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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Reich's Mass Psychology of Fascism - a great read.

pdf link

So I was having a personal conversation on thedaobums about the Drumphians or Drumphites and how it was really fascism. He said he had read Reich's book on it. I posted the following:

I'll read that Reich book. thanks. Reich understood the need to not repress sex energy but he didn't understand the need for celibacy for males to build up the vagus nerve energy. So as I cite Robert Sapolsky a physiologist at Stanford - he details how ejaculation triggers the spike in the stress nervous system. This is the root "original sin" of fascism - ejaculation addiction. But the addiction is repressed and then projected as psychosis.
So Reich basically was saying "don't repress" but that doesn't solve the problems for males. Only in the Eastern training - and even then we have to go South - for the trance dance secret to sublimation and purification.
So basically chimps literally do the same thing as modern humans - due to ejaculation addiction. Bonobo males only ejaculation for reproduction yet have "sex" all the time. But it requires studying the San Bushmen culture to see how that bonobo culture of the females in charge then evolved into humans learning the spiritual healing secrets.

yeah Slavoj Zizek is a psycho-political philosopher - he taught at Harvard and my friend studied with him at U of MN in early 90s. I critiqued him in my master's thesis.
Zizek does psychological analysis of political ideologies. So he is excellent for applying Freudian and Lacanian analysis to politics via philosophy. He is an existentialist - so Heidegger built on Kant built on Plato.
So Zizek is very highly regarded in the "left" and especially Europe - but he is still too western.
Stan Gooch wrote a tome called "Total Man" where he also did a psychological analysis of political views - and he includes paranormal psychophysiology. So I agree with Stan Gooch but then he was rejected by the West and he lived in a trailer in Wales. I also corresponded with Gooch.
So he goes deeper in the physiological analysis. But neuroscience is now proving that political views are not only hard-wired by tied to visceral senses. So for example the more a person has the visceral reaction of "disgust" then the more right-winged their views will be.
It's pretty fascinating stuff. So I reference in my pdf how a study showed that acupuncture to the vagus nerve via the ear then healed "racial bias." The study was done in Germany - so pretty fascinating again.
I could research this more but the basic message is that unless someone his hit by lightning or has strong qi re-wiring then their "character" is hard-wired by the time puberty kicks in. It has to do with what type of neurohormones are predominant as the brain gets hard-wired via the dopamine receptors and the amygdala and hippocampus.
Yeah since Western science doesn't realize how the pineal gland works with qi energy - then the studies will be limited.

Hofstadter was just as much a critic of the left being too conspiratorial.
Personally I don't mind conspiracy investigations - conspiracies are real - but it's just that we can't jump to conclusions.
But I have my "conspirachi" analysis. People cling to politics without realizing the problem is mind control. The CIA did get into mind control and even qigong - I discovered Louis Joselyn West's qigong files - he was a CIA MKULTRA doctor.
There is a whole underground FEMA government - cabinet, president, etc. Just like when Jesse Ventura got elected government the CIA called him to the basement of the capitol for a "meeting." haha. Democracy is a joke - I mean sure people can try but we should just not be naive. The U.S. is an empire and will and has bombed its own citizens, massacred, false flag terrorism, etc.
So we just had a raid on a right-wing militia in Minnesota planning a war against the guvment. But again people are naive. I know left-wingers who tried to do that but the FBI infiltrated them. I used to tell these left-wingers (who destroyed the progressive activist scene in the Twin Cities with their secret Maoist infiltration of groups) - I used to say - hey the U.S. government would nuke this whole neighborhood if they wanted. I mean people are silly.

Have you read Thomas Szasz on psychiatry?
Ever wonder why the CIA controls psychiatry?
I’ve demonstrated, on a number of occasions, that not one of the 300 so-called official mental disorders has a lab test to back up the diagnosis. No defining lab test. No blood test, no saliva test, no brain scan, no genetic assay. All 300 “disorders” are described and defined by committees of psychiatrists—and their non-scientific decisions are published in the DSM, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, published by the American Psychiatric Association. world psychiatry federation foundation&f=false
full text: Keith - Mind Control, World Control - The Encyclopedia of Mind Control_djvu.txt

Mind Control, World Control The Encyclopedia Of Mind Control

Because it's all Big Pharma Western New Age B.S. mass mind control.
The most infamous of MKULTRA doctors was Dr. Donald 
Ewen Cameron. In 1942 the Rockefeller Foundation founded 
the Allen Memorial Institute at McGill University, located at 
gothic Ravenscrag, in Montreal, Canada. Dr. Cameron was 
placed in charge of the psychiatric division, and began 
experimentation straight out of the Rocky Horror Show, but 
lacking the wit. The program was funded by the Canadian 
military, the Rockefeller Foundation, the OSS, and later, the CIA. 
Cameron's training was at the Royal Mental Hospital in 
Glasgow, Scotland, under Sir David Henderson, a eugenicist. 
Cameron went on to found the World Federation 
of Mental 
Health's Canadian division, in association with his friend, 
Tavistock's Brigadier General John Rawlings Rees, and to 
become arguably the most influential psychiatrist on the planet. 
He became president of 
just about every psychiatric
there was at the time; 
the Canadian, American, 
and World 
Psychiatric Organizations,
 the Quebec Psychiatric Association, 
the American Psychopathological Association, and the Society of 
Biological Psychiatry. Cameron was no rogue in the field of 
psychiatry, but instead one of its most influential leaders. [15] 
Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty, a Pentagon liaison to the CIA at 
the time of Cameron's experiments, in 1992 stated: "If you get a 
hold of a directory for the American Psychiatric Association in 
around 1956 or 1957, you'll be surprised to find that an 
enormous percentage of the individuals listed are foreign-born. 
Mostly they came out of Germany and Eastern Europe in a big 
wave. They were all called 'technical specialists,' but really they 
were psychiatrists. They went into jobs at universities 
mostly — but many were working on these 'unconventional' mind 
control programs for U.S. intelligence... These would go to 
people like Dr. Cameron in Canada." [16] 

In 1957 Cameron submitted a grant application to "the 
Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology," also known as 
the "Human Ecology Fund," a CIA front working out of the 
Cornell University Medical School in New York City. Cameron's 
application proposed the funding of experimentation involving: 

"i. The breaking down of ongoing patterns of the patient's 
behavior by means of particularly intensive electroshocks 

"ii. The intensive repetition (16 hours a day for 6 or 7 days) 
of the prearranged verbal signal. 

"iii. During this period of intensive repetition the patient is 
kept in partial sensory isolation. 

"iv. Repression of the driving period is carried out by putting 
the patient, after the conclusion of the period, into continuous 
sleep for 7-10 days." 

After receiving the requested funding of $60,000, Cameron 
and his underlings employed these and a wide variety of other 
mind-blasting techniques on subjects who had in many cases not 
volunteered for experimentation. Those techniques, seemingly 
more suited for the torture of prisoners of war than for the 
rehabilitation of Canadian citizens, included the "sleep 
treatment" developed by Hassan Azima at the Institute, and the 
administering of Thorazine and barbiturates on a continuous 
basis so that patients would sleep 20 to 22 hours a day. 
Using the British Page-Russell electroconvulsive technique, 
Cameron would put victims into drug induced coma for weeks, 
waking them to administer a one-second electroshock, followed 
by from five to nine additional jolts depending on the itchiness 
of his trigger finger. Cameron increased the voltage normally 
administered by practitioners of this technique, and the number 
of shock sessions from one to two or three per day. Predictably, 
patients given this kind of treatment were often reduced to a 
vegetables. [17] 

Another of Cameron's strategies was to place his victims into 
sensory deprivation chambers for up to 65 days, devastating 
them with LSD, then using "psychic driving," in which a 
repetitive phrase taken from the emotionally charged material 
they had told to a psychiatrist would be played through a pillow 
with unremovable earphones. Cameron documented his 
researches in psychic driving, funded by the Department of 
Health and Welfare between 1961-64, in research papers titled 
"Study of Factors which Promote or Retard Personality Change 
in Individuals Exposed to Prolonged Repetition of Verbal 
Signals," and "The Effects upon Human Behavior of the 
Repetition of Verbal Signals". [18] 

According to one psychiatrist, Cameron's theory was "the 
ways in which people behave are determined by some sort of 
nervous system arrangements in the brain. Since psychotherapy 
can change behavior, the neural arrangements must be 


Cameron himself "wondered whether the behavior patterns 
of adults could be erased by a physiologic process that attacked 
neural patterns. Could adults be made theoretically patternless? 
Could they be returned to a state of neurologic and psychologic 
infancy for a short period, and then could new patterns of 
behavior be introduced?" Does one detect the flavor of 
Tavistock here? 

By 1960 Cameron had developed his techniques, which he 
termed "ultra-conceptual communication," into something even 
more horrific. The period of psychic driving was increased to 
16 hours a day for 20 to 30 days and patients were dosed with 
Sernyl to "block sensory input and produce underactivity." 
Sernyl is an extremely powerful drug used as an animal 
anesthetic. It produces "acute psychotic episodes and even the 
danger of chronic psychosis in humans." [19] 
Although standards for medical experimentation had been 
clearly defined at Nuremberg almost ten years before Cameron's 
funding by the CIA, specifically requiring "informed consent" by 
subjects, subjects at the Allen Memorial Institute did not sign 
consent forms, nor did they in most cases have any idea of what 
they were getting into. This was the standard, rather than the 
exception, during most MKULTRA research, in fact. 
Two of Cameron's assistants were Leonard Rubenstein, "an 
electrical whiz of Cockney descent who lacked medical 
bonafides," who effused about the possibilities of equipment 
"that will keep tabs on people without their knowing," and Dr. 
Walter Freeman, who had performed 4,000 frontal lobotomies in 
20 years, reportedly on persons often suffering only from 
depression or paranoia. Freeman went on to become a highly 
successful brain specialist working for many years in San 
Francisco. [20] 
Evolutionary based psychology has to also be "social psychology" - so chimpanzees are very strong but the males are rapist war-mongerers just like modern humans. Why? Because male chimps had fewer natural resources and so more competition and so fought over their paternity rights of the females. So the chimps evolved to have big testicles in order to produce lots of sperm so that their sperm competes for paternity.
Now consider the bonobos - they had more natural resources and so the females, relying on gathering the resources, instead joined together as a social group to stop male violence. So the males might be strong but the females are stronger as a group and stop any war-mongering and raping.
The female chimps instead turned to technology as the answer - so instead of getting raped by the male chimps when the males present iron-rich meat to the females - the females instead turned to making spears to hunt meat on their own.
So you can see how our genetic ancestral cousins evolved different strategies and the San Bushmen original human culture is more like real Taoism - where the "weak" is the strong through a social psychic energy.
Whereas modern industrial humans are based on  chimp patriarchy of ejaculation addiction with the females trying to solve the problem with technology - and yet technology does not address the "rotten root" or original sin of ejaculation addiction.
The male bonobos had sex all the time but only ejaculated when they had sex with females for reproduction. The original human culture learned how to then evolve that skill into spiritual psychic healing energy that helped in hunting success and to heal social wounds.
Modern humans lost that ability and so devolved back into chimp psycho-physiology where the supposedly "strong" male is better but in reality is controlled by ejaculation addiction and so is weaker.
The social female primate aligns with the earth-lunar energy that is much stronger than male ejaculation addiction.

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