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- Chuang Tzu, 300 BCE

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

C.S. Lewis studies Nature in the Anthropocene Era

I am not at all sure what Plato meant by this second phusis; but it would seem at least to mean 'reality'. The law of reality would be the real law. But is he also bringing in something of nature (d.s.) or of Great mother Nature? (His own particular demotion of nature (d.s.) is not relevant at this point.)
C.S. Lewis, p. 60, chapter, "Nature," in Studies in Words, Cambridge, 1959.

Here Lewis is admitting is limitation of analysis and also pinpointing a great mystery that since has been solved and resolved. Plato, with the help of his military engineer-mathematician collaborator, Archytas, launched the "Greek Miracle," that synthesized political philosophy with scientific analysis using mathematics as the foundation. Recent analysis by several academics has revealed that despite Plato being considered a mystic, in fact, based on the math of Archytas, the revolution of irrational magnitude was promoted as the foundation of Western civilization. And so this logarithmic foundation was the "reality" that Plato referred to.

nature used to mean not simply all the things there are, as an aggregate or even a system, but rather some force or mind or elan supposed to be immanent in them.
p. 41

And so it is now quantum biology that has revived this ancient Pre-Socratic meaning of Nature and C.S. Lewis traces this original meaning back to Parmenides and Empedocles but Lewis is not aware of the true meaning of how Logos unlocks this secret force of Nature.
From phusis this meaning passed to natura and from natura to kind. All three become names for what in China (I am told) is called 'the ten thousand things.' p. 37
So in China, Lewis is referring to Taoist alchemy training that I have recently summarized as a pdf document.

As I noted in my 2000 University of Minnesota master's thesis:
 When Lucretius mistranslated the Pythagorean Empedocles poem "peri physeos" as "De rerum nature," a shift to an inaccurate consciousness of dichotomous absolutes was being formalized (the topic of focus for the second section of Epicenters, "Restoring the Lost Logos.")
C.S. Lewis makes this same point but has not realized the secret meaning of the Logos as Taoist alchemy training.
We could explain the Empedoclean 'About the phusis of the things that are' and the Lucretian De Rerum Natura. Both could mean 'What things are like,' and both would be simply two more instances of phusis and natura in the sense 'character, sort.'...However it came about, the amazing leap was made. p. 36
 By "leap" Lewis is specifically referring to the linguistic generative form of the particular from the Universal meaning of phusis. In my master's thesis I referenced Gregory Bateson's Mind and Nature: A Necessary Unity to analysis this linguistic and philosophical paradox in Western civilization. But even then my mathematical analysis was not precise enough, not in regards to the connection to music theory. It is math professor Luigi Borzacchini who has revealed the secret cover-up of the music theory origins of the Greek Miracle as incommensurability.

And so while the subject seems quite abstract - and indeed it is on the face of it - the result, as math professor Borzacchini has revealed, is that there is no "pure" mathematics - there is an inherent "deep pre-established disharmony" to standard Western mathematics that is a structural drive to applied science. Borzacchini called this music cover-up "really astonishing" and "shocking" with the results being an ontological cognitive bias to Western math and Western science, from its very origin, and secretly guiding the evolution of technology.

So now mainstream science has recognized the new Anthropocene Era - whereby modern industrial civilization, especially starting with the atomic bomb production around the time that C.S. Lewis was writing his analysis of the word Nature, has fashioned a whole new geological era on Earth, that has deeply altered the living conditions of Nature. Mainstream science now acknowledges we live in the 6th great mass extinction of species and now recognizes that the human species can possibly go extinct as well. Conservation biologist Guy McPherson quit his tenured professor career due to the censorship he faced, as he shared the empirical evidence that abrupt global warming is now proceeding with the fastest acceleration of heating on the atmosphere in Earth's history. In other words the human species has engineered its own extinction within ten years.

I have called this the "Alchemy of DeNile" based on this original era from Platonic philosophy of how Nature was defined using the wrong music theory. (2012 pdf) This analysis is subtle as it relies on quantum noncommutative logic, and esoteric music-math analysis that has been unrecognized. The solution to this ontological crisis is simple yet radical. Other scientists like professor Peter D. Ward or professor Peter Wadhams both recognize the severity of the Anthropocene Era but argue that drastic radical carbon sequestration, only with radical genetic engineering using CRISPR precision will completely change our conception of what Nature is. As Guy McPherson notes, even mainstream science has acknowledged that geoengineering schemes are deeply problematic, and no solution. Dr. Vandana Shiva points out that in fact humans inherently can not live in the Anthropocene Era because Mother Nature is in control.

Quantum biology has documented a phenomenon called "quantum relative entropy." Professor Emeritus Guy McPherson states, unless the U.S. Patent Office can show a technology that solves the 2nd law of Thermodynamics, then it's impossible to have "infinite growth on a finite planet." Indeed as McPherson emphasizes, physics Professor Albert Bartlett was correct to point out the biggest problem of modern industrial civilization is that we don't understand the basic exponential function (derived from logarithmic mathematics). As academics have argued even Plato's philosophy contained the secrets of the Calculus but as Gregory Bateson revealed, the logic of the math, along with the syntax of the linguistics, tries to cover-up the inherent entropy of time as energy. It is quantum biology via "quantum relative entropy" that has redefined the 2nd law of thermodynamics.

Of course Professor Guy McPherson is correct - despite the claims of the Singularity striving to harness synthetic biology and nanbiomotors as quantum computing - the Actual Matrix Plan, as I revealed, is still based on the "music logarithmic spiral" - a logical paradox that math professor Luigi Borzacchini also identifies. Professor Borzacchini embraces this paradox openly and indeed argues that in the great struggle of Man, Nature and Machine, then artificial intelligence will be developed, as "Plato's Computer." In other words - going back to C.S. Lewis pondering the paradox that Plato had hidden in his mathematical analysis. And math professor Borzacchini has even pointed out that upon deep analysis, science and religion need not be mutually exclusive:
It believes therefore that the contrast between mathematical thought and religion is only due to "philosophical dogmatism that characterizes the theologians as much as atheists vanished this, even that fades" .
The Catholic Church has recognized, formally, the existence of supernatural miracle healing but it is now quantum biology that reveals a scientific basis and even a methodology that reaffirms the ancient mystic spiritual training behind this "alternative" and complementary healing.

The idea of EcoEcho is to leverage the empirical fact that modern Western civilization, since the Renaissance and global genocidal colonization has operated as "ecological imperialism" with currently the loss of some 200 species a day. Geologically, the Earth currently has a higher number of species, as biodiversity, compared to any previous time, whereas previously warmer periods on Earth had higher levels of biomass, as Professor Peter D. Ward points out. The Anthropocene Era then is knowingly trying to engineer an increase in human-induced biomass to store carbon, at the expense of biodiversity. The way that Tai Chi operates is to naturally resonate, as a revolution, the direction of mass or intensity of force, as a spacetime vortex, called the Emptiness, to create miraculous healing energy in Nature.

With this goal in mind EcoEcho has invested in a small lot of vacant undeveloped Nature, as C.S. Lewis defines it - with no intention of "development." Rather the local ecological imperialistic conditions of invasive species will be leveraged for quantum biological healing modalities. The details will be revealed in tandem with the accelerating abrupt impact of global warming and the ensuing global radioactive fall out from nuclear catastrophes, currently being unleashed and revealed in the corporate media. Quantum relative entropy is based on "imaginary mass" from spirit biophoton coherently laser light interacting with water, splitting the molecular bond via tetrahedron resonance that in fact is akin to Pythagorean-Kepler mathematics, not from Platonic math. As the recently deceased Dr. Mae-Wan Ho revealed, this "rainbow worm" quantum biology energy is the secret coherence of the Cosmos - and also the secret of natural resonance cosmetics.

Humans as a species will go extinct but as Professor Peter D. Ward, and qigong master Jim Nance have both revealed, evolution is accelerating due to the deleterious apocalyptic interactions of Man and Machine, while Nature appears to be losing, as biodiversity. Quantum relative entropy literally reverses spacetime via imaginary mass and then amplifies the phonon or sound-current energy to create new forms in our linear sense of 4D spacetime. Astrophysicist Paul S. Wesson revealed how Louis de Broglie's Law of Phase Harmony is easily explained by the fact that we exist within a 5D black hole as the Universe or Cosmos, that also explains spiritual healing.