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Friday, July 7, 2017

1st step of converted Silverfire rocket stove into mass heater

So I bury the vent pipe so it is level with the top of the stove. Then I make a mold out of wood, for strength - a wood base, with sand mounded up, with wet paper to hold the sand in place, as an oven that goes one inch over the top of the stove. I make sure the top of the oven fits flush with the "dragon pot."

I let the clay dry solid - clay mixed with sand - two parts sand to 1 one part clay. then I carefully remove the mold of the sand inside the clay oven. Then I fire the oven from the stove to dry it further.

I sleep on top of the vent pipe buried in clay and the stove-heater is in the middle of the tent, so that the pipe extends into my water hole, to keep the water from freezing in the winter.

So I build the tent-stove-mass heater right next to the water hole I dug.

then I cover the tent in a thick layer of leaves for insulation. I made a tent leave hut several years ago from all the leaves in our lawn. I had at least 3 feet of insulation and even without a heater - the tent was 50 degrees warm with a sleeping bag.

So the heater should not need to be super hot at all and instead just runs on twigs since it is an insulated rocket stove. The insulation causes the "chimney" to burn super hot, causing the fumes to be very clean, so that the exhaust dissipates heat easily and should come out of the vent pipe mainly as just CO2 and water vapor.

So even if there is Carbon Monoxide - when it mixes with water it turns back into CO2.

The only concern is if I leave my land - I can not "lock" my tent - but the tent will be buried in leaves and very low profile and the stove will in turn be covered in clay - so no one can tell it's a rocket stove as most people have no idea what a rocket stove is any way.

So it's a total of $350 worth of material - stainless steel and galvanized steel vent pipe.

Pretty good cost for a stove-heater set up. But also very fragile in terms of construction. haha.

Next step is to build a "mock up" model on my land here - but the clay here is not very good. That's o.k. since it's just temporary.


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