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Monday, July 31, 2017

Freemasons really do promote the lies of Archytas!

Mass-mind control exposed. How many of the mass-mind controlled will refuse to watch this video?
 PsyWar doc youtube
My dad was a corporate attorney - and so he was a big support of the fake "libertarian" corporate elite movement that kicked off in the 1970s - an actual neo-fascist movement pushed by economists from the University of Chicago, based on Straussian Neo-Platonic philosophy. So James Buchanan was a big pusher of this fascism along with Milton Friedman - and then after the "Fair" coverage regulate was dismantled then the "news" could just promote these mass mind control lies. haha. This stuff goes way back - like I said - back to Plato! But you got to start some where.

My dad was big into Plato - so in high school I studied Plato big time. I even went to St. John's College in Santa Fe to see about studying the "classics" in their original Greek. But I knew something was fishy because of my music training - I knew that music theory was the real origin of the pythagorean theorem and so the Pythagorean Theorem was wrong! haha. Of course I had to keep that a secret. But if you really study math and music you find out that Plato and Archytas lied about Pythagorean music theory. Economist Michael E. Hudson also exposed this as he started out studying music theory - and he also is from Minneapolis!

Freemasons really do promote the lies of Archytas!

 So you can see here the Freemasons promoting FAKE Pythagorean philosophy from Archytas - and this is also what Plato promoted. Then stating this philosophy is "Justice." Nope. This is the Big Lie - it is built into the Western music as mass mind control even! But that Western music is the foundation of Western math and everything built on it: Economics Professor Michael Hudson concurs about the Devil’s Interval: “The worst problem in tuning occurs in the interval of three whole tones, e.g., between C and F#/Gb in the “natural” untempered methods of tuning. If the ratio of the octave is 2:1, then the ratio of C to F# represents the square root of two — an irrational number. (Burkert [1972:441] notes that the harmonic mean discovered in the context of Pythagorean music theory has a major use precisely in approximating the square root.)” Michael Hudson’s essay, “Music as an Analogy for Economic Order in Classical Antiquity” in Jürgen Backhaus (ed.), Karl Bücher. Theory, History, Anthropology, Non-Market Economies (Marburg:Metropolis Verlag, 2000): pp. 113-35 citing Burkert, Walter (1972), Lore and Science in Ancient Pythagoreanism (Harvard University Press, 1972).

So this philosophy of reality not only was the basis for the Greek Miracle creating western science but also the elite control of the technology – justified still by the logarithmic fake Pythagorean cover-up. Quote “The necessity of tempering pure intervals, defined by the ratio of integers, is one of the great themes of Plato’s Republic. In his allegorical form, “citizens” modeled on the tones of the scale must not demand “exactly what they are owed” but must keep in mind “what is best for the city.” Ernest McClain, The Myth of Invariance: The origins of the Gods, Mathematics and Music, from the Rg Veda to Plato (Nicholas-Hays, 1976), p. 11.

 Economics Professor Hudson clarifies McClain’s promotion of Plato’s fake Pythagorean cover-up: Quote “Pythagoras became the patron saint of the most anti-democratic clubs. They used the principles of musical harmony as a patina of pseudo-science to give intellectual legitimacy to a movement whose worldly consequences were anything but harmonious. The Pythagorean clubs became a network of civic cults rising above the local sphere to which most clubs related. There seems to have been some connection with the Delphi temple (the name Pythagoras means “voice of Pythia,” the snake-goddess of Delphi and its oracle). They have been likened to the Free Masons, in that they served as a kind of Council of Foreign Relations or New World Order…. Archytas [the collaborator of Plato] developed the musical scale into a political metaphor for the scales of justice. What gave music this imagery of social balance and just proportion was the ability of its mathematics of harmonic (“geometric”) proportions to serve as an analogy for how inequities of wealth and status rendered truly superior men equal in proportion to their virtue — which tended to reflect their wealth. By this circular logic the wealthy were enabled to rationalize their hereditary dominance over the rest of the population.”

 And as I pointed out Cargill relied on its Freemason connections for this elite corporate-state monopoly U.S. imperialism! Anthony Sutton, just as he exposed Wall St. creating the Bolsheviks - Anthony Sutton also exposed the Freemasonic elite secret socities controlling the U.S. - Skull and Bones, and various other "think tanks" as secret societies. Professor David F. Noble exposed this as well when he was an M.I.T. history professor and he got fired for it - he proved in a lawsuit - backed by his academic history association. So his book "America By Design" is all about how even science is controlled by these Freemason societies - along with his book "The Religion of Technology" and his book "Forces of Production."

All his books are a must read for deprogramming the mass mind control. He traces the NeoPlatonic philosophy to the Benedictine Monks of the 9th Century spreading it - from the Muslims - and then to the Freemasonic societies creating modern science. His final book traces the problem back to the origins of civilization in the Near East Levant and how before that in early Sumeria there was a more balanced ecological culture. So this problem is only 10,000 years old at most while modern biological humans are 100,000 years old. Taoism is from the older culture that was dominant for 90% of modern biological human history, the San Bushmen culture. 90% of human history is based on small tribes as hunter-gatherers and so biologically we are aligned to live in tribes no bigger than 150 people - and split into smaller bands.

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