Peanut Gallery Independent Praise of Drew Hempel's research

You have the best mental focus of any student I've met. Just don't let it go to your head! Qigong Master Jim Nance 2015

Your mind is very powerful from years of meditation. Just focus on the lower tan t'ien. Qigong Master Chunyi Lin 2015

My second source for the superiority of full lotus is the teaching of qigong master Chunyi Lin, founder of Spring Forest Qigong. According to qigong researcher (and all around wild and crazy guy) Drew Hempel, Chunyi Lin said that 20 minutes in full lotus is worth 4 hours of any other meditation practice. That sounds like an exaggeration, but Drew has had some pretty far out results from his practice. Chris, Tai Chi in San Diego, 2011

2/2/11: Long time Steamshovel correpsondent Drew Hemphill has had his research cited extensively in a new article by Dan Eden (Gary Vey) who had exposed James Hurtak's ties to Project HAARP and the NSA: Kenn Thomas
I think Drew Hempel offers us some clues about chirality and harmonics.

1) There is a self-sustaining cosmic resonance (hidden coherence) - what he calls alchemical resonance?

2) Natural resonance cycles change over time (based on precession of the equinox?) where there is a switch from carbon to silicone based life?

3) The resonance change between Saturn and Jupiter will have a major effect upon Earth?

4) Aligning the ions of plasma with the ions of matter creates complimentary opposites of energy and mass?

5) Positronium (electron-position coupling) creates mirror matter that passes through black holes?

The Secret of Pre-Established Harmony and the Image of Time

gritzle70 on The Next Level forum in 2008
According to the polymath and University of Minnesota alum Drew Hempel, the vagus nerve climax can be achieved by male practitioners of meditation and Qigong. According to Hempel, these practices can ionize neurotransmitters in the gut — our body's largest repository of serotonin — which can then travel through the vagus nerve and cross the normally prudish blood-brain barrier, thus giving neck-pulsing, orgasmic-like sensations written about in Daoist texts. Qigong and meditation, Hempel said, are the opposite of dopamine obsession: they focus on present awareness and a lack of anticipation for future events.
David Logan, Op-ed, Daily Nebraskan, 2011

Drew Hempel has caught my interest for some time as many of his articles on the ‘Natural Resonance Revolution’, so closely matches much of our groups ( and my own ) experiences and thoughts on the nature of the phenomena we’ve been exposed to via the frequencies I’ve created for our use. A lot of what Drew speaks about is congruent to where we are at and I think it really serves all of us to reflect upon his writings especially in relation to what we have been journeying through in the real world.
Donald Adams, aka Dr. Starz, computer frequency "sonification" healer

The final phase though of the Exopolitical NWO exoreligion roll out is the Borg-like assimilation philosophies of the Transhuman Movement
and their matrix upload plans so well outlined by Drew Hempel.

UFO Culture blog 2009

Drew Hempel went that far. He's a scientist who has plumbed the depths of these training techniques.
He kind of one point he called it Pre-Socratic African Taoist Yoga training. Which is I guess a pretty bare one-liner about his research but you know qigong is something that will become more culturally significant in the way that Tai Chi is now.Philosophy professor Dave Leech podcast discussion with David Metcalfe and Dr. Tim Brigham
I will tell you how to do this. I followed the information which was posted in online forums and articles by someone called 'drew hempel' as he studied something called 'spring forest qigong' and 'taoist yoga'. I followed the same training he did and it's very powerful. He studied SFQ with qigong master chun yi lin (
- there is a lot of **** on the net because it seems like no one has a clue how to do real energy work, drew hempel was the only person I found who made any sense to me, so I followed what he did and it worked....
If you are very serious about this, you should google drew hempel and read all his articles/some of his taobums posts
Dreambot, 2011 Spiritualforums post

Drew Hempel's third eye is connected like only a handful of people on this planet's are. He's able to see things in a way very few can. If you're interested in metaphysics and the such, he's worth a read.

"Riskfactor" posting on a forum in 2011.

The disgustingly typical common dismissal of yours of Drew's worth is telling. Can't handle anything too far beyond your comfort zone so you don't at all engage, as Drew would say, with his information. Much of which is simply discerning the fundamental structure linking revered traditional scriptures and cuttingedge science and it's explication in human life on Earth.
Then of course you project by claiming he is not engaging well... you're right, but you are still denying your hypocrisy, as you are too scared to admit that the reason you say you don't appreciate any of his writing is probably not because it is all false but because it is occult to your limited mind.
You can't argue with the facts and are too dumb to handle his points so you resort to smear tactics.
Who cares if some nut spams the net. It is only disruptive to the weak of mind. Fact is Drew has an "original" conclusion that deserves global discussion and you censor it like a welltrained shill, which I assume you are not.

Drew's idea. 2:3 is Yang, 3:4 is Yin... ie 666 is Yang. But he might repeat it like the example below, at which 99% of readers will throw their hands up in incomprehension and only folk like me, a stubborn OneTruthLover, bother to really get what he is saying. To say his is crazy is stupidly missing the point, plus to which he seems saner than most of the zombies who pretend humanity. He may a mixed up lake but at least he is not a puddle of puke.
Brace yourselves,
"I've posted that in fact musicologist Ernest McClain had already gleaned this from Plato -- see his Pythagorean Plato -- and that in fact while 5/4 was the Greek Miracle as the cube root of two leading to amplitude as classical mathematics for 3 dimensional form

the Tai Chi Perfect 5th-4th as 2:3 and 3:4 Yang and Yin (my discovery) is the QUANTUM secret of 2-dimensional energy intensity from frequency, not classical amplitude."

Needless to say he condenses much meaning in few words so you gotta read more his of his spiel to get it. His earliest piece on the greek Miracle is best. Cloud Tiger, a Tai Chi practitioner in the UK, 2009

Hempel, proficient in a wide sprectrum of intellectual pursuits including math and music --- and far from being deluded in any sense of the word as brought forth in the above quote by Hui Neng --- is also an eastern spiritual renaissance master as well. Just as much too, in the aforementioned areas and others far afield, as a search of his name will show, or did before he just simply disappeared into cyber space or infinity, he was one of the most prolific contributors on the net. His writings and books lean heavily toward a variety of eastern spiritual aspects, with a strong personal emphasis on qigong and meditation executed almost exclusively through the use of the full lotus position.

Additionally, even though Drew has resurfaced and available for interaction to all comers, I have however, NOT changed any of the above content of the original page because in my opinion it still remains highly relevant, showing all kinds of insight into who and where Hempel comes from, from any number of angles. Good to hear you are back. The internet wasn't the same without you.

The Wanderling, advaita meditation online site page on Drew Hempel

First we have to address the root of this possible problem.

the main root of all of this is the conceptual axiom that the parts of a system should be symmetrical if it desires to be in HARMONY. This in math is called COMMUTATIVE RING, or AxB=BxA.

From this principle (the commutative ring) we created a body of rules and paradigms in science, and even in religion, that separates our perception from nature itself (our game of denying being part of it) For example, as someone on this forum talked about maxwell´s quaternions in here. To work with an asymmetrical principle (most of things in nature) with our math that has as a main basic principle the commutative ring we first need to CHANGE what we gonna study, I mean, our science takes the information in nature which is assymétrical and DIVERGENT and converts it to an symmetrical and CONVERGENTE group of data to work with.
This is, as a principle, exactly what we did with the musical scales, as drew demonstrated.

In ancient music we got the asymmetrical intervals and, mainly since old non-pre-socratic Greece, we develop the obsession and the desire to “correct” it´s ugliness (natural asymmetry), so we transformed ancient music into symmetrical intervals. Buy by doing so we generate a comma, an extra group of data that can´t be used and should be discarded and watched over to avoid its return, because if this comma returns to the scale, it will create a hell of a mess to the fragile artificial symmetry we applied to it. So, conceptualy, the kind of technology we create, it prefers to change nature into artificial symmetry instead of flowing with it.

So it´s a matter of the right tool for the right job. And our Math has no asymmetrical tool for the job. IT´s all about the commutative ring, so even when working with asymmetrical systems (like nature) it has to convert it into symmetrical to process it. IT´s simple, drew is saying that western math and music take what is divergent (spiraling out) by nature and converge it before giving any kind of result. It´s a fact. Check, I don´t know, Wikipedia?, to get informations about the commutative ring and the non-commutative ring.

Now, I´m not 100% with drew on the consequences of “raping” nature with symmetry. I do know drew for the last 10yrs. Or so. I´m very good at math and good enough in music. I´m so-so in physics, i´ve studied electrical engineer for two yrs before change my mind and go to journalism school and drop it too to work as a photographer and illustrator and now as a computer graphics animator and advertising film director. So I have some background to understand a great chunk of drew hypothesis.

We try to solve all with symmetry, as the case with the music intervals, therefore, as in the case of music intervals, we create commas in science and all the range of activities that rely on science.

So this is the radical part of this use of musical model to explain things: if we try to understand nature (that is asymmetrical and divergent) with concepts and tools that are symmetrical and convergent) we gonna create dissonances in return and enter in a cycle of solving a dissonance with more symmetry to generate even more dissonance in the next octave ´till we # everything up! (we are already doing so! Our tech gives us marvelous stuff at the same time it acidify the oceans ending up #ing up with animals that depends on ultrasound for communication to reproduction. Our tech gives us marvelous tools as computer hi-res screens, but in return any cycle above 30hz is with time stressful to the human cells, etc, etc.)

non-commutative is so alien to our understand of thing that, as an example, if you go to Mr. Wolfram Math repository site you gonna find only ONE EMPTY page about it!!non-commutative is so alien to our understand of thing that, as an example, if you go to Mr. Wolfram Math repository site you gonna find only ONE EMPTY page about it!!

Now let´s go to the possible solutions for this.

1.full-lotus as a solution. Drew said full-lotus can transform the excess of electrochemical information in the lower body into electromagnectic information in the upper body. Some angry scientific trolls started to make fun of it.

for the materialistic people the thing is in the physiology.

siting in full-lotus will put a great chunk of pressure into your SACRUM! The sacrum is empty and pressure there will start to create small levels of ultra sound that will TRANSDUCE the energy from electrochemical into electromagnetic (remember, SOUND is PRESSURE WAVES, and it´s been prove that ultrasound can transduce energy from one state to other… use uncle google, he is your friend!! )… so this is one of the main reasons why full-lotus is a great tool.

It took me one year of daily chikung to sit in full-lotus with ease, before my one year of spring forest qigong I could barely sit in freestyle (like an north American indian) for more than a couple of minutes without felling a hell of pain in my back and legs!

After i´ve learned to sit in full-lotus, it´s a #ing bliss, full-lotus and half-lotus all day long. I even cut the legs from all my tables in my studio so I can sit in full-lotus and half-lotus anternated all day!!

So it´s one solution, but it´s a personal one.

2. Music create patterns in our brain.
It´s known that music create patterns in our brain. So if we just listen to music made with symmetrical and proportional intervals, some kind of patterns will form… with non-western music (mostly live, since hard to find speakers in home and computers that can produce ultrasound! ) so with non-western music we can generate other kind of patterns, since the intervals are asymmetrical. Drew have posted links to papers demonstrated, among otherthings, how ultrasound can stimulate the brain, the center of the brain, so on.

Also, Pineal Gland is a place made for sonoluminescence production. See? Pineal gland has fluid and cavitation in it! So with ultrasound stimulus in it we can ionize it a lot, we can produce tons of melatonie, and also we can generate little bubbles of light! By my personal experience, seeing light while practicing small universe (the oldest meditation that exist, it´s part of spring forest chikung and also is a “secret” inside the kriya yoga school) is relaxing, insightful and healing.
So, changing the king of music we listen to is a way of changing the patterns in our brain and so maybe it will reflect in the patterns we create in the world too.

3.creating a science where natural resonance ratios are important.
Well, this third item i´ll say nothing, since it´s what i´m working for the past 5 yrs. But a simple example of using natural resonance (non-comutative) musical ratios in technology is The Sonic Bloom, it´s a kit with audio from birds generating the fifth and forth in a repeated way so the intensity will affect the plants cells to expand more, taking more nutrients. It´s amazing. I use it to feed my home grown food (i´m a raw vegetarian) as my wife garden.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg…

Now those open minded, the daily practice of small universe from spring forest qigong, or the listening of music without symmetrical intervals, or the use of tech like the sonic bloom are just a few of the examples of the changes we can make personally or collectively to a better and more harmonious world.
And those so full of the “right” paradigm, well, you can keep projecting your anger on drew, it´s funny to read your assumptions about my crazy druid friend!

KALLISTI and have a nice day and a lovely life!
Guto Novo.
Correspondent for 15 years in Brazil

Seriously drew is next level, beyond even Dobbs, Ebert, Heidegger, Mcluhan etc.
Another UK practitioner-philosopher
"The universe and I came into being together; I and everything therein are One."

"If then all things are One, what room is there for speech? On the other hand, since I can say the word 'one' how can speech not exist? If it does exist, we have One and speech -- two; and two and one -- three(14) from which point onwards even the best mathematicians will fail to reach (the ultimate); how much more then should ordinary people fail?">"

- Chuang Tzu, 300 BCE

"Sound is the bridge between God and the soul" SHRI DHYANYOGI

a “universal scaling system”, ... this discrete scaling manifests itself in acoustic systems, as is well known in western classical music, where the two scalings correspond, respectively, to passing to the octave (frequency ratio of 2) and transposition (the perfect fifth is the frequency ratio 3/2), with the approximate value log(3)/ log(2) ∼ 19/12 responsible for the difference between the “circulating temperament” of the Well Tempered
Clavier and the “equal temperament” of XIX century music. It is precisely the irrationality of log(3)/ log(2) which is responsible for the noncommutative [complementary opposites as yin/yang] nature of the quotient corresponding to the three places {2, 3,∞}. -
Math professor (Fields medal) Alain Connes on quantum music as noncommutative time-frequency origin of reality from infinite spiral of perfect fifths!
Our brain is an incredible ....perceives things in momentum space of the photons we receive and manufactures a mental picture. Which is geometric. But what I am telling you is that I think ...that the fundamental thing is spectral [frequency]....And somehow in order to think we have to do an enormous Fourier Transform...on geometry. By talking about the "music of shapes" is really a fourier transform of shape and the fact that we have to do it in reverse. Alain Connes, 2012
Stanford Quantum physicist Eddie Oshins:
This representation only works for the (more fundamental) 1/2-integral representations (i.e. spinors/turns/quaternions) but also lets one build the vector and tensor representations. The converse does not hold....this property of "noncommutivity" in itself might be valuable in some way.
My claim, and original idea, has been that this is circumnavigating a T'ai Chi (Yin/Yang) symbol! More recently (Oshins, 1993b) I have suggested that this proximate technique can be used to realize Wing Chun kung-fu's "bong sau/tan sau" movement out of the Kauffman/Oshins "quaternionic arm" discussed and referenced below in end note 5.
I believe that this may be a way to get mind to code the relative relationship of part of oneself with respect to the rest of oneself (self-referential motion) and can explain the concepts of being "centered"/"one"/"integrated"/"extended"/"whole" etc. which one strives for in meditation.
Oshins, E. (1993). Oshins, E. (1993). A test for classical psychospinors. In Abdullah, F. (Ed.) Conservation and Invariance. Cambridge, UK: Alternative Natural Philosophy Association, London England.

Manfred Euler's 2013 description of acoustic STM - Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy builds on his previous connections between the quantum acoustic realms.
Binaural hearing is the acoustic analog of the interferometer or double-slit experiments. The two ears can be regarded as an acoustic interferometer, which recovers the phase difference of signals between the two ears by binaural correlation.

Near-field imaging with sound waves compelling demonstrates the inadequacy of pictorial realism and promotes more abstract views of the reality displayed.
A comparison of sound and matter waves clarifies that these [noncommutative] limitations exist in principle.
2016: de Broglie clocks as synchronization: a tangible model of how mass emerges.
matter waves are locally in phase with the particle clocks (de Broglie's Law of Phase Harmony).

The clock runs forever so it's self-sustaining (consciousness-energy). It resonates with the quantum vacuum. The harmonic beats create dynamic energy.

So then you have a "phase particle" that can be faster than the speed of light - superluminal - and a "mass particle" that is slower than the speed of light as the "group wave" of the "phase wave." The beats of the phase wave then are "in resonance" with the quantum vacuum - and so create mass from the massless field, explaining the Higgs mechanism.

"Universal coherence" - a "mind boggling outlook."

Phase harmony in de Broglie theory relates a local periodic phenomenon (the 'particle clock') to a periodic propagating field in such a way that relativistic invariance is satisfied. If a similar phenomenon in the cell is relevant it should couple the global oscillation pattern locally with periodic (mechanic, electric, biochemical ???) processes.

Coherence as consciousness.
"Ghost Tones"

Manfred Euler is a Professor Emeritus of Physics at the University of Kiel.

It's actually a Klein Bottle so you can't see the 5th dimension.

The red is a logarithmic singularity - but that is just classical physics.

So the foundation of reality is quantum - which is noncommutative phase as the 5th dimension.

So light as a photon is a point but as a wave it is nonlocal - but this means it is in 2 places at the same time - as the 5th dimension that is noncommutative.

People think that doesn't make sense - how can it be in two places at the same time? Actually basic music theory explains this.

So for example the Perfect Fifth is C to F as subharmonic 2/3 while the Perfect Fifth is C to G overtone harmonic as 3/2.

So C = 2 while F=3=G at the same time. That is noncommutative phase. It is also called "Fourier Uncertainty" or "time-frequency uncertainty" - and that is the true foundation of reality.

So for example de Broglie - studying relativity - realized Einstein had a problem - as energy goes to the speed of light then time as wavelength slows down, gets bigger. That means as frequency goes higher then time also gets bigger. That violates a fundamental property since Pythagoras that frequency is inverse to time as wavelength (from music theory).

So de Broglie realized since quantum physics is real there has to be a phase wave that is faster than the speed of light. So you have a mass wave that is the "group phase" - and then you have a particle phase that is called the "internal clock" or a 2nd clock that is the phase wave of the particle - also called the "pilot wave" - and this comes back from the future. So there is a Harvard physicist Andrew Strominger who works with Stephen Hawking - and says that the future already exists and reality is a holograph. So the 4D universe is actually a projection of this 5th dimension of noncommutative phase that is time-like.

This is how precognition is real.

It was Olivier Costa de Beauregard who emphasized that precognition was part of de Broglie's pilot wave model and in 1956 de Broglie said to Costa de Beauregard that there was "an incompatibility with our conventional notions of space and time." Nevertheless scientists have continued this parapsychology research based on de Broglie: pdf AY Temkin 2011

Peter Kingsley notes, "In terms not only of formal and structural analogies but also of historical contacts, there can be no separating the Thracian Orpheus [of Pythagorean equivalence] from central-Asiatic shamanic tradition." This connection with Taoism is also made explicit by the motif of the Pythagorean master Empedocles who, "dies a miraculous death by vanishing into thin air but who leaves a tell-tale item.... A more classic Taoist concept is that of achieving the divine state either by fashioning a spirit-body...thoughtfully leaving a pile of discarded garments...."
Ancient Philosophy, Mystery and Magic, Oxford Ph.D. thesis, 1995, p. 236.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Is real Bigu possible? Or Breatharianism?

 So the below pdf is fascinating as it argues that bigu means to "recycle" the biophotons that are emitted as the normal oxidation process!
Sounds like you haven't even investigated the research on bigu?

1 Bigu State: Can Meditation Trigger Alternate Metabolic ... - Sfu
by L Sidorov - ‎2013 - ‎Cited by 1 - ‎Related articles
by Yan Xin qigong were able to survive in a nutrient-deprived culture medium for over 8 ... According to Dr. Rustum Roy, conference chair and founding director.

  On 8/3/2017 at 11:34 PM, Nungali said:
7 days is a fast  ... not 'breatharianism ' . 
Actually what happened is the lower tan tien got very hot and so I decided to do "energy feasting" as I knew that was going to be taught at the Level 3 retreat the following weekend, that I was attending.
So I was meditating nonstop - at least 6 hours a day - and then I had this amazing orgasmic energy rain down from the top center of my head.
Actually before that happened - first my kidneys got real hot, then my thymus got real hot, then the center of my brain got real hot.
O.K. so then the centers of my hands and feet were pulsating with qi energy and the top of my skull got soft, like a baby's, with the fissure opening up, and the top of the skull was also pulsating with qi.
That's when I then felt this strong qi create lots of water in the center of my brain that was then pouring down my throat into my stomach.
Then I needed less sleep - only 5 hours of sleep.
So when I drove to the Level 3 retreat - then it was this big conference room full of qigong students, but there was one man in the front of the room, a student, who was emitting this very strong rotting flesh death smell.
I was shocked as how everyone could handle his rotting flesh death smell as I was in the back in the room and could barely handle the smell.
Then the qigong master said that qigong masters can smell cancer as rotting flesh smell.
So now I realized that the qigong master knew that I could smell this man but then as the qigong master sent energy to heal him, then the rotting flesh death smell went away.
So then as we continued the full lotus meditation, then I saw this spirits shaped like humans, bright yellow light, as humans, form out of the top of the head of the qigong master as he meditated in full lotus.
So as it would form, then it would "break off" and float out towards the students in the room. And then another yellow light of spirit, shaped like a human, would form a top of his head as he meditated in full lotus.
So then we took a break but the qigong master said since someone could see what he was doing he would explain that he was just sending out his energy to heal people.
So as we continued, then I saw spirits shaped like humans, yellow light, but now they were floating in from outside of the room, and were hovering around the qigong master while he was in full lotus meditation.
So the qigong master again explained that since someone could see what was happening he explained that those were spirits of the dead that came to him to get healed and he does that regularly and he sends the spirits back into the Emptiness.
So everything I saw - I never said anything to anyone about it - but the qigong master explained and confirmed what I saw. I had read the biography of the most famous Thai Buddhist master, Acharn Mun, and he had the same thing happen, where he had healed the spirits of dead people, the spirits coming to him to get healed - and also he knew what his students were thinking.
And so then we took a longer break so I went back to my room and I was sitting in full lotus meditating. Only we had already been doing full lotus meditation - so it was getting difficult. So I just used the "sword fingers" to point at my feet while in full lotus and the qi shot out of the sword fingers into my feet and the pain went away.
But then I could hear this lady and man in the room next to me - "getting down" - but then that same rotting flesh death smell was emanating out of the wall from the room next to me. I was shocked at how the lady could handle being in the same room with that man but I realized she was sucking off the qi energy that had healed his cancer. So I knew his cancer had returned since they were having sex.
So also when we did have a meal break - I went into the meal room but I was not eating, but the qigong master chose to sit next to me. That was a kind of shock to me, and I was too shy to say anything to him.
But during one break I did go up to him and ask him only this, "What should I do?" And he said, "let me read your aura" and then his eyes got this empty look and when he came out of the trance in less than a minute - he said, Keep your mouth shut when your meditating. I had been keeping my mouth open since I had misunderstood his teaching before and so my lips were cracking.
Remember at this point I had only a half glass of water in 7 days! But I never told him I had been fasting. haha. But he then immediately left the room and I may have been the only one in there but I sat down to wait for the class to start again.
Suddenly the center of my brain was on fire! I knew he was working to open my third eye - as that was the goal of the Level 3 retreat and he had just read my aura. But the fire was so intense that I just wanted it to stop after a while. haha.
So later we had another full lotus meditation only I was on the "stage" and my legs got too sore so I had them stretched out towards the qigong master.
Then when I got home I biked to work the next day Monday and I had tons of energy. I told my coworker how much energy I had even though I had not eaten in over a week. She just looked at me stunned.
then I went to the back of the office where I worked - it was actually an old bank vault converted to an office space with cubicles. I was doing my job but this female entered in the room - she was a supervisor. Suddenly I felt this strong electromagnetic energy emanating out of the center of my brain into her - and I could sense her feelings and thoughts.
So then as this went on - and we talked a bit - and then our manager came in and suddenly the female told the manager that she thought I should be promoted to be a supervisor! Now this was a shock to the manager as my position was not in direct line to their area of work. I was a kind of independent office worker - not in any promotional line.
Anyway so during lunch I decided to break the fast and I went to this nearby Ghana restaurant that I liked and was friends with the female owner. So I decided I would get the tofu-greens soup. But when I tasted it, it literally tasted like poison! I realized that it was because of the sea salt in the soup. And then this lady came into the shop and she also was friends with the owner and strangely she said that a person should never point their feet towards the guru.
I thought this was a very strange coincidence since I had been pointing my feet towards the qigong master - and so maybe she had been at the retreat. But I didn't ask as I didn't really want to know. It was a bit too strange to get into in public.
So then when I went home - I later went to this local cafe I frequented - and I went inside and across the room, about 20 feet directly from me, was this female sister of a friend of mine who was into meditation. So she knew me and when we made eye contact - suddenly I had this instantaneous orgasmic energy shoot up my back while energy also shot out of my eyes into hers, from 20 feet away.
I realized she must of had the same reaction to me, as I did to her, but my mind could not process what had just happened. I went back to my room, confused. Then that night in my sleep I lost the alchemical pill. But I kept meditating as I did not realize that the encounter I had with the female had lowered the frequency of my energy and I had not properly fixed the damage from having made eye contact with her.
So then maybe the next day or two - I was meditating in full lotus and suddenly the room was spinning around me - and then I basically disappeared. All I know is when I came too, I had this very strong experiential knowledge that I was not my body nor my mind. I had a cassette meditation tape of Yan Xin qigong but I realized it was not the "real" deal that I had just experienced - so I got rid of my tape. I had a 500 page journal covering a few years - but I decided to just recycle it since I now knew it was not the real truth of reality. So I just tore the pages out and recycled them.
So then I went up to do my weekly practice healing on my mom - I drove up an hour. As soon as I got in the house, my mom asked if it really was true that I had not eaten in a week - and I said yes and then she just suddenly screamed bloody murder at me like she was pure evil. So I immediately snarfed down some food, to get her to stop screaming. Then I asked her if she still wanted me to do a healing on her. She nodded yes.
So she sat in the chair and I stood next to her - and I did the Level 2 healing taught in SFQ - which involves pulling out energy blockages and opening up the small universe - externally - and then sending energy in. Also you call on the master's energy before you do the healing. So I could feel that my mom had a strong liver blockage. As I did the healing she got so sleepy that I asked her to lie down on the bed and I kept healing her and she was sound asleep. So I just left and drove back home.
But since she had screamed so badly at me and I had not eaten for a week and half now - so it was 10 days at least at this point since I did the healing on a Weds - so I thought to myself - I worked so hard to heal her and yet what was my benefit? She did pay me $20 - but still she screamed at me the worst she had ever screamed. I didn't realize it at the time that I had actually done an exorcism of her liver blockage from the strong alcohol blockages. But I did stop practicing because I didn't think it was worth it.
So then that weekend - there was a practice guild of SFQ - so I went and then the qigong master's assistant was in my practice group - and he asked me to share my fasting experience. He had been at the Level 3 conference and we had talked about music and he actually had sold me his C.D. from his old "global blues" music band - he had the c.d. in the trunk of his car. So now he asked me to share with the group my experiences from the energy feasting that is taught in Level 3.
So then this old lady asked me to practice healing on her. She sat in the chair and I stood to her side. She could not see what I was doing and I was not touching her. But I forget you are not supposed to pull energy blockages from the top center of the skull. I actually did that without touching her and I immediately felt this strong electromagnetic blob get pulled out of the top center of her skull. As soon as I felt that at the exact same time she burst out bawling.
Before I realized what had happened everyone else seemed to be gone and she kept bawling and she also walked away. Then I went downstairs and I saw my University friend and I said, "you're not going to believe what just happened!" As soon as I said that to him, then there was the old lady, still bawling, with someone's arm around her shoulder and she and the person walked down the hall past us. I realized I had pulled her spirit out of her body but it must have returned right away. I saw her later at another practice guild meeting and she gave me a smile - so she realized I had made an honest mistake.
Two weeks later my mom called me and told me that the healing I gave her was "the difference between night and day" and she no longer needed to wear her "surgical stockings" from her "smoker's legs." She asked me for another healing. I told her that since she had screamed at me so badly I had stopped practicing. She immediately got irate and said I was just being lazy.
So then I realized I could sense the energy of the people in the rooms in the apartment building I lived in - suddenly I could feel the energy through the walls! I realized I needed to find a better place to meditate. I looked online for some monastery somewhere on the planet but I could not find any other teacher who was on the level of the person I had taken the classes from. So instead I decided to just try to move to a better place.
I moved to actually the house of the lady from Ghana who owned the restaurant. I was housesitting for her and I had given her $1000 and she went back to Ghana with the money and brought her husband back with her. So as I was meditating in full lotus in her basement - I kept getting this strong vision of my best friend from childhood - his mom had just died. At first I thought maybe it was just my imagination so I tried to clean it out of my mind. But then the vision returned.
So then I went back up to my parents to visit for the weekend - by now it would have been around September of 2001 - and my mom told me how my best friend's mom had just died. I didn't tell her that I knew this already. But I realized - maybe my vision had been telepathy from my mom knowing before me? Or maybe it had been precognition. I had been very close with my best friend's mom - in fact she was more like my mom to me, as I would go over to their house very often for a couple years. She once gave me a birthday card that was glued shut and said, "only an angel can open this." I ripped the card open. haha. That was when I was around 8 years old. So I went to the funeral but I could not speak.
At this point my view about the Emptiness was that I had experienced it but that the Emptiness was the same every where. So since I was friends with this local homeless lady who was a hippy from her University days in the 1960s - and the cafe I frequented was by the University - and she dumpster dived for food. So I joined her to dumpster dive for food. So I ate this bread even though it was moldy.
Then also an activist friend visited me with his girlfriend - and he said how he had scabies - and suddenly I could feel the scabies. Like I had immediately picked up his condition. But I used the qi energy to kill it off.
Another friend told me he had - what is that condition - anyway some kind of stomach rash - and I thought I got that also but also healed it.
So strange things were happening - and I gave a talk on qigong healing at work but then when I took my African-American coworkers out to the local Chinese restaurant for lunch - they all ate meat. I had been vegetarian up till then but I thought that since they had strong jing energy from eating meat, then why should I be "holier than thou?" Shouldn't I also eat meat? So I also began eating meat.
I didn't realize that the training requires harmonization as purification - I just thought the  Emptiness was the same everywhere. But I had to figure out what had caused that spacetime vortex of spinning around me. At first when I went to the used bookstore that was my favorite - I literally grabbed the first book off the spiritual book case and then I "randomly opened it."
Suddenly the book had a person asking Sri Chimnoy - what does it mean when the energy is spinning around? His answer: Oh that's just the "cosmic energy."
I was shocked that I had found the answer to my question supposedly randomly and even since then, after reading so many books, I have not encountered such a specific question - except just a couple sources. I still needed more details on what had happened.
Also I realized that the girlfriend of the activist who had visited me when he had scabies - he since had moved away but the girlfriend was now chasing after me. She was hanging out in my building and flirting with me, etc.
Then another time I was talking on the phone in the back office and one of the female coworkers was on the phone for work - and when I looked at her, since she was in my line of view, out the door of the back office, suddenly I got that same internal orgasm shoot up my spine. I realized she must have had the same reaction.
So at this point I had been reading Master Nan, Huai-chin's books but since I had stopped practicing my energy channels had closed up. But I went to another LEvel 3 class not too long after wards - that same fall of 2001 - and it was just me and a few other ladies that were older. But I excitedly told the qigong master what had happened. He said I had an "enlightenment experience" but that my "mind was confused."
And so then in the Level 3 class he put his finger against my forehead, as he used to do for Level 3 - and the center of my brain had strong magnetic bliss after that. I got curious to see if this magnetic bliss in the center of my brain would go away. So I just stopped practicing and I waited for a couple months with no practice. The magnetic bliss was still in the center of my brain so I realized it was permanent.

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