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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Is real Bigu possible? Or Breatharianism?

 So the below pdf is fascinating as it argues that bigu means to "recycle" the biophotons that are emitted as the normal oxidation process!
Sounds like you haven't even investigated the research on bigu?

1 Bigu State: Can Meditation Trigger Alternate Metabolic ... - Sfu
by L Sidorov - ‎2013 - ‎Cited by 1 - ‎Related articles
by Yan Xin qigong were able to survive in a nutrient-deprived culture medium for over 8 ... According to Dr. Rustum Roy, conference chair and founding director.

  On 8/3/2017 at 11:34 PM, Nungali said:
7 days is a fast  ... not 'breatharianism ' . 
Actually what happened is the lower tan tien got very hot and so I decided to do "energy feasting" as I knew that was going to be taught at the Level 3 retreat the following weekend, that I was attending.
So I was meditating nonstop - at least 6 hours a day - and then I had this amazing orgasmic energy rain down from the top center of my head.
Actually before that happened - first my kidneys got real hot, then my thymus got real hot, then the center of my brain got real hot.
O.K. so then the centers of my hands and feet were pulsating with qi energy and the top of my skull got soft, like a baby's, with the fissure opening up, and the top of the skull was also pulsating with qi.
That's when I then felt this strong qi create lots of water in the center of my brain that was then pouring down my throat into my stomach.
Then I needed less sleep - only 5 hours of sleep.
So when I drove to the Level 3 retreat - then it was this big conference room full of qigong students, but there was one man in the front of the room, a student, who was emitting this very strong rotting flesh death smell.
I was shocked as how everyone could handle his rotting flesh death smell as I was in the back in the room and could barely handle the smell.
Then the qigong master said that qigong masters can smell cancer as rotting flesh smell.
So now I realized that the qigong master knew that I could smell this man but then as the qigong master sent energy to heal him, then the rotting flesh death smell went away.
So then as we continued the full lotus meditation, then I saw this spirits shaped like humans, bright yellow light, as humans, form out of the top of the head of the qigong master as he meditated in full lotus.
So as it would form, then it would "break off" and float out towards the students in the room. And then another yellow light of spirit, shaped like a human, would form a top of his head as he meditated in full lotus.
So then we took a break but the qigong master said since someone could see what he was doing he would explain that he was just sending out his energy to heal people.
So as we continued, then I saw spirits shaped like humans, yellow light, but now they were floating in from outside of the room, and were hovering around the qigong master while he was in full lotus meditation.
So the qigong master again explained that since someone could see what was happening he explained that those were spirits of the dead that came to him to get healed and he does that regularly and he sends the spirits back into the Emptiness.
So everything I saw - I never said anything to anyone about it - but the qigong master explained and confirmed what I saw. I had read the biography of the most famous Thai Buddhist master, Acharn Mun, and he had the same thing happen, where he had healed the spirits of dead people, the spirits coming to him to get healed - and also he knew what his students were thinking.
And so then we took a longer break so I went back to my room and I was sitting in full lotus meditating. Only we had already been doing full lotus meditation - so it was getting difficult. So I just used the "sword fingers" to point at my feet while in full lotus and the qi shot out of the sword fingers into my feet and the pain went away.
But then I could hear this lady and man in the room next to me - "getting down" - but then that same rotting flesh death smell was emanating out of the wall from the room next to me. I was shocked at how the lady could handle being in the same room with that man but I realized she was sucking off the qi energy that had healed his cancer. So I knew his cancer had returned since they were having sex.
So also when we did have a meal break - I went into the meal room but I was not eating, but the qigong master chose to sit next to me. That was a kind of shock to me, and I was too shy to say anything to him.
But during one break I did go up to him and ask him only this, "What should I do?" And he said, "let me read your aura" and then his eyes got this empty look and when he came out of the trance in less than a minute - he said, Keep your mouth shut when your meditating. I had been keeping my mouth open since I had misunderstood his teaching before and so my lips were cracking.
Remember at this point I had only a half glass of water in 7 days! But I never told him I had been fasting. haha. But he then immediately left the room and I may have been the only one in there but I sat down to wait for the class to start again.
Suddenly the center of my brain was on fire! I knew he was working to open my third eye - as that was the goal of the Level 3 retreat and he had just read my aura. But the fire was so intense that I just wanted it to stop after a while. haha.
So later we had another full lotus meditation only I was on the "stage" and my legs got too sore so I had them stretched out towards the qigong master.
Then when I got home I biked to work the next day Monday and I had tons of energy. I told my coworker how much energy I had even though I had not eaten in over a week. She just looked at me stunned.
then I went to the back of the office where I worked - it was actually an old bank vault converted to an office space with cubicles. I was doing my job but this female entered in the room - she was a supervisor. Suddenly I felt this strong electromagnetic energy emanating out of the center of my brain into her - and I could sense her feelings and thoughts.
So then as this went on - and we talked a bit - and then our manager came in and suddenly the female told the manager that she thought I should be promoted to be a supervisor! Now this was a shock to the manager as my position was not in direct line to their area of work. I was a kind of independent office worker - not in any promotional line.
Anyway so during lunch I decided to break the fast and I went to this nearby Ghana restaurant that I liked and was friends with the female owner. So I decided I would get the tofu-greens soup. But when I tasted it, it literally tasted like poison! I realized that it was because of the sea salt in the soup. And then this lady came into the shop and she also was friends with the owner and strangely she said that a person should never point their feet towards the guru.
I thought this was a very strange coincidence since I had been pointing my feet towards the qigong master - and so maybe she had been at the retreat. But I didn't ask as I didn't really want to know. It was a bit too strange to get into in public.
So then when I went home - I later went to this local cafe I frequented - and I went inside and across the room, about 20 feet directly from me, was this female sister of a friend of mine who was into meditation. So she knew me and when we made eye contact - suddenly I had this instantaneous orgasmic energy shoot up my back while energy also shot out of my eyes into hers, from 20 feet away.
I realized she must of had the same reaction to me, as I did to her, but my mind could not process what had just happened. I went back to my room, confused. Then that night in my sleep I lost the alchemical pill. But I kept meditating as I did not realize that the encounter I had with the female had lowered the frequency of my energy and I had not properly fixed the damage from having made eye contact with her.
So then maybe the next day or two - I was meditating in full lotus and suddenly the room was spinning around me - and then I basically disappeared. All I know is when I came too, I had this very strong experiential knowledge that I was not my body nor my mind. I had a cassette meditation tape of Yan Xin qigong but I realized it was not the "real" deal that I had just experienced - so I got rid of my tape. I had a 500 page journal covering a few years - but I decided to just recycle it since I now knew it was not the real truth of reality. So I just tore the pages out and recycled them.
So then I went up to do my weekly practice healing on my mom - I drove up an hour. As soon as I got in the house, my mom asked if it really was true that I had not eaten in a week - and I said yes and then she just suddenly screamed bloody murder at me like she was pure evil. So I immediately snarfed down some food, to get her to stop screaming. Then I asked her if she still wanted me to do a healing on her. She nodded yes.
So she sat in the chair and I stood next to her - and I did the Level 2 healing taught in SFQ - which involves pulling out energy blockages and opening up the small universe - externally - and then sending energy in. Also you call on the master's energy before you do the healing. So I could feel that my mom had a strong liver blockage. As I did the healing she got so sleepy that I asked her to lie down on the bed and I kept healing her and she was sound asleep. So I just left and drove back home.
But since she had screamed so badly at me and I had not eaten for a week and half now - so it was 10 days at least at this point since I did the healing on a Weds - so I thought to myself - I worked so hard to heal her and yet what was my benefit? She did pay me $20 - but still she screamed at me the worst she had ever screamed. I didn't realize it at the time that I had actually done an exorcism of her liver blockage from the strong alcohol blockages. But I did stop practicing because I didn't think it was worth it.
So then that weekend - there was a practice guild of SFQ - so I went and then the qigong master's assistant was in my practice group - and he asked me to share my fasting experience. He had been at the Level 3 conference and we had talked about music and he actually had sold me his C.D. from his old "global blues" music band - he had the c.d. in the trunk of his car. So now he asked me to share with the group my experiences from the energy feasting that is taught in Level 3.
So then this old lady asked me to practice healing on her. She sat in the chair and I stood to her side. She could not see what I was doing and I was not touching her. But I forget you are not supposed to pull energy blockages from the top center of the skull. I actually did that without touching her and I immediately felt this strong electromagnetic blob get pulled out of the top center of her skull. As soon as I felt that at the exact same time she burst out bawling.
Before I realized what had happened everyone else seemed to be gone and she kept bawling and she also walked away. Then I went downstairs and I saw my University friend and I said, "you're not going to believe what just happened!" As soon as I said that to him, then there was the old lady, still bawling, with someone's arm around her shoulder and she and the person walked down the hall past us. I realized I had pulled her spirit out of her body but it must have returned right away. I saw her later at another practice guild meeting and she gave me a smile - so she realized I had made an honest mistake.
Two weeks later my mom called me and told me that the healing I gave her was "the difference between night and day" and she no longer needed to wear her "surgical stockings" from her "smoker's legs." She asked me for another healing. I told her that since she had screamed at me so badly I had stopped practicing. She immediately got irate and said I was just being lazy.
So then I realized I could sense the energy of the people in the rooms in the apartment building I lived in - suddenly I could feel the energy through the walls! I realized I needed to find a better place to meditate. I looked online for some monastery somewhere on the planet but I could not find any other teacher who was on the level of the person I had taken the classes from. So instead I decided to just try to move to a better place.
I moved to actually the house of the lady from Ghana who owned the restaurant. I was housesitting for her and I had given her $1000 and she went back to Ghana with the money and brought her husband back with her. So as I was meditating in full lotus in her basement - I kept getting this strong vision of my best friend from childhood - his mom had just died. At first I thought maybe it was just my imagination so I tried to clean it out of my mind. But then the vision returned.
So then I went back up to my parents to visit for the weekend - by now it would have been around September of 2001 - and my mom told me how my best friend's mom had just died. I didn't tell her that I knew this already. But I realized - maybe my vision had been telepathy from my mom knowing before me? Or maybe it had been precognition. I had been very close with my best friend's mom - in fact she was more like my mom to me, as I would go over to their house very often for a couple years. She once gave me a birthday card that was glued shut and said, "only an angel can open this." I ripped the card open. haha. That was when I was around 8 years old. So I went to the funeral but I could not speak.
At this point my view about the Emptiness was that I had experienced it but that the Emptiness was the same every where. So since I was friends with this local homeless lady who was a hippy from her University days in the 1960s - and the cafe I frequented was by the University - and she dumpster dived for food. So I joined her to dumpster dive for food. So I ate this bread even though it was moldy.
Then also an activist friend visited me with his girlfriend - and he said how he had scabies - and suddenly I could feel the scabies. Like I had immediately picked up his condition. But I used the qi energy to kill it off.
Another friend told me he had - what is that condition - anyway some kind of stomach rash - and I thought I got that also but also healed it.
So strange things were happening - and I gave a talk on qigong healing at work but then when I took my African-American coworkers out to the local Chinese restaurant for lunch - they all ate meat. I had been vegetarian up till then but I thought that since they had strong jing energy from eating meat, then why should I be "holier than thou?" Shouldn't I also eat meat? So I also began eating meat.
I didn't realize that the training requires harmonization as purification - I just thought the  Emptiness was the same everywhere. But I had to figure out what had caused that spacetime vortex of spinning around me. At first when I went to the used bookstore that was my favorite - I literally grabbed the first book off the spiritual book case and then I "randomly opened it."
Suddenly the book had a person asking Sri Chimnoy - what does it mean when the energy is spinning around? His answer: Oh that's just the "cosmic energy."
I was shocked that I had found the answer to my question supposedly randomly and even since then, after reading so many books, I have not encountered such a specific question - except just a couple sources. I still needed more details on what had happened.
Also I realized that the girlfriend of the activist who had visited me when he had scabies - he since had moved away but the girlfriend was now chasing after me. She was hanging out in my building and flirting with me, etc.
Then another time I was talking on the phone in the back office and one of the female coworkers was on the phone for work - and when I looked at her, since she was in my line of view, out the door of the back office, suddenly I got that same internal orgasm shoot up my spine. I realized she must have had the same reaction.
So at this point I had been reading Master Nan, Huai-chin's books but since I had stopped practicing my energy channels had closed up. But I went to another LEvel 3 class not too long after wards - that same fall of 2001 - and it was just me and a few other ladies that were older. But I excitedly told the qigong master what had happened. He said I had an "enlightenment experience" but that my "mind was confused."
And so then in the Level 3 class he put his finger against my forehead, as he used to do for Level 3 - and the center of my brain had strong magnetic bliss after that. I got curious to see if this magnetic bliss in the center of my brain would go away. So I just stopped practicing and I waited for a couple months with no practice. The magnetic bliss was still in the center of my brain so I realized it was permanent.

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