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Monday, October 30, 2017

My Voidisyinyang blog articles saved online

So luckily some kind of spam sites picked up my blog articles as "interesting" to link back to. Thanks!

Void is YinYang: The Alchemical Secret of De Broglie's Law of Phase Harmony: Heavenly Streams Damo Mitchell Neigong

So Louis de Broglie's greatest discovery of science and, in my opinion, the greatest scientific discovery ever, was his Law of Phase Harmony based on his discovery of the connection of momentum to frequency.

His equation is the simple proportion Frequency is to Time as Momentum is to Wavelength. But he realized that because in quantum physics energy is directly proportional to frequency so as per the Law of Pythagoras frequency is inversely proportional to time, this goes against Einstein's relativity. For Einstein's relativity as momentum increases with mass going towards the speed of light as frequency increase then wavelength as time also increases or time slows down.

Now I've posted that information before and Paul Wesson gives the math in a very simple straightfoward way as I posted - to derive the phase velocity of the speed of light squared as quantum entanglement - de Broglie's infamous "pilot wave" that secretly guides reality - from the future!! De Broglie argued that this "pilot wave" from the future has to exist for both quantum physics and relativity to be valid, which they both are, and therefore there is a secret Law of Phase Harmony that guides reality.

So the thing is that for a black hole time is infinite as frequency goes to zero with the energy sucked into this breaking down of three dimensional spacetime. For a white hole time is zero as frequency is infinite but the spacetime is reversed 180 degrees. Because quantum physics based on the Law of Pythagoras is the foundation of reality then, as Stephen Hawking has declared recently, there is no logarithmic singularity to black holes - instead the information gets apparently scrambled. Hawking said you would have to be able to "predict the future" to know how the information turns out for the white hole energy.

But in alchemy that is precisely what happens because alchemy works as complementary opposites of time and frequency so that zero time is the Emptiness with infinite frequency as the shen energy. When the shen energy is very strong, like a laser that circles in on it self as gamma rays, it creates new time as new matter - wavelength and momentum. So this can not be modeled directly by Western science because quantum entanglement is noncommutative - it's also based on the complementary opposites of time and frequency.

So the direction in spacetime changes the value of the time and the frequency. So as space expands from a longer "measuring" time then the matter as quantum entanglement energy diverges from the classical matter trajectory. The electrons or photons, etc. stay entangled from their own perspective of the Emptiness but in terms of the classical external measurement there has been a "collapse" of the quantum entanglement into a trajectory that is not the same as the entanglement.

So we can say from the perspective of alchemy that Time is the Emptiness and Frequency is the Shen while Wavelength is the Jing and Momentum is the Qi. The "yuan qi" is then the momentum as phase velocity that is the speed of light squared. The complementary opposites of time and frequency then reverse the entropy of jing and qi. If the light as shen or frequency is turned around then time is also turned around and you get negentropy instead of entropy. Jing is time as entropy but it can be turned around to change fate. This is the secret of putting the shen or frequency as the reverse direction to wavelength or jing as physical time. The result is the infinite quantum entanglement as the speed of light squared - the light turning itself around to create the phase velocity of speed of light squared as the "pilot wave."

It's a very simple equation that explains alchemy and Western science - Shen is to Emptiness as Qi is to Jing or Frequency is to Time as Momentum is to Wavelength. Here's how I described it last December:

Yang shen is actually a spacetime transformation of a black hole into a white hole.

Think of gamma radiation - you resonate gamma radiation and it creates physical matter.

The zero-point energy is creating "virtual photons" all the time - these virtual photons are black hole photons.

But the gamma radiation as virtual photons can be "captured" as information within this spacetime - you are turning the black hole into a white hole.

Since that radiation is now captured (through meditation) it then actually creates new matter as new atoms - it goes from infinite frequency as energy and zero time - into a slower frequency with actual time - which is to say it has a finite momentum with actual wavelength - it is in other words "matter."

That energy comes from pure information of your soul - and so the deepest level of information of our soul creates a perfect new body as our perfect physical body when our "yuan jing" energy was completely purified during celibacy and the growth of our physical bodies.

That process can create multiple "yang shen" bodies - but the final process is to return back to the original black hole source of the energy which is just stored up potential virtual photon energy. It will transform again in a different spacetime.

that's why people can have visions of the future - because our current physical body is actually a deep holographic projection of infinite energy and zero time - anything existing in 3D spacetime is just a temporary manifestation of the infinite potential energy.

So in relativistic terms - the yang shen bodies are then slight alterations of 3D spacetime - witnessed by different people in different locations, etc. but all of our 3D spacetime experiences are manifestations of this impersonal infinite potential energy in zero time - called "Yuan Qi" since we can not see this energy and it is formless.

You can study the final chapter of Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality for more details.

So when I search this subject I get some new hits and they're from Damo Mitchell. Heavenly Streams Damo Mitchell pdf

  more here Damo Mitchell pdf

O.K. We can see this principle - this secret equation - being demonstrated in labs with the testing of "hidden momentum." 2015 pdf
  As the nonzero “hidden” mechanical momentum of a system “at rest,” such as the present
example, must be balanced by an equal and opposite field momentum, we infer that the “field
only” momentum (17), or the Minkowski momentum (20), is the true electromagnetic field
momentum, in the sense of being the one that preserves momentum conservation for a system
“at rest.”
and "the pressure of light" as "hidden momentum."
OCTOBER 24, 2013
Reed College
Hosted by MIT Society of Physics Students
"Hidden Momentum"
Electromagnetic fields carry energy, momentum, and even angular momentum. The momentum density is ε0(E×B), and it accounts (among other things) for the pressure of light. But even static fields can harbor momentum, and this would appear to contradict a general theorem: if the center of energy of a closed system is at rest, then its total momentum must be zero. Evidently in such cases there lurks some other momentum, not electromagnetic in nature, which cancels the field momentum. But finding this “hidden momentum” can be surprisingly subtle. I’ll discuss a particularly nice example.
 and we get the phase entanglement!
That this “hidden” momentum is of order 1/c2,19 and so is a “relativistic” effect, was
beyond the scope of discussions in 1904.20
and de Broglie and "hidden momentum" as Law of Phase Harmony! pdf link
 The Harmony of the Phases resulted in a super-luminous wave-velocity vwave connected to
the particle-velocity vparticle as.......But rest mass energy is only part of the story, because there is also a hidden momentum..........The used c = 1/light speed squared is not the velocity of the electron's matter wave but the velocity of the photon during emission by the electron, needed to have harmony of the phases or invariance of emitted wave-fronts or beats. This velocity has been gravity induced............
and Robin Bjorkquist, "Hidden Momentum" 2009:
 Before turning o ff the magnetic field, the dipole and charge are both at rest, so the total momentum of the system is zero. After turning off the field, the charge is moving and the dipole is not moving, so the total momentum is non-zero.
and 2010 pdf
 That is, with the de Broglie wavelength given as = h/p, where h is the Planck
constant and p is the momentum magnitude, and noting that the Bohr radii are ones with
orbit circumference of whole multiples of the de Broglie wavelength, should p consist properly
of hidden as well as kinetic momentum? It seems that perhaps it should
, as there is already
support in the literature for the influence of hidden momentum in the Dirac equation [13].
And so what is this hidden momentum but the complementary opposite secret energy! 2012 pdf

 It is shown that the phase of the 'hidden momentum' in Aharonov-Bohm (AB) solenoid effect is equal in magnitude to the phase of the electron but with opposite sign.
And so science has to explain this "hidden momentum" as a macroquantum energy effect! Conversion of hidden momentum to mechanical phonon energy 2016

Consequently, the eigen-modes of mechanical vibration (phonons) created in the process must distribute the acquired energy and momentum throughout the material medium. However, unlike photons, phonons do not carry momentum.
So based on the new alchemical formula I discovered - or the new equation of alchemy from the de broglie quantum reciprocal ratio to Einstein relativity - I have then calculated and confirmed that "yuan qi" is quantum entanglement information-energy that is superluminal as momentum velocity.

But we just then discovered that this superluminal momentum is "hidden momentum" based on the complementary opposite of shen and jing - just as is also the alchemical secret of "yuan qi" energy! If it is "jing-shen" for the normal person then the yuan qi is lost as reproductive fluid but if the spirit-light is "turned around" then the "yuan qi" builds up as "shen-jing." You put the fire under the water to make "yuan qi" and eventually this opens up the heart-mind for the  Tai-Chi experience. Keep going and you create the golden aura yang shen body-mind-spirit unification.

So now we address the scientific paradox - that phonons can not have momentum yet it is the phonons that are the frequency energy as complementary opposite time - as the reverse phase shift of electrons and photons, etc. So again the phonons are the "hidden momentum" of charge as the precession or backwards wobble of spin - but in alchemy this resonates as a macroquantum energy.

We have to turn to quantum biology to find scientific verification of this truth. In alchemy training this practice to build up the energy is referred to as "packing the qi" or creating the alchemical pill - but how is this energy stored up? There has to be the creation of a "liquid crystal" as a macroquantum soliton. As I have detailed - the lecithin creates the myelin of the nerves so the nerves can hold a stronger charge but it is the protein collagen that is piezoelectric and it's the most common protein in the body! This piezoelectric charge gives off ultrasound under pressure and it is activated by ELF waves under pressure and as Dr. Puharich determined the ELF waves are the resonance of the spin charge of the protons. Quantum biologist Dr. Mae-Wan Ho also confirmed this with other quantum biologists - water under the piezoelectric field of the collagen, resonates from the ultrasound and the ELF waves, and the protons separate out from the collagen "quantum diffraction gradients" - to create pure quantum potential energy with no resistance - room temperature superconducting proton-proton entanglement "yuan qi" energy.

Dr. Mae-Wan Ho was building on the research of Giuseppe Vitiello who confirms this secret of macroquantum phonons from the piezoelectric liquid crystal charge:

Emergence in Complex, Cognitive, Social, and Biological Systems 2012 gives the skinny:

"Quantum Field Theory and System Theory" Giuseepe Vitiello:

To better understand this point, I recall that phonons are bosons particles. This means that as many as one wants can be put in the same state with the same quantum numbers, e.g. same energy, same momentum, etc.. Since they [phonons] are massless, their lowest energy state is a zero energy state. Therefore we can collect a large number of phonons in the system lowest energy state (the ground state) without changing its energy: it will remain the system ground state, even with a large number of phonons condensed in it. p. 386 (his emphasis).

O.K. so notice that Vitiello emphasized condensed phonons and what do we do in the lower tan tien? As the shen-jing visualization of infinite frequency and zero time we condense or pack yuan qi as massless phonons. I just google "condense qi in the lower tan tien" and so let's enjoy the hits! Now we know that science backs us up! We'll get back to the science in a second.

 Tan Tien Chi Kung: Empty Force, Perineum Power and the Second Brain by Mantak Chia 2002 pdf book

So that's one link on condensing phonons - oops I mean qi.

 Then we get Mantak Chia's video site ""

 Nice - a Ba Gua book Hidden Knowledge in the Taoist Internal Martial Art By Hsing-han Liu, John Bracy

An article by qigong Dr.: Embryonic Breathing For Martial Artists By Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming 

That should do. 

O.K. let's go back to the macroquantum science secrets again and then we can review the Taoist alchemy secrets. 

Since they have the same quantum numbers, we say that they are coherently condensed in the ground state. Needless to say, this is also the root of the crystal ordering and of its stability. Let me observe that at a classical level it would be impossible that the state of the ordered crystal has the same energy of (is degenerate to) the state without ordering (where there are no phonons condensed in it). This can happen because we are considering the quantum mechanism of condensation of massless quanta. It is such a mechanism which allows the existence of crystals, ferromagnets, superconductors, superfluids, and other ordered quantum systems, which are in fact ordered and at the same time highly stable systems. Their high stability would not be allowed by classical laws of thermodynamics: they are macroscopic quantum systems, indeed.

 Let me mention in this connection that the ordering I am talking about is, in the Schrodinger words in his book of 1944 What is life?, the dynamical ordering, not the "statistical" ordering which emerges in Statistical Mechanics when one considers the "average" behavior of many particle systems. p. 387

O.K. so this is confirming that this macroquantum condensation of massless phonons is based on reversing time as negentropic energy because the phonons are quantum coherent. Remember that this is the key insight of quantum biology - the quantum coherent "spark" that creates life is also the quantum coherent spark that creates the Universe as consciousness or formless awareness. The macroquantum resonance does not rely on the symmetric math of the "average" as classical physics, just as I have emphasized. This means all the Golden Ratio bunkum of the New Age community can stop right here. haha. The Golden Ratio is the origin of the "deep pre-established disharmony" of Western science whereas quantum biology has discovered that the "hidden momentum" of massless phonons is because they are negentropic and coherent - reversing time-frequency as a white hole quantum entanglement potential. This is the secret of how "yuan qi" can be "condensed" or "concentrated" or "packed" into the body and even create multiple "yang shen" bodies!

So the big point of Mantak Chia in that book is that by flexing the perineum and closing that gate of energy leakage we are also closing the leaking of yin qi out of the pineal gland via our shen light energy! And why and how? Remember that the vagus nerve connects the lower body to the pineal gland.

 Mantak Chia says by tightening the perineum coordinated with downward pressure of the diaphragm this is then the secret of "condensing" the qi or "chi compression can be realized."

It's actually kind of tricky to do both at the same time - and yet Dr. Lin, the engineer, says the trick is not to flex the prostate and so by flexing the perineum - what he calls "anal breathing" - we activate the vagus nerve up the spine and by flexing the diaphragm down we stop the yin qi energy from going up the front and instead keep the qi focused down the front.

There are two main areas you will always use. Pull up the perineum and press down the diaphragm. This will reduce the space in the Tan Tien and condense the Chi in the Tan Tien. p. 69

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