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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Someone investigates and challenges my Breatharian Bigu claim

"dark protons" aren't necessary - that is just a quirky physicist commenting on the spin having reverse entropy from entanglement. So the proton is delocalized by the electromagnetic force that the water captures. It is the entanglement that is superconducting as a chain of delocalized protons via the imaginary mass of light. So the "dark" actually means the imaginary mass of the light.
As mentioned before, needs an external magnetic field.
Right - the external magnetic field is provided by the jing energy of the compressed water and neurohormones into the collagen. So when standing with knees bent - 90% of the collagen is vertically oriented - and so this resonates the piezoelectric energy of the collagen as a standing wave with Earth's Schumann resonance - 7 to 9 beats per second. Also the right hand yin, upper body yang and left hand yang, lower body yin builds more energy as an alternating current.
As Dr. Mae-Wan Ho points out - there is a negative energy potential created from the water separating - so the protons store up charge and the energy needed to delocalize the protons is only 20% of the energy needed to split ionic bonds!
This requires light to penetrate through the skin and, unlike a glass of water, we are not transparent.
You are assuming a classical physics foundation of reality. Biophoton research has already proven that not only do our eyes emit biophotons but also DNA relies on biophotons for signalling. So in fact, as Dr. Mae-Wan Ho proved with her microscope polarized research - there is a liquid crystal effect of the molecules in our body being coordinated by biophotons. But since this is all coherent it means that there is also a delocalized or nonlocal phase information or quantum potential and this is because the water "captures" the light when water is stored in the collagen.
So the water "captures" the light as a standing wave into noncommutative phase - meaning that the same wavelength of light has a pilot wave that is superluminal - or faster than the group wave of the light - and so the light has imaginary mass as virtual phonons or reverse entropy information along with the virtual photons.
Since the protons have negative energy potential this then captures the virtual information energy as Yuan Qi energy.

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