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Saturday, July 1, 2017

From John Chang to Jack Kruse: Quantum biology secrets of alchemy

Actually there is a good documentary maybe you have seen - about a "true believe" of a supposed sungazer - and so the true believer discovers he got eye damage. "Eat the Sun"
So the director of that film - he claims HRM has a pineal gland 3 times larger - but I looked into the supposed research that discovered that - and the supposed NASA study of HRM completely falls apart - they state they never studied him. A lot of HRM claims appear to be fraudulent. Then the film director states the main sungazer in the film had discovered "problems with his retina" - in a science study - but he himself has never experienced problems. Well I don't know about that. Kind of like HRM claimed to be a "breatharian" and then gorged at the Indian buffet. Hilarious.
But there are other factors - for example it's proven now in science that you have have lots of magnesium - for example spirulina turns my eyes dark green. they are normally more like hazel. But as I've mentioned Milarepa had green skin from living off stinging nettles. So just like melanin - the green pigment turns your body into a photosynthesis machine - which is not accepted by mainstream science - but mainstream science does accept that the green protects you from UV radiation.
But the thing about sunlight is - as you imply - if it is "only photons" - that you could charge up a bulb - sunlight is randomized photons. The secret of "turning the light around" in meditation is that biophotons are coherent quantum light - which means it is laser light.
the circadian (navigational) clock to polarized light input entering brain
This is why qigong (neigong neidan) masters can burn things with their eyes and hands - and if you get a healing from a master it feels just like a laser - if they work to open your third eye the center of your brain burns like a laser.
So the Shen is not just holographic but also laser energy. It's just that biophotons are very very weak light on their own. So in sun gazing - what happens is that the body's amino acids and pigments then work just like sun glasses to polarize the light.
For example fructose is a toxin because it is the wrong polarizer of light - you need right handed sugar as glucose for the body to have proper energy. Fructose is left handed polarizer of light and so is processed by the liver - instead of the small intestine like most sugar - unless you eat it in fruit then all the fiber will slow down the digestion.
But you get my point - that what happens is that the pigments polarize the light - and do so using quantum entanglement - this is the secret of being alive.
Physics assumes that the foundation of reality is random or even inherently unknowable and nonexistent - until measured by technology (using symmetric math).
What quantum biology proved is that there is an amplification from the quantum nonlocal coherent reality - and this reality even includes signals from the future as precognition - this was first modeled by Louis de Broglie as the Law of Phase Harmony.
So I better mention John Chang to keep this on topic - but the whole point being that Taoist neidan training is based on the Tai Chi as yin-yang resonance through complementary opposites - while Western science assumes a symmetric mathematics that precludes such a possibility.
Quantum biology proved there is a coherent foundation to reality - that is both information and energy - and nonlocal faster than the speed of light.
Quantum biology was considered Woo-woo quackery just ten years ago - I got banned from PZ Myer's blog - the "top" science blog in 2006 for promoting qigong and quantum biology. haha.
But in 2011 - the cover article of SciAm stated that macro objects can be quantum coherent with nonlocality - as life - it's just that this truth can not be reproduced in a lab as an "off the shelf" technology - which is what the materialistic skeptics want - and that is the same reason that paranormal spiritual energy is also dismissed.
O.K. now to bring is back to John Chang - remember when he could not get a signal on a standard voltmeter - but he could charge up L.E.D. lights?
The reason is because L.E.D. lights utilize quantum coherent laser light - which is the same as the qigong biophoton energy.

No - mainstream science does not say "all sunlight is bad" - it's well known now that sunlight is good.
But again it is quantum biology that focuses on this secret of sunlight - versus "bad" light from electromagnetic pollution. Jack Kruse: Sunlight mitochondria, quantum biology podcast
So as far as "negative ions" - that dude who posted on here just to sell his gimmick machines - wasn't that OZONE?
The negative ions from the earth - it's not just ozone energy which is an oxygen negative ion - O3 - so I guess it has an extra electron.
But ozone is dangerous - but negative ions just means more electrons than protons.
With creating qi energy - the main creation is via the collagen which is piezoelectric - and so that extra charge has the power to the split water harmonically inside the body - so that the protons and electrons of water separate.
So that process - via the sunlight - first happens via the hydrogen-based molecules - my pdf goes into it more - but basically the neurotransmitters can change into neurohormones and vice versa - so the jing energy as yin jing is neurohormones that turn into increased neurotransmitters which then increase the vagus nerve energy to store up charge.
So when you increase the electrons going into the brain via photons - this increases the jing or yin jing polarization of the neurotransmitters - like acetylcholine - which then increases the vagus nerve reaction down to the lower tan tien.
So that's how sun gazing can then lead to breatharianism or bigu - it's called "converting jing to qi" for breatharianism.
So it's not just some ozone machine - the oxygen levels increase into the brain from increased vagus nerve activation - and the increased oxygen then enables increased mitochondria energy - which runs off the proton energy.
But it's not just oxygen there is also an increase in serotonin and increase in lecithin which is why myelinates the nerves.
So if you don't have enough of a jing foundation of celibacy - this is the build up of the lecithin. So this is what enables the neurons to store up more qi charge without frying out - it insulates and stores the charge.
This is exactly what electric eels do - and John Chang says he is just like an electric eel. So how it works is the increased serotonin to the brain then increases the potassium levels compared to sodium.
So that is still "yin qi" - because potassium and sodium charge is based on the ion difference - they are both alkaline as proton charge but potassium is more akaline.
So the more the vagus nerve is activated the more the yang qi proton charge is stored up.
Alchemy states that "yin qi is just immature yuan qi."
So the yin qi and yang qi can be separated - which then de-ionizes the lecithin and turns it back into ejaculation. The charged up lecithin is stored in the small intestine which has the 2nd highest number of neurons compared to the brain.
You can lose your quantum yield...these devices actually shake electrons off cell membranes....Anytime you lose electrons you can not assimilate light appropriately.
So that is from that Jack Kruse talk I posted - I think that's the vid you were referring to.
So what this means is you build up jing to build up qi and when the qi builds up then you can build up more shen.

 We further demonstrate the same potential to convert light into energy exists in mammals, as chlorophyll metabolites accumulate in mice, rats and swine when fed a chlorophyll-rich diet. Results suggest chlorophyll type molecules modulate mitochondrial ATP by catalyzing the reduction of coenzyme Q, a slow step in mitochondrial ATP synthesis. We propose that through consumption of plant chlorophyll pigments, animals, too, are able to derive energy directly from sunlight."

Eating chlorophyll means sunlight converts to electrons!

 (1) light-sensitive chlorophyll-type molecules are sequestered into animal tissues; (2) in the presence of the chlorophyll metabolite P-a, there is an increase in ATP in isolated animal mitochondria, tissue homogenates and in C. elegans, upon exposure to light of wavelengths absorbed by P-a; and (3) in the presence of P-a, light alters fundamental biology resulting in up to a 17% extension of life span in C. elegans suggests that, similarly to plants and photosynthetic organisms, animals also possess metabolic pathways to derive energy directly from sunlight. Additional studies should confirm these conclusions.  
So Dr. Jack Kruse emphasizes it's not just the Green pigment - but also the water electromagnetic energy.

So then Dr. Jack Kruse emphasizes that most of our cytoskeleton is in our brain and heart - he's talking about neurons.

But actually the small intestine is the 2nd brain - with more neurons than the heart!!
  The cytoskeleton of a cell is made up of microtubules, actin filaments, and intermediate filaments.
So Dr. Jack Kruse needs to learn the secrets of the Lower Tan Tien Taoist alchemy training!

 It persists in adult cytoskeleton mainly in autonomic nerves and in sensory ...
More Dr. Kruse:
 3600 mitochondria in every neuron. Basically, you have a colony of bacteria that live inside of you, and that colony of bacteria has a totally independent life, independent evolutionary history, and it has its own objectives, even within your cell, and that colony has to interact with those viral genes. When this happens, you begin to say is it they or we? Is it we or I? You begin to realize that it’s really all a big elusion. All these processes result in how a cell generates energy and how we use energy. It turns out how we make and use energy comes down to light.
 Flow, for me, is how electrons move across the inner mitochondrial membrane. The faster they move, the faster the ATPase spins, the higher the magnetic field is, the more life you live. Not only that, that life is healthy. When the electric current drops and the ATPase stops spinning, you get sick. What we now know from Doug Wallace’s work, who is probably the next guy up to win a Nobel Prize from all this science, is that all diseases—and I don’t want to say all. It’s a bad time to use the word all or never. About 80% of diseases linked to mitochondrial energy flux dropping.
 inner mitochondrial membrane is we have those cytochromes. Cytochrome 3, 4, and 5 turn out to be what we call red light chromophores. That means they work specifically with red light frequencies. That’s between about the 550 and 700 nanometer range. It turns out the one that most people are interested in now is the cytochrome c oxidase because almost all the literature, about 1.5 million articles about photobiomodulation or LLLT, that’s all red light therapy, is based on how red light photons interact with cytochrome c oxidase and nitric oxide, and things like that.
 That means all carbohydrate electrons enter in at cytochrome 1. Why is that? Carbohydrates only grow on this planet on long light cycles.
 My eye right now is seeing 13% of the total sunlight on Bourbon Street is blue light. Okay? On June 21, it’s about 26%, so if I eat a papaya—papayas only grow when it’s that 26%. That means that cytochrome 1 is seeing a huge mismatch.

What happens when cytochrome 1 sees that mismatch? It begins to spread. It’s got a complex of proteins that make cytochrome 1. Okay? There’s about, I think, 32 subunits in cytochrome 1. When those proteins begin to spread apart, here’s where the quantum magic comes. We start to make abnormal signals, meaning free radicals, and those free radicals sit right next to the mitochondrial DNA at cytochrome 1. Those free radicals ruin the mitochondrial DNA.
 It’s called Coenzyme Q10 or the Q cycle. The Q cycle is extremely important. What it does, it takes electrons from cytochrome 1 and shuttles them to cytochrome 3, 4, and 5. It does this through a very elaborate quantum process. Okay?

The other thing that it does and many people don’t know this, that 340 nanometer light is purple light. I’m sure you can see this. This is a UV LED purple light. The Q cycle acts as a frequency shifter of light, and turns purple light into lower frequency light, specifically red. What does it do? It takes the sun’s light and turns the powerful short frequency light, both purple and blue, into red light for the cytochrome 3, 4, and 5 for it to do its magic. Now, cytochrome 2 is extremely important because that’s where mostly protein and fat electrons come in. That is a totally different—I should say a totally different system, and it does not use the Q cycle to do this.
  You have blue light all around you. What happens is those respiratory proteins in cytochrome 1 begin to spread apart. When they spread apart, the electrons can’t get close enough together.
When they can’t get close enough together, guess what? Your Q cycle is like a deli slicer for sunlight.

 That means you can’t make the proper red light frequencies. What does it do? It decreases the quantum efficiency of cytochrome 3, 4, and 5. There’s something else that happens. The inner mitochondrial membrane begins to spread out. When the inner mitochondrial membrane spreads out, then you’re increasing the angstrom difference. What functionally blue light does, blue light expands the respiratory proteins to decrease electron tunneling. It makes you energy inefficient.
 This gets to Dan’s point. What’s the real problem that all of us have since we now live in a wired microwave world? We’ve got huge color temperature that’s basically telling our eyeball and brain it’s always summertime. That information not only gets codified in the mitochondria of a special cell in your eye called the retinal pigment epithelium, but then it gets generalized into all different parts of the central nervous system. Here’s the crazy part. That information goes to those trillions of mitochondria all over your body. That is how we develop circadian mismatch disease. That’s how mitochondria heteroplasmy begins.
 DHA, which is fish oil, is—the highest concentration in your body is in your retina and the central retinal hypothalamic track that connects to the leptin receptor in the hypothalamus. If you have too much blue light, say you’re on the computer all the time or you’re a trader in Chicago, you have a higher need for DHA because blue light destroys DHA in that track.
 in physics, it’s called the inverse Hall magnetic spin effect. What does that effect do? It takes magnetic flux from the earth’s dynamo and turns it into a DC electric current. What’s the photoelectric effect? The opposite. It turns sunlight into DC electric current.
 In sunlight, full-spectrum sunlight, 42% of sunlight that falls to the earth is infrared A, so it’s the most important part.
  If you live in an environment where there’s no UV light, then sugar is a problem.
 You have no business eating very much carbohydrates at this time because of your latitude.
 circadian mismatches are the cause of leaky gut, and it’s not by most of the stuff that they believe. When you eat a banana in Pittsburgh, you effectively cause a leaky gut because of a circadian mismatch. More here.
 The Q-cycle is capable of splitting light frequencies build quantum radar systems that allow the mitochondria in your feet and thyroid and brain to communicate using entangles photos. This is how your brain's leptin receptor measures your quantum yield of the electrons you collect in the environment.
 Magnetic moments of proteins and water act perpendicular to both the electric field and the direction of the angular momentum of light. Angular momentum can be described as how light turns or rotates into a medium when it interacts. Magnetic flux can be turned into a DC electric current using the angular momentum of light. This is the basis of the inverse Hall spin effect.
  Eutherian mammals gained their capacity to disconnect from the sun for 6 months to hibernate through the winter without food. Our deep ancestors are these eutherian mammals. This implies deep within human mitochondria is an innate built in design to use angular momentum and magnetic flux to replace food and optimize mitochondrial function via grounding. Grounding works via the inverse Hall magnetic spin effect of electrons and works with PUFA's in cell membranes in winter when UV light is sparse to absent.
 Grounding to Earth specifically makes your hydrogen atoms precess more in you to create more magnetic flux in you mitochondrial surfaces to shrink the scale of physics possible (QED/QCD) to allow you to make more energy while rely on less ATP from the ATPase. This is a very similiar to the mechanisms that control sleep. The Earth’s magnetic field never turns off. The electric power grid oscillates and is not constant. This is where the problem lies with grounding appliances and why I don’t like them. Our physical bodies have many antennae in our sensory pathways that lead all lead to our thalamus in the brain. Our thalamus is where the alpha waves are produced in the brain that yoke to the magnetic dynamo and to circadian wave forms from the eye. Those alpha waves created deep in the brain match the frequency of the Schumann resonance from the Earth’s magnetic field. In this way, the thalamus acts as a “tuning fork” for incoming sensory signals from our sensory receptors. This allows for integration from the environment that are tuned in to a variety of frequencies. Those environmental signals, tuning our thalamus should always be the sun and the magnetic field and not the power grid or a fake light bulb. These sensory portals all wind up affecting mitochondrial surfaces on the cristae and inside the matrix to alter the physical scale of what is possible in a mitochondria. These mechanisms act a a dial or knob for the mitochondria in determining how we may handle electrons and protons from food that are excited by sunlight.
 The Q-cycle that shuttles electrons from cytochrome 1 to 3 and 4 is a beam splitter of light. When a beam splits several non linear quantum mechanical things occur. When these electromagnetic field of mitochondria are quantized we should except a number of new effects emerge. Those effects are all non linear apsects of light. Life uses these to do the unique things it does. Quantizing fields are necessary if we want to describe fields that originate from spontaneous emission of light from proteins. This is precisely what happens in the Q-cycle. For example, in a process known as spontaneous parametric down conversion, a beam of light at one frequency, the pump, produces a beam at half the original frequency, creating the optical signal Why is this critical to understand? The secondary beam is a result of spontaneous emission from these respiratory proteins and can lead to novel new phenomena of light that would not be measured by linear methodologies. Moreover, the quantum properties of the down-converted beam are novel as I described to my members in a recent webinar on quantum entanglement and quantum radar. How so? Its photons are produced in pairs, one pump photon disappearing to produce, simultaneously, two signal photons. This leads to strong correlations between the split photons from the signal beam, and photons produced in this way can be quantum mechanically entangled. In addition, the signal beam can have smaller phase fluctuations than is possible with classical light.

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