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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

What are the chances? EcoEcho poetics at Qingchengshan

So this googlebook link is an essay by an academic on EcoEcho Taoist alchemy meditation at QingChenshan

A Taoist priest nun Wang at Qing Cheng Shan (mountain) meditated and heard the trees crying - and so she pulled the nails for tourist signs out of the trees.

And so the teacher I trained with, also trained at Qingchengshan and the academic used the same name as this blog. haha. Hilarious!

Speaking of chances - another academic has some Pythagorean eco-design resonance principle based on statistics and thermodynamics. I won't bother getting the link - as he didn't discover the noncommutative secret yet of Pythagorean harmonics.

But essentially he states that the natural harmonics are divergent yet in fact map the statistical entropy of the universe - something along those lines. It was an interesting connection similar to what I had made about the Golden Theorem in probably - back in my "natural resonance revolution" books around 2007.

Meanwhile I got my post-hole digger with the stainless steel extensions - so now I can "excavate" below the "ground water" - as in my forest-agricultural zone I can do that without a permit! Whereas if I "drilled a well" then definitely I would need a permit. haha.

So I'm very curious to see how deep I need to "excavate" my "pit" with my post-hole digger. I already dug 5 feet down with a pick axe but that water hole dried up as the trees drank it all up! And so with the extensions I got - with the post hole digger - I can go down another 12 feet - so 17 feet deep "pit" that I can "excavate"!

Now I ordered that product direct from the manufacturer in Indiana - but it was very pricey - each extension was something like $40. But I should be able to buy more extensions if I just buy plumbing steel pipe along with couplers at one of the big box warehouse home construction chain stores. So that might bring the cost down to $25 per extension or maybe even less.

I looked up the wells nearby the land up north on the nifty MN Well Index map - you can just zoom in on the map and keep clicking until it shows the wells nearby and then click on the wells. It doesn't actually say how deep the groundwater level is though!! But it does say how deep the wells were dug. One is only 45 feet deep - and so I figure they must have hit water much higher. I would think they account for drawing the water down?

Anyway as I excavate the clay out of the pit - then I will have my $20 dome tent dug into the ground so it is only 30 inches or less high - probably much less I guess. Then I will mix the excavated clay with sand-grit and also straw - and the mold the cob onto the dome tent. Hopefully the tent can handle a thin layer of cob.

Then when that dries it should be more self-reinforcing due to tensegrity of the dome structure - and the cob material is much stronger. Then I will cover it with probably another layer for strength. Then I'll harvest as much straw as possible for insulation - try to get like 3 feet of straw to cover the dome. Then put another layer or two of cob over that.

So that will be good use of the excavated clay and my cob hovel hole in the ground habit-trail house.

It all has to be below 30 inches high to keep the permit people off my back. So I have to dig down quite a bit - but that will further insulate from the cold weather.

Anyway that's the plan. Then I will put in the duct-vent Chinese Burner heating-cooking system. It will be just one duct pipe to heat the ground - so that is why I need to rely on insulation. I'll use the Army half-shell pup tent as my kitchen with the Chinese Burner gasification stove down deep in the ground. So I can stand in the cooking tent and then a stove pipe will go up for the chimney effect to pull the exhaust-heat-smoke up and through the ground of the dome tent.

So that pipe will take another 90 degree turn to go through the Foyer - the igloo type little A-frame from the pallets - so that will be a kind of heated entrance that anyone will have to crawl through. I can store stuff in that entrance but also have some insulation against the direct cold into the dome hovel.

 And then the duct pipe goes into the excavated pit itself to keep that somewhat heated. I guess the exhaust will have to take another 90 degree turn and go up and out of the pit itself.

Of course harvesting water with an exhaust pipe hovering over the pit is a bit of a hassle but also crawling into the entrance will be a hassle. haha. Just living in a clay-dirt hovel in the sub-freezing winter temps will be not just a hassle but quite dangerous! haha.

So I figure 6 inches of clay over the duct pipe - and since a 6 inch duct pipe kicks out 4 times more heat then the 3 inch duct pipe I have - the whole scenario is very sketchy. I know that mass rocket heaters - I think they have at least a foot of clay for the mass to heat up - but more like 18 inches I think.

If it doesn't work I can always just listen to the trees screaming or not screaming, depending on their moods.

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