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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Why the majority of Thedaobum posters are wrong: Syncretic System = western b.s.

There is a dominant New Age right-wing "syncretic system" view over on thetaobums. This is due to the belief of no need to really question Western philosophy, having been deeply brainwashed by it since an early age. So then Daoism (or Taoism) - correct spelling is one of the key requirements for the syncretic group! - insists that their Western New Age perspective is the defining approach and then Taoism is a kind of agglomeration after the fact.

So I recently posted several exposes on the promotion of Pan-Aryanism on thetaobums - this praises the "caucasian mummies" in China and in the literally same sentence claims Aryanism is not about race but culture and language. haha. I pointed out the Nazis tried to say the same thing. So then now we have a promotion - of course - of Crowley and Tarot cards.

As I've stated before, Crowley was a fake since he could not even do the "O at a D" as I documented from Colin Wilson's book "The Occult" citing Rom Landau's God is My Adventure. And for people who don't know what the "O at a D" is that is fine since a person, even if they can do it, should not as it is misuse of the energy. Of course I still do this "yin qi" energy healing due to my strange circumstances.

So the basic problem is not realizing there is a fundamental break with Western philosophy - that Freemasonry, the basis of Western occultism, is actually Platonic materialistic idealism. And so someone brainwashed into this thinking will not even realize the problem and instead think that "nondualism" or "monism" is the same as nonwestern shamanic philosophy.

I guess this is understandable since as Charlene Spretnak points out - the issue is very "abstract" and so most would not be able to grapple with it intellectually. As I have detailed, with my online documentation over the years, I had to "unlearn" Western thinking and only recently did I discover Eddie Oshins had made the same insight about Taoism philosophy based on noncommutative phase.

So then people will argue yes but isn't noncommutative phase still Western philosophy? It is the foundation of quantum physics, the secret of nonlocal entanglement energy-information, but for quantum physics to work as a science, this philosophical quantum logic has to be "converted" to the symmetric math. And this is what Eddie Oshins does in his quantum physics analysis, as he still is a Western scientist.

But he understood the deep paradox involved and someone posted online - from his alma mater - that Oshins was mentally insane and struggled with it for years - implying this is why he died young. I asked his colleague, math professor Louis Kauffman about this, but got no response. Instead all he said about Oshins was positive. But again Kauffman was assuming that Oshins was converting the noncommutative phase into symmetric Western mathematics, as Kauffman himself still does.

So this is why a "unified field theory" is forever out of the grasp of Western science and yet the ecological crisis keeps accelerating. People then get upset about the "holier than thou" argument - that such self-righteous views are just pompous moralizing and not realistic in our postmodern global market, blah blah. But as I have emphasized - music theory does not need to rely on morals. I am simply presenting the empirical truth of the noncommutative phase infinite time-frequency natural resonance reality. This truth was the core of the original human culture in Africa, from which all modern humans come from, the San Bushmen culture. This is also the truth of Taoism and also the oldest philosophy of India - the three gunas. Dr. Victor Grauer traced the spread of San Bushmen culture around the world via music harmonics.

But instead the supposed syncretic view is actually just Westernization of nonwestern views - posing as being "syncretic." This is not only wrong morally but wrong logically. The West has no lineage, like yoga or Taoist training, of producing real energy spiritual masters from the training. Instead there have been some mystics on occasion who often have to remain in hiding to deal with their spiritual experiences. So also now Westernization has spread across China and India and Africa - so that the real lineages of nonwestern shamanic spiritual masters is quickly being lost, as the ecological crisis also accelerates. This is a dynamic that the "syncretic" postmodern Western worldview of Platonic philosophy will not even acknowledge - the Brahmin nondualism is still based on a symmetric logic that does not even understand the training properly of complementary opposites.

Fortunately my free pdf archive Idiot's Guide to Taoist Alchemy Neidan Qigong, etc. continues to build hits, and so has a steady readership. Some say the writing is too complex - too much science. For them I counter that I have the document chock full of images to provide easy explanations.

The reason that a document or writing will not in any way solve the problem is because writing as a medium is left brain dominant whereas the problem is one of spiritual possession - of an energy blockage of a lower frequency shen or consciousness. So the Taoist training requires constant "exorcisms" of these lower frequency blockages - based on emotions and nutrition and the change of seasons, and our surroundings, etc.

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