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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Surveying the Stinging Nettles Harvest

So last year I harvested nettles in paper bags but this year I took a tarp and so what took me several trips last year, I did in one trip of harvesting this year.

Then I dried it outside using a plexiglass window as a passive solar drier.

But I could not get it to that "crunchy" final dried stage, outside, so I finished it off in the oven on warm - only an hour for two pans worth - using a pizza pan and a broil pain, both with the air holes.

So then I smash it into the jars and this really compacts the load into a lot of mass - so it is intensified a lot.

A haul like that will last me pretty much all winter. I was having stinging nettles every day all winter for about 6 months - and maybe I had two more jars than this.

Let's see how much this stuff sells for.

I just finished my shiitake harvest - I had a big shiitake mushroom meal every day. Right now the final shrooms are cooking on pizza and I still have the stems left to make a delicious Shiitake soup from the vitamix blender.

Starwest Botani...
Starwest Botani...
Right - so you can see with me compacting the nettles I harvested - that is probably $50 a jar's worth!!
So it's $9 for 4 oz. and each jar I have is at least 1 pound of dried nettles - probably more.

So that's $200 worth of greens.

I can harvest more - the only limitation is lack of tops for the glass jars. In our moving haste - I'm not sure I saved jar tops. I have one big jar with a sealing glass lid - but I think that's it.

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