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Monday, July 17, 2017

So the end of the Pan-Aryan exposes - Finally!

The "Pan-Aryanist" over on thetaobums has finally declared the sublime kernal of his ideology - that the Zoroastrian Aryans were some kind of progressive utopic "homeland" in contrast to the Aryans that went into India. Wow news to me! So I google Cyrus women's rights empire - and immediately his claim got debunked.

But of course he would not response to my evidence and he himself presented no evidence. haha. That's how ideology works! I was just waiting to find out what strange wacky views this person really believed in as he rarely clearly stated his claim. For example he insisted that "Caucasian mummies" were not about race. And when he meant Aryan he just meant "Western China" and not the Tarim basim, even though he put it all into one sentence and his source meant Aryans in the Tarim Basin. haha.

Whatever! When I pursued his claim that Europeans were not from Proto-Indo-Europeans but rather Proto-Indo-Iranians (Aryans) - he said what he really meant is no one can deny the influence of Zoroastrianism on Western religion. Oh - whatever.

So anyway people have strange views and it is supposed to be a Taoist website but the main posters on the site are right-wing white dudes clinging to their Western worldviews. haha.

In fact I thought - from reading the person's energy - Nungali - I was sure he was a "she" - but it's kind of like Drumpf - I saw him talking on t.v. and immediately I read his energy stuck in his lower body as a number 1 perv predator ejaculation addiction black hole. Usually I make a point to mute him if he's on the boob-tube. But I forgot this time and his voice conveys his energy. The problem is people like to be "titillated" even if they won't admit it - and more importantly they don't realize that Drumpf is sucking off their energy.

But as Nafeez Ahmed exposed around a year ago there is this Russian-Europe-U.S. Aryan right wing fascist patriarchal brotherhood going on - I just call it the Chimp crackdown - fascists suffer from being closeted with ejaculation addiction - as with Drumpf's mentor Roy Cohn, and the FBI director, and Hitler - all closeted.

So that mentality is the new "cutting edge" of the trajectory of the tantric technology. Speaking of which I got my Hunter Stove-heater with the 3 chamber gasifier Chinese design. I'll try it out tonight when it cools down - and see how clean the burn is with just one chimney section. Then I'll get more duct pipes to create a 2 pipe ground mass heater. Also I have ordered a 10 inch cast iron pan to cover the burn hole as the iron soaks up the heat and radiates it for the heater.

The only thing about the stove is it has to be cleaned out every day by removing the chimney and the dumping the stove upside down. That is fine with me - I guess you can get a few burns before really needing to empty it. But you don't have to keep feeding it all the time, as with the rocket stove and it burns cleaner even.

Going back on thetaobums was interesting - to research and expose their whole Aryan claims but lots of creepy right-winger New Age fascists on that site. Unfortunately the New Age scene attracts a lot of fascists. Morris Berman predicted this would happen again - with his analysis of Western esoteric politics. That's one reason he moved to Mexico I guess. haha.

Thanks for posting a reply with evidence.
What I did is actually look at the link I provided from the history professor - he wrote a history of the Empire of Cyrus.
So he says that Cyrus did not practice any real Zoroastrian faith.
I realize you idealize Cyrus and his Aryans - but the overall context is one of warfare in the iron age.
So also you seem to gloss over the "Aryan Invasion" but I have already provided the evidence showing that there was a dramatic change after the chariots entered into the "Aryan homeland" that you idealize.
So then you say there is no proof that Harrapan is not Indo-European - but in fact the new DNA study of the skeletons is definitively not Indo-European. I already posted that evidence. The geneticists have already stated this is the case.
And the DNA evidence of the Aryan invasion of India is also well-documented.
So this is a Taoist website - Taoist is traced back in archaeology to over 4,400 BCE.
You want to idealize the iron age. Go ahead. That's your choice.
Here is a legal Pdf analysis of Cyrus and human rights.
Basically it calls Cyrus a "transformative tyrant."
That is in contrast to the Law being the ruler of a land - not a divine person.
Now my view is to consider humans from the perspective of biology and ecology - and so I consider the last 10,000 years of humanity to not be idealized.
The original human culture did not have any warfare because every male was initiated into the complementary opposites resonance of reality as the truth - and so this enabled the lower emotions to be transcended.
We are told that such a choice is not feasible in our current day - going back to the debate of the ancient Greeks against Sparta vis a vis Cyrus.
So I did my master's thesis directly against the "natural law" that was inspired by Cyrus.
physis meant natural law by the Ancient Greeks - compared to written law.
So the Greeks argued, inspired by Cyrus, that is it "natural" to rule over whomever they can.
So I was inspired by a book called The Racial Contract which denounced this natural law - just as some racists today argue that slaves lived in better conditions - getting free housing and food, etc.
The book The Racial Contract was inspired by the book the Sexual Contract.
So Cyrus thought the Spartans were weak because they worshiped a women  - Helena.
So my point, based on is that in fact - the ancient Greeks since Plato, had changed the meaning of Physis - and did not really understand true natural law based on complementary opposites.
It may seem idealistic to reject history going back thousands of years but biologically modern humans have existed for 100,000 years at least.
So in my view the real Taoist training and real Pythagorean training is from an earlier time when there was no war fare, the San Bushmen culture.
You say Cyrus was known as a great humanitarian and then compare him to Stalin and Genghis Khan as not being great humanitarians. I consider that to be a false paradigm of comparison.



Genghis Khan was tolerant, kind to women – and a record-breaking ...

Jul 12, 2014 - A review of The Mongol Empire: Genghis Khan, His Heirs and the Founding of Modern China, by John Man. The Mongols made China, argues ...
So when you give evidence of Cyrus giving women rights - this is what I call "technofeminism" versus "ecofeminism."
The fact is Cyrus implemented massacres just like any other imperial warmonger. If you want to idealize that - and compare him to Stalin and Genghis Khan - it's a fake debate that has nothing to do with Taoism.
This is a Taoism website but a lot of people here just promote militarism, etc.

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