.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

The child rape epidemic in the U.S.

I encountered very evil energy over the holidays and so I got sick but I knew this would happen so I had bought $10 worth of dried ginger as extra anti-viral help. So I took two days off but since I was not healing my mom during those 2 days then she developed a foot injury. So now I will do more healing on her and take her to urgent care. I think it's just a sprain. But still - I spend all my energy healing my mom. I thought I could take a couple days off. Nope. haha.


Child Rape Crisis in North America – Lori Handrahan – Medium
Jul 11, 2016 - The illegal trade in children being raped and violently abused is at “a level of epidemic proportions” according to an internal Canadian government memo recently obtained by The Canadian Press. This marks the fourth major statement by North American senior government staff warning of a crisis that too ...

Child Rape Crisis in America – Lori Handrahan – Medium
Jun 9, 2016 - Journalists should question why they are failing to cover what the FBI has called an American epidemic. America's child rape crisis, which is child pornography, is damaging an entire generation of children. It has all but been ignored by the media. Dr. Lori Handrahan is a leading expert on child pornography ...

Investigating The Trade in Child Rape – Lori Handrahan – Medium
Feb 24, 2015 - There is a global child rape and torture crisis, otherwise known as child pornography, traded electronically in images, videos and live-streaming on the internet and cellular phone networks. America…

Lori Handrahan – Medium
Read writing from Lori Handrahan on Medium. Epidemic: America's Trade in Child Rape Every day, Lori Handrahan and thousands of other voices read, write, and share important stories on Medium.

 interview starts one hour in.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Hypatia Reincarnated? Finally a good calculus teacher but is there a FIXED POINT IN TIME? No.

So everyone enjoys a young pretty calculus female teacher who gives coy, caddy comments like "just humor me" as she explains the secret trick of the derivative.

And so then 90% of the comments are about how pretty the teacher is, but someone gets honest:

Shouldn't the second Y coordinate equal the first Y coordinate + the distance between the first and second y coordinate? Not the distance between X and (h+x)?
And he does not get a good response at all! This is the great "bait and switch" of math. So what is the real answer to this innocent question?

 Good question. I think the trick is explained here:
"Then A has coordinates (1, b+m)."

So secant is the ratio of hypotenuse (x + h) over adjacent - that goes to the limit of x as zero as the tangent point.

You can see that the point 1 unit to the right of the origin is labeled 1, and its coordinates, of course, are (1,0). Let C be the point where that vertical line cuts the horizontal line through B. Then C has coordinates (1,b).

The point A is where the vertical line above 1 cuts the original line. Let m denote the distance that A is above C. Then A has coordinates (1,b+m). This value m is called the slope of the line. If you move right one unit anywhere along the line, then you’ll move up m units.
Now consider the angle CBA. Let’s call it the angle of slope. It’s tangent is CA/BC = m/1 = m. Therefore, the slope is the tangent of the angle of slope.
 And so we can see what just happened - the Y value got reduced, as a function of time, to a limit of zero as a pure geometric magnitude "point" of no dimension! Aka "m."

Now that's just Trig and so it's not fancy enough for the real "bait and switch" needed for calculus. So we need the real answer right?

I mean obviously I must be missing something? No not really - this is the secret trick of calculus and our lovely Hypatia just revealed it for all.

Secant Lines, Tangent Lines, and Limit Definition of a Derivative 

So in the vid above she says the secant becomes the tangent - as the limit of the secant slope. She moves her hand as a magic trick! She was really trying to do the above gif.

But that really doesn't capture the bait and switch as I just showed from Trig - no it does exactly what she did - a fancy moving motion that covers up the conversion of time into a geometric zero point.

So now we have to go into the mathematical logic of how this is derived!

Let's throw up another gif.


This seems a little better since there are numbers added to the geometry but essentially it's a divide and average bait and switch, with change of X reducing to a function of Y as zero time.

We don’t need calculus to determine the slope of the secant line. We do need calculus to determine the slope of the tangent line.
So the bait and switch.

Now let's look at the actual math derivation - the logic involved behind the bait and switch. I just showed it from Trig - there the bait and switch is out in the open. I challenged the Kaplans about the very same problem of assuming a commutative value of a geometric point with a one to one conversion to number. In other words is infinity a symmetric inversion to zero? No.

So now we get another young female pretty voice - but just the voice with a video.

And so she explains we can find the slope of the tangent using the limiting process - as long as it is a "fixed point" (in time).

 And that my friends is the bait and switch. There is no "fixed point in time." There is eternal motion. The only way we can experience a true "fixed point" is if there is no space at all - when light is turned around back on to itself - but this creates reverse time energy as noncommutative phase - the superluminal pilot wave from the future!

Next we will look at noncommutative calculus.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

healing monk Xiao Yao, abbot 139 of the Shaolin Temple

So the "original qigong master" did 2 hours horse stance training - every day, nonstop, thighs parallel to ground, no moving, for 3 months at Shaolin.

Chunyi Lin | Learning Strategies | Authors
Chunyi Lin. Qigong Master Chunyi Lin Many Qigong masters have studied Qigong meditation, but few have lived it as has Chunyi Lin. Master Lin studied with a Shao-Lin Temple Buddhist, Master Yao
I have always wondered which "Master Yao" that was - who was it specifically?

Qigong Master Robert Peng says how Master Yao trained him in horse stance - and he did 4 hours nonstop at 8 years old! Then after the Cultural Revolution, Master Yao returned to the "temple" and so there Robert Peng did 100 day water fast meditation in a cave underneath the temple.

So then upon searching we find out - sure enough there was a Master Yao, abbot of Shaolin temple, where Chunyi Lin also trained in horse stance. Now this is also the same Master Yao who healed his bone spurs - after Chunyi Lin did not believe that Master Yao could light things on fire with his eyes!! This is detailed in his book, "Born A Healer."

So now that we know who it is specifically - we can do a search and boom!

Robert Peng writes an article just on Master Xiao Yao of Shaolin, this May 2017 for Parabola

 No one knows for sure what happened, as Xiao Yao went into the forest alone, but the gang disbanded and some of its former members became his students….
As news of this incident and others spread throughout the county and beyond, Xiao Yao’s reputation became legendary. Streams of people ventured up Snowy Peak Mountain year round seeking his healings, blessings, and counsel.
 This is super cool awesome info! Take that Joe Rogan. haha.

 Robert Peng teaching qigong for an hour!

Notice he starts out with the same "finger growing" game that Zhong Gong also likes to use. Robert Peng's book  (WOW THIS BOOK - WHAT YOU CAN READ ONLINE IS AMAZING!!)
 First, you must get here every morning by five o’clock and practice for two hours. Second, you have to promise to keep your training a secret. Do you agree?”
“Yes, I promise.”
“Good. We’ll begin tomorrow morning.”

His feet were two shoulder widths apart, his knees were bent at a ninety-degree angle, and his spine was straight. He made it look easy.
“Now you do it,” he instructed.
I assumed the posture. Instantly my legs tensed, and after only a short while my thighs began to burn.
“One minute has passed,” he said. “Today you’ll hold the position for ten minutes.”
I began sweating. My legs started shaking.
“Focus on your Lower Dantian,” he said, pointing to the area located below my navel. I did. The pain eased a bit.
“Five minutes.”
My legs were ablaze.
“Eight minutes.”
My backside sagged and he kicked it, saying, “Don’t cheat.”
My whole body was shaking.
“Nine minutes.”
My teeth started to clatter.
“Three . . . two . . . one. Stop!”
I collapsed to the ground. My lungs felt as though they were about to explode. It took me a while to recover.
 Over the next few mornings my enthusiasm waned steadily. I dreaded the short trip to the boiler room and I no longer ran there. I was losing heart, and in the back of my mind I began to wonder whether Mr. Tan was really a martial arts master or just a cruel prankster.
Then one morning Shifu Tan changed the regular routine and asked me to follow him inside the boiler room. There was an axe leaning against the wall, and he told me to pick it up. Then he took off his shirt.
“Swing the axe with all your strength and hit me right here,” he said, pointing to his chest.
At first I thought he was kidding, but he looked at me seriously. I didn’t know what to do.
“Don’t worry. You won’t hurt me,” he assured me.
I lifted the axe in the air and squeezed the handle.
“Hit me hard,” he instructed.
I waited for him to change his mind, but he didn’t. Finally, I swung down hard. The blade hit him squarely in the chest. I felt as though I had struck a hard object, not soft flesh. The axe was wedged into his breastbone. He stood calmly but I was terrified. I quickly pried the axe loose to minimize any damage. But there was no blood.
I followed him outside, and he led me to a sandalwood tree in the garden behind the boiler room. He pointed to the trunk. There were four blunt axe marks on the bark. Fresh sap was dripping down.
“Practice with sincere wholeheartedness, and miracles will happen,” he said.
 After ten minutes I experienced a pleasant sensation building around the area on my midriff that Shifu Tan had asked me to focus on, the Lower Dantian. The feeling spread down my legs and negated the burning sensation. My body grew lighter and lighter. I felt as though I were riding effortlessly on an invisible horse. The tingling sensation in my Lower Dantian intensified, and I slipped into a trance.

So from reading Robert Peng's book - we surmise that Master Xiao Yao died in 1985, when he was 95 years old.

So now I check the book "Born A Healer" and he meets "master Yau" in 1987 at Shaolin. So it must have been a different Master Yao"!! But he says he trained with Master Yao for a year and then Master Yao said "he was leaving." And after that Master Yao only communicated through visions!!

So maybe it is the same Master Yao - but there is a two year discrepancy! So maybe someone just remembered their years wrong by two years?

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Carlo Ventura and Cell Melodies: Sound energy, Coherent Water and Stem Cell Growth

Carlo Ventura - Sound, Coherent Water, and Stem Cell growth - lecture 2014

Prof Carlo Ventura's presentation at UNESCO described how waves / fields can be used to reprogram normal cells to become pluripotent stem cells. That is absolutely mind-blowing.

2014 talk for HeartMath institute

The musician who supervised my Troll Dance fugue counterpoint composition is now collaborating with this researcher.

 Life rhythm as a symphony of oscillatory patterns: electromagnetic energy and sound vibration modulates gene expression for biological signaling and healing

Cell melodies: when sound speaks to stem cells - CellR4
by C Ventura - ‎Related articles
of Artists and Scientists (, and cured by Carlo Ventura, Professor of Mo- lecular Biology and stem cell scientist at the Uni- versity of Bologna, with Julia von Stietencron,. Art Director of VID art|science. Materials and Methods: On the scene, to- gether with Milford Graves, a famous Jazz drummer based in ..

Carlo Ventura MD, Unfolding the Vibrational World of Stem Cells at ...
Molecular biologist Carlo Ventura MD, will present a strategy that promotes our natural ability for self-healing, affording a regenerative medicine without the needs for stem cell transplantation at Dreaming the Future Conference in Barcelona, 23-25 June 2017.

Carlo Ventura — University of Bologna — Curriculum vitae
Since November 28, 2003, he is Full Professor of Molecular Biology at the School of Medicine of the University of Bologna, Italy. He is Chief of the Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Stem Cell Engineering of the National Institute of Biostructures and Biosystems (NIBB- INBB: at the Institute of Cardiology of the ...

 The on-stage research of what sounds best activate stem cell growth - as a concert!

 We are dissecting vibrational modes as inherent properties of living cells, entailing nanomechanical signatures that can be used to direct stem cell fate. Mild mechanical forces are deployed to obtain human fluid tissues harbouring stem cells within their stromal–vascular niche. Synthetic molecules are designed to afford stem cell pluripotency. These discoveries prompt a deeper understanding of the interconnections between the physical universe and the living world in the attempt to further approach the information of Life.
full read

‘Sonocytology’ is the term that has been introduced to identify a novel area of inquiry based on the fact that, in these small cells, after an accurate process of amplification, given the frequency range of nanomechanical motions recorded by AFM, the vibrations could be transformed into audible sounds, providing a thorough assessment of mechanistic cellular dynamics.16 More complex eukaryotic cells can also be investigated by this approach. For example, stem cells directed to cardiac myocyte differentiation begin to beat at a point in differentiation. This beating motion requires a major reorganization of the cell cytoskeleton and in turn a significant change in cellular nanomechanical properties. Concerning the cytoskeleton, it is now evident that transferring of mechanical vibration to the subcellular environment triggers the mobilization of ionic species and the generation of ionic fluxes and induced microcurrents, ultimately ensuing in the appearance of oscillating electromagnetic fields.17 Therefore, application of mechanical vibration is expected to generate endogenous electromagnetic fields. Intriguingly, multilevel memory-switching properties have recently been discovered by the aid of AFM and scanning tunnelling microscopy in single brain microtubules.18

Acupunct Electrother Res. 2004;29(3-4):227-33.

An examination of the relationship between five oriental musical tones and corresponding internal organs and meridians.


The Yellow Emperor's Internal Medicine (Nei-Jing) describes the relationship between five internal organs corresponding to five different meridians and five oriental musical tones such as Gung (spleen), Sang (liver), Gak (liver), Chi (heart), Wu (kidney). However, there has been little research to test this relationship. The purpose of this study was to determine this relationship through applying sound stimulation for 60 seconds, comprising various frequencies produced on an electric organ(Gung: 261.6 Hz; Sang: 293.7 Hz; Gak: 329.6 Hz Chi: 392.0 Hz and Wu: 440.0 Hz), to 20 healthy adults by stimulating their ears (via headphones), skin (via speakers) and both. A significant relationship was found between the tones and the meridians as they are described in Nei-Jing. The greatest response rates were found in the following corresponding organic and musical tones: spleen/Gung, lung/Sang, liver/Gak, heart/Chi, and kidney/Wu. The traditional descriptions of Yellow Emperor's Nei-Jing are therefore consistent with the findings of this study. Further basic research may lead to the application of clinically appropriate tones in an acoustically suitable room following oriental medical diagnosis.

Musical roots for healing: The role of music as therapy in traditional Chinese medicine

K Demaine - Therapists creating a cultural tapestry: Using the …, 2015 -
Ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu (600–531 BCE) once wrote that,“music in the soul can
be heard in the universe”(“Spiritual Experi-ences” 2012). Lao Tzu's writings are primarily
transcribed in the Chinese classical text known as the Tao Te Ching, which has provided a

Noncommutative QED, superluminal light and the superluminal Sound Ether

So the amazing synchronicity I had recently, has grown into a deeper delving into this amazing discovery of the noncommutative music truth of reality. I'm talking about the person who co-supervised my Troll Dance fugue music composition for Moog and Mayan flute whistle, 27 years ago. Amazingly after I read a science paper and investigated the author, we had since that time developed parallel interests and he even did qigong research and studied music in India and now is researching the noncommutative math connection as well.

I've been getting more hits on my blog the past few days, since I made the daring claim on youtube that I have debunked the "432 hertz" cult. haha. But most readers do not get past my large "self-selective" introduction, the "weeds" people out, in terms of their seriousness. haha.

I'm not sure how "GM Shore" slipped past my cruising of the interwebs thus far.  His paper on superluminal light is in this book on Time and Matter

And so "gravitational birefringence" takes hold and so we get superluminal phase velocities of light.

O.K. but is it noncommutative? This year cites his research here:
It is known that the linearly polarized photons can partly transform to circularly polarized ones via forward Compton scattering in a background such as the external magnetic field or noncommutative space time.
So what we are considering, in terms of meditation, is an ether that is noncommutative and based on this secret hidden momentum energy of light - the energy being superluminal or faster than the speed of light.

Sure enough I search noncommutative - for his 2003 paper and yes get a hit.

So his big point is that "strong equivalence" of relativity is violated due to quantum mechanics - i.e. the geometric "null cone" of local inertial frames is bypassed by the physical light cone that is superluminal.

And so then he says well now we need to reconsider causality and start discussing time machines! Indeed! But then he states when taking into account General Relativity based on the weak equivalence principle then the time machine does not work, as causality has to be maintained.

In other words for general relativity then the light cone and geometric null cone are equivalent - except for low frequencies!

So that was 2003 - and to get better clarification we go to his 2012 paper, The Unbearable Beingness of Light. (photons in black hole spacetimes).

THE UNBEARABLE BEINGNESS OF LIGHT—Dressing and Undressing Photons in Black Hole Spacetimes

TJ Hollowood, GM Shore - International Journal of Modern Physics …, 2012 - World Scientific
Gravitational tidal forces acting on the virtual e+ e-cloud surrounding a photon endow
spacetime with a nontrivial refractive index. This has remarkable properties unique to
gravitational theories including superluminal low-frequency propagation, in apparent

[PDF] The Unbearable Beingness of Light

TJ Hollowood, GM Shore - Citeseer
Abstract: Gravitational tidal forces acting on the virtual e+ e− cloud surrounding a photon
endow spacetime with a non-trivial refractive index. This has remarkable properties unique
to gravitational theories including superluminal low-frequency propagation, in apparent
 So here they state not only can low frequency light be superluminal but it can also self-amplify. This is exactly the claim I was citing in my 2015 "Conspirachi" research on the new black hole analysis of Hawking radiation.

And so the meditation secret here is that of the low frequency light of the lower tan t'ien as the Yuan Qi black hole.

Right - so the 2003 paper was published along side Raymond Chiao's research that I cite in the training pdf.

And we get a 2015 paper that corroborates Shore - on photon propagation in noncommutative QED. Fresneda, Gitman and Shabad.

And so this brings us back to the concept of light originating from a superluminal ether that is phonon or sound energy.

Causality and the speed of sound

  • George F. R. Ellis
  • Roy Maartens
  • Malcolm A. H. MacCallum
 Let's see if I can read this here - I mean access it but 2 citations stick out:

Erickson J.K., Caldwell R.R., Steinhardt P.J., Armendariz-Picon C. and Mukhanov V.F. (2002). Measuring the speed of sound of quintessence. Phys. Rev. Lett. 88: 121301, arXiv:astro-ph/0112438 CrossRefADSGoogle Scholar
So this one states - the speed of sound is a "distinguishable" parameter as the speed of sound of dark energy that is variable against the cosmic background radiation. So sometimes the speed of sound is close to zero, other times of the universe the speed of sound of dark energy - the acoustic oscillations as degeneracy pressure that expands the universe - is faster than the speed of light. And it cites the above Graham M. Shore paper - along with the Cardone sonofusion research! Fascinating! And it dismisses both by stating that relativity spacetime metric supersedes any "sound speed metric." Well I guess that all depends how you define causality! haha.

Bludman S.A. and Ruderman M.A. (1968). Possibility of the speed of sound exceeding the speed of light in ultradense matter. Phys. Rev. 170: 1176

So what they are saying is yes you can have superluminal sound only you lose the symmetric math of Einstein's equivalence principle in special relativity. They say - well if it is true causally then the symmetric math is wrong.

Physicist George Ellis Knocks Physicists for Knocking Philosophy ...
Jul 22, 2014 - I also befriended George F. R. Ellis, the physicist-mathematician-cosmologist, an authority on the Big Bang and other cosmic mysteries. Ellis and I hit it off initially because we share some—how shall I put it?—concerns about the direction of physics, but I soon discovered that his interests range far beyond 

So Ellis is in South Africa.

Relativistic Cosmology
George F. R. Ellis FRS is Professor Emeritus at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. He is co-author ...... Because causal communication is limited by the speed of light, unless we live in a small universe, there ...... violations of special relativistic causality (we can send a signal faster by sound than light). Furthermore ...

Relativistic Cosmology - Page 93 - Google Books Result
George F. R. Ellis, Roy Maartens, Malcolm A. H. MacCallum. Unlike conservation laws of the general form ... Firstly, the speed of sound must be less than the speed of light, or else we can have violations of special relativistic causality (we can send a signal faster by sound than light). Furthermore, local mechanical stability ...

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Self-Harmonizing Acoustic Feedback of the Brain? HIRREM Brain Optimization

It appears that the brain quickly recognizes that the tones reflect what is going on in the brain at the time. By giving the brain a chance to listen to itself via this acoustic stimulation, it will, on its own, tend to self-optimize, usually resulting in electrical shifts towards improved balance and quieting. There is no cognitive activity required by the recipient, no operant conditioning, no learner in the loop, no requirement to re-live a traumatic event, and no attempt to force the brain into a specific pattern.

So a medical school is working with an LLC, on brainwave optimization (youtube discussion)

It is a business with offices around the U.S. - so neurofeedback - based on an 8 millisecond sound harmonization.

There is an office in the Twin Cities - I would be interested in trying this out but I'm sure it's pricey since you would need to go in for several sessions, as first they have to read your brain to create certain parameters.

 People are asking - yes but what about the body? And the answer received is well the brain controls the body. Actually this is a very Western "mentality." Sure it's true to some extent but ignores the value of the "three tan t'iens."

The sympathetic responses are primarily managed by the right side of the brain, particularly the right anterior insular cortex, while parasympathetic is primarily managed on the left (Craig AD, Trends Cogn Sci, 2005). On surface recordings of brain frequencies and amplitudes, activation of the sympathetic nervous system manifests as higher electrical amplitudes in the right temporal region (location T4, as defined by the 10-20 International System for electroencephalography), with parasympathetic in the left temporal region (T3).
So what this ignores is the deeper reptilian right side vagus nerve that can then over-ride the sympathetic response - that is the secret power of qigong meditation!

So this is more like mindfulness meditation

As of August, 2016, over 400 participants have enrolled in one of five research projects. The first project completed was a randomized, wait-list controlled, crossover pilot study comparing HIRREM plus usual care to usual care alone for insomnia. The second project completed was a randomized, placebo-controlled pilot study comparing HIRREM to a sham placebo for episodic migraine.
A single site, open label feasibility trial is underway to evaluate the use of HIRREM as an adjunct for 10 military service members with a diagnosis of PTSD or symptoms of traumatic stress, with or without mild TBI, who meet protocol exclusion criteria for current medications.
The system sells for over $1200

So Lee Gerdes says you can even wear it at night and your brain will STILL self-harmonize!

The harmonization is based on left-right synchronization via literal harmonics.

So here they get into Polyvagal Theory
 The technology operates through rapidly updating the brain about its own oscillatory activity through the medium of sound and is intended to support brain activity to be flexibly adaptable around an individual’s unique oscillatory set points (Gerdes et al., 2013).
 Here is an example of it in use - with piano sounds. (youtube)

This is hilarious! It sounds like some avant-garde meandering music. You can hear the half notes. Like you can compose your own brain music - or I would like to try to!! I would just flex my pineal gland and see what the music is. haha.

 Gerdes, L., Gerdes, P., Lee, S. W., and Tegeler, C. H. (2013). HIRREM: a non-invasive, allostatic methodology for relaxation and auto-calibration of neural oscillations. Brain Behav. 3, 193–205. doi: 10.1002/brb3.116
That is the original definitive "study."
 HIRREM™ (high-resolution, relational, resonance-based electroencephalic mirroring), also known as Brainwave Optimization™,
 There was a trend for correlation between reduction of right temporal lobe dominance and magnitude of insomnia symptom reduction.
 So one thing said in the above "discussion" that was fascinating is that the abused person has stronger left-brain asymmetry while the abuser had strong right brain (sympathetic nervous system) asymmetry.
Whether there could be a physiologic disturbance common to these asymmetries has not been much considered, but the hemispheric lateralization of management of the autonomic nervous system functioning (Yoon et al. 1997; Avnon et al. 2004; Craig 2005) – sympathetic and parasympathetic divisions by the right and left hemispheres, respectively – seems to raise the possibility that hemispheric oscillatory asymmetry may be an indicator of dysregulation of autonomic nervous system functioning.
 Attention-deficit spectrum disorders (Barry et al. 2003), mild cognitive impairment (Babiloni et al., 2010), dementia (Dauwels et al. 2010), and traumatic brain injury (Moeller et al. 2011) have been associated with relative excess power in low frequencies (i.e., delta and/or theta) in comparison with high frequencies. Other forms of suboptimal proportionation of spectral EEG power have been reported with insomnia (Perlis et al. 2001; Wolynczyk-Gmaj and Szelenberger 2011), alcoholism (Campanella et al. 2009), and chronic fatigue syndrome (Decker et al. 2009).
 Wow that's fascinating.

 HIRREM software analytics then identify dominant frequencies in specific spectral brackets, in up to 48,000 bins of spectral data for any given bracket. Brackets are assigned by the software based on a proprietary algorithm. The software compares the two channels of data to ascertain the symmetry between channels of EEG information and proportionation of spectral power within the channels. From the bracket of frequencies assigned for the subject's exercise, the HIRREM software translates the dominant EEG frequency in a given instant of time to an audible musical tone, which is received by the subject through earphones. Depending on algorithm calculations, the delay between measurement and analysis of neural oscillatory activity and consequent presentation of corresponding musical tones can be as narrow as an estimated 12 msec. The process then iterates.
The HIRREM mathematical algorithms to define specifically how and when the dominant EEG frequencies are selected for resonance are informed by relationships among the parameters of the individual's own unique spectral EEG. The specific tone is produced from a proprietary mathematical algorithm principally informed by the dominant frequency within the observed spectral bracket. A sample sequence of tones produced during 1 min of a HIRREM exercise and the corresponding notes on the pentatonic scale are available as Internet resources, in the form of audio, and pdf files.
 Interesting - why a "pentatonic scale"?
Specifically, right insular cortex appears to drive sympathetic functioning, whereas left insular cortex drives parasympathetic functioning (Craig 2005).
O.K. I think this is in my right-hand side bar. I need to know the location of the brain so I can then just "flex" that location to control it directly. haha. No need for external feedback!

For example I know that the sneeze reflex is in the back of the brain - so to suppress a sneeze I just "flex" the back of the brain. Today I just read research that the "freeze" reaction of the unmyelinated vagus nerve is also in the back of the brain - the cerebellum.
 As of September 2012, HIRREM technology is being used by over 200 providers in North America, Europe, South Africa, Asia, and Australia.
 relief from sleep disorders, depressive symptoms and anxiety, reduced symptomatology related to trauma, improved cognitive functioning, relief from addictive urges, improvement in cardiovascular and gastrointestinal conditions, and others. A randomized, wait-list controlled pilot trial has shown efficacy of HIRREM for relieving symptoms of insomnia (Tegeler et al. 2012), and a placebo-controlled trial testing efficacy for migraine has been completed.
So this explains why they have to do an "assessment."
 Also, the precise spectral location of the peak frequency for the alpha (8–12 Hz) range is variable across individuals, and the location of this peak is a meaningful parameter that has been correlated with development (Cragg et al. 2011) and cognitive performance (Angelakis et al. 2004). Engagement with an individual's unique spectral EEG fingerprint is not possible with technologies that rely on standard broadband EEG frequency ranges.
 The core technical aim of HIRREM is to resonate with dynamically changing dominant frequencies in the spectral EEG. Variations of amplitudes in these frequencies are typically characterized in stochastic terms. That is, the energies of interest to HIRREM are in the category of apparently random fluctuations in the EEG, or noise.
 So here an "assessment" is detailed
 Comparative amplitudes and coherence of the two channels of data collected during various protocols can be evaluated in the following 10 broadband frequency ranges: 0–1, 1–3, 3–5.5, 5.5–7.5, 7.5–10, 10–12, 12–15, 15–23, 23–36, and 36–48 Hz.
 Most HIRREM protocols (defined as a combination of sensor montage and the specific software design) capture two channels of electroencephalic data between homologous regions of the hemispheres. Two-channel single-sided protocols may be used to focus attention on apparently recalcitrant oscillatory activity localizing in a particular region. One-channel protocols may also be used to focus attention, especially in “alpha” and “beta” frequency bands, on single regions without a particular interest in symmetry with the homologous region of the contralateral lobe.
So this implies that the musical tone is for each side of the brain (i.e. each "channel") and so the brain then self-harmonizes the two channels via a feedback! If true that is quite amazing.

But my question is - which ear bud is for which side of the brain? Obviously the left ear bud is "heard" by the right side of the brain - but is the left ear bud TONE created by the right side of the brain?  The academic analysis was not clear - so maybe the vids will explain in better detail.

Hypothesis of Lee Gerdes: "Brain energy is more like Sound energy."

oops - Lee Gerdes misrepresents the "shut down" by the vagus nerve - he says it's from the left side. No it's the unmyelinated vagus nerve of the right side that does the shut down.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Egalitarian Gender Relations - epic lecture by Jerome Lewis

Egalitarian Gender Relations

This lecture describes one of the earlier qigong training trance dance rituals - among the Baka people or Pygmies.

Has de Broglie's Law of Phase Harmony, Double Solution pilot wave model been confirmed by experiment?

pdf - M.I.T. physicist thinks probably so. (His general overview article of de Broglie's pilot wave)

John W. M. Bush.

Sáenz, P.J.,  Cristea-Platon, T. and Bush, J.W.M., 2017.  Statistical projection effects in a hydrodynamic pilot-wave system. Nature Physics, pdf
Pucci, G., Harris, D.M., Faria, L. and Bush, J.W.M., 2017. Walking droplets interacting with single and double slits, J. Fluid Mech., 835, 1136-1156. pdf
Geri, M., Keshavarz, B., McKinley, G.H., and Bush, J.W.M., 2017. Thermal delay of drop coalescence, J. Fluid Mech., 833, R3. pdf
Kurianski, K.M., Oza, A.U. and Bush, J.W.M., 2017. Simulations of pilot-wave dynamics in a simple harmonic potential, Phys. Rev. Fluids2, 113602. pdf
Sungar, N., Tambasco, L.D., Pucci, G., Sáenz, P.J. and Bush, J.W.M., 2017. Hydrodynamic analog of particle trapping with the Talbot effect, Phys. Rev. Fluids2, 103602. pdf
Oza, A.U., Siefert, E., Harris, D.M., Molacek, J. and Bush, J.W.M., 2017. Orbiting pairs of walking droplets: Dynamics and stability, Phys. Rev. Fluids2, 053601. pdf
 Nachbin, A., Milewski, P.A.  and Bush, J.W.M., 2017.  Tunneling with a hydrodynamic pilot-wave model, Phys. Rev. Fluids, 2, 034801. pdf

Bush is building on Yves Couder's research - reviewed on youtube. 

Shedding light on de Broglie's Pilot Wave - youtube

The young genius medical research I blogged on recently cites this research:
 "The Universal wave function is a self-organized pilot wave acting as the binary quantum switch, cohering and decohering any measured system and its sub-systems in temporal evolution."
So then he states cancer cells are not random but actually adaptations of a cell's attempt to be immortal!!
"Moreover, Couder et. al. (2014) corroborated that deterministic quantum fluid dynamics can experimentally validate Bohm's pilot wave theory at the millimetric scale."

But actually Bell emphasizes how de Broglie's model is more accurate than Bohm - because there is a difference between the statistical wave and the actual pilot wave.

Western science studies on qigong external qi healing

So I was informed about this cool study on external qi healing energy done in 1994 - pdf

If you read youtube comments, the "meme" is that there is no scientific evidence for "qi" energy.

But actually, as I mentioned recently, I cited a "randomized controlled" study of two qigong healers using external qi. One of the healers was effective and the other was not. Which is to emphasize that this skill is based on level of energy built up. Maybe a person is emitting qi but it might not be strong enough to be acknowledged by whatever measurements are being used.

In vitro test of external Qigong | BMC Complementary and Alternative ...
by G Yount - ‎2004 - ‎Cited by 30 - ‎Related articles
In a replication study (60 experiments), no significant difference between Qigong-treated samples and sham samples was observed (P = 0.465).
So a result like this does not disprove qi - only we need to realize that the training is strict and it is easy to lose energy to others who then just waste the energy. Here we have an attempt at a truly "double blind" qi external healing study!

  The subjects and RA conducting the assessments were blind to treatment conditions. To maintain double-blind randomization, subjects in either condition were escorted into a treatment room by a study RA and told that a “healer” would enter upon the RA leaving. The RA escort was not involved in the cue exposure procedure. Subjects were escorted into the same treatment room regardless of treatment condition. Subjects were seated facing the wall and were instructed not to talk to the healer or look back.
And the results were considered significant. Yet a meta-review on depression was insignificant:

 While the evidence suggests the potential effects of Qigong in the treatment of depression, the review of the literature shows inconclusive results.
 So this meta-review should have included the study that Spring Forest Qigong did to heal depression. I think that was Gaik? Yeah, Dr. Gaik but she is not listed in the references! Some "Meta-review"!! And so then they cite two other meta-reviews on qigong and depression but those reviews also included Tai Chi practice and had more significant results.

O.K. so one of the factors, as the original qigong master shared, in one study he was supposed to be both the "sham" healer AND the real qigong master. haha. He said this did not work because as part of his "sham" healing he still had to read a person's energy blockages. But as a qigong master when he read's a person's blockages then he is also doing healing at the same time! Because it is the Emptiness or "virtual information field" that does the healing and so he turns the light around of his spiritual ego, goes into the Emptiness, and this reads the blockages and does the healing at the same time.

Another issue, that the qigong master who befriended me shared, is one time he healed this lady who could not walk but she was in such disbelief that she got healed, even though she walked out of the clinic fine, her blockage came back because her mind was so fixated on the blockage. As the original qigong master states, the mind then is the last place to clear out the blockage - or more specifically we can say the spirit holographic blockage.

Since I have used strong left brain "focus" to fixate or concentration on a single thought - by say repeating a mantra - this too can blockage the higher frequency spirit healing. So the original qigong master said to our class, repeating a word in the head is not meditation. haha. Or the qigong master who befriended me said that I was blocking his energy. And as he said, it is easier to heal people when they are asleep so their mind does not get in the way.

So as Peter Kingsley described Pythagoras - he came to heal, not to teach. And also he required 5 years of silent meditation for his serious students.

So similarly qigong master Yan Xin says to practice in secret in order to build up the energy. Also he had a friend who accompanied him for the healings and Yan Xin warned the friend that he could pick up the blockages that he was clearing out of other people! And so it is the mind going into the Emptiness that then clears out the blockage as through spiritual healing. Whereas psychic healing can pick up other people's blockages - as I did from doing free tantra. The qigong master who befriended me then had to clear out the tantric holographic spirit blockages - I felt this as a strong yuan qi, internal tingling in my nether regions. After he was done I literally felt lighter.

Another time the qigong master who befriended me did a healing on me and said he could smell the rancid blockages in my arteries clearing out. I explained I had been eating a lot of bacon and so he said to cut back on that. And another time - I knew I had the blockage in my gums, from the anaerobic bacteria leaching out of my gums. I can feel this internal tingling around my gums. I did not say anything to the qigong master - it was from me eating fruit. So I would have used vinegar to clear it out. But I didn't have a chance yet as we were out of vinegar. The qigong master then told me that the only blockage he was picking up from me was here - and he pointed to his gums and along the gums. So he was very specifically correct.

So he told me for him to do the serious healing that he was doing then he had to be celibate. And again this is why it is so rare to find someone of really high level energy ability - since society is too impure and so it requires the male to go off into solitude to do meditation. But it is difficult to find solitude these days. haha. As Poonjaji points out - a man could be alone in a cave as a yogi but if his mind is still corrupt it won't help him.

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Why the Dark Age Theorist is a Total Idiot

Space cities? Check out the attempt to terraform Earth - it failed miserably.

"But a problem soon developed – high CO2 and low oxygen in the air. As the humans acclimated to living at the equivalent of high altitudes, they had to figure out what was going on and what to do about it. Eventually it was determined that the extra biomass that had been added to the soil for crops was generating extra CO2. Plus it turned out that the planners had not foreseen that exposed concrete in the base of the structure would absorb oxygen, which caused oxygen levels in the air to decline. Meanwhile, problems with the corals that Gaie had brought into the ocean seemed to be an indicator of some of the problems the mini-biosphere was experiencing: it was the first time scientists began to address issues with ocean acidification."

 According to Dark Age Theory we need to "burn through" our resources in order to "develop" properly - i.e. we need to destroy the village in order to save it (as was the saying for genocide in Vietnam)
Why do you say humans are an incredibly resourceful species when we modern humans have destroyed species on Earth faster than any previous natural disaster in Earth's billions of years of life. The current extinction crisis is an order of magnitude faster than the Permian extinction some 280 million years ago that wiped out some 90% of life on the planet. The future of Earth is Mars. Raping Mother Nature is not "resourceful" but pure evil - just as chimpanzee males rely on raping and warmongering. But the original human culture lived sustainably and peacefully - no rape, no warfare, also no homosexuality and no masturbation - due to truly sophisticated knowledge that only quantum biology is starting to comprehend now, based on noncommutative math. So yes humans were "incredibly resourceful" for 90% of our history - but the history you cover, from the dawn of left-brain dominant writing - has been one of mass insanity.
So then you say the technology of forest people could not feed millions of people in a city but only agriculture could feed them. You neglect to mention that it is precisely the destruction of the forest - the "mind" of planet Earth - the Amazon, that is enabling Monsanto-Cargill to ship out toxic soybeans to China so they can feed their pigs to feed the newly industrialized citizens who want to eat more pork. So we are literally giving the Earth a lobotomy so we can have a higher biomass of industrialized human-robot slaves in China.

voidisyinyang voidisyinyang
You use the example of cell phones, saying it requires millions of people to produce and sell them. But you neglect to mention that the rare minerals used in the cell phones are produced by slave labor in genocidal war zones overseen by U.S. military special forces operations in Africa - and in China the same slave labor operations are used to mine rare earth minerals - using Tibetan slave labor. So you say a low tech indigenous community could not afford to buy cell phones unless it "developed" and yet you neglect to point out that actually it is precisely by putting people into a "low-tech" slave wage situation that enables cell phones to be created! Just as the Nazi SS major over saw slave labor personally - Werner von Braun then supervised the rocket program in the U.S. but the environmental pollution of high technology is externalized the native indigenous communities were the nuclear waste is stored and the uranium is mined, and the bombs are exploded, etc.

voidisyinyang voidisyinyang
Your dig against nonwestern indigenous cultures is more than offensive considering the so-called "progress" that you praise was completely dependent on exterminating and destroy the indigenous cultures and the natural ecology that was "sustainable." You call it "stagnation" which is a lie - as Schrodinger proposed in his classic book, "What is Life?" in fact sustainability is based on quantum negentropy which is the pilot wave as quantum potential - a superluminal reverse time energy as the hidden momentum of life. Instead of that being "stagnation" it is the true 5D source of the whole universe as protoconsciousness from before the Big Bang.

voidisyinyang voidisyinyang
You've got to be kidding! The oceans have 90% of the big fish gone, and ocean acidification is about to wipe out all the coral reefs that provide habitat for 25% of the world's fish. The oceans are being wiped out fast. As for seeing Nature better from outerspace - the satellites have false reading about ice levels due to the salt in the ice and so the Arctic has lost 75% of ice volume - and is about to be ice free which has not happened in 3 million years - before humans have lived on Earth.

voidisyinyang voidisyinyang
Yeah Drone warfare done by kids on lap tops has done wonders for global warfare hasn't it? Nothing like some kid on the other side of the planet operating a drone that launches missiles and destroys civilians. That really encourages global peace doesn't it? And even the GPS guided "smart bombs" in Iraq missed 50 of their 50 targets back in the first genocide against Iraq.

voidisyinyang voidisyinyang
So you want AI to decide to launch nuclear weapons? Becuz currently that is the decision of on the ground commanders and it is only because a Russian commander decided to disobey launch orders that the planet Earth did not go into nuclear winter. But we've had dozens of miraculous escapes from nuclear winter - none of them due to AI. On the contrary it has taken humans to realize that the computers made an error - just as with global warming - the computers threw out the actual temperature increases in the Arctic since the temperatures were too high for the algorithms to be considered real!

voidisyinyang voidisyinyang
No actually AI algorithms are based on advertising dollars and so promote negative emotional reactions just as Drumpf caused advertising to spike for television and so the corporate media promoted Drumpf, and then "complained" about it - a "meta" analysis that also promoted Drumpf.
The idea that the human population has grown "and still remained employed" is quite naive. Billions of humans live in megacity slums and only work in the "informal" economy which means digging through dumps, recycling by collecting garbage in the city, stealing, prostitution, drug dealing, etc. and even in the "developed" world of the U.s. it is quite common for people to have 2 to 3 jobs just to survive since monopolistic rent that is parasitical is so high. There is literally a cancerous tumor growing as the 1% elite have more wealth than the 90% of the population. The U.S. was built on people without jobs! So how can you say industrialization created more jobs as slavery was made more efficient by technological innovation! Galileo got his science funded by the aristocrats because he said he could cut down on labor costs. So how dare you claim that technology has increased employment. 70% of chocolate sold in the U.S. is produced by child slave labor in Africa and Cargill, the world's largest private corporation, is run by an elite family with tens of billions in assets and yet they can not "afford" to phase out child slave labor in Africa until 10 years from now? Is that your "technological" revolution? haha. What a joke.

voidisyinyang voidisyinyang
how can "one finger" typing be any kind of "development" - the machines have taken over. Automation is the number 1 cause of job loss - even in China! Homeless is on the rise dramatically ever since the multi-trillion derivatives global collapse - created by supercomputer trading.

voidisyinyang voidisyinyang
No the difference between looking someone in the eye and memorizing long texts - is that the memorization was done using music as right-brain dominant holographic information storage through emotional harmonization. So you keep reiterating left-brain dominant technologies starting with the written word. The left side vagus nerve does not connect to the right side of the brain whereas the right side vagus nerve DOES connect to the left side of the brain. This is why right brain dominance is based on ecological harmonization while left-brain/right-hand technological "Logarithmic" symmetric math that you model is destroying ecology and based on increasing inequity of wealth distribution.

voidisyinyang voidisyinyang
"moral panic"? as Drumpf threatens to nuke the world and abrupt global warming is kicking also half of 65 year olds in the U.S. have NO SAVINGS and 75% of the U.S. population has less than $1000 in savings. I would say that is beyond moral panic. Slaves do not have the freedom to act like the God Pan do they? Revolts get hastily suppressed. Our leaders are the ones who are panicking with good reason - hence Dick Cheney went underground for months after his staged 9/11 false flag attack so as to expand the genocidal technocracy feeding off oil and natural gas.

voidisyinyang voidisyinyang
We can't even "terraform" Earth so why shud we be able to "terraform" outerspace? Why travel to Mars when Earth WILL BE MARS in ten years with a 10 degree C. increase in global average temp.

voidisyinyang voidisyinyang
Silicon Valley has the highest concentration of toxic waste sites in the U.s. - and so to claim the "information age" will go to 2100 is a total joke. U.S. energy department engineers use the term "national sacrifice zones" to declare large swaths - greater area than all our national parks! to be destroyed for "deep time" - geological millions of years.

voidisyinyang voidisyinyang
It's quite hilarious you would want a "radiation detector" on your phone when the thing is ALREADY frying your brain since microwave frequencies cook water based on quantum frequency energy - not classical amplitude energy (as is the basis of measuring the so-called safety parameters of cell phone radiation). There is now a brain cancer epidemic and staring at the LED lights (also based on quantum frequency energy) causes eye cancer.

voidisyinyang voidisyinyang
Actually "taking control of the environment" is not possible due to noncommutative time-frequency resonance that is nonlocal. So for example the best supercomputer modeling of global warming can not model the complexity of the Amazon rainforest ecology, just as it can not model the human brain. And also there is an inherent information limit down to the cloud level of the supercomputer chaotic modeling. So the models as iterations are "precise" but not "accurate." Just as your video is precise but not accurate. the logarithmic model that you rely on is a symmetric bias of left brain-right hand dominance inherently against left handed amino acids of life that is right brain dominant (ecology). So already the self-organizing nonlinear amplifications of ecology are destroying human civilization - we have kicked out CO2 50 times faster than when the Ice Age ended - and the current level of CO2 in the atmosphere has not been seen in 3 million years - and so we have created an ecological catastrophe an order of magnitude faster and worse than the Permian extinction that wiped out some 90% of life on the planet.

I'm glad I found your channel. You produce fascinating content.
voidisyinyang voidisyinyang
Yes but he is psychological projecting technocracy back into the original human culture. What does this person know about the original human culture - the San Bushmen? He needs to study Dr. Bradford Keeney.

 "Despite the power of the sustainability movement"? What? The U.S. military just got a $70 Billion expansion and your fetishization of "innovators" is a lie as it is the U.S. military that is the socialist means of technological development. As Professor David F. Noble has detailed - efficiency was not the standard for innovation but rather profits for the elite. Try reading his book "Forces of Production" and his "Religion of Technology" book details - our current technology is apocalyptic, based on the same symmetric Platonic math that you idealize. haha. The sustainability movement has no power but Mother Nature does because of the law of physics of ecology as quantum negentropy.

 We do know what Google has been filtered out - Counterpunch, Democracynow, and various other "conspiracy" website that expose the corporate-state lies. The interwebs is already a dead horse.