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- Chuang Tzu, 300 BCE

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Friday, June 30, 2017

Shaolin Qigong Neigong Grandmaster John Chi Yuan Tsai

So notice the shaking from the qi energy His teacher does it - and he does it - and his students do it - and you notice the body shakes at the ELF frequency - 7 to 8 times per second.

This is the SAME shaking healing energy of the San Bushmen also, the original human culture.

Plugged into the Spiritual Current - Dr. Bradford Keeney

So I posted a bunch of qigong healing testimonials, etc. from John Chi Yuan Tsai

What is amazing is that this very amazing qigong master is in Chicago and yet he is not mentioned by Gary Clyman who also teaches qigong in Chicago? No one on that website forum, with others living in Chicago, have mentioned this teacher.


I discovered him via Yan Xin Qigong mentioning someone listed in the forward to the book - Jennifer Wallace. She also teaches self protection and qigong.

Thelerner at thedaobums wants to censor me.

This is why "editors" and "publishers" don't work for real radical information. Even on a thread at thetaobums - but in the personal practice forum - the person who starts the thread has the liberty to censor anything you post.

He "asks" for my permission but in fact it is just a "formal" nicety on his part. He doesn't have to ask and he is actually commanding me. He is not asking me any questions about the content of what I post. He just says it's off topic. Hilarious. This is typical Westernized thinking - if you don't understand it then attack it and remove it!!
I like your insights and experience in the Serious Mo Pai thread.  But at time they get a little off subject.  I would never change anything you write but I with your permission I'd like to edit away some of the less relevant.  Being able to do so, makes it more likely I won't hide any of it.  It's not just you, I've intended from the start to heavily edit and monitor the thread.
Thus with your permission-
According to what I read - Jim made a hole in the bottom of a tent - to made sure he was sitting on the ground. So I don't think concrete would be good enough. Lonemanpai says to sit on a 5 pound weight - from a bench press - and then have a wire attached to an outside grounding pipe. But personally I would think sitting in a weight would be - annoying at best. <great>
No - I would say just meditating outside. Also I think celibacy should be necessary - Lonemanpai thinks you just need celibacy for the first 100 days. <good>
Like Nungali posted a porn shot - a New Age porn shot to reply to me - but the mods said nothing about it. haha. Females suck up energy on this forum - seeking out males who have their energy stored up.  (I would strike out as not about Mo Pai and sitting>
So I would also state that solitude from females is necessary. The Bushmen San males do a month long retreat away from females. Then there's Shaolin monastery - and cave meditation at Qingchenshan. Retreat is necessary.  (not Mo Pai and sitting)
So the question is - John chang is married - so he must know techniques but also he probably did meditation away from his wife is my guess at least at some point in the training.  (Good stuff, but not Mo Pai and sitting.  Hopefully we'll circle around to it)
Also the "yin" energy is not just qi but also shen.  (Not Mo Pai and sitting but too good to erase)
Thus with you permission I'd edit down the non-sitting parts of your writing.  It's good stuff but by moving away from Mo Pai and sitting it encourages other people to move ahead, and threatens to the tightly controlled thread get into the problems all other Mo Pai threads hit.
With your permission I'll do the edit.  Keeping your good insights into Mo Pai sitting and doing away with the other. 
Is there any evidence that any females are part of Mo Pai in John Chang's school?
I don't think so. Why? Because males and females as per Taoism have the opposite energy systems.
So the males by building up "yin qi" are turning their "yin jing" into "yang jing."
The females in turn are attracted to the males "yang jing" and turn it back into "yin jing" and then reproductive fluids.
That's just the facts of life - complementary opposites are the truth of reality - despite "liberated" Westerners trying to pretend that males and females are the same - as this thread is doing.

So they just ignore me. Hilarious.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

How Professor JeeLoo Liu solved the mystery of Taoist Neidan Alchemy training

I don't like to complain all the time but is it my fault that Westernized thinking does not see its error? Dr. Pregadio said he would get back to me if he had any comments. I don't think he will get back to me but I'll send him the below - as it completely corroborates my claim. The funny thing is I was just going by logic and mathematics from music theory (nonwestern) whereas Professor Liu exposed the Western error as a translation error of Chinese.

17 hours ago, Kongming said:
The Dao, in its ultimate and Absolute aspect, is metaphysically prior to or above this in timeless purity and empty non-being (wu)
So this pretty much sums up your wrong view of Daoism.
The standard translation "the ultimate nonbeing" (Chan, 1963; Neville 1980) or "Ultimate of Nonbeing" (Zhang, 2002) has actually reversed the Chinese word order, and renders it as jiwu - the ultimate wu.
However even within the Daoist tradition, Wang Bi's interpretation of Laozi's wuji (Chapter 28) is simply "inexhaustible" (wuqiong), and this shows clearly he did not identify wuji with wu itself.
Nevertheless, this does not mean that there was a time when Taiji did not exist....Taiji was initially boundless because its existence was beyond both space and time.
Taiji was initially just one qi, which then separated into yang and yin through motion and rest. was a common view regard Taiji as one qi - before yin and yang are divided.
vacuums have energy and energy is convertible into mass is to deny that vacuums are empty....vacuums are far from empty. Understood in this light, ...taiji is much more intelligble and plausible.
...Taiji, the supreme ultimate, is the absolute self-sufficient and self-contained perfection. Exactly because it is relative to nothing else, it is identical with the Boundless (Wuji).
...Taiji is simply Being itself; hence it is both supremely massive and boundless (wuji).
Professor of Philosophy
California State University, Fullerton
ACPA (The Association of Chinese Philosophers in North America):
President, 2010-2012

Neo-Confucianism: Metaphysics, Mind, and Morality

John Wiley & Sons, May 19, 2017

I don't mean this at all judgmentally, but a lot of this stuff just seems too complicated to me.
Remember that Taoism emphasizes simplicity.
Of course, the problem could be that I'm just not smart enough to understand all this stuff :)
We learn the commutative principle in 10th grade: A x B = B x A. This is incorrect as the foundation of reality.
The commutative property was the origin of irrational magnitude and symmetric math, as the Greek Miracle.
So it's not that you're not smart enough.
You just have to unlearn a lot and really think about basics.
So think of music theory.
1 is C, 2 is C as the octave, and 3 is G, as the overtone harmonic, but at the same time 3 is F as the subharmonic.
This was covered up by Plato and Archytas.
So in music theory it means 3/2 as the Perfect Fifth is allowed but NOT 2/3 as the Perfect Fifth. Empirically they are both the Perfect Fifth, C to F is 2/3 and C to G is 3/2.
But Archytas needed his equation (Arithmetic Mean x Harmonic Mean equals Geometric Mean Squared). So he could only use fractions with value greater than 1.
So the Perfect Fourth is 4/3 as C to F just from "doubling" 2/3 - and thereby concealing and covering up the truth of noncommutative phase.
So then 3/2 x 4/3 = 2 (which is geometric mean squared).
So then 9/8 cubed = the square root of 2 as the tritone or Devil's Interval.
That is the secret of the square root of two - you don't learn that the Pythagorean Theorem is from WRONG music theory that hides the truth of infinite complementary opposites resonance.
I have more details on my blog
So this secret of complementary opposites from music theory was rediscovered in quantum physics as "time-frequency uncertainty" - I have quoted the mathematician in this thread about 2, 3, infinity being "noncommutative" from music theory.
The "noncommutative" part means that it's in 2 places at the same time as complementary opposites - and it is also quantum entanglement.
So that is the secret of the Tai Chi - it is before spacetime but creates spacetime and energy-mass from quantum entanglement that is noncommutative.
This is now proven by science - it's called EPR=ER.
In other words we exist within micro quantum virtual black holes every where as the ether or yuan qi that is the Tai Chi as the fundamental foundation of reality - eternal change as harmonization.

Thanks for sharing this. It's very interesting.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

How Fabrizio Pregadio errs on Taoist Neidan alchemy training: Why Wuji is Taiji


All I can say at the moment is:

(1) Wuji is a stage above Taiji. It is, as you say, a "static" timeless Emptiness.

(2) Zhou Dunyi 周敦頤 does not discuss this stage. He only says it is the root of Taiji.

(3) In the Daoist interpretation of the “old” Taiji picture, the empty circle at the center is the Wuji.

(4) The purpose is to show that, at the center of Yin and Yang, there is Emptiness.

(5) This means that Yin and Yang allow Emptiness to operate (用) in space and time.

(6) Unlike Neo-Confucianism, Daoism says that Wuji and Taiji are ultimately equivalent.

I completely agree with you that there is a connection between cosmology and music.

Fabrizio Pregadio <>

4:53 PM (56 minutes ago)

to me

From the point of view of Wuji, there is no difference with Taiji. — From the point of view of Taiji, it is lower than Wuji.

This is the mystery about which all traditions speak about.


Fabrizio Pregadio

5:14 PM (37 minutes ago)

to me

Fabrizio Pregadio

5:16 PM (35 minutes ago)
I don’t know why Zong Mi shows the Taiji without the “empty circle” Maybe he wanted to show something else.
Pregadio referenced this image of the Tai Chi in his Cantong Qi: The Seal of the Unity of the Three analysis
He stated that the "hub" was the Emptiness and the yin-yang then revolved around that hub.
But that is not the oldest image of the Tai Chi - it is a later Song derivation.
So here is the oldest image of the Tai Chi.
Notice the difference.
It's yin-yang all the way down.
Now last night I posted the discussion of the "later" image of the  Tai Chi with the supposed hub.
The author who made that image spent his life clarifying that Wuji IS Taichi.
"The Emptiness from which existence comes forth is the central hub." p. 5
Pregadio is relying on the wrong meaning of the original Tai Chi symbol.

So then Buddhists cling to Pregadio using terms that lead Buddhists to incorrectly claim Taoism is based on a static timeless origin of reality - and that immortality means a person exists in this timeless realm and then interacts from this static timeless realm into the "illusion" of spacetime.

I have explained in great detail why this is not accurate but the above image difference simplifies the argument and clarifies the error that Pregadio made. See the side bar of this blog for more details on why wuji is Taiji.

Dr. Pregadio: Thank you for sharing your responses. In the book "Foundations on Internal Alchemy" it states this: "The whole process is ruled by Spirit....It's movement in 'non-doing' is called Original Spirit." I would like to explain that secret to you, in my opinion. Do you know this book in Chinese? "Theory on Yuan Qi of Taiji"
In the Theory on Yuan Qi of Taiji: "Taiji refers to the state of integrated yuan qi before the separation of heaven and earth. It is the great beginning and the great one." The state before the "separation of heaven and earth" is "wuji" which is mixed and blurry, when qi is generated and distributed to make "yuan qi integrated as one," namely "taiji."
If you read the essay I referred to (Zhu Xi's Metaphysical System and the Role of the Taji (Great Ultimate) by Kim Han-Sang, 2013) it is quite clear Zhu Xi is emphatic that Taiji is wuji - at the same time. Not "prior." For me this completely is understandable in terms of noncommutative phase. As you state, in alchemy there is "forward" and "backward" processes at the same time as continual processes. That is noncommutative phase.

You have agreed about music theory and taoism which is my specialty. There is a very amazing cover-up of noncommutative phase in music theory. So I tried to explain this to you. But Louis de Broglie rediscovered this with his Law of Phase Harmony. So if shen is light, then when shen is turned around, then time is zero but, as de Broglie discovered, there is still noncommutative phase that is from the future - as quantum entanglement and also as reverse entropy energy.

So Zong Mi emphasized that qi, from the Zhou Dynasty character, qi means to put shen under jing or fire under water to create steam. So when the light is turned around, the shen is put under jing to create steam as reverse entropy - or qi energy that is what Master Yan Xin calls a "virtual information field." So it is the secret of reversing aging, bigu, levitation, precognition, yang shen, etc.
Sorry I realize that is not very clear - but I hope you read that 2013 essay on Zhu Xi about his emphasize on how the Taiji is the wuji - and the wuji is the Taiji. I think the "hub" metaphor too easily becomes a static sense of space that is actually from a Western classical physics view point.

So in science it is now stated EPR=ER which means that 4D spacetime arises from micro quantum virtual black holes, as Noble physicist Gerard t'Hooft states (Feb. 2017). So the neidan (qigong) masters can leave their bodies at will by turning the light around, so their individual spirit merges with universal spirit, as zero time of light. Again light has no rest mass but does have a 'Hidden momentum" that is reverse entropy phonon energy - and so this is why it is stated Yuan Qi is formless and the Taiji. In  other words there is continual motion of qi energy as the Taiji that is wuji at the same time. There are two time clocks - one from the future that then changes the past to harmonize the present.

Please let me know if you have any comments or questions,
drew hempel, M.A.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Oceanic Anoxia Events and why qi does not "emanate" from the Dao

So as I stated - I left thedaobums forum because I was sexually harassed by the wife of one of the website's "steward/moderators" - with a porn image. haha. [UPDATE: It was actually a male posting - but I thought it was a female]

Lonemanpai agrees with me that there are black hole vampires on that website and so that just reconfirmed the truth - they lurk and suck up energy.

Right now there's a thread on thedaobums that is trying to equalize Taoism with Buddhism and so I posted my research to show the differences.

What I posted was ignored as much as possible leading to this statement:
Well let's take a step away from mathematics and the nature of yin-yang, etc. and just contemplate the following line of inquiry: Does the Dao, the Absolute, encompass all of reality, both space-time and that which transcends space-time? We know it was prior to heaven and earth, prior to the emanation of qi, prior to the polarization of yin-yang, etc. yet also always present. Zhuangzi notes that it's also in grass, rocks, feces, and other words a more shocking way of saying it is all things. So all is the Dao and adepts have striven to attain unity with the Dao. You also have concepts like "guarding the One" and sayings like, "Know the One and the myriad affairs are done."
In other words, all of reality is of one substance or emanates from one Absolute, namely the Dao. Thus Daoism is monistic....whether it is monistic in the same way of Plotinus or Vedanta is a different topic.
I used to think like this until I had my "enlightenment experience" and the qigong master said my mind was "still confused." So it took me several years - about five years - to finally figure out what I had gotten wrong.

 prior to the emanation of qi
 Here the writer contradicts himself for the sake of his wrong ideology. Earlier in the thread - he stated that qi was the monism.

He quotes an academic stating:
(3) an all-pervading sacred presence (qi);

and before that he states:
  Daoism has a clear cut doctrine of a monistic/panentheistic Absolute that emanates creation which is of the substance of qi
 So twice that thread poster uses the term "emanates" or "emanation" of qi. And yet he quotes a scholar - Louis Komjathy - who says nothing of "emanation"
"From a classical and foundational Daoist perspective, the Dao has four primary characteristics: (1) the Source of everything; (2) an unnamable mystery; (3) an all-pervading sacred presence (qi); and (4) the universe as transformative process (“Nature”). That is, the primary Daoist theology is monistic (there is one impersonal Reality), panentheistic (the sacred is both in and beyond the physical world), and panenhenic (Nature itself is sacred). The secondary Daoist theology is at once animistic (there are spirits in nature) and polytheistic (there are multiple gods)."
So just to corroborate my expose of this person's error - I have now just searched in google:

Louis komjathy emanat

and let's see the results!

There is one mention of the word emanates in the book he edited - but by another another on Jewish Kabbalah - so no. And the only other mention of the word "emanate" is not by Komjathy as well.

We can find a few other references of "harmony" emanating from the Dao - but nothing stating that qi emanates from the Dao.

Komjathy definitely does not state that qi is created after the Dao.

Though the universe that always has been and always will be which takes different forms over time is the One (undifferentiated qi or hundun chaos),
So in that same thread - the author going by Kongming - acknowledges the qi as the One and yet this:

The Dao, in its ultimate and Absolute aspect, is metaphysically prior to or above this in timeless purity and empty non-being (wu) and its function is to spontaneously "give birth to" or emanate the One.
 So for a third time - he claims that the qi as the One, emanates from the Dao.

I disagree with this completely.

The Yuan Qi is formless awareness. I posted this as a reply to him on the thread.

It's a good point about missionary conversion. Buddhism spread via missionaries - to convert native indigenous tribes. But this is also called "sankritization" - for example converting to Buddhism in Nepal is also tied to being of a higher social rank. For example being vegetarian as Buddhist can be considered also being uppidity - or trying to be a higher social rank as purity.
So for example tribes in Thailand or Burma - they were to be "converted" by Buddhist missionaries - just as in Nepal or Tibet, etc.
Then like in Sri Lanka the Buddhist monks actually hid machine guns in the monasteries in the war against the Tamils.
So just now the Buddhists in Burma are putting the muslims in concentration camps while Aung San Suu Kyi claims it is not happening.
So since Asoka as an empire that spread out of Vedic Brahmin philosophy - the Buddhists have maintained nonviolence more like the Brahmin priest class so that the Buddhist monks will also be warriors or have a warrior caste to protect them. So Tibet at times was expansionary into China as Buddhism.
So Taoism then took up this missionary practice of Buddhism but again the Bronze Age chariot culture with the stupas - brought in alchemy training into China from ancient times - 3,000 BCE or so - and so Taoism is most likely tied to the older "three gunas" philosophy of India. For example Kriya Yoga has the same type of Taoist alchemy training of the "small universe" - even though in China the "small universe" alchemy meditation is not considered to have been created until later times - like the Song Dynasty.
So it is even said Buddhism spread to West Asia - and of course Alexander Great spreading East then changed Buddhism also. So the extent of Pythagorean philosophy tied to Buddhism is considered by some whereas in fact the philosophy of Pythagorean training is more closer to Taoist philosophy. Peter Kingsley has argued that the origin of Pythagorean philosophy is Central Asian shamanism.
So even within Buddhism there is a dynamic of the rich elite then sponsoring the "power yoga" meditation - like full lotus or what in Vedic philosphy is Raja yoga - royal - whereas the urban Buddhism is more like the jnana mind yoga of Vedic philosophy that requires again protection from the warrior caste.
So the royal elite will then sponsor the forest monks to be missionaries to convert the tribes using the power yogic abilities as better than the local shamans - and as to spread the elite dynasties, etc.
So in thailand for example - there was a royal "reform" of Buddhism that was a more elite sect of monks said to be more closely based on actual Buddhist texts - in terms of rituals, etc. But that sect does not get as much support from the lay people - and since Buddhism is dependent on donations of food from the lay people - then there has to be a certain level of local control.
So then in southeast Asia there were "democratic" reforms to Buddhism so that the monasteries were controlled by the lay people and not the actual monks - so then the urban monks focus more on charity and education training - doing teaching of writing, etc. to the masses.
But it is only the monks that really understand the truth of the meditation training - so to have the lay people control the monks then dissolves the actual purpose of the training.
The same problem happened with Tibetan monks - where after the Communists took over - then the actual yogi monks became scattered. The yogi monks would do the intense tummo training in caves nearby the monasteries and it was these tummo full lotus monks that were considered the real experts or "living Buddhas."
So this "cave" meditation also became considered the top Taoist training but this is also from Buddhist influence.
So for example Mt. Qingcheng, the main TAoist alchemy training site - or Qingchenshan - it has 72 caves because of the 72 main "nadis" or energy channels in Vedic alchemy.
So just as the pagodas in Burma are still based on vedic alchemy - yet are Buddhist - even the Taoist alchemy training as strong Vedic ties as well - via Buddhism.
Of course I am just giving a general overview - based on my own readings. But in the Bronze Age it was the aristocratic class who originally had the chariots but also did the alchemy training - and so aristocratic chariot battles were more like the knights of medieval times. It is similar to native indigenous shamanic training - if your read I think it is Peter Nabakov, an anthropologist on the Cree I think - or actually the Crow tribe - he points out how the more an native indigenous person wanted to have success in hunting or in fighting - then the more meditation energy training the person needed to do. This goes back to the original human culture when the males - all the males trained in spiritual alchemy in order to have better success in hunting. The qi energy is used to attract and track the animals and then the animal meat is used to increase the female iron in the blood. The females in turn sing all night to transmit their N/om or jing energy into the males who then dance all night to turn the jing N/om into qi-shen which is then sent back into the females to heal the females.
So what happened is that the females would throw cold water on the males to stop the males from leaving their bodies in spirit travel - so that the males focused on healing the females. But sometimes the more dangerous astral travel was necessary to communicate with a lion or to find out where the animals were to hunt, etc. So then on occasion a male would separate on his own from the original human tribe - and so on his own he developed the Yang Shen bodies - he could transform into lions and so the rest of the villagers became afraid of him - and this is how alchemy developed and also religion.
So for example an early debate in Buddhism versus Brahmin vedic philosophy is what does an eclipse of the Sun by the Moon signify - when you have the black halo around the Sun? The vedic philosphy says the One as wholeness while Buddhism says the Emptiness - what this debate really means is that the Lunar and Solar calendar are always in a dynamic exchange of energy.
So the first example of religion - in the West is from pastoralism splitting off from early solar plow religion. So the Turkana tribe - if there is an eclipse of the Sun by the Moon - then an animal is sacrificed to save the energy of the Son. In other words - the  Son is Solar while the Moon is female energy. So an animal is sacrificed and then the entrails are used for divination.
So the same is in Taoism where if there is an eclipse of the Sun - this is considered when evil energy can be strong - but the lunar energy has to be developed first. In Buddhism then the Theravada monks do all night meditation at the full moon with the females there - and so this is the same as the original human culture doing the trance dancing healing by the males during the full moon.
So what happened is the Solar calendar energy took over more - for example to do the math to subtract the Lunar from Solar calendar - you can not do that easily with the ideograms used in Sumerian culture, etc. and so that is why phonetic language developed really. It is much easier to do the math.
So then in China they began using rods - and counting is faster in Chinese compared to in English - for example.
But 60-based number system is tied then to the Lunar calendar more than to the Solar calendar - and the rod number counting system is 10-based number system.
So then for example Christianity was largely based on making the solar calendar more prominent - so for example Easter has to be closer to the Full Moon after spring equinox, instead of closer to the New Moon. Why? Because the New Moon can cause an eclipse of the Sun whereas the Full Moon can not cause an eclipse of the Sun. And remember the Sun is the Son's energy.
So in Taoism - the Hun spirit is actually only activated after the person leaves the womb - so the Hun spirit is actually post-celestial and the Hun spirit is directly from the father's energy passed to the children.
This is also why ancestor worship is so important in China because it's directly tied to alchemy training - just like in Egypt the body and how it is preserved - buried in China - but in China when the bones are clean then it is reburied for alchemy - and so this is like in Egypt.
So around 1200 BCE in India then iron became more valuable than silver - whereas silver was the lunar energy in the temples and gold was the solar energy.
So then with rectilinear ritual geometry developed based on Solar priest sacrifice rituals - then the lunar female energy was not valued as much and instead iron became more valuable since iron is used for weapons. And so then it is iron used in alchemy to transform into steel for weapons.
So traditionally it was the blacksmith caste - in Africa and Asia - who then are separated out as males and do the alchemy training - in Egypt this was called "absorbing the power of the crocodile" - the water N/om snake reptile kundalini energy.
So even in Nepal then it was the blacksmiths who served as local shaman intermediaries with the Vedic Brahmin priests - and the bronze age alchemy tradition then is tied to this blending of shamanism and the blacksmiths.
For example in Islam - it was because the local tribe had learned the blacksmith secrets from the local Jews - and the Arabs up till then had not learned the blacksmith secrets. So then the local tribe could expand as Islam based on the alchemy power with Muhammed fasting for 40 days - as is still done in Sufi training and Taoist alchemy, etc.
So then Mohammed says that the Sun is the right hand and the Moon is the left hand - and so he rejects alchemy on the exterior - and instead embraces the monotheistic view of religion based on, "I Am that I Am" from symmetric math secrets of Vedic and Zoroastrian culture.
So it is the older training of lunar and solar principles - with fire and water - going back to the original human culture - and actually modeled on music theory - that is able to blend Buddhism, Taoism and local shamanic indigenous training - and even Christian mysticism, Sufism, etc.

transcendent wisdom or prajna is the shen - in Taoism the yin shen has to be changed into Yang Shen by increasing the Yuan Qi levels to then increase the Shen - so the yin qi as Lunar increases to Gold from the solar - but alchemy is still limited since in the end the yang shen returns to the Yuan Qi which is also the Emptiness. The Emptiness flows eternally - like time that we exist in but also as complementary opposites of shen and jing - and so there is no "end of that process" as you state. At the end of alchemy - the Emptiness will decide to create the yang shen at another time-space, etc. and so the Yang Shen is actually an impersonal manifestation of the Emptiness - kind of like a white hole in physics from a black hole.
So Christianity is based on the Solar calendar - and no yoga full lotus meditation nor any concept of complementary opposites as harmonics of body-mind transformation. Buddhism was a reform of Vedic philosophy - and so the lunar energy was still maintained in Buddhism but the Solar energy was still the focus - so Buddhism is more about mind transformation and less about the body. But you can't make the Gold in alchemy unless the lunar silver energy is built up first -as it's stated that generative force as yin qi energy is just immature yuan qi.
So it is like a black hole - the Emptiness stores the future and past - and 4D spacetime with energy mass is a holograph - and so Yuan Qi is actually reverse spacetime as negentropy or reverse entropy. This is how precognition works, how to reverse aging and achieve longevity - and how to heal broken bones and cause physical transformations - the Yang Shen is when the Yuan Jing is full, etc.
There is a fundamental difference between Western esoteric traditions ever since Plato because of the wrong math from Plato, with the infinite defined as a contained geometry using symmetric math. Alchemy is based on noncommutative phase as complementary opposites at the same time - nonlocal entanglement as macro quantum resonance. This is not possible using Western technology and math, etc.
Buddhism, as a reform of Vedic philosophy, is also based on "neti, neti" or "divide and average" symmetric math - and so it is not the same as Taoism.
Taoism is akin to the older "three gunas" of India - and those two are from music theory. All human cultures use the 1-4-5 music intervals. So yes then the truth as the Yuan Qi energy is always there as the truth of the Universe but there is a specific philosophy naturally resonate with it - I give the details in my free pdf

Have you read David Loy's book on nondualism?
The analysis you give, to me, does not even acknowledge the truth of Taoism or even the real truth of Pythagorean philosophy.
So you speak of concepts - and you use dualistic language. So something is one as in monism or two as in dualism or one as in beyond space/time - Buddhism based on neither this nor that, neither not one nor not-one, etc.
It's all left brain dominant discussion. For example you state "many" Christian mystics/NeoPlatonists had a "panentheistic" view - but this is not Platonic philosophy since the math of Plato is "materialistic idealism."
If math is materialistic - then the philosophy will be materialistic. I agree that individual mystics had experiences but to try to fit their experiences into a Platonic philosophy to me is totally wrong. There is a great worship of Plato that I completely disagree with as this view of Plato as some panentheistic is not accurate.
I have posted many mathematicians who expose the math of Plato and this was interwoven into his philosophy. Plato did not understand real Pythagorean philosophy.
Now there is no need for you to learn the real truth about Plato since all of Western civilization is a "footnote" to Plato. So you can go on and on about how great Plato was, etc. and no one will disagree with you.
The mathematicians I have cited about Plato - they publish their works but no one promotes their views - there is no public acceptance because again there is no alternative.
The idea of complementary opposites in Taoism is not easily understood - I have posted a few people who figured it out from the math - so it is a case of being in two places at the same time but as eternal motion of complementary opposites.
So even when you say qi as the foundation - the symbol for qi is fire under water to create steam and so qi itself is a process of "three in one" unity.
And this process is not just a concept but a specific training based on say the left hand as yang and lower body yin and right hand is yin and upper body yang.
So this was discovered again as "noncommutative phase" in Western science - but only Eddie Oshins realized this connection. The math can not be extended - he discusses this in terms of quantum psychology.
David Loy did not understand this in his detailed comparison of various philosophies of nondualism, etc.
People can easily spend their lives mired down in the details of all sorts of concepts and yet never even realize the truth of Taoist philosophy.
If you study the book "Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality" - the truth is in there, but it is just part of the whole training.
I recently posted a Tai Chi teacher who also revealed this truth and I cite in my free pdf as well -
So it's not really a "philosophy" as in a left-brain dominant discussion or debate - but a philosophy based on complementary opposites to turn your body-mind into a living battery generator, plugged into the Earth-Moon-Sun natural generator.
So you discuss Christianity - but the Solar calendar religions became dominant around 1200 BCE - and so Buddhism was an attempt to reform a solar calendar religion.
Taoism and Pythagorean philosophy is older - from the "three gunas" of India - all of them based on music theory.
Also much Hindu thought – and consequently Buddhist philosophy – is highly characterized by panentheism and pantheism.[4][5] The basic tradition however, on which Krause's concept was built, seems to have been Neoplatonic philosophy and its successors in Western philosophy and Orthodox theology.
That's WIKI - but Wiki is notoriously materialistic - Western-biased - against paranormal training, etc.
So all those examples of "panentheism" are actually based on Solar calendar philosophies that are really materialistic idealism.
I just searched "materialistic idealism" in Wiki - and I get ONE hit.
So when I search materialistic idealism plato in google - I get a hit stating Plato abandoned idealism in his later years.
But the problem with that view is that, as Peter Kingsley points out, Plato never really understood Pythagorean philosophy, that was supposedly his inspiration.
So there is this view that we can have some kind of left-brain philosophy but that ignores that left brain dominance is inherently tied to right-handed technology. There is no "pure" math.
To speak of pantheism versus panentheism is totally absurd considering that civilization has wiped out life on earth faster than any previous mass species extinction. How can there be any pantheism?  And if no real pantheism how can there by an panentheism? These are just Western constructs that try to idealize left brain dominance.
So we are told, online, that "materialistic idealism" is half way between materialism and pantheism.
But again it's all just a footnote to Plato. Why does Buddhism so easily align with Western science? Most think this is great and no one seems to argue against it. In Western science it's called the "negative paradox judgment" from mathematics - in Buddhism it's from the "Neti, neti" philosophy of Vedic philosophy.
For example it is only in music training from before the age of 7 that the corpus callosum is then greatly enlarged - this is a mind-body transformation from someone at a young age training on a musical instrument. It's not just from listening to music. No other art training will do that.
Someone training in philosophy - there has never been a claim it creates such a brain transformation.
Meditation depends on the style - mindfulness which is the current Western Buddhism craze is still left brain dominant, as it the Socratic method, like vichara of Vedic philosophy.
Jnana yoga is considered the highest level of yoga but mind yoga depends on the proper context, created by the caste system.
So Buddhism basically tried to recreate the mind yoga training without the caste system - instead using monasteries.
Obviously that claim is based on a huge debate - but that's the whole point. This "debating" about "philosophies" is all a big left brain dominant scam.
It's all the same left-brain dominant scam.
Now real Pythagorean training required 5 years of silence. Also as with Taoism - there was a math system based on complementary opposites.
Most people just brush this off as numerology - 1 is not a number - what does that mean? 1 is male, 2 is female as matter but resonates from the formless awareness as Apeiron, the  Cosmic Mother.
That is Taoism, plain and simple. But only in Taoism do we have the specific mind-body training maintained as a nonwestern science.
So "nondualism" - it does not even acknowledge the reality of the concept of noncommutative phase.
Because the Brahmin Vedic philosophy imposed itself on the other "three gunas" - then you have the older truth of the lunar calendar energy needed to be built up first.
But this gets covered over easily.
For example Acharya S. has a great book called SUNS OF GOD - and the subtitle is on Jesus, Buddha and Krishna. They are all Suns of God. I recommend you read it.
For example if you read scientific promotion of Hindu metaphysics and philosophy then you get this quantum view of reality. But what is not mentioned is that quantum physics still necessitates the Western symmetric math that has been the case since Plato.
So  yes quantum nonlocal reality is "noncommutative phase" but even this gets ignored in quantum physics primarily.
People think it's some break through that science and spirituality can finally "merge" via Buddhism when in fact, as Professor David F. Noble details in his book, "The Religion of Technology" science is the religion of the West. haha.

You are quoting stuff - that is a good step - but try to really comprehend what I am saying.
I understand your points. Arabs passed on Platonic math to the Benedictine monks in the 9th century.
Plato is based on irrational magnitude with some mysticism thrown it. It is not Taoism. Irrational magnitude is symmetric math.
Now you say Taoism is Monism, blah blah.
What I am stating to you is a subtle difference that is crucial and missed by Westerners and Westernized thinking.
This is something I realized fairly recently. My handle is "voidisyinyang" - does that give you a hint?
As I stated - the character for qi is not monism it is fire under water to create steam. There is a process there.
The process is not Whitehead - the process is "noncommutative phase."
This is modeled by Pythagorean music theory which is also empirically true - not the Platonic music mysticism that poses as monism - that is fake.
Western civilization "works" but only for the elite. The planet is being killed off by Platonic mysticism - called the religion of technology.
Buddhism easily is assimilated into that Freemasonic genocidal agenda because Buddhism, like Christianity, is just a reform of the Solar symmetric math mysticism.
So you give some quotes.
Let me give you quotes from actual training manuals for Taoism that will clarify your quotes.
By the way - these quotes are from the link I gave you. So apparently you didn't read the link. This is from my blog
"If then all things are One, what room is there for speech? On the other hand, since I can say the word 'one' how can speech not exist? If it does exist, we have One and speech -- two; and two and one -- three(14) from which point onwards even the best mathematicians will fail to reach (the ultimate); how much more then should ordinary people fail?">"
- Chuang Tzu, 300 BCE
Now according to Plato mathematicians can indeed reach the ultimate - based on his irrational magnitude alogon mysticism.
But if you really study mathematics - they admit this is not true. math professor Borzacchini states the cover up by Plato of real music theory is "really astonishing" and "shocking."
Now for Westernized thinkers they see, 1, 2, 3 and infinity and think - so what - it's just counting.
But for mathematicians who know some music theory - this is not true - there is more to it.
a “universal scaling system”, ... this discrete scaling manifests itself in acoustic systems, as is well known in western classical music, where the two scalings correspond, respectively, to passing to the octave (frequency ratio of 2) and transposition (the perfect fifth is the frequency ratio 3/2), with the approximate value log(3)/ log(2) ∼ 19/12 responsible for the difference between the “circulating temperament” of the Well Tempered
Clavier and the “equal temperament” of XIX century music. It is precisely the irrationality of log(3)/ log(2) which is responsible for the noncommutative [complementary opposites as yin/yang] nature of the quotient corresponding to the three places {2, 3,∞}. -
So suddenly those few numbers mean something different.
So light as a photon is a point but as a wave it is nonlocal - but this means it is in 2 places at the same time - as the 5th dimension that is noncommutative.
People think that doesn't make sense - how can it be in two places at the same time? Actually basic music theory explains this.
So for example the Perfect Fifth is C to F as subharmonic 2/3 while the Perfect Fifth is C to G overtone harmonic as 3/2.
So C = 2 while F=3=G at the same time. That is noncommutative phase. It is also called "Fourier Uncertainty" or "time-frequency uncertainty" - and that is the true foundation of reality.
So that is not monism - it means that the complementary opposites are at the same time - that is called noncommutative phase.
Do you see the difference yet?
Not yet? O.k. I'll give some Taoist quotes now.
According to him [Liu Huayang], the prenatal jing and the prenatal shen were identical....In the moment of chaos [prenatal shen], there is movement in peace [prenatal jing].
So what the means is that qi is shen under jing at the same time - noncommutative phase.
Zhang, Guangbao states indeed - this "jingqi" is the primordial cosmic yuanqi - from this process of the shen being contained internally along with the jing to bring out the qi energy.
So I am referring to the essay in that book by Zhang Guangbao.
Here's another one:
When t’ai chi is at rest, yang and yin are united;
when t’ai chi is in motion, the two opposing forces separate. Herein
lies the secret of immortality.
The Magus of Java: Teachings of an Authentic Taoist Immortal (on John Chang).
So notice it says - that is the "secret."
Secret is in you did not pick this up.
I hope now you are picking it up. This is all from my blog.
"The whole process is ruled by Spirit....It's movement in 'non-doing' is called Original Spirit." Wang Mu, Foundations of Internal Alchemy.

So what that means is when the light is turned around then time goes to zero and the yuan qi is created from virtual photons as the hidden momentum of light from relativity - the inherent noncommutative phase of spacetime as the 5th dimension.
That is the "Movement in non-doing" of yuan shen - the creation of yuan qi.
In this more advanced practice, both agonist and antagonist contract simultaneously - the first isotonically in shortening, and the latter eccentrically in lengthening, in effect they work against each other and create a dynamic tension between the paired muscles.
internal oppositional more than anything a mental shift in awareness....such omni-directional mutually cancelling efforts engage the connective tissue web continually, they increase the elastic strength of the frame even while an external observer discerns no apparent movement.
 Citing the book

Masters of Perception: Sensory-Motor Integration in the Internal Martial Arts.

by Jan Dipersloot

Vol. 3, 2013.
So that again is the secret of noncommutative phase.
O.K. Now I'll open up my pdf and quote from that. too bad I can't cut and paste it!
When Chaos was dark, the yin-yang air was undivided; and....Hence, motion and rest have no end, and the Yin-yang have no beginning.
So you quote the Tao Te Ching taking about before Heaven and Earth was created - but try to realize that the Wu Chi symbol was created in the Song dynasty when the elite were claiming Confucianism and Taoism and Buddhism were all the same. haha.
The primal qi (li yuanqi) ....formless
So that quote is stating that Taoist masters embody the Emptiness as the Yuan qi that is formless awareness.
How do they do that? By putting shen below the jing - for fire under the water to create steam.
Now a different translation of the Tao Te Ching states, "Indeterminate yet the Great Ultimate" or "wuji is taichi and taichi is also wuji."
here is the final quote from Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality:
"Since is it the undivided yin-yang it is called the One Vitality."
If you want the other sources then you gotta open up my pdf for the hypertext links.

  And so now we get to the Oceanic Anoxia Events:

Another definition of Qi is breath - and the process of creating qi relies on oxygen - and the separation of protons from electrons via water. This is why water is the strongest element in Taoism. Oxygenated water.

Oxygenated water is macroquantum and is the secret of the qi training. The qi is from the superconducting proton-protons of the Universe - as the "psi-plasma" as Dr. Andrija Puharich called it - with shen as light - then the qi resonates with virtual photons and virtual antimatter particles - via micro black holes - and this energy as reverse spacetime is then "harvested" into our current 4D spacetime.

What doesn't change is the process of change.

So it's another order of logical type.

Are you getting it yet?

He says there is "no gap in time."
Can you quote him saying there is "timeless immortality"?
I don't think so.
At one time in the vid does he say that?
As I explained - when light is turned around them time is zero but during that experience the spiritual ego as light merges with the Emptiness as qi energy - which is reverse spacetime as energy healing.
So I am actually referring to the qigong master who befriended me - he explains this process.
There are others as well and I have then quoted the texts that corroborate this experience - along with the science.
So you quote an alchemy training - the qi goes to shen and the shen goes to Emptiness.
But this is simplistic - we know that the shen, qi, and jing also unify - it is a 3 in 1 unity.
So as I have stated - this "yin matter" is superluminal - that creates yuan jing from antimatter as virtual particles.
Light does not experience time nor space - therefore it is eternal but it is also in eternal motion.
Why? Because of the inherent noncommutative phase as the 5th dimension, causing light to create new matter as reverse spacetime - virtual matter.
Yan Xin calls it the "virtual information field" that he does healing with.
So since light has no rest mass then it easily can "capture" virtual photons and reverse them back into our 4D spacetime as new matter. This has been done in experiments - photons can be captured and then they are slowed down in frequency to create matter.
this is called 720 degree spin in quantum physics. So "zero" does not really exist - it is based on symmetric number as "negative infinity" and aristotle was against zero. Zero is used to create irrational magnitude are "alogon."
So trying to convert the teaching to Western math using zero is when this Taoist master causes confusion.
Gurdjieff made the same confusion when he still used "divide and average" harmonics like 5/4 and 8/5, etc. so people didn't realize his true teaching of the Law of Three - from Pythagorean harmonics of the Octave/Perfect Fifth/Perfect Fourth as noncommutative phase.

I made the same error as you after my "enlightenment experience" - I thought the Emptiness was some static transcendence beyond time - due to my Western bias of monism or nondualism.
So I know exactly what error you are making. The qigong master said my mind was still confused.
So I kept studying and discovered - no - the Dao is eternal change - there is no "center" of the universe - there is no timeless transcendence.
So when the light or shen is "turned around" then time is zero for  light - but during that timeless spirit the Emptiness as Qi then continues creating change as information healing that is reverse spacetime creating new matter as yin matter or yuan jing.
This is the "golden key" - of how there is "doing" in "non-movement."
Please review the quotes and links I gave you so you can do deeper study to correct your error.

This is wrong - time is eternal change - this is how precognition happens.
So as Paul S. Wesson documented - there is a 5th dimension as noncommutative phase - that is "time-like" - it is phase but not space.
So you can LISTEN to the Dao but you can not see the Dao - that is why it's formless.
So you have reverse time - as reverse quantum relativity - reverse entropy as negentropy.
Linear time is from left brain dominance as entropy. It is real but can be reversed.

But for qi to be realized in a human - to be stored and built up so that the human "embodies" qi requires a harmonization process.
I can find reference to the claim that the Dao = qi just as the Dao "emanates" harmony.
So what that means is to build up qi requires the emanation as harmonization.
When you say emanate - you really mean resonate or harmonize and this is done specifically as complementary opposites - the secret of "noncommutative phase" or being in two places simultaneously as formless awareness - this is why Dao=formless awareness=qi energy.
As Zhong Gong teaches, based on Einstein, there is always energy - it is never created, nor destroyed, but simply transformed.
As Zhong Gong teaches - the "golden key" is thought as "yin matter" that is superluminal - something Einstein could not accept but Louis de Broglie figured out in his Law of Phase Harmony.
So Taoism or Daoism is based on the harmony of nature - and this is a specific training process.
Qi also means breath - but the original character for Qi is fire under water to create steam (qi).
So that is also shen under jing to create qi - and it is done through breath.
The water has to be oxygenated - and there is a secret science to this as alchemy.
So for example on Earth there have been periods of anoxic mass extinctions of life - due to too much carbon dioxide. We are going through a period like that just from the past boom of industry. So half of global warming gas is from the last 40 years - there is an exponential rise and acceleration in the anoxic mass extinction we are going through right now.
The Dao is based on harmony of the Moon with the Sun and Earth - and the Moon controls the water cycles on Earth - because modern civilization is based on Solar worship as "divide and average" math using the solar calendar as geometry - this tries to "contain" infinity as left-brain dominant concepts, as you are trying to do.
So Daoism is older - like the "three gunas" of India - not the Brahmin Vedic philosophy, not Buddhism that branched off from the Brahmin Vedic philosophy. Daoism is more like Pythagorean philosophy that is not Platonic philosophy.

So qi=Dao.
Now the question is - how does it pervade and transform at the same time?
I have given you the answer - the 2, 3, infinity question is noncommutative phase from music theory.
You need to study what that means - the pdf I have posted gives the training details.
So it is true, as you quote,

You have no claims that the Dao "emanates" qi as the "one."
I gave you very specific math as to why you have erred.
You quote an academic - Louis Komjathy - and yet no where does he state that the  Dao is prior to Qi.
I have given you very specific quotes that states Yuan Qi is formless - and "original" is the meaning of Yuan.
Yuan Qi does not "emanate" from something that you have constructed or reified as an error.
1 hour ago, Kongming said:
The Dao, in its ultimate and Absolute aspect, is metaphysically prior to or above this in timeless purity and empty non-being (wu)
So this pretty much sums up your wrong view of Daoism.
The standard translation "the ultimate nonbeing" (Chan, 1963; Neville 1980) or "Ultimate of Nonbeing" (Zhang, 2002) has actually reversed the Chinese word order, and renders it as jiwu - the ultimate wu.

Neo-Confucianism: Metaphysics, Mind, and Morality

John Wiley & Sons, May 19, 2017

Monday, June 26, 2017

Why I left thedaobums for the Umpteenth time

Everybody seems to want to read this blog post! I don't know why - so I deleted it. haha.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Internal Martial Arts and alchemy training: Daobums not interested in internal oppositional exertion?

I started posting on there is not nearly all the gossip and side-banter as found on "thetaobums" or "thedaobums" that I'm told has been taken over by Drumpf supporters.

Is Taoism inherently fascist? I don't think so but when yoga meditation gets assimilated into Western culture then, as professor Morris Berman warned, along with Peter Levenda, the "vertical" energy gets misused very easily.

So then I emailed my pdf to a Tai Chi teacher who posted on the "internal martial arts" forum rumsoakedfist and he sent me a treasure trove of books, via dropbox. It was an amazing gift.

Now in my free pdf - I posted an image and I could not track the source to credit the image. Now I can source the image - in my last blogpost. And that image is based on completely corroborating the secret of noncommutative phase!!!

What was the image though?

So the previous blogpost is the source for that image. p. 92,

In this more advanced practice, both agonist and antagonist contract simultaneously - the first isotonically in shortening, and the latter eccentrically in lengthening, in effect they work against each other and create a dynamic tension between the paired muscles.
internal oppositional more than anything a mental shift in awareness....such omni-directional mutually cancelling efforts engage the connective tissue web continually, they increase the elastic strength of the frame even while an external observer discerns no apparent movement.
 Citing the book

Masters of Perception: Sensory-Motor Integration in the Internal Martial Arts.

by Jan Dipersloot

Vol. 3, 2013.

And so that whole book that I cite in the previous blogpost is about the proper post to achieve that Wuji center of gravity as the real lower tan tien or dantien.

The book I'm reading now - Fire Dragon Meridian Qigong - is another good book based on standing active exercise.

Personally what I am interested in is the basic principles - and I have now distilled those.

So what is very fascinating is these basic principles of Taoist training goes against Western civilization. I mean structurally - logically - mathematically - and yet most people want to ignore this fact.

So here is an internal martial arts chart that discusses alchemy

As Zizek points out - what causes a united movement of support for the masses is to be unified against something - the negativity, the void.

So this blog has barely any readers - as I deleted my last blog - but when I posted against lonemanpai then I got lots of hits on that blog post. haha. Still no one posted comments - just lurkers.

Over on therumsoakedfist Kevin Wallbridge posted a fascinating analysis of the Small Universe or Orbit meditation. Well someone posted it from his blog.

Now he quotes a high level teacher saying if you're alive then your small universe is open. But the Fire Dragon Meridan qigong book states that for most people their 8 extraordinary "channels" are not open (and that includes the small universe).

So what gives? Someone asked me that question, when posting a vid from another Tai Chi master saying how to open the back blockages was very difficult - to get the energy into the brain.

So I said well there's different levels of the small universe. So we know it connects to the 12 channels - as the free pdf I have discusses - quoting Robert Peng.

My answer was this:

I did training based on the small universe - using the book "Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality" as the main text.

So when I posted on this text on thetaobums forum - people emphatically stated that the book was "too dangerous" and therefore should not be read.

So I didn't really study the book like I should have. I committed the main error in the training - which is described as "evil fire" in the Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Yoga book.

So I was feeling energy - but because I had not studied the energy channels enough - and the dynamics - as Kevin Wallbridge states - the "orbit" actually refers to something greater than just a channel - especially once the macrocosmic orbit is opened up.

So it is especially the energy interaction with other people where things get very interesting - and this is really where I messed up in the small universe training.

So then if you see commentary on the small universe - some people insist it should not be practiced since it is too dangerous. Another point emphasized is that most people never really open up the "real" small universe and instead just feel the heat of the yin qi energy.

So I point out that the book "Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality" that is completely based on the small universe - it describes these different levels of the small universe meditation training.

The book details the problems that can arise - but the book really has to be studied in detail. I mean every word has to be considered and the terms have to be cross-correlated - as the different levels of training overlap.

I returned to study the book - only after the qigong master read my energy long distance to inform me, as I said, in fact it was going up the front of my body - when I thought the energy had been going up the back of my body.

Another point about the small universe practice is that it is supposedly a later derivation - from after the Song dynasty I think or even later. But as Kevin's article shows - in fact it is as far back as the Yellow Emperor Classic.

And fascinatingly - Kriya Yoga has a very similar meditation to the small universe - and Kriya Yoga seems similar to the oldest philosophy of India based on the "three gunas."

In my research I have determined that music theory is what correlates the Taoist philosophy with the "three gunas" of India - and the 12 points of the small universe actually are tied to music theory as well. I go into this in the free pdf I linked before - ... t-alchemy/

So the other point is - Kevin mentions a high level teacher who says if you're alive then the small universe is open!

So this belies all the claims that the small universe is dangerous to practice and only is really open until an advanced level, etc. So as Kevin's article details - the Yellow Emperor Classic book then corroborates that claim by tying the meridians to the small universe.

So the other thing is the teacher I trained with who teaches the small universe through - he says how in full lotus meditation then the small universe will run on its own. He also says to "let the light guide the small universe." So this fits with Kevin's clarification of the very common claim that the mind leads the qi - when in fact as Kevin documents the real meaning is the shen leads the mind which leads the qi.

So the book Taoist YOga: Alchemy and Immortality goes into detail about the role of the shen in the small universe meditation. It is quite fascinating because the "evil fire" is when the energy goes up the front and out of the eyes - the eye balls actually pulsate from the shen going out along with the yin qi - via the pineal gland. This pulls up the small intestine anaerobic bacteria. So the acupuncture meridians confirm this fact of the front channel.

But in contrast when the energy builds up through the skull then it overflows out of the sinus cavity - with the tongue against the roof of the mouth - the cerebrospinal fluid is swallowed into the stomach, and it is ionized via the pineal gland, from where the yuan qi emanates from out of the heart. So this great heat of qi-cerebrospinal fluid is then absorbed back into the small intestines. This is why no food is to be eaten a half hour before and after the small universe meditation.

I'm just giving some examples - but as I said I greatly appreciate Kevin Wallbridge's analysis of the small universe meditation. I can't say I still practice this appropriately - I still suffer from the "evil fire" qi as I still transmit qi out of my eyes via the front channel. haha.

I'm just trying to recommend people closely study the book "Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality" - it is a free pdf online. It is an intense read. Some people try to dismiss it as missing some information. But I have not seen - if they state it is missing info then no one has provided the missing info that I can find. I will look into this.

 Thanks for the vid link.

I can't reconcile it personally. I would just say there are different levels of open. The vid appears to be discussing the Yuan Qi opening - this is what I meant when neidan teachers say it's actually very rare for the small universe to be truly opened - which is to say the macrocosmic orbit. So you have small universe but once it really opens then you go into the macrocosmic orbit and notice in that vid he says - then if you focus your mind on your finger the qi will go there. So that is very definitely referring to the macrocosmic orbit. The yuan qi level is very rare - I got to this for a couple weeks but I had not studied the book "Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality" enough to understand how to control the energy. So then he says that the energy goes down very easily but is difficult to clear through the spine, but once cleared through then it goes down very easily. I would say on the yuan qi level as the macrocosmic orbit - in fact it is the shen that guides the mind that guides the qi. So shen is very much a subconscious or holographic energy level. So the difficulty with the macrocosmic orbit is where your shen goes then the qi goes (with the conscious intention in between and often after the fact). So you have to learn to understand consciously how to control your shen to then control the qi. And so in terms of the qi going down easily - if the shen goes up - then the qi will turn back into jing and get lost as fluid. So yes the qi goes down easily - but the shen has to be surrounded by the qi - so that when the qi goes down it is not separated from the shen going up.

It is a complicated book that I refer to - and so to say if a person is alive and their orbit is then open - this refers to the yin jing energy I would say. There are different levels of opening that the book goes into.

So as I read the internal martial arts trainers - basically they state that this high level of alchemy energy is real but just so rare now that no one really believes it. For example Bruce Frantzis had a teacher with this ability.

What my interest has been is to recover the real basic principles of the training - and this is from noncommutative phase - or as I posted in the last blog post - a tai chi teacher has this same secret - from that image above.

So in alchemy the real lower tan tien is behind the navel - not "below" the navel - it is the Wuji point. this is a debate question on my last blog. haha. Like I said - now I found the real source for that teaching and the same teaching is based on the same alchemy secret I discovered from studying the Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality book.

 Too bad thetaobums does not seem to be really interested in this secret. It is THE basic principle of the training - as I quoted in the last blog post.

p. 92,

In this more advanced practice, both agonist and antagonist contract simultaneously - the first isotonically in shortening, and the latter eccentrically in lengthening, in effect they work against each other and create a dynamic tension between the paired muscles.
internal oppositional more than anything a mental shift in awareness....such omni-directional mutually cancelling efforts engage the connective tissue web continually, they increase the elastic strength of the frame even while an external observer discerns no apparent movement.
 Citing the book

Masters of Perception: Sensory-Motor Integration in the Internal Martial Arts.

by Jan Dipersloot

Vol. 3, 2013.